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Top 6 Fastest WordPress Hosting Compared (2023)

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress Hosting?

The straight answer is Kinsta.

Blogging is mostly a one-person game. Managing a blog is quite a heavy task. Many people think blogging is only writing content and publishing the content on the blog. But actually, blogging has some other serious tasks to do. Such as-

  • Optimizing Your blogging platform like my platform is WordPress
  • Protecting site from the hackers
  • Blog promotion
  • Updating content
  • Changing designs
  • Social media marketing and many more!

Besides so many things like this, there is another most important thing we bloggers face every day. These are WordPress issues caused by different plugins or coding mistakes.

So, if you can choose a managed WordPress hosting, that is taking care of all of your WordPress-related issues, it becomes easier to do the rest work.

Kinsta will make it easy for you! It will take care of your every website’s issue and you can take care of your business smoothly.

What you will get with Kinsta?

  • Free CDN for a high-speed web surfing experience
  • Server-level caching with Nginx Fast/CSG cache feature
  • Custom dashboard
  • Automated backups [Daily]
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • Easy SSH access
  • Site staging
  • Blazing fast customer support with WordPress experts


  • Average response time: 84(ms)
  • Uptime: 99.99%

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Kinsta Alternatives: Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies

Why you should be stuck with one Hosting provider when there is another WordPress hosting that is offering the fastest web surfing?

Kinsta is not for everyone. If you are a beginner with a low budget, then the normal shared hosting plan is the perfect solution for you.

Because it can be expensive for a beginner to cost $30/month. Don’t worry you can upgrade any time once you have started an amount of money that can bear the expense of $30/month.

Read more about Kinsta Pricing Plans.

So now let’s see some other fastest WordPress hosting companies that are offering a great web hosting solution-

Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers at a glance:

WPX Hosting$20.83/Month5Visit
Chart of Fastest WordPress Hosting

1. FlyWheel

Fastest WordPress hosting

FlyWheel is another fastest WordPress hosting that offers pricing packages that is suitable for everyone from freelancer to agencies. This WordPress hosting is a good alternative to Kinsta.

It’s powered by Google Cloud and offers a free content delivery network and custom dashboards like Kinsta. Flywheel has several data centers in different locations all over the world.

Pricing and plan details

Flywheel starts only at $15 per month. This hosting plan allows only 5000 visits per month to a single website. If there is any traffic spike, you can upgrade to $30 per month with the starter plan that allows 25000 monthly visits with 10GB disk space.

You will get two months free with the annual subscription. Flywheel also has two plans for Freelance and agency. That respectively start at $115/month and $290/month.


  • Uptime 99.99%
  • Average response time 1.2 seconds

Other key features:

  • Free CDN
  • Free StudioPress Themes
  • Auto healing
  • Site staging
  • Site cloning
  • Free auto backups
  • Free site migration

2. DreamHost

Fastest WordPress Hosting

DreamHost is also one of the fastest WordPress hosting companies that offer budget-friendly shared and managed hosting services. You will get free installed WordPress. The JetPack Premium is also free with the DreamHost-managed WordPress hosting.

Pricing and plan details

The basic DreamHost plan managed to host plan starts at $16.95 per month. This hosting plan allows 10,000 monthly visits with 5 GB of disk space. There are other two plans Plus and Pro plan that respectively $24.95 per month and 71.85 per month.

DreamHost’s shared hosting plan is very affordable and beginner-friendly. But you will miss out on many features of WordPress-optimized DreamPress Plans.


  • 99.99% uptime
  • Average response time 1.06 seconds

Other key features:

  • 100k Monthly Visitors
  • Unlimited Email
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1-Click Staging
  • SSL Certificate Pre-Installed
  • On-Demand + Daily Backups
  • Jetpack Free Pre-Installed
  • NEW Free Automated WordPress Migrations
  • WP Website Builder

3. InMotion Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting

You will get any kinda hosting like shared VPS, dedicated and managed WordPress hosting on InMotion Hosting. Its WordPress-optimized Stack and Free CDN deliver more exceptional loading times.

InMotion is the most affordable fastest WordPress hosting out there. You will get pre-installed WordPress, a drag & drop website builder, and automatic WordPress themes and plugin updates with InMotion Hosting Plan.

Pricing and plan details

InMotion WordPress hosting starts at $4.99/month. This plan includes a single website with 50 GB of disk space and 20,000 monthly traffic. There are also two other plans for small businesses and developers that respectively cost $7.99 per month and $10.99 per month. You will get the highest money-back guarantee period of 90 days with each plan.

You will also get Premium WordPress plugins like JetPack, Speed Coach, Total Upkeep, and many more with their WordPress free site migration.

Performance tests

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • The maximum response time: 0.84 seconds

Other Key Features:

  • SSD Storage
  • High Performance
  • Free Domain & SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • Advanced Caching plugin
  • Jetpack Personal

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4. WPX Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting

WPX hosting is the best hosting for the website owner who wanna host multiple websites on a single plan. This is one of the best-managed WordPress hostings and is considered one of the top fastest WordPress hosting companies. This hosting offers multiple websites hosting on their starter plan at a cheaper rate than Kinsta and FlyWheel.

Pricing and plan details

WPX Hosting starter plan starts at $20.83 per month where you can host up to 5 websites with unlimited SSL certificates, 10GB storage, site staging, high-speed custom CDN, and many more!

There is two other hosting plan Professional and Elit which costs $41.58 and $83.25 per month respectively.

You will get free site optimization, unlimited site transfer, daily malware detection, and removal, and free site fixes if your site is down with this WordPress hosting that made this hosting the fastest WordPress hosting company.


  • 99.95% uptime
  • Average response time 1.36 seconds

Key Features:

  • High-speed custom Content Delivery Network
  • Unlimited site migration
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • Manual backups
  • Malware protection
  • PHP 7.X
  • 30 Days money-back guarantees
  • Free WordPress installation

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5. CloudWays Hosting

Fastest WordPress hosting

CloudWays is another leading and fastest WordPress hosting company. Its managed hosting services allow you to choose your VPS provider from the best options like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

You will get an optimized stack and a built-in CDN, site staging, free SSL certificate, free WordPress installations, and automatic backup with each option.

Hosting with CloudWays is not as easy as other managed hosting platforms. If you are launching your website for the first time, this hosting is not recommended as you have to have a little experience to host your site on CloudWays.

Pricing and plan details

CloudWays offers a free trial to have a test drive of their hosting. If you are satisfied with their service, you can launch their website starting from $10 per month.

There are huge freebies CloudWays offers to their customer. You will get free SSL, free CDN, auto-healing, and many more with their hosting plan.

If you are obsessed with speed, you can play around with this amazing hosting.


  • 99.99% uptime
  • Average response time: 0.89 seconds

Key Features:

  • 5 Cloud Providers
  • Unlimited Applications
  • All PHP Apps Supported
  • Innovative Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Managed Security
  • Automated Backups
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Optimized Stack
  • Built-in CDN
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • PHP 7.3 Ready Servers

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Why Speed is Important?

The fastest WordPress hosting will help you to rank on the first page. This is one of the best On-Page SEO optimization methods.

A slow web hosting will slow down your website. It can also slow down your admin dashboard also will make you work harder and that is very time-consuming.

The fastest WordPress hosting will make your visitor feel comfortable while surfing on your site. A slow website that loads slower makes them go away.

Like if anyone trying to comment on your blog post or share your content and face slow web surfing, he may skip the process and leave your site immediately.

According to a study made by Akamai, 47% of website visitors expect that the page will be loaded within two seconds or less. 40% of the website visitors leave the website immediately if the page takes more than three seconds to load. That means just one second in slow loading can reduce 7% of conversions.

Now how you can imagine, how important it is to make sure your site is loading fast, and this is only possible when you are having the fastest WordPress hosting.

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What are Your Hosting Needs?

Before choosing a hosting for your WordPress site, you need to answer the following questions-

  • Do you have a static website?
  • Is your website dynamic?
  • Is your site growing big?
  • What kinda content is published on your website?
  • Where is your target audience location?

Now answer the questions one by one-

A static website means a small blog or business website where the content doesn’t change frequently. You can try shared hosting for this kinda website.

A dynamic website means an eCommerce store, online communities, forums, and others that need additional hosting support and caching requirement. In that case, you will the fastest WordPress hosting.

If your site contains heavy content like video animations, images, and audio files and your audience is growing fast, you will need to host your site on a Cloud hosting platform or managed WordPress hosting provider.

You need to keep into consideration your target audience location, to have a fast web hosting experience.

How To Choose The Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider

If you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting provider, follow the step I have mentioned here-

Step one: Select one of the above hosting provider

After selecting one of the mentioned hosting providers, take a note of what they offer, which hosting offers the best deal for you at your budget amount.

Step two: Check their server location

Some web hosting provider directly shows their server location while you are signing up with your hosting plan.

If it does not show on that page, directly contact the hosting support team. Try to choose a server location close to your audience location. The closer location you can choose, the better speed you can serve.

Final step: Choose your plan

Once you have decided on your hosting provider that serves best of all your needs, you have to choose your plan that fits your budget, audience, and your goals. That’s all!

If you follow the steps I have mentioned above, it will be easy to find out the best suit of your fastest WordPress hosting.

Conclusions: Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies

There are tons of web hosting companies that can fulfill anyone’s needs and budget. But selecting the fastest WordPress hosting provider can be difficult for you.

It’s very crucial to know your business and your goals before selecting your web hosting.

Every web hosting provider has a good plan for the beginner. If you have just got started, the shared hosting plan is enough for you.

In that case, you can go with DreamHost shared plan is perfect. But if you are looking for the fastest one with a heavy website then Go for Kinsta. I have mentioned here some other that is close to Kinsta service.

Simply follow the steps I have mentioned about how to select the fastest WordPress hosting and grab your hosting deal.

Did I miss anything?

Please let me know via comment box and spread the content on your social media if you loved this piece. Please let your friends know about these fastest WordPress hosting providers.


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