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HostGator Coupon Code 2024→ {75% OFF+ Free Domain}

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Hostgator is considered one of the oldest and most renowned award-winning hosting providers. They have gained millions’ trust for their beginner-friendly hosting.

Hostgator is considered beginner-friendly as they offer a free domain and a free website builder worth $5.95/month with their every hosting plan.

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HostGator Coupon Code

Hostgator always has an offer for their customers. This hosting company has become popular for offering various kinds of discounts over the entire year.

In this post, I have figured out some best Hostgator coupon codes that you can not deny. If you have not started your blog yet. It’s the best time for you. For a shortcut, You check this table.

Hosting Packages

Hostgator Coupon Code Offer


Shared Hosting Plan 

A Free Doman With Hostgator Bundle Offer- Up to 75% Off

Shared Hosting Plan 

A Free Domain With 60% Off

Shared Hosting Plan 

0.01 Cent For The First Month

Hostgator Cloud Hosting

A Free Domain With Hostgator coupon code Up to 57% Off

Hostgator VPS Hosting

Free Domain With Up To 75% Off

1. Get A Free Doman With Hostgator Bundle Offer- Up to 75% Off

Hostgator bundle offer

If you are thinking of going on a contract with Hostgator only for one year, this is a suitable deal for you. You can start your blog or website only at $3/month with a free domain.

Let’s see what you will get on this Hostgator Coupon Code,

  • Free domain theft protection
  • Easy DNS management system
  • A free website builder
  • Free site migration
  • Full advantage of the unlimited email address
  • Full advantage of storage & bandwidth with unlimited subdomains
  • $100 advertising credit.

HostGator Bundle offer is available only on the  Hatchling plan, Baby, and Business plan.

2. Get A Free Domain With 60% Off

shared hosting packages

If you are thinking of going on a long-term contract with HostGator, you choose this deal. You have to sign up for 3 years to avail of this offer.

It will cost you $2.75/month if you grab their three-year hosting package. If you are planning to avail yourself of the Hostgator coupon code for one year, the Hostgator Bundle will be best for you.

3. Get Your Hosting At 0.01 Cent For The First Month

Hostgator coupon code of one cent

If you are thinking of giving a test drive to Hostgator this is the best Hostgator coupon code. If you are looking for a monthly billing hosting provider, you can give this deal a try.

You can use this deal as a Hostgator Free Trial. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can leave Hostgator.

The main issue with this offer is you have to pay the regular price after the end of the first month which will cost you more.

In that regard, I highly recommend trying any of the above two plans. This hosting plan will cost just a single penny.

In return, you will get access to a Free Website Builder, Free SSL certificate, Auto WordPress installer, Free site transfer, great customer support, and 62% off on their annual package.

PS: You won’t get the free domain with this hosting plan.

4. Get A Free Domain With Hostgator coupon code Up to 57% Off

hostgator coupon code for WordPress hosting

You can enjoy the fastest load time for your WordPress site as Hostgator offers Cloud hosting. They will ensure you low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers. You can get up to a 57% discount on their cloud hosting with a free domain and free SSL certificate.

5. Get A Free Domain With Up To 75% Off

Hostgator coupon code for VPS hosting

Hostgator VPS hosting will little extra than any of the previous deals. Hostgator coupon code for 75% made it cheaper for you with a free domain.

You will get all the dedicated features in this plan without spending a single penny for their dedicated server. To avail of the Hostgator coupon code of 75%, you have to go for a 36-month hosting plan.

6. Get A Free Domain With 58% Off

Hostgator Coupon code for resseller hosting

If you are thinking of starting a Hostgator company, this Hostgator coupon code is the best deal for you. The company or agency that wanna offer to host their client chooses this hosting plan.

You can get a free domain with the Hostgator coupon code of Up to 58 % discount.


Why Should You Try Hostgator? 

HostGator Coupon Code

When you are going to start a blog, you will see a lot of options on the internet. You can choose any one of them.

But I recommend choosing the oldest one. New hosting providers may serve you the best service at a cheap price but day by day when the users get increased they fail to maintain the good service as before. 

In the following points, I will show you why you should select Hostgator as your hosting provider-

1. Gained million’s trusts

Hostgator is one of the most popular oldest and award-winning hosting providers that is serving more than eight million domains with 99.99% uptime.

And Hostgator is consistently maintaining its reliability and uptime even with its cheapest plans. 

2. Affordable hosting plans 

Hostgator is offering a very affordable price that starts only at $2.75 per month. They’re offering pocket-friendly hosting solutions with many additional value-added services for you so that you’ll start a blog or business website easily. 

3. Hosting for multiple sites

You can host multiple sites within the same accounts which may make it less difficult to start a blog or several blogs or business websites within the same Hostgator account. that may be easily manageable. 

4. Good customer support

Hostgator will make sure you have 24/7 and 365 customer support. If you face any problem associated with their hosting, you’ll immediately contact them easily. Their live chat customer service is very friendly.

5. Easy to use Cpanel

I know you would like to start a blog and you’re scared about understanding the Cpanel. It’s damn easy to build a blog with Hostgator. I’m ensuring your Hostgator Cpanel is very easy to know and that any newbie can work with it easily. 

6. Free site transfer

If you have already got a blog, you’re pondering its transfer, right? That may cost you a minimum of $20-$70.

The foremost interesting thing is Hostgator will sleep-free. meaning you’ll be able to save an honest amount of cash if you transfer your site to HostGator. 

7. Free Backups

Hostgator automatically keeps backups of your data once a week. That may make sure you are harmless sites. 

8. Free website builder

It’s important to start a blog with a professional look. Hostgator is offering Gator Website Builder free so that you’ll easily give your site a really attractive and professional look.

You do not have to get this free website builder. you’ll apprehend free with their many different hosting plans. The website builder comes with the drop and drag option that makes it insanely easy to style your site without any coding skills. 

9. Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like the hosting services that they committed to making sure you, they’re going to give you back every single buck you’ve got paid to them. The corporation is offering 45 days refund guarantee that’s quite amazing! 

10. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space

If you are thinking of starting a blog or business website, you’ve got to keep in mind that bandwidth and space are the foremost important element you’ll not deny. The foremost amazing thing is Hostgator is offering both of them unlimited from their starter plan. 

11. Free SSL certificate with unlimited Email accounts

Hostgator ensures unlimited email accounts that may allow you to use different email IDs together with your custom name my email address is sayemibnkashem[@]facileway[dot]com.

SSL certificate is an extremely important factor to secure your website. It helps you to stop your site from being hacked by hackers. Hostgator is offering this amazing feature free with their every plan.

Your site will get security free of cost. Isn’t it amazing? 

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FAQs About Hostgator Coupon Code

Here are some FAQs related to HostGator-

1. Is there a Hostgator coupon code for renewal?

Hostgator does not offer any coupons for its renewal. Only the new customer can avail of these Hostgator Coupon Codes.

2. Does the Hostgator coupon code have any offer for the domain name?

Yeah, HostGator offers coupon codes for their domain name registration. You can get 20% off on their DOTCOMSUPERDEAL.

3. What are Hostgator coupon codes for different hosting plans?

The coupon code will manually be adjusted with a FacileWay special tracking link. You don’t need to insert the code manually.

4. What is the best Hostgator recommended plan for beginners?

Hostgator Bundle’s offer and shared hosting will be my first recommendation as it comes with a very reasonable price that is insanely beginner-friendly.


If you are looking for the best reliable hosting at a cheap price, Hostgator will be the best choice for you.

If you are thinking of starting your website, make it happen before this HostGator coupon code offer ends. Hostgator is also a great Siteground Alternative.

Their managed WordPress Hosting plan will never let you down. It offers cheaper and greater service to its customers.

I hope you have loved this article, please share it with your friends and let them grab this amazing opportunity for the Hostgator coupon code offer.

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