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Semrush Tutorial & Review {2024}: How To Use Semrush Tools

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SEMrush is a must-have SEO tool if you are focusing on ranking on the first page of search engines and looking for the best search engine optimization tool.

This tool is highly recommended by pro SEO experts because it ensures you the exact information that you are looking for through this app.

Without further ado, let’s get started-

Semrush Review & Tutorial

Semrush review

In this Semrush review, I am going to explain everything you will need to know while using SEMrush so that you can make this tool more productive.

What we will describe in this article are:

  • Full SEMrush Review
  • How to use SEMrush to increase your website traffic
  • How you can become an SEO expert using SEMrush

About Semrush

Semrush is an amazing SEO tool that will help you do your keyword research by spying on your competitors.

You can run an SEO audit on your blog and figure out the errors and bucks that are a barrier to your search ranking, find out backlinks opportunities for you, and many more. 

This amazing Semrush SEO tool is widely recommended by the best SEO experts all over the world. Semrush is a perfect tool for all kinds of enterprises no matter how big or small it is. 

SEmrush SEO tool for keyword research

According to SEMrush, they are connected with more than 46 million domains and 120 million keywords that help to track so many things of search engines. 

The most important thing they do is help you in content marketing. Content marketing strategy is important.

It helps to create your own community of loyal clients, increase your site authority, help to stay competitive and add value to your site. I have been running my keyword research activities from the very beginning of my blogging journey using Semrush.

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How Semrush Works

When you first log into your Semrush, you will see an amazing interface like the following image. Try Semrush’s 14-day free trial to understand more clearly.

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

This is the interface where you will find all the summarized data of the domain you’re going to track. I will show that it works using a domain name.

You can perform keyword research in two ways. To perform the first one, the first thing you need to do is insert your domain in the search option. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

The second way is by creating a project you can collect data from outside the server by using SEMrush projects.

They calculate your website visibility and compare your website with your competitors.

You can create a new project by entering your domain in the project section and clicking to create.

Or you can click on the plus icon next to the project button and fill in the required information. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

Creating a project will feel like a new amazing experience. Once you have filled in the required information, SEMrush will start showing you the recommended marketing and keyword research tools. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

For your note, you can also get access to some of the above tools by going back to the dashboard.

Let’s understand the SEMrush Dashboard more properly,

Semrush Dashboard Insights

Semrush Dashboard Insights

1. Site Audit Tool

This function will help you to perform an analysis of your site’s health and automatically inform you of the proper report to take action.

2. On-page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Checker will help you to show the ways to improve if you already have ranking pages.

It will help you to analyze the on-page SEO factors and collect the SEO optimization ideas to increase your organic traffic for the target keywords. You will get an insight into top-ranking web pages that have mentioned your keyword in their article.

3. Social Media Tracker

You can track your social engagement using SEMrush. It will help you to track everything related to your social accounts if you connect your social media profile with SEMrush. 

4. Brand Monitoring

A brand monitoring tool helps to get informed about the mentions of your brands and competitors on the web.

This tool covers various external sources such as social media to news portal sites on the web. 

5. Notes

This tool allows you to highlight dates in charts and graphs with custom report information. Organic search report to position tracking. 

6. SEMrush Sensor

SEMrush sensor tracks Google’s Search Engine Results page volatility. It helps you stay alert if there are any algorithm changes.

You can check using this tool if your site is affected by the changes or not. 

7. Backlink Audit

These tools help to get rid of your toxic links. The audit helps you to find out the backlinks that are harmful or beneficial for your site. It combs 500 backlinks per referring domain. 

8. Organic Traffic Insights

SEMrush Organic traffic insights help to combine the Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush data together in a single dashboard. 

It collects data through click-through rate, organic keywords, search volume, ranking factors served by SEMrush and Google search console, and Google analytics.

Your search engine optimization will become faster with traffic insights. Semrush takes help from these organic traffic insights to ensure your better search engine optimization.

9. Display Advertising Tool

Display advertising tools help to analyze other advertisers to have an idea of which keyword they are using to advertise their business.

You can also find out by directly spying on your competitor’s domain to know what strategies they are using to give ads. 

How To Semrush SEO Tool

Now you have an idea of how the SEMrush dashboard works and How you search your domain or competitor domain to track your desired data.

Now I will explain these topics more elaborately. 

After adding your domain, SEMrush will immediately start generating the following metrics for your SEO research in seconds-

  • Total organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • Ads keywords
  • Ads traffic
  • Current active display ads

Once you will put your domain name into the “search” and press “enter”. You will see the total domain analytics here.

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

You can run this analysis by using your competitor’s domain name. Don’t worry you will not be fined for that.

This tool is made for that purpose. So that you can spy on your competitors. You will see here five important factors that will help you to have a total idea about your competitors. 

Let’s learn this matter more elaborately:

Authority Score:

The Authority score is the overall quality of a website. It defines how authentic a site is and how Google gives importance to this site. An authority score depends on many factors like backlinks, Dofollow, Nofollow links, SEO, organic search, and many more. 

Organic Search Traffic:

This option will let you know how much organic traffic your site generates from search engines and who is competing for your site with that keyword. 

Paid Search Traffic:

Paid search traffic is the visitors that come from the advertisement and on the top of the search results. The calculation is based on paid keywords. 

Competitors can easily provide you with seed domains. You can analyze your competitors’ paid keywords in the Positions Report of Advertising Research by collecting and analyzing their bids. 


This option describes how many backlinks you are having from another site. 

Display Advertising:

This area shows you the place where your ads are showing and which of the landing pages are getting the most impressions. 

You will see the total overview on the top portion that includes the domain’s organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, and display ads analytics. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

It’s okay if it shows zero display ads metrics in your domain. This is because you do not run any ads for your domain. 

These metrics are not that valuable. There are some more important data that will help you to make more important decisions. 

1. Check the Organic Traffic Data

This is the most awaited section you are waiting for to learn keyword research for SEO, right? 

SEMrush Review content will give an overview of this topic. 

You will find here which keywords the domain is getting organic search. The top five organic keywords that are driving traffic will be shown here. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

You will have some useful metrics that have a great impact on the website’s organic traffic. Even the keyword difficulty metrics.

Let’s check the metrics-


This option will let you know the current ranking position of each keyword. As You see here for which keyword the root domain is ranking number one?

Search Volume:

In this section, you can check the volume of traffic. The option represents the values of the monthly search traffic for every keyword. 


SEMrush CPC represents the advertising willing expenses on paid search placement. If your CPC is higher, there is a more lucrative payment it deserves. 

Traffic Percentage:

This section will let you know what is the percentage of traffic for a certain keyword or you can say it like it lets you know what is the percentage of contribution of every keyword in your blog

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

Now you are thinking about how this research will benefit you. Right? You will need to do the research to stay up today on search ranking.

It will help to make decisions on which content you should give more focus on. 

Especially focus on the keywords that are out of the top 10 rankings. That keyword is not ranking because it lacks social shares, backlinks, or other aspects.

It will help you to focus more on those keywords. 

2. Spy on your competitors 

You can easily pull your competitor’s data by using SEMrush. SEMrush will help you to identify what strategies are using the top-level competitors to rank on Google’s number one page. 

Are you a little worried about searching for the top competitors? SEMrush made this calculation simple for you. 

All you need to do is just go to the section below of section “Top Organic Keywords. Here you will find another section named “Main organic competitors”

These are the websites competing for the same keywords as your site. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

You can spy on your competitors by simply clicking on them. You can pull every single data for what they rank on the top. 

Semrush competitor's data

You will find out what should be your ideal percentage on informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional articles by spying on your competitors.

You can see here the actual Google Analytics account on what are the top keywords that are driving the highest traffic. Simply work on the keyword and drive insane traffic to your blog.

Top Organic keywords

You will get every insight you need to rank higher and drive huge traffic to your website. So what are you waiting for? Grab the free trial right now!

3. Checking Backlinks

A keyword strategy can not add any value if you can use SEMrush to build your backlinks.

You can build backlinks through guest posting, and blog commenting and there are many other options you can try to build your backlinks 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

If you see on the left, you will “link” a source that contains the backlink to your site. On the right, you will see the anchor text that is being linked to your site. 

With SEMrush you will be able to find-

  • Dirty links that may harm your website by competitors 
  • You can know the most important links that add value to your site
  • You can identify which of the contents needs more backlinks
  • You can track the competitor’s data through a backlink profile. 

4. Check Paid Searches

You can check the paid searches on SEMrush easily. I have run an investigation using the GetResponse website and found the following data about their paid searches.

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

The main difference between organic search traffic and paid traffic is PPC marketing. You have paid for that keyword to get traffic. 

This research will help you to reallocate your cost to the best-performing keywords. That will ultimately increase your website traffic. 

You can have a look at the following images to have an idea of what it looks like if you run PPC ads for certain keywords.  

Sample Ads

You can check the full report by clicking on the “View full report” option under any of the sections. 

5. Display Advertising 

Don’t get confused between paid search ads and display advertising.

There is a difference. Paid search ads will only display when you will search for a keyword on the search engines. 

Keyword Research on GetResponse

For example, If you enter “ Getresponse”  on Google, you will get paid search ads. These are shown on the top to earn more clicks. These are called paid search ads. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

If you are noticing the above images. I have marked some ads in the Redbox. These ads are display ads that are shown on a certain website.

These ads are displayed by Google or other platforms. 

If you are thinking of starting display ads” SEMrush can show you the correct path. Let’s check how-

Display advertising

You will find the sample ad text at the bottom of the domain overview. You can check what strategies your competitors are using to run their display ads. 

How To Find Profitable Keywords Using Semrush

You can find the keywords easily that will be profitable for you. You can execute your keyword analysis by selecting “keyword overview” in the drop-down menu.

I have written a detailed guide on keyword research here.  

Keyword Overview

In this section, you will see four features-

  • Keyword magic tool
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad history
  • Keyword difficulty

1. Keyword Magic Tool

The keyword magic tool makes SEO Keyword Research much simpler with its helpful features. If you wanna do keyword research in a traditional way, you have to do a lot of brainstorming for that. 

Keyword Magic Tool will give you relief from this pressure by collecting the best keywords from its database of over 9.4 billion keywords. 

A huge list of keyword variations and associated metrics will appear, such as keyword volume, trend, difficulty, cost per click, competitive density, SERP features, and a number of results displayed.  

2. Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager helps to collect your favourite keywords from SEMrush and save your keywords with fresh metrics. You can also export your keywords into an XLSX or CSV file. 

3. Ad History

This tool helps to keep track of your past run ads. You can use the data to analyze the search volume of ad traffic, price, and the number of ads for certain keywords

4. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is a percentage of how difficult it is to rank a keyword. The higher the percentage is, the higher it is difficult to rank. SEMrush helps to find low-competitive keywords through keyword difficulty features. 

How to Use Project Feature 

SEMrush helps you add twelve different tools to track your site through site auditing, position tracking, on-page SEO tracker, social media tracker, and many more. 

Let’s check which tool can help you how-

1. Site Audit

Site audit helps to identify the issues that are a barrier to your SEO. You can easily find broken links and harmful links to your site through a Site audit. 

Site audit

If you follow the above image, you can see that “FacileWay’ has some issues there. I have to fix the issues to make my site more SEO-friendly.

When the site health is 100% that means my site has no issues. 

2. Position Tracking

This feature is also known as SERP tracking. It will let you know your daily rating for a custom set-focused keyword.

If you set some keywords and stay updated with keywords this feature will help you. 

3. On-Page SEO checker

This feature helps to improve the SEO of your site by providing useful strategy ideas, SEO ideas, content ideas, and many more.

On page SEO checker

4. Semrush Social Media Poster 

SEMrush social media poster helps to create your plan, schedule, and analyze your social media performance.

You can also track your competitors over major social media platforms. 

5. Semrush Brand Monitoring 

If you are trying to find your mentions manually it will be time-consuming for you.

But SEMrush will find it within minutes by scanning the web and informing you of every single mention and review you will get from your audience or competitors. 

6. Semrush Backlink Audit

By running a SEMrush backlink audit you can easily disavow the toxic links. This feature will help you to figure out the links that you wanna keep or delete.

It allows a maximum of five hundred backlinks per referring domain. 

Backlink audit

7. Semrush Content Analyser 

This feature will track your social shares, keyword rankings, backlinks, and Google Analytics data to find out the content engagement and show ways of improvising. 

Semrush Gap Analysis

SEMrush Gap analysis helps you to find the keyword gap and backlink gaps between you and your competitors. 

How Keyword Gaps Work

Keyword gap analysis is the process of running what you can find out exactly which keywords are driving traffic to your competitor’s site but not to your site.

It will help you to find profitable traffic-generating keywords for you. 

SEMrush Tutorial and reviews

If you look at the above image, you can see that the red-boxed keyword is missing on my site.

So I have made a money blog resourceful with those keywords. But before that, you must have found the keyword difficulty. 

There are more keywords you will find by clicking on the bottom of all keyword detail options. 

1. Backlinks Gap

SEMrush Backlinks Gap features will help to find the backlinks that are referring to your competitor’s website. So that you can connect with backlinks and connect your blog with them. 

2. Bulk Analysis

By using this tool you can track a maximum of 200 domains’ backlink data at a time. If you are thinking of a large-scale business, this feature is for you. 

Topic Research

This feature helps to find out amazing content ideas without any brainstorming. Use this tool to generate new articles, topics, and headlines to write about. 

SEO Content Template

When you insert a keyword or some of the keywords, SEMrush analyzes the top ten domains that are ranking on the top and gives you an effective recommendation for your content length, the backlinks details, and keyword placement reminders. 

SEO content Template

You can see the above red box elements that show the most recommended factors you should consider to write your SEO-optimized content. 

SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant tool instantly provides you with recommendations for your content optimization depending on the search engine’s top ten articles.

These are some basic features you will need to use to build a successful blog. You are thinking about why is not this feature is not over yet. 

SEMrush offers so many amazing features that if I try to explain everything in one post, it’s gonna be irritating rather than learning. 

Make sure you are comfortable with the above SEMrush review. 

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How To Get Semrush Pro 14-Day Free Trial

If you want to get the most outcomes from this SEMrush review, You have to try this step in the pro version. Don’t worry FacileWas has brought SEMrush 14-day free trial for the pro version.

As we have discussed the pro features here in the SEMrush review, you will need of SEMrush Pro account.

You can not try these steps in a free account. It won’t cost you any money during the free trial period. You can cancel the subscription if you don’t love this tool within 7 Days.

Firstly: Just go to this Special link to get the 14-day free trial landing page. You will see a landing page like the following image.

Semrush Free Trial

Secondly: Click on “Get a free 14-day trial” and Then enter your email and password. Then you will be redirected to an interface like the following image. Select your pro plan or the plan you will need most.

Choose the Semrush free plan for Pro and Guru

Then you will be redirected to an interface like the above image. Select your pro plan or the plan you will need most.

Finally: Enter your card information and place the order.

SEMrush free trial

After placing an order you will get access to the pro plan worth $99/95/month for absolutely free for 7 days.

FAQs About Semrush Review & Tutorial

Here are FAQs related have arisen in my mind while writing this Semrush Review and Tutorial-

1. Where does SEMrush get its data?

SEMrush has a database of 46 million domains and 120 million keywords. It collects data from the top 100 pages to bring you to the best keywords.

2. How to use SEMrush for free?

You can use SEMrush Pro Features without paying money by grabbing their 7 days of a free trial.

3. Can I cancel my SEMrush account?

You can cancel your SEMrush account by visiting the Subscription Info page and updating your “recurring status”

4. How Accurate is SEMrush?

SEMrush provides very accurate data. If you have confusion you can compare it with another SEO tool for your satisfaction.

5. How do I use SEMrush?

You can spy on the top leading websites of your niche or the keywords that drive the best traffic.

6. Is SEMrush free?

With a free account, you can use many useful features. But with a very limited amount. Try a pro account to get the most outcome from SEMrush.

If you wanna save huge money, don’t forget to bookmark SEMrush Black Friday Deals.

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Wrapping Up

From the above SEMrush Tutorial, you have seen that SEMrush provides vast insights starting from site audits to spying on competitor’s insights.

This amazing SEO is continuously improving its performance and I can guarantee you will be able to enjoy many more features giving your ranking an extra boost.

If you can learn all the effective actions I have shown in this SEMrush review, You can become an SEO expert easily. Making your site on the top will become just a matter of time.

This is a must-have tool for every blogger. If you loved this SEMrush review guide, Please feel free to share it with your friends. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to read later.

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