How To Drive Organic Traffic Without Backlinks?[Best Tricks]

How To Drive Organic Traffic Without Backlinks in 2020?

You wanna know the ways how to drive organic traffic without backlinks?

Yeah, it is possible!

All you need to sit back and complete this whole article.

We already know the power of the backlink for getting a high rank on Google search.

But link building requires a great effort and investment though the results do not make sure that you are going to get the positive results.

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What is a backlink?

Backlink denotes adding an external website’s link. This is also called an incoming link that is created when one website links to another website or blog.

For example, You are running a blog that contains reviews of web hostings, and you are reviewing Hostgator.

The link you are using on your blog to buy hosting from HostGator is a valuable backlink for Hostgator.

How To Drive Organic Traffic Without Backlinks?

You are looking for the strategies to drive traffic without backlinks right? That means you want Organic traffic, Direct traffic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic: When you are getting your traffic organically, it is because you have invested in SEO for what your site is ranking for some keywords.

Direct traffic: Direct traffics are consist of visitors who already know about your website.

They visit your website using their browser directly to your link. This kinda traffic will be easy to get if you become able to establish your frangibility.

Paid traffic: You will get the paid traffic when you will pay search engines or social media platforms to boost your website.

Organic, Direct and paid traffic is not connected to the backlinks.

Now let’s maintain the following tasks to drive organic traffic without any backlink.

Run a site audit and check on-site SEO

If you want to have a satisfactory Google Search Result, you have to check out what makes Google happy. So make sure your keywords in the right places like post

  • Post URL,
  • post-title,
  • In the first paragraph,
  • In the heading/subheading and
  • In the last paragraph of the post.

SEMrush is the best tool and I am using this tool from the very beginning of my blogging journey.

It will show you the accurate data after auditing your site. And you can work on it to improve your visibility on SERPs.

Write quality and useful content

Quality content is a successful content that engages great traffic, helps in ranking and converts sales. You are an awesome writer.

You publish quality content every day. But your content is not useful for the visitor. Then it doesn’t make any sense to engage huge traffic by publishing only quality content. It will only increase the bounce rate.

For example, You are writing a blog post and you can cover the whole thing in just 1000 words without leaving anything out, Then don’t drag it to 2000 just for satisfying google.

Keep in mind that Google doesn’t read your blog, your audience does. So write to satisfy your readers, not Google.

Because if Google is satisfied you will get traffic but if your audience is not satisfied you will also lose traffic.

Go for long-tail and low volume keywords

Try to add longtail and low volume keywords because of lower search volume has less competition.

Low search volume keywords are easy to rank. Low competitive and longtail keywords are friends.

Longtail Keyword is not a popular keyword. That means its as low competition and highly focused on search results that bring a good amount of traffic.

Do interlinking

You can increase your traffic by interlinking. Interlinks are very important for on-page SEO.

When your visitor visits a page they can jump through the interlinked page just in one click that will increase your page views and decrease bounce rate.

Specify your niche

If you have built a blog or website with a neglected niche you don’t need any backlinks to drive traffic. You can also rank easily.

So target a niche that is not attacked so much yet. That will rank your site easily. For example, You are thinking of building a blog about Cassette Deck.

This niche has a low competition and you can rank for this niche. Your task is to find out a niche that has low competition and but profitability.

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Spy on your competitors

You should never be ashamed of learning from your competitors. Because only they can teach you the SEO game as they have started playing long before you.

You can use SEMRush to spy on your competitors.

Be consistent

It’s hard to drive traffic to a site. But it’s harder to keep the flow of traffic the same or increase the traffic.

When you will be able to drive traffic but you have no consistency you are going to lose your traffic in the long run. So consistency is must-have.

Use subscription link

By using a subscription link you will be able to connect with your readers and your readers will be able to get updates from your daily blogging correspondence. That will encourage the readers to visit your site again and again.


So, What do you think it’s not still possible to rank without backlinks? I think you clearly know yeah it is possible.

Like you, I am also looking for strategies without depending heavily on link building. Once you are able to give your site a good site audit and implement these above strategies, link building will be automatic.

All I want to say that, you can boost your ranking by creating high-quality useful blog posts.

Please feel free to share if you love this post and I would love to hear your opinion too through the comment box.

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