How To Backup A WordPress Site For Free

How To Backup A WordPress Site For Free [Step By Step]

Are you trying to backup a WordPress site for free?

UpdraftPlus is the perfect solution for you! This tool is the most popular and well-rated backup plugin to secure a WordPress site.

It helps to backup your site both automatically and manually to the cloud on a schedule of your chosen time and you can restore the backup with just a few clicks.

In this article, I will go through a step-by-step process that will help you to backup a WordPress site for free with UpdraftPlus.

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About UpdraftPluss

how to backup a WordPress site for free

UpdraftPlus made the backups and restoration easy. It’s the most popular and highest-ranking backup plugin with more than 3 million active installations. You can back up your files and database into the cloud and restore them with a single click!

You can keep your backup in your preferable places like these with the free plan-

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • DreamObjects
  • OpenStack Swift
  • Updraft Vault
  • Email
  • FTP

If you try the UpdraftPlus Premium, you can get access to some additional storage like-

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google cloud storage
  • Backblaze B2
  • SFTP
  • SCP
  • WebDAV

How To Backup a WordPress Site For Free

You have got a quick overview of UpdraftPlus. Now I will show you can backup a WordPress site for free with UpdraftPlus step by step. Don’t skip any single step, you may miss many things.

Step 1: Install UpdraftPlus

To back up a WordPress site for free, you need to install the UpdraftPlus plugin first from the WordPress plugin directory. If you don’t know how to install WordPress plugins, you can check this step-by-step guide on installing WordPress plugins.

Simply go to your dashboard>>Add Plugins>>Search for UpdraftPlus from the menu bar.

how to backup a WordPress site for free

Don’t forget to activate it once you have installed the plugin.

Step 2: Customize Updraft Setting

Once you have activated the plugin, directly go to your “setting” here you will find the “UpDraftPlus backup/restore page. Click here to customize your backup setting.

how to backup a WordPress site for free

You can customize the UpdraftPlus setting according to your need. Here you can backup your WordPress site anytime manually. To do that just simply click on the Backup Now option.

How to backup a WordPress website for free

You can also download the manual back to your local server or to a remote storage location in just a second.

Your tutorial on how to back up a WordPress site for free is done here. But I will show you some other steps that made taking backup easily with UpdraftPlus.

Step 3: How To Configure an Automatic Schedule Backups

If you find the manual backups troubles as many times the bloggers forget to keep their backup. In that case, you can set your setting to a scheduled backup option. Simply go to the Updraft backups/restoration page and set your scheduled backup period.

setting an automatic WordPress site backup

Here you can choose how often you wanna keep a backup. This option is best for the bloggers who add content every week. If you are the one who updates content every week, then you can choose the “Weekly” option. Don’t forget to “save changes” once you have set your backup options.

Step 4: Choose Your Remote Storage

UpdraftPlus has many remote storage solutions. You can choose your own backup locations. Simply go to the setting tab, scroll down and choose your remote storage option.

WordPress Backup Setting from Updraft Plus

You can select the remote storage, you would love to use. I have shown you the process of integration here with Google Drive. After selecting Google Drive and clicking on the “Save Changes” You will be redirected to a page like the following image.

Remote storage authentication

Now click on the link, and you will be asked for your Google Account to enable UpdraftPlus and manage the files in your Google Drive.

Allow Updraft to Google

After clicking on the Allow, you will redirect to the final page. Now all the backups will be stored in your Google Drive. If you wanna store your backup in more than one location, you can upgrade with the UpdraftPlus Premium Plan.

How to backup UpdraftPlus

I hope now you know how to back up a WordPress site for free with Updraft. Now I will show you how you can restore your data in just a few single clicks.

Final Step: How To Restore Backups From UpdraftsPlus

People keep backups so that they can restore when necessary. The restoration process with Updraft-plus is extremely easy. This takes just a few clicks to restore the backup files.

Just simply go to the backup/restore page and select the Existing Backups tab. Here you will see some previous backups. Click on the “Restore” to start restoring your files.

how to backup a WordPress plugin for free

In the next step, you will be asked which elements you wanna restore. These consist of plugins, themes, uploads, databases,s, and others. If you need to restore your entire website, you must select all five options.

how to backup a WordPress plugin for free

After selecting all the five options, click on the “restore” to start the restoring process. When you will click on the option, there might be a few restore options. Just keep clicking the “restore button a few more times every time it’s presented on your window. When you are done, you will see a success message like the following image.

how to backup a WordPress plugin for free

This is how you can backup a WordPress site for free using UpdraftPlus. There are some other WordPress plugins that are also useful but UpdraftPlus is the most recommended plugin among them.

UpdraftPlus Premium

If you wanna add more advanced functionality to your backup tool, you can upgrade to the UpdraftPlus Premium plan. You can enjoy some awesome premium features with the upgrade that is not available on the free plan. Such as-

  • Cloning & Migration: You can clone and migrate your WordPress website to a new domain without any hassle.
  • Pre-update Backups: Your total website will be automatically backed up when there is any update in your theme, plugins, or WordPress.
  • Extra Locations & Timed Backup: You can choose Microsoft OneDrive, Azure, Google Cloud, and so on as your remote storage. It also allows you to set an exact time to backup rather that is far better than any scheduled backup.

How Much UpdraftPlus Premium Costs?

backup a WordPress site for Free

Server crashes, hacking and a simple user error can ruin your whole website anytime. So, it’s very crucial to have a backup of your WordPress website. If you already learned how to back up a WordPress site for free, then you should go for the premium one. The premium one comes with some premium features that give your more reliability and more hassle-free features.

UpdraftPlus Premium comes with five premium plans. Let’s have a look-

1. UpdraftPremium Personal (2 licenses)

You will get two licenses, a single UpdraftClone token, and a 1GB Updraft Vault quota only at $70 per year with this plan.

2. UpdraftPremium Business (10 licenses)

This plan will give you an additional 10 licenses and 2 UpdraftClone tokens at just $95 per year.

3. UpdraftPremium Agency (35 licenses)

You will get 35 licenses, 5 UpdraftClone tokens, and 1 GB updraftVault quota only at $145 per year with this plan.

4. UpdraftPremium Enterprise (unlimited licenses)

This plan will allow you unlimited licenses, 10 updraft clone tokens, and a 1GB updraftVault quota only at $195 per year.

5. UpdraftPremium Gold (unlimited licenses)

You will get unlimited licenses, 10 UpdraftClone tokens, 1 GB UpdraftVault quota, and unlimited UpdraftCentral Cloud only at $399 per year.

You will get the following facilities with all the premium features-

  • All add-ons
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of free updates
  • 1GB of Vault storage

So, don’t be late to grab Word’s best Backup plugin and protect your website from any disaster.

Why You Should Use Updraft to Backup a WordPress site?

I know how to back up a WordPress site for free. But you are still confused about why I am referring you to this plugin to use right?

There are tons of backup plugins for your WordPress website, but we should go with the ones that are most reliable and highly recommended by the experts.

UpdraftPlus comes with many free features that are not available on many premium backup plugins. This tool is extremely useful for users with no budget.

I am not recommending this plugin not only because this is a free option. But also for the following reasons, I recommend my readers UpdraftPlus.

1. Beginner Friendly

Updraft is extremely beginner-friendly. What do you think about reading the above tutorial on how to back up a WordPress site for free? Isn’t it damn easy to backup a WordPress site for free with UpdraftPlus?

2. Trusted

More than 3 million WordPress users are using UpdraftPlus. This huge amount of users can not be wrong. That means this plugin is extremely trusted. You will see that that plugin is having 4.95 ratings out of 5.

3. Comprehensive

You will get advanced features and tools that allow you to schedule backups and restoration in just a few clicks with UpdraftPlus.

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Conclusion: How To Backup a WordPress Site For Free

If you are trying to back up a WordPress site for free, UpdraftPlus is a must-have plugin. The advanced tools of Updraftlus made it easy to set up and use a backup plugin. It helps to keep your site safe and secure.

Did I miss anything on how to back up a WordPress site for a free tutorial?

Don’t forget to let me know via the comment box. If you loved this tutorial, please share it with your friends who have a WordPress site and let them know how to back up a WordPress site for free.

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