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Your search ends here! is a good investment for those who want to build professional apps without coding skills and make money from them.

It is a great app builder and perfect for any kind of individual who wants to launch their business on IOS and the Play Store using drag and drop editor. is indeed one of the best app builders that I have worked on. If you are planning to choose as your perfect app builder then go for it.

You will have a great time working with them. You will get a lot of pre-designed templates that you can use to create beautiful apps.

Build Your App Now!

No Coding Skill is Required!

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What is

Create your app with

The app (Founded by Daniel Harvey) development platform allows you to create an engaging and interactive training and coaching application in no time without coding skills or any hassle for that matter.

If you want to build something unique, Passion mobile app pre-built templates are what you want, or if templates aren’t enough and you want total creative freedom over the design of your app while still maintaining the simplicity of their platform then why not try building it yourself?

All apps work seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and desktops. The benefit we offer is that we hand payments over to you directly from within your application. Review: Is Scam? Review
Create Your App in Minutes with

Passion IO is a powerful drag-and-drop solution for managing your membership site and app content.

This platform allows you to quickly create an app that is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Passion IO™ has so many great features like drip content, interactive community features, & tracking. It allows you as a designer to create an app based on users’ preferences.

There is a very active Facebook community called “Passion Fighter” where you can talk to the founder of Passion.IO and other users about creating an app or about online marketing.

You can learn from other experts who use by joining the Facebook group – “Passion Fighters App”. You can join the PassionFighter Facebook Group here.

In this app review, I am going to cover everything you need to know about Passion IO.

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert who wants to be more familiar with this software, at the end of reading this review, you’ll find out why other users consider Passion IO a perfect match for all their needs.

Affiliate Disclosure: This Passion IO article contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase anything using these links. I will get a small commission without any extra cost to you!

Review of in Brief

Type App Builder
Best ForCoaches, E-Commerce, Agencies, Business owners, and Personal Trainer
Free Trial 14-Day Free Trial Available
Yearly Discount Available For The Annual Subscription
Refund Policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pricing Starts at $97 Per Month
Leaked DealsGet a 70% Lifetime Discount [May Expire Anytime]
Brief on

How To Build Your Own Mobile App With

All you need to do to create an app with is follow the steps listed below.

STEP 1: Create your free account by signing up for a free trial here. After clicking this special link.

You will be landed on the trial page where you can activate your free trial. Click on the “Start Free Trial” to get started. free trial Free Trial

STEP 2: Now you will see the pricing policy. Go for the annual subscription to save $216 per year. Free Trial Pricing

STEP 3: Now simply enter your payment information. You can cancel the free trial anytime within 14 days. If you forget to cancel the subscription. Don’t worry offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Passion IO Final Payment Payment

STEP 4: You will now get a welcome message like this after successfully signing up for the Free trial. free trial Activation

STEP 5: Now choose your type of income from the following option. will open an interface differently for the individual types.

Passion experience personalization
I am selecting the first option here

STEP 6: Now select the size of your audience.

Size of your audience

STEP 7: Now select your annual revenue in currency. This is the option where will decide in which currency you will accept the payment from your customer. review on annual currency
Select your annual currency

STEP 8: Now select your type: you are a course creator, influencer, or what? My type of business is blogging. So I have selected another option and mentioned my type as a blogger. app building

STEP 9: My type of business is marketing. So I have selected the marketing option. You can choose yours as follows- Review

STEP 10: Now choose the option that describes you the best-

The best information about you to build app

STEP 11: Now choose the medium from which you have heard about review

STEP 12: In this step, you will find here some free courses that will help you to generate at least $2000 in the first 30 days! app building

All you need to do is book a call with the expert. The schedule is always busy. You may need to wait for your schedule-

Booking call with experts

STEP 13: You are done with your account setup! Now Let’s get started with your app-building on Click on the “Click here for access“.

Start building your app
Start building your own app with

STEP 14: After setting up your password, you have to select your app name. I am going to open my app name as FacileWay. Let’s see if the app name is available.

Choose your app name

STEP 15: I can see that FacileWay is available as my app name. Now let’s go to the next step. You will see here some pre-made templates.

I am choosing the Blank Template so that I can customize the app at my own will-

Choose the app template
Choose the App Template
Blank template on Passion.ion
The Blank Template Interface

STEP 16: Here is what my blank interface looks like-

App Dashboard
App Dashboard

Now, I can customize my app how I want. The most amazing thing is I don’t know any coding. But I can build my own app. Let’s start doing it!

You will never feel lost with this platform! checklist

All of these resources come totally free of cost! tutorial

Final Step: Just following the simple step, I have developed a mobile app on Here is a quick screenshot for you.

Passion io review
Apps created on Passion will look like this

That’s all!

We have successfully built our app on Passion. Congratulations to both of us! 😂 😂

This is how Passion IO made building its own mobile apps or desktop apps easy. Now you can submit your mobile apps on the Google Play Store [for Android app] and Apple Store.

Why Should You Use a App?

If you’re looking for an easy way to make an amazing app, is a great option.

It’s fast, accessible, and features amazing customization options that allow you to create an app in just minutes!

The following are some amazing benefits of using the app:

1. Drag and Drop Builder

This Dan Harvey app builder is a powerful platform that comes equipped with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that’s designed especially for beginners.

Drag & Drop Builder

This drag-and-drop mobile apps builder allows you to easily build training apps specifically for your users, decreasing the amount of effort needed on their end so they can rapidly become accustomed to using your app or software.

2. Drip Content

Don’t overload your users. We understand how tempting it might be to include every feature under the sun that you can imagine but make sure you let your customers know what to expect.

So they don’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they try to use your product.

The best way to ensure you’re keeping within your users’ comfort zone is by creating a cycle of releases that help them get introduced gently to your product’s full potential.

Give your customers the opportunity to unlock content on their terms. By effectively organizing lesson plans and creating a schedule, you can create lessons in an environment that’s conducive to learning while motivating customers to return again and again.

3. Responsiveness is a developer platform that allows you to create scalable cross-platform apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices. is compatible with a wide range of platforms. is compatible with Android, iOS, the web app, and all other major platforms such as Android TV, smart TVs, and desktops.

4. Automatic Payment & Payouts keeps it simple! We handle all the payment processing details automatically without requiring you to know how to use HTML or Javascript code or create a merchant account.

Their passion is for developing and making apps simple and easy to understand by anyone – even if you have no knowledge of coding. pricing configuration

With, your users can pay for any kind of subscription on your app in an intuitive way, unlike with other platforms where there’s a change rate when it comes to the price that’s being charged from one country to another.

You can add both the monthly subscription and the lifetime offer or a one-time payment system. pricing configuration

You also trial option for your subscribers that helps to increase conversions. You can also track the progress of your app with Passion IO.

Currently, supports secure payments by credit card, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating mobile apps for your own online business or your clients.

5. Pre-made Templates provides a variety of ready-to-use templates that allow you to start building your apps right away without having to scour Google for the best free template you can find.

Once you select your favourite template, even if you aren’t very good with design, you can still create an app in a few minutes.

6. Live streaming

Make education a treasured experience. Let your audience learn from the most extraordinary educators live via their devices.

Connect in real-time with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Enjoy unrestricted access to knowledge and have the comfort of knowing that you’re in control of your financial well-being by allowing your audience to pay for what they wish on live streaming.

7. Create an Interactive Community

Some of your ideal users may not be quite ready to take the big leap of purchasing so you can start a discussion and perhaps provide value in other ways at this stage.

For example, by sending these people relevant messages about certain topics and offers, you will build familiarity and trust to lead them back to a conversion later on when they feel that it is the right time.

8. Automate Challenges

That’s the kind of thing we like to motivate our users to do. We do this by creating a community where people can participate together and get certified as a result.

This way, it allows us to obtain more of a community aspect and also works as an inspiration for others as well.

9. Send Push Notifications

How do motivate users? Ringing your bell every once in a while. How to beat the system? Get rewarded for reaching more friends.

To Nudge your customers to stay motivated and sign up for more please enlist the help of a little app called Barilliance. This App will let you reach 100% of your audience all the time and gain more business because of it.

10. Offline Synchronization

Customers can download information onto their portable devices and view it without internet access so they can enjoy it whenever they please.

Your customers will be able to consume your content while on aeroplanes, on subways, at home or anywhere else there is no network coverage. That means the app users can also get access in offline mode.

11. Goal Tracking

Users register and log their progress so you can keep them on track when it comes to achieving their goals. They are the ones who do the heavy lifting after all!

Goal Tracking

You can use the data to adjust and improve your coaching business according to what your clients want, ensuring that you’re always helping them with what they need instead of wasting time on irrelevant things.

You can also use incentives or reward systems to motivate them to achieve their goals.

12. Creating Audio-Based Content

Create audio-based content your customers can listen to anytime, anywhere. They’ll listen whenever it’s convenient for them – even when they’re doing their chore or driving in the car!

You can now directly appeal to their auditory senses and create deeper customer relationships than ever before.

There’s no better way to do so than by being a voice that your potential customers listen to inside their headspace!

13. Scheduling

Customers can book slots directly in your calendar via your app. Premium members can reserve 1-on-1 coaching business calls for added value.

Sales and upsell calls directly to you from your customers put the ball back in your court. But table this one for now so nobody gets the wrong idea… Give multiple people free rein over the kitchen and trouble is sure to follow!

Who is the Best Fit For Passion IO? review
Who is the Best Fit For Passion IO? is a great tool for anyone interested in creating an app online courses or an online business.

Teachers, bloggers, trainers, and coaches who want to offer custom courses through their own apps will find it perfect.

1. Coaches, Trainers, and Instructors

If online course creators are looking for a great place to offer their classes online through an app, then look no further than Passion IO! has all the tools and amazing features you need to build your fitness app or anything you need. This is one of the best Mobile app creators for non-techy you are gonna try.

2. E-commerce Business

Apps need to make money. Services like offer all the tools you’ll ever need in order to turn a profit online and give your business the e-commerce platform it needs to sell products or services digitally rather than using traditional platforms or facing hefty fees or less revenue.

The eCommerce and business owners can have the most outcomes from mobile apps. So build your own mobile app to boost your online business.

3. Business Owner

If you are an app business owner who wants to create a new way to keep in touch with customers and build your brand, is just what you need.

With the app, you can build a new relationship with your customers to get more favourites and reviews on Google Play. Online business has become easier than ever with

4. Agencies

This platform is perfect for agencies looking to help their clients or customers build apps, webinars, online businesses, courses, or surveys.

Passion.IO can be used to create e-commerce websites, software solutions, marketing campaigns, and hiring platforms, enabling businesses to cut costs when it comes to hiring new developers but instead leverage them as they see fit.

Passion IO Pricing Plans: How Much Does Cost? pricing comes with two pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan ($97/mo)
  • Ultimate Plan ($297/mo)

1. Pro Plan’s Pro Plan is the cheapest plan at $97/month and is great for novice developers who don’t need to use any of the advanced features in the Ultimate Plan.

You can host 100 video hosting, 100 subscribers, and 1000 push notifications per month at this price on this basic plan.

Key Features of Passion Fighters Pro Plan:

  • Own branded app development
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Easy Payment gateways both on the app & web
  • Offline using option
  • Integration with major tools
  • Send Push notifications
  • Progress tracking
  • Gamification
  • Live to stream
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Email & chat support
  • 3.9% with PassionPayments

2. Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan comes with unlimited resources. This plan starts at $297/month. If you subscribe annually you can save $696 per year which means it will cost you only $239 per month.

You can host unlimited video hosting, unlimited subscribers, and unlimited push notifications with the Ultimate plan.

Key features of the Ultimate plan:

  • Custom branding
  • A great community that will help you to succeed
  • Drip content
  • Unlimited subscribers feature
  • Unlimited videos feature
  • Unlimited send push notifications feature
  • Setup call
  • 0% with external payments or 3.9% with PassionPayments

All of the application development tasks will be done by the team. Here are some key features you can enjoy with the Ultimate Plus plan:

  • App design is done for you by the team
  • The copywriting will be done by
  • Submission to the App Store and Google Play Store will be done
  • Unlimited call support will be provided
  • App business partnering with
  • 0% payment processing fee

You will get all the Pro plan & Ultimate plan’s key features with this plan additionally. The Ulitmate Plus plan allows the development of 5 custom branded apps for a single subscription.

How To Get A Passion IO Free Trial

You can try Passion IO for free!

Why not give Passion IO a try for 14 days if you are still uncertain about it? Passion IO offers a 14-day trial so you can see if it is for you.

During the trial period, you won’t be charged anything and you can publish your iOS and Android app created by you.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to this special link
  • Click on the “Start Trial” option
  • Choose your desired pricing plan
  • Choose your Payment method and make the final payment
  • Start designing your app
  • Launch your app online.

How To Cancel Free Trial

I am pretty sure you are gonna upgrade your plan after trying’s trial. But In case, you feel disappointed, made it easy for you!

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can simply send an email to the instructor(@}passion[dot]io and will take care of it.

Passion IO Coupon Code 2024

There is no Passion IO coupon code available. But no worries you can still save BIG on

All you need to do is subscribe to the annual plan. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you can save $216 each year!

Passion IO Coupon code
Passion IO Coupn code

There is another time you can save BIG on Passion IO. You can buy the Passion IO Black Friday deal to save huge money on this amazing tool.

Passion io Integration

Passion IO Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Semcart, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Zapeir, YouTube, Apple, Google Play Store, Typeform, Mailchimp, Stripe, Shopify, and 3000+ more services integration

You can save time and money by keeping everything in sync automatically! When you use the Passion app, you don’t have to log in to multiple accounts or switch between tabs, which will save you hours every month (and money, too).

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is without a doubt the best platform for developing professional apps. It’s the best way to create apps for your business, courses, and websites. 

You can, however, get a full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with Passion IO. To request a refund, simply send an email to the company within 30 days.

Passion App Review on Income Calculator Tool will train you on how you can get your first 5-15 customers in just 30 days through their premium course 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge“.

Using the income calculation you can easily calculate how much you can earn with just 15 customers. Here is the income calculator tool. Income calculator

This is the first step. In the second step, will teach you how you can grow your customer to 100 high-paying clients and grow your revenue by $100k per year.

“The Expert Freedom Masterclass” is the premium course that will help you to grow your business to $100k per with a minimum afford.

So what are you waiting for?

Give a Free Trial a try! Evergreen Webinar

In this Passion Dan app review, I am going to show how Dan has been serving the online industry since 2016.

He launched more than 200 apps and programs to develop the digital marketer’s life. Many of his products made six figures and even millions of dollars in less than 1 year.

Now is empowering more than 164865 people all over the world. People just made their ROI insanely BIG using the app.

In this Free webinar, Dan is going to share his secrets that will help you to make:

  • How to build an app 10x faster and cheaper
  • How to get paid up to $10,000 to launch your app
  • How to convert a stranger into a customer

So what are you waiting for? Book your spot free today!

Pros & Cons of

The software has benefits, such as being available for download on Google Chrome for immediate usage but it does have some drawbacks too, such as the limit of users and hosted training modules that it can handle.

With, you can create effective online training courses and coaching apps in just minutes by answering a list of questions rather than spending time fiddling around with code or design tools that you do not know of.

The following are some of the pros and cons of Passion IO.

Pros of

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Any beginner with zero tech knowledge can launch their app
  • Responsive on all kinda devices
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Drag & drop features to create your LMS
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Drip content
  • Live to stream
  • custom branding
  • Push notifications to the inactive subscribers or new additions to the course
  • Payment processing in-app on with web and many more!

Cons of

  • content drip is not available in the pro plan
  • Expensive for many
  • Charges 3.9% as platform fees on passion payments

Passion io reviews on Trustpilot review
Review by Trustpilot

Trustpilot is one of the most trustworthy review sites. Among 472 total customer reviews, 84% of customers reviewed Passion as an Excellent app.

Here are some screenshots of real customer reviews on who build their app by themselves- Customer review
Review by a customer review by customers
Passion dan reviews
Customer review
Passion io review by customers customer review customer review customer review trustpilot review customer review reviews customer review
passion app reviews

Daniel Harvey Passion Apps Review: Is Legit or Scam?

You might be thinking of as legit or a scam right? This video review on Passion by Marty Englander made it clear for you!

After watching this video you can easily decide whether this app builder is good for you or not!

Maybe this Review could not clear many things for you. You can see here how Tifanny makes $60k per year with her fitness training app.

I am sure after seeing the case study you are gonna launch your fitness app with

You will find there more case studies on your desired coaching business program. Alternatives

Here are some top Passion io alternatives you can try. Though Passion is the best among all of the following app builders these are the top competitors of the App.

1. Appily

Appily App Builder- Great alternative to the Passion platform

This app builder currently empowers more than 14000 apps on Google and Apple App Store. You can create native Android and iOS apps and Web apps faster without any coding skills.

With this cloud-based app builder, you don’t need to download and install any software. You can start building your app with the drag & drop features.

2. Fliplet

Fliplet App Builder

It is similar to in terms of providing a robust platform for developing business apps. If you are looking to build an app for your business, this might be a cheaper option for you.

Fliplet does have some features that you might like, but if you prioritize features like drip content feature, upselling, an interactive community, etc., then you won’t see them on the platform.

3. AppGeyser

AppGeysar app building platform

There is another alternative called Appgeyser that lets you create apps without writing a single line of code.

There are a few key features that AppGeyser lacks, similar to Appily and Fliplet, that make it unsuitable for online course creators.

The AppGeyser platform is also limited to only creating Android apps; there is no option to create IOS apps.

4. Zapable

Zapable App Building Platform

Zapable is another big competitor of You can build mobile applications within minutes using this app builder.

There are more than 30 features that it made quite easy to build any kind of app for your business. Whether it is a restaurant, real estate, or hotel no matter what!

This app builder is the first choice of Agencies who wanna build apps for their clients without having any extra headaches or technical errors. If you are looking for a alternative, Zapable is my first recommendation!

Here is the Zapable app builder review for you to have more idea about this tool.

Read Also:

Some FAQs about this Daniel Harvey app may arise in your mind related to the Passion IO App review. I am gonna clear some of these doubts:

1. What is is an online course platform that enables you to create powerful mobile apps for your business or hobbies. It has all the tools you need to build an amazing app. Several templates, themes, and elements are included to help you create your dream app.

2. How much is

The Pro Plan costs $97/mo and the Ultimate Plan costs $297/mo. The Ultimate Plan also includes drip content and unlimited everything.

3. Does offer a money-back guarantee? does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get your money back without any issues if you aren’t satisfied with Passion IO.

4. Is there any free trial available?

Passion Platform can be tried without any issues. It can be used for 14 days for free. Without paying anything, you can cancel your account if you don’t find this tool useful.

5. Does offer a Lifetime deal? does not offer lifetime agreements since it’s not conducive to running their business in the long run.

6. Does offer a Black Friday deal? is offering a 90% discount on its Ultimate plan this year. That’s why don’t miss the Black Friday Sale this year.

7. Is It Possible To Create A Fitness App With

Yes! You can create your fitness app in no time even without any coding skills with Passion app builder. There are tons of fitness trainers earning millions by launching fitness apps with

8. How Do You Get Paid?

You can sell an app in three ways:

  • In-app purchase
  • Passion Payment
  • External Checkouts

If you use the In-app purchase method, Google and Apple will pay you directly after every 30 days and will deduct 15% commission fees.

Passion Payments will pay you directly to your Stripe account which will take up to 3 days and will deduct a 3.9% platform fee.

If you subscribe to the Ultimate Plan, you can use your own external checkouts or payment provider that will help you to get the payment directly to your setup account.

Final Thoughts: Is the Passion App Real or Fake?

The days are gone when people with no coding skills could not launch their online businesses.

Now many amazing options can help you to launch your app or website online and is the best among those.

Passion io is an app development platform that offers so many amazing free resources that will help you to make at least $2000 from the first month and launch a scalable business faster.

Its user interface is so easy to understand that you can implement all the features to create awesome courses in just a few minutes!

You can build an interactive community inside your app for the app users. Your users can then develop a mutual relationship with you as a result.

Your subscribers can also be engaged in group challenges using the push notifications feature. 

Don’t feel lost yet!

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the Passion io app. If you think you are not good enough with app builder, no question will be asked! You will get your money back.

You can get started using the Passion app for free using this special link. If you have any questions about the Passion IO review we’re always happy to help further understand how it works! So don’t hesitate to leave a comment below

If you loved this, please share it on social media and help your friends build a progressive web app on Android and iOS platforms.

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