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You’ve optimized your site for speed and security, but your hosting company isn’t delivering. It’s slow on your server, and your website is under attack.

There is a chance that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, which may indicate that it might be time to switch to

A built-in CDN and WAF allow to deliver WordPress as fast and securely as possible.

You won’t believe what you’ll experience when you switch to with all your WordPress websites!

The Google team made it official by launching its core web fundamentals that speed directly influences search engine rankings. It has also been added to Google’s search console.

Google Core Web Vitals

The success and ranking of your site on search engines are heavily dependent upon the hosting of your site on WordPress. 

You can have a lot of problems if you choose an inefficient or cheap hosting company. Choosing the right hosting company can make the difference between a successful website and a dismal one.

Today I am gonna find out if this hosting is well SEO optimized and the fastest WordPress hosting through this Rocket.Net review.

In this content, you will come to know-

  • Why does site speed matter?
  • Top features of
  • Pros & cons of this WordPress hosting
  • Do I really recommend this hosting?
  • The pricing policy of
  • Customers’ reviews on
  • Is this the fastest WordPress Hosting?

So without further ado, Let’s get started!

Why Does Site Speed Matter?

Performance is one of the most important aspects of any business website. Your visitors won’t stay long enough to read all the content if your site is slow.

When you are using free hosting or one that isn’t designed for WordPress sites, you can encounter this problem.

Google recently introduced a new algorithm called Core Web Vital. The following factors are taken into account to determine a website’s ranking on Google: LCP (Largest content paintful), FID (First input delay), and CLS (Communicative layout shifting).

You will suffer from rankings if your website does not have enough speed for these three metrics based on Google’s ranking algorithm.

In order to properly rank your web page in future searches, it is important that we choose to host companies that offer what our customers need and are fast with their delivery.

There is a lot of buzz regarding’s fast WordPress hosting at a competitive price.

Due to this, I decided to write a Rocket Net review and see what they have to offer for fast WP hosting.

Special Note: To get for $1 you have to use a special coupon code “LAUNCH” to save money on the first month.

What is Rocket Net Hosting? review

Ben Gabler and Aaron Phillips created as a fully managed WordPress hosting platform. Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, every WordPress installation is backed by a CDN, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), and HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support as standard.

That will help You to get access to your website quickly and securely on the edge. It will ensure cutting-edge WordPress optimization to Boost your website’s speed with’s CDN (content delivery network) in 200+ locations around the world.

Your website will load content as fast as possible when visitors from different locations are trying to access it. CDN

My experience with has been excellent, not only for its user-friendly interface but also for its speed, security, and additional features that help your company grow.

Their focus is on WordPress hosting, so if you’re looking for VPS, Dedicated, Shared, or Cloud Hosting along with website building, they don’t offer it. You can also choose from companies like DreamHost.

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Is for you?

Small businesses, agencies, and eCommerce business owners can benefit from Rocket Net hosting because they offer reliable services at an affordable rate to fit any budget.

This hosting company offers managed WordPress hosting, so agencies can concentrate on delivering content rather than bothering themselves with maintaining client websites.

With, they handle everything, from security updates to server management, so you don’t have to.

Man Behind Rocket Net Hosting

The man behind Hosting

It is Ben’s speciality to solve problems effortlessly. He is passionate about providing simple solutions that result in a WordPress-optimized hosting experience that continuously solves real-world problems. 

He spends most of his time teaching what he knows to the rest of the world when he isn’t launching new products.

You can connect with Ben here:

Rocket Net Hosting Review on Features

The most significant feature of Rocket is its ease of use. You can easily use its WordPress control panel.

The control panel can deploy WordPress websites as well as manage WordPress plugins, which include themes and backup when necessary in your hosting account.

1. Security review on security

Website protection from online threats and malicious tools is of utmost importance. Rocket.Net’s tech team kept this in mind as it provided advanced security for its hosting service. 

The security solution comes with a lot of features that are commonly found in WordPress plugins such as Wordfence, Sucuri, or WP Security Audit Log – so you get almost all of these features built-in and with automatic updates to keep your WordPress installation secure always.

The best part about these features is that unlike some other plugins (especially Wordfence), they will not impede the performance of your website.

Some security features here are:

  • OWASP Top 10 Protection: Prevents common vulnerabilities
  • Brute Force Protection with WAF: Defends your website against hacker attacks
  • SQL Injection Prevention: Stops script kiddies from exploiting your site
  • Firewall Protection: Ensures that your server is protected against hackers
  • Block Hackers With a WAF: This will protect you from DDOS attacks and brute force attacks

The malware protection service protects your WordPress website in real time from malicious code. It includes HTTP requests as well as FTP uploads.

2. Robust Server Stack Server

Rocket Net Hosting is built with an NGINX web server, which is capable of segregating content very quickly in comparison with other servers. Rocket is powered by PHP 7.4 which makes the website extremely fast.

3. Best Customer Support

Rocket.Net customer support

A lot of WordPress users don’t know how things work behind the scenes. There may be times when even advanced users require assistance. When you need support, you should choose a hosting company with better customer service.

The support team at Rocket.Net is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may be having regarding your hosting.

You can also reach them via phone, email, and live chat. The response time for tickets and emails is excellent. If you want immediate assistance, phone calls and live chat are recommended.

Live Chat

You can rely on a support team with over 17 years of experience if you encounter any technical difficulties.

With’s Live chat feature, you get a fast response within a minute, and you can contact them 24/7. The experts are also quite helpful, and they solve the problems completely.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base provides solutions to the most common problems faced by users. You can also use a knowledge base to troubleshoot your problems.

A control panel feature that allows you to do this can be found there. There are articles on those topics that may be able to help you.

Ticket Support

If you are experiencing an issue, you can raise a support ticket. You will be assigned an expert who will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible when you raise a ticket. This method of Ticket support will solve your problem quickly.

The after-sales service provided by Rocket.Net is excellent. It is for this reason that Rocket.Net became extremely popular among the crowd. There is no problem they can’t solve, whether it’s plugin issues, optimization issues, or anything else.

The best way to kickstart your website if you are a newbie is to take advantage of their customer support. You won’t have to exert any extra effort to speak with the experts.

They will take every aspect of your WordPress website. Just shoot them a message and see the magic.

4. Speed review

Your website can now be delivered to visitors faster than ever with servers strategically located in large cities worldwide.

Your website audience can attain superior performance with over 20 Edge Hosting global locations.

With full-page caching, it provides the ultimate speed. You can delete your caching plugin without any doubt once you have hosted your site on 

With’s free CDN, users get the best experience, no matter where they are in the world. speed optimization with CloudFlare

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, a CDN (content delivery network) refers to a network of servers scattered around the globe that work together to deliver online content efficiently.

In other words, it will mean a faster loading experience regardless of where your website visitors are located (whether in Austin or Tokyo).

They offer free Enterprise CDN as well, so it’s a no-brainer.

Optimized For WordPress hosts WordPress websites optimally. Their systems have all been designed specifically to improve the performance of WordPress, so you’ll be able to boost the quality of your web presence.

From one dashboard, you can run a range of operations, such as launching a staging website and managing backups automatically. You can also turn on and off the installation of multiple sites.

Built-in Caching

WordPress users can cache their content with  It was specifically created for WordPress caching. It’s faster and more efficient than plugins.

You won’t experience a slowdown. They also support WooCommerce caching. WooCommerce cookies will automatically bypass the full-page cache.


The company also guarantees 99.99% uptime. Almost every single time, you can expect your site to load smoothly.

Having nothing appear on your website when visitors browse through your content would be the worst thing that could happen. You gain a competitive advantage, therefore, with better uptime.

5. Performance

Rocket.Net is one of the world’s fastest hosting companies when it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting. Also, the site offers excellent page speed with an average load time of 1.15 seconds.

Here are some amazing features that can improve your website performance dramatically-

1. Google Font Optimization

You probably know that it takes a long time for Google fonts to load if you’ve ever worked on optimizing them. makes use of an optimization technique that automatically loads the fonts to their CDN servers and caches them for about 36 hours so your pages load faster without needing to wait on Google’s servers for fonts.

2. Brotli Compression

All content served by is compressed using Brotli, a new algorithm from Google launched in September 2015 for its Chrome browser and servers. The result is the faster loading of your assets, such as JS, CSS, and images.

3. WAF (web application firewall) Protection

All WordPress websites are protected by a WAF as part of the package, so you do not need to worry about hackers or bots attacking your websites.

4. Automatic Webp Conversion

You can convert all of your images to webp format using its image optimization features. The format combines the best in both the world and PNG.

5. CDN (content delivery network) Integration integrates with Cloudflare Enterprise to boost the performance and security of WordPress sites by caching content on their server.

You can see the following results of my website after migrating to Rocket Hosting-

GTmetrix Results

It’s great to have your WordPress site built on the WordPress hosting offered by Rocket.Net. You can check the FacileWay GTmetrixto to have an idea of Rocket Net hosting performance.

Rocket.Net hosting speed test

PageSpeed Insights Test

I am using a heavy page builder like Elementor Pro to design my homepage. But The Google Page Speed Insights reports seem pretty good.

Desktop: Google Page Speed Test
Google Page Speed Insights

Mobile: Hosting Review
Google PageSpeed Insights Test

Server Response Time

Search Engine Space places a high priority on speed. Hosting companies are rated based on how fast they can perform. We are aware of how important speed is in online business thanks to our experience. server response time

In Google’s recommendation, web hosts should respond to requests in 200ms or less, and visitors should be able to access your website with ease, or else they will get bored and go to another site which may be quicker and more effective.

According to Speed Testing Tools, provides fast web hosting services. As a managed WordPress host, you can choose between a basic theme and a multipurpose theme.

Cloudflare CDN is the key reason for’s high performance. Their use of bare metal servers, running NGINX, inside Edge Data Centers, about 100 feet from CloudFlare Infrastructure, also helps.

There is a tendency for people to only discuss frontend speed. It also matters a lot for your personal and team’s productivity if the backend is fast.

Your hosting provider’s RAM can have a big impact on backend performance. The PHP memory limit does not limit the amount of RAM for each plan. Users are allowed to use 1GB of RAM for each plan.

Their smart routing feature allows WP admin requests to be routed to them up to 50% faster than usual.

It is also possible that you are curious about the PHP workers they assign.

Due to the fact that they do not use PHP-FPM, they are not limited by PHP workers. They use the Lightspeed API to run PHP.

Since Cloudflare has taken care of 95-98% of its traffic, they do not need PHP as another bottleneck in its system. is extremely effective and fast. It’s only $1 to try.

6. Automated & Manual BackUp

Rocket.Net review

For the sake of avoiding unforeseen events, it is imperative to create a backup. Even though such an event cannot be prevented, it can be reversed with a restore option. automated backup

You have the option of both Automatic and Manual Backups on your dashboard when using the Managed WordPress Environment of Rocket.Net.

Simply click the “Create Backup” button, and your entire site will be converted into a backup file in compressed zip format.

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7. Easy Site Staging site staging

A feature like this is only available with top-notch premium-level hosting services. This feature is available with Rocket.Net’s basic plan at no extra charge. It can be configured with just one click.

You may not know what staging is yet, but to put things into perspective for you, staging is a dummy environment where you can test the functionality of themes, plugins, or any other changes you wish to make on the website.

Updates to plugins can sometimes damage your site. So you should perform testing in the staging environment before deploying an update live. 

8. Plugin Management 

plugin management with Rocket.Net

You can manage your WordPress plugin directly from the Rocket Net hosting dashboard. It won’t be necessary to log into your WordPress dashboard to do that. 

9. Traffic Analytics Review

You can easily check all your daily visitors directly from your dashboard. There are three options: the last 24 hours, 30 days, or 60 days.

As we all know how important it is to keep an eye on your traffic, this makes it an incredible tool for monitoring trends. hosting review

10. Free Site Migration

Managed WordPress hosting typically offers website migration for free, so users can move from other hosting providers to the platform. However, is a bit different. site migration

If you are unsatisfied with, they will assist you in moving to another hosting provider of your choice.

We can expect the migration to take 24 hours, which is reasonable. You can move your website from any older provider to in a short period of time.

Pros & Cons of

The Rocket net-managed WordPress hosting service is a great option, but it is not without its drawbacks.


  • Easy control panel
  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • WAF protection
  • Experienced support (truly managed)
  • Free Migration


Rocket.Net Review: Plans & Pricing pricing policy
Hosting plansMonthly FeesSpecial Link
Starter Plan$30/MonthTry For $1
Pro Plan $60/Month Try For $1
Business Plan $100/Month Try For $1
Agency Plan $200/Month Try For $1

The company specializes in managed WordPress hosting. Their managed WordPress hosting solutions are suitable for all types of websites, including personal, business, and eCommerce websites.

Rocket Hosting offers four different plans, with the main difference being the number of available WordPress installs.

  • Starter (1 install) – $30/mo
  • Pro (3 installs)– $60/mo
  • Business (10 installs)– $100/mo
  • Agency (25 installs) – $200/mo

1. Starter Plan’s WordPress hosting gives you superior performance and manageability while you host one website. The monthly fee is $30.

Here are the features included in’s starter plan.

  • Visits per month: 250,000
  • 10 GB of local storage
  • 50 GB of bandwidth
  • Manage 1 site
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF

2. Pro Plan

This is a great solution for small businesses, eCommerce stores, and websites of all kinds since it has many features. $50 a month is the cost of the plan. The plan is most beneficial to those who work in Digital Marketing or run websites.

The following are the features of Pro.

  • 1,000,000 visits
  • Up to 20 GB of local storage
  • Up to 100 GB of bandwidth
  • Manage 3 sites
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF

3. Business Plan

Businesses with high-traffic websites will benefit from this plan. In addition, you’ll have access to customer support via telephone (as well as live chat).

The monthly fee is $100. Web developers who host websites for a number of clients at the same time or large corporations that work on a large scale will also benefit from it.

The business plan comes with the following features.

  • 2,500,000 visits per month
  • Up to 40 GB of local storage
  • Up to 300 GB of bandwidth
  • Manage 10 sites
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF

Quick Tip: Launch your WordPress website for just $1 at to explore all its premium features and fast performance.

4. Agency Plan

Users with multiple high-traffic websites will benefit from this plan. We recommend this plan if you receive a lot of search traffic to your websites and need managed WordPress hosting that is fast.

Hosting for up to 25 websites is included in this plan for $200 per month.

All these features are included in the Agency plan:

  • 5,000,000 Visits per month
  • 50GB Storage of local storage
  • 500 GB of bandwidth
  • Manage 25 sites

Return Policy: features a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, which means it is zero-risk for customers.

Billing terms are monthly and yearly on Rocket. If you prepay for a year upfront, you’ll get two months free.

Compared to other hosting companies, it’s not cheap. Considering all the features these plans include, and how many tools and plugins they replace, it’s a no-brainer.

With Cloudflare Enterprise, you can get all the power of a much higher-priced product.

Do I Recommend for WordPress Sites?

Yeah! Of Course!

It’s best to choose if you want to be able to have the fastest site speeds and best security (it’s only $30 per month if you choose their starter plan).

What makes so expensive compared to other web hosts like Bluehost, DreamHost, etc.?

The reason is that Rocket.Net is a managed WordPress hosting provider. 

Hosting plans on providers like Bluehost are cheaper due to shared hosting. The shared environment refers to it being shared by multiple users (bandwidth, disk space, etc.).

With managed WordPress hosting, fewer users share resources, resulting in improved performance and speed and little to no downtime.

The following are some other solid reasons to use Rocket.Net  as WordPress hosting.

  • The EDGE cloud is located across 20+ countries, which means the nearest server location to your target audience is the one where your WordPress installation is located.
  • A faster alternative to public clouds
  • Multiple-Terabit-Network
  • Improved CDN performance
  • A new EDGE server that is optimized
  • WAF Advanced Security Feature for WordPress
  • Optimizing images
  • Servers designed for enterprises
  • SSDs offer high performance
  • Servers with 16 CPU cores
  • 256GB RAM
  • 20+ Locations
  • Resources that are guaranteed
  • Expert optimizations and optimised stack
  • Firewall for advanced websites
  • Removing malware and scanning for security threats daily
  • Patching and scanning for malware
  • The hosting team will handle everything for you, so there is no need for you to do anything.
  • Speed acceleration up to 2-3X over public cloud services, powered by onLocal Edge.

How To Get Rocket.Net For $1?

In this review, I will show you how you can activate the coupon for a $1 trial. So let’s have a look:

Firstly go to this special link. You will be landed on the home page. Here click on the Get Started button. Here you will be landed on the pricing policy page. 

Rocket Net Hosting Coupon Code

Secondly. Choose the hosting plan you wanna try for $1. Then Enter the coupon code “LAUNCH”. Well done! You have grabbed the $1 offer!

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I am 100% satisfied with the service and support of After reading this review, you can also observe how my speed is better and faster. Let’s see what people review on TrustPilot.

Rocket Net Trustpilot Review
Rocket Net hosting review on Trustpilot

If you see the above statistics on Trustpilot you will see that 100% of the total reviewers give 5 stars to the company. Here is a quick look for you-

  • Excellent: 100%
  • Great: 0%
  • Average: 0%
  • Poor: 0%
  • Bad: 0%

Among more than 80 customer reviews, the highly satisfactory ratio is 100%! That means the Rocket Net hosting is really worth trying!

Here are some real customer testimonials about Rocket Net hosting services- hosting Testimonials hosting Testimonials Testimonials hosting Testimonials hosting Testimonials hosting Testimonials
Rocket customers review

Is this the fastest WordPress Hosting?

After using I can guarantee you that this is one of the fastest WordPress hosting out there that will never let you down. alternatives

I have tried many hosting providers but very few WordPress hosting has the gut to be an alternative to The following hosting providers are of them-

1. WP Engine Hosting Alternative

WP Engine is a web host company that specializes in controlled hosting services for WordPress-based websites. The company is headquartered in the United States, but its data centres are spread across the world.

There were three founders of WP Engine: Bullen Wilson, Ben Matcalfe, and Jason Cohen, and they started it on March 1, 2010.

The three saw an opportunity to provide a stronger hosting service for WordPress customers since Aaron Brazell, one of the co-founders, was a member of the WordPress development community.

The headquarters of WP Engine is located in Austin, Texas. The current branches of the company are located in London, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Limerick, Ireland.

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2. Kinsta

Kinsta-The best Rocket Net hosting alternative

It was launched in 2013 by a group of WordPress experts dissatisfied with the existing hosting solutions. The company is now one of the fastest-growing WordPress hosting companies in Europe and North America.  

It’s Google Cloud’s premium network that puts Kinsta on top, a value proposition so compelling that we couldn’t resist testing it out.

Kinsta promises a laundry list of impressive benefits, some of which include lightning-fast hosting, next-generation infrastructure, and excellent customer service.

The Kinsta brand has also recently undergone a rebranding shift to a more sleek and user-friendly version of itself and is now looking better than ever before.

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3. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a great choice for WordPress websites. If you are looking for a perfect alternative, you can try this hosting without any doubt.

Their customer support is so amazing that you can get a reply within 1 second. Many pro bloggers are using and recommending this hosting as a alternative.

The price can be pretty high but if performance is your top priority, the price is really worth it.

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4. Bluehost

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

It is a cloud-based website hosting company known for its flexibility when it comes to price. This system provides domain registration, shared hosting, private virtual networks, and reseller hosting.

It features a simple user interface, extremely affordable pricing tiers, and a one-click WordPress installer. Bluehost is recommended by because it is easy to set up and manage.

It’s cheap, but it also provides advanced functionality and strong customer service for lower-tier customers, as it does for experienced ones.

The main benefit of the service is that you can get more out of your Google and Bing ads. It also provides in-house operations through fibre links, data centres, and customized Linux servers.

There is a fair amount of bandwidth available with Bluehost’s web hosting services. A reasonable price is paid for incredibly high bandwidth and storage capacities.

The price of shared hosting packages varies based on the length of the contract. They are ideal for PHP applications that do not require extensive CMS installation, like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Apart from that, you may rest assured that your webpage will always be accessible and secure.

The users are provided with power backups via UPS and diesel engines, and their accounts are backed up on a regular basis.

The features and functions offered by Bluehost are sure to appeal to you. You can use it to make the most of Google and Bing’s marketing campaigns.

It offers low-tier customers the same extensive features and support as advanced users, apart from its low price.

There are also plans to develop in-house operations based on the company’s private fibre links, data centres, and Linux kernel running on custom hardware.

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5. HostGator

Rocket.Net hosting alternative-HostGator

HostGator is one of the most powerful WordPress-optimized web hosting companies on the net. This company is well known for providing flexible pricing and a broad range of tools aimed at catering to the needs of webmasters.

It is not only the company’s dedicated hosting solutions that truly set it apart from its competitors, but also its shared, virtual private servers, and domain service plans that make it distinct from its competitors.

Hosting on a virtual private server from HostGator lets you share actual hardware with other customers while maintaining the privacy of running your server as a virtual device on your own computers.

You could achieve dedicated server functionality at a significantly reduced cost with this solution.

If you use WordPress as a content management system, the service will provide everything you need to keep your site running. Its main purpose is to improve the performance of WordPress-based sites.

The HostGator packages include a number of useful extras you’ll be sure to appreciate.

There are 4,500 free website designs, free website building services such as Weebly Site Builder, free scripts, and migration services for MySQL sites.

With its shared hosting packages, you can also install free scripts and receive free marketing credits.

HostGator uses cPanel as its control centre. You can install popular scripts like Weebly, WordPress, and Joomla with just a click in cPanel.

These freebies are designed to simplify the process of setting up a website for newcomers without having to deal with complicated control panel features.

HostGator provides users with easy-to-follow video tutorials to help them learn how to use cPanel. The result will be a faster connection time to the control panel for users.

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FAQs: Rocket.Net Review

There are some frequently asked questions that may arise in your mind while reading this Rocket.Net review. I will try to answer a few of them as follows.

1. What is Rocket.Net Hosting? is a managed WordPress hosting that offers the fastest hosting experience to the website that is hosted on their server.

2. Does offer any coupon codes? offers a trial for new users only at $1 for the first month. If you subscribe for an annual subscription, you will get 2 months of free hosting.

3. Is there any promo code for Rocket.Net?

You can get a 30% discount on the first three months using “FacileWay” as a coupon code on their monthly plans.

4. Does offer any money-back guarantee?

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee with

5. Is this review unbiased?

Yeah of course! I am using for my sites. I only recommend the tools that I have used or used.

6. Does offer free WordPress Migrations? 

It is true that all plans come with the facility to migrate an unlimited number of websites at no cost

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The company stands out from its competitors with its competitive pricing options, unbeatable customer service, lightning-fast servers, and daily automatic backups.

The people who own a digital marketing agency and website development business, need hosting highly optimized for WordPress speed and performance.

Rocket hosting can feed the needs of any size of the website. No matter whether it’s personal websites or business websites. This amazing hosting provider won’t let you go down!

Now is the perfect time to start using Rocket Net hosting, if you are looking for premium service! Click here to find out more! (For just $1, try all its premium features such as free CDN, robust security features, and more!) is an excellent managed WordPress hosting solution with affordable prices and exceptional security for those looking for it with a very user-friendly interface to boost your website performance.

I hope you enjoyed my Review. Please leave any questions/comments below. Thanks for reading!

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