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AppSumo is the best place to grab premium tools at a very cheap price. You can get up to 98% discount on different software.


Are you looking for the best AppSumo deals and discount to save your hard-earned money? You are at the right place!

You can find tons of deals and discount on digital products like email marketing tools to SEO tools to freelance and so on AppSumo.

If you are a blogger and online entrepreneur, AppSumo is the best place where you can find the best products and tools to manage your marketing stuff.

The great thing you will love about Appsumo is you will get a huge discount on lifetime deals. You can grab up to 98% discount any any AppSumo lifetime deals.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links that means if you buy anything using the links, I will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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Things Must Know About Best AppSumo Deals

AppSumo deals change frequently. Most of the deals and discount last for 7 days. So I will ensure keep updating this post to serve you better. So, please bookmark this page to stay updated.

There are some other reasons for what people love AppSumo deals:

  • AppSumo offers lifetime deals that mean you have to pay once to get lifetime access to your product.
  • A 60-day moneyback guarantee ensures you risk-free product testing. You will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the products.
  • You will get world-class customer support from AppSumo.
  • You can directly ask the founders and CEO of the purchased product to ask your critical question on any active deals.

Best AppSumo Deals Summary July 2021 At A Glance

  • Sumo Day 2021 – Sumo-lings can get amazing products, discounts, surprises, and giveaways from AppSumo for 72 hours. This is a great opportunity not to be missed!
  • Hippo Video – A video distribution and personalization platform that helps you boost sales
  • SleekBio – Create beautiful, simple links for your social media bios
  • Brilliant Directories – Create, manage, and monetize your own membership site
  • Acadle – Create a white-labeled online academy with unlimited content and courses
  • SalesBlink – Find and automate professional emails to close deals
  • LOVO – Enjoy 180+ human-like voices in 34 languages with full commercial rights
  • Viloud – Start an online television channel or live video streaming for your brand
  • Reslash – Create social, work, teaching, or classroom virtual spaces
  • PromoRepublic – Schedule your social media posts and create content easily
  • SendFox – Email subscribers, fans, and followers automatically with your customized messages
  • WriterAccess – Streamline your workflow with content intelligence
  • Linguix – A writing assistant powered by AI that edits as you type
  • LiveWebinar – An easy-to-use, flexible webinar platform
  • Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Set up and manage placeholder websites
  • KingSumo – Drive tons of traffic to your business or brand through viral giveaways
  • Boost – Use social opt-ins to grow your subscriber list
  • Re:plain – Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Top 10 AppSumo Deals in July 2021

1. Sumo Day 2021 (coming soon)

Sumo Day 2021

Sumo Day (an annual celebration of the incredible community of Sumolings) will take place from 13 – 16 July 2021.

AppSumo will be offering amazing products, special deals, discounts, surprises, and giveaways for 72 hours.

You can sign up to be the first to know when the deals go live, but the lineup of deals is currently under wraps.

We will provide more details about the special deals as soon as we hear from AppSumo. To receive alerts in the mean time, join AppSumo’s email list.

For more information, please click here

On 13 July 2021, Sumo Day deals will go live. Stay tuned for more details!

2. Hippo Video

Hippo Video AppSumo Deal

A video customer experience platform, Hippo Video increases sales, marketing, customer support, and brand recognition.

Using Hippo Video, you can send personalized video emails to boost their response rate and book more meetings. Hippo Video lets you create personalized videos from your favorite sales tools—Lincoln Sales Navigator, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more—to humanize prospect engagement.

Get lifetime access to Hippo Video for just $59

Normally, Hippo Video costs $30/month, but with AppSumo, lifetime access to Hippo Video costs only $59!

Join Hippo Video now and get lifetime access

Value of the deal: $576

(Lifetime Access) best AppSumo deals: $59


3. SleekBio

SleekBio AppSumo Deal

With SleekBio, you can grow traffic and clicks to your top content and products thanks to the AppSumo team.

With SleekBio, you can get complete control over your social media bio links and promote your best content.

For just $19, you can access SleekBio forever

Value of the deal: $108

(Lifetime Access) best AppSumo deals: $19


4. Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories AppSumo

The Brilliant Directory is a complete turnkey platform – software and service – for launching membership sites, managing members, selling subscriptions, publishing content, and more.

By handling 90% of the work, Brilliant Directories gets your membership website up and running quickly.

Get lifetime access to Brilliant Directories for just $89

With AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Brilliant Directories for just $89, a savings of $145/month.

Brilliant Directories are now available for lifetime access

Value of the deal: $1069

(Lifetime Access) best AppSumo deals: $89


SalesBlink AppSumo Deal

With SalesBlink you can automate outreach and reach out to the right people for the most productive leads.

For an automated, successful sales process, SalesBlink enables finding prospects, creating outreach campaigns, importing custom data, booking meetings, and managing prospects with the CRM.

Get lifetime access to SalesBlink for just $59

SalesBlink is normally available for $49 per month per user, but you can rent it for $59 with AppSumo.

Get lifetime access to SalesBlink now

Deal Value: $1788

best AppSumo deals: $59 (Lifetime Access)



LOVO AppSumo Deal

The LOVO platform is an eLearning, marketing, and entertainment tool that uses AI voiceover for natural-sounding voiceovers.

Lovo offers 180+ voice options in 34 languages with full commercial rights to help you find the perfect voice for your video content.

Get lifetime access to LOVO for just $49

The typical cost of LOVO is $34.99/month, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access for just $49.

LOVO is now available for lifetime accesson best AppSumo deals!

This deal has a value of $588!

$49 (Lifetime Access) for AppSumo!


7. Acadle

Acadle AppSumo Deal

The Acadle platform allows the development, customization, and launch of white-labelled academies.

Your online academy can be easily customized with Acadle’s white-labeled courses, lessons, and resources.

Get lifetime access to Acadle for just $69

As a typical Acadle subscriber, you would pay $39/month, but with AppSumo you’d pay just $69 for lifetime access.

Get lifetime access to Acadle now!

Deal Value: $468

best AppSumo deals: $69 (Lifetime Access)


8. SendFox

SendFox Deal

You can compose and send unlimited customized emails with SendFox, an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators.

Create beautiful, powerful, and simple emails quickly and easily using SendFox’s automation and customization.

Get lifetime access to SendFox for $49

Content creators will appreciate SendFox’s ability to cover all the marketing basics, including forms, CRMs, and email campaigns. In one easy-to-use platform, you can easily create emails, landing pages, and track performance.

Click here to get lifetime access to SendFox

Deal Value: $240

best AppSumo deals: $49 (Lifetime Access)


9. Viloud

Viloud AppSumo Deal

With Viloud, you can create live, linear, and on-demand TV channels without breaking a sweat.

Viloud allows you to create your own branded online TV channel with linear or on-demand (VOD) options. With no coding required, you can create a branded TV channel in minutes.

Get lifetime access to Viloud for just $99

AppSumo offers lifetime access to Viloud for just $99, which is typically $39/month.

Get lifetime access to Viloud now

Deal Value: $990

best AppSumo deals: $99 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on May 15, 2021

10. Reslash

Reslash AppSumo

With Reslash, you can build a virtual space where you can connect, collaborate, learn, and socialize – from one place.

Reslash allows you to create unique experiences that are not limited to just video and voice. Using elements of the virtual space, you can recreate a classroom, office space, or even a lounge in the evening.

Get lifetime access to Reslash for just $49

It usually costs $50 per month (for 5 members) to join Reslash’s team plan. For just $49, you can get lifetime access to the same plan with AppSumo.

Get lifetime access to Reslash now

Deal Value: $1200

best AppSumo deals: $59 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on May 28, 2021

AppSumo Deals on WordPress Tools

It accounts for over 33% of all websites on the Internet, making it the most popular website builder in the world. Installing the correct plugins can ensure your WordPress site runs smoothly.

From AppSumo’s WordPress shop, here are the best deals on WordPress plugins and tools:

1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon WP Plugin AppSumo

The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin lets you create and manage placeholder sites in a white-label setting.

More than 170 themes are included with this plugin. You can customize the page by adding or removing progress bars, subscription forms, Google Maps, and several other elements.

Get lifetime access to Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode for $39

Normally, lifetime access to this plugin costs $99, but with AppSumo you can get lifetime access for just $39.

Get lifetime access to Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode now

Deal Value: $99

best AppSumo deals: $39 (Lifetime Access)


2. WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled Posts on AppSumo

WordPress Scheduled Posts is an editorial calendar tool that helps optimize your WordPress website’s productivity and streamlines your content strategy.

Using WP Scheduled Posts, you can schedule and draft posts and see them all in your editorial calendar, right from your stunning calendar.

You can also manage all your authors in one place as well as schedule your WordPress posts in advance.

Become a lifetime member of WordPress Scheduled Posts for just $39

Currently, AppSumo is offering a discount on WP Scheduled Posts Developer plan, which normally costs $149/year. With AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to WP Scheduled Posts for just $39.

Become a lifetime member of WP Scheduled Posts for only $39

The deal is worth $149 a year

(Lifetime Access) best AppSumo deals: $39


On Nov 4, 2019 this deal will go live

AppSumo Deals on Remote Tools

Working and collaborating remotely has become increasingly important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote tools have made it easier than ever to work from home and be productive.

Now is a great time to buy remote tools from AppSumo. Here are the best AppSumo deals that can help you work from home and be productive: from conferencing to screen-sharing to project management.

1. Book Like a Boss

Book Like A Boss AppSumo Deal

Book Like A Boss (BLAB) is a one-stop-shop for scheduling appointments and selling services. You can create your own reservation page with BLAB without knowing a single thing about computer programming.

Get 1-year access to Book Like a Boss for $125

2. LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar - AppSumo Deal

With LiveWebinar, you can create professional presentations to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and engage customers. (No download or installation required)

Your meetings and webinars will be taken to the next level with LiveWebinar’s audio, video, and presentation capabilities all in one platform.

Get 1-year access to LiveWebinar for $99

Check out all the live AppSumo deals on Remote Tools here

The Best Deals from AppSumo Marketplace

Entrepreneurs from AppSumo’s community (aka Sumo-lings) make up the AppSumo Marketplace. The following are the best AppSumo Marketplace deals that you should definitely check out.

1. Nichesss

Nichesss AppSumo Deal

With NicheSS, you can find profitable niches within a target audience at the click of a button. The program also allows you to write marketing copy and social media posts in just a few seconds.

Get lifetime access to Nichesss for just $59

Nichesss usually costs $19/month, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Nichesss for $59.

Get lifetime access to Nichesss now

Deal Value: $999

best AppSumo deals: $59 (Lifetime Access)


2. Brindle Booking

Brindle AppSumo Deal

Book meetings, appointments, or appointments online the easy way with Brindile Booking, a WordPress plugin that makes bookings incredibly easy.

Get lifetime access to Brindle Booking for just $9

Brindle Booking costs 39 dollars for a single license. Using AppSumo, you can get Brindle Booking lifetime access for just $9.

Get lifetime access to Brindle Booking now

Deal Value: $39

best AppSumo deals: $9 (Lifetime Access)


3. CoinStats

CoinStats AppSumo Deal

CoinStats allows you to automatically sync, track, and manage your cryptocurrency across various exchanges and wallets. You will be able to connect to over 100 exchanges and wallets, such as Binance, Coinbase, Ethereum wallets, and Ledger nano wallets.

Get lifetime access to CoinStats for just $95.99

Using AppSumo, you can purchase CoinStats’ premium plan for $95.99 for a lifetime subscription cost of $19.99/month.

Get lifetime access to CoinStats now

Deal Value: $168

AppSumo Price: $95.99


4. HostMaria

HostMaria AppSumo Deal

Are you paying too much for your web hosting? Does your hosting have an inode limit? 20i’s HostMaria offers true cloud hosting (as opposed to traditional hosting).

With HostMaria’s cloud load-balancing and 100% SSD autoscaling servers, you get ultimate performance no matter how your traffic fluctuates.

Get 1-year access to HostMaria for just $4

Deal Value: $24.50

AppSumo Price: $4 (1-year deal)


5. Thrive Anywhere Lead Magnet Library

You can build your own professionally-designed lead magnets using the Thrive Lead Magnet Library. so you can grow your email list.

Get lifetime access to 120 credits at Thrive Anywhere for just $39

You can customize each kit to fit your business and brand with editable PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign files.

Buy Thrive Anywhere now

Deal Value: $120

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


Check out all the deals at AppSumo Marketplace here

Other AppSumo Deals

1. Boost

Boost AppSumo

With Boost, you can build your email list using social network APIs to generate opt-in links quickly.

Our social channels, landing pages, and QR codes enable you to share your opt-in links anywhere.

Get lifetime access to Boost for just $49

The standard Boost plan costs $19/mo per domain, and you can use it to generate 500 leads per month. AppSumo offers a custom subscription plan for Boost for $49, which entitles you to 5000 monthly leads on 10 branded domains.

Get lifetime access to Boost today

Deal Value: $1,190

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


2. AppSumo Plus [$99/year]

AppSumo Plus 2021

The AppSumo Plus rewards program is designed exclusively for AppSumo customers who use the app frequently.

You get the following benefits with your AppSumo Plus membership:

  • Take 10% off AppSumo purchases
  • Pro access to KingSumo Giveaways
  • Invites to exclusive online events

You can join AppSumo Plus for $99/year, or $8.25/month.

Click here to learn more about AppSumo Plus

3. Switchy

optimize, and track remarketing links so you can improve conversionsks so you can boost conversions.

The service goes far beyond just a link shortener. Using Shared Posts, you will be able to customize the appearance of a social network post. You can then integrate retargeting pixels and UTMs into your campaign to increase conversions.

Get lifetime access to Switchy for $39

It would normally cost $43/month to subscribe to Switchy’s monthly plan, but for $39, you can have lifetime access to it.

Get lifetime access to Switchy for $39

Deal Value: $2,400

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


4. Re:plain

Replain AppSumo Deal

Using Re:plain, you can receive and send website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Our live chat operators can assist and convert visitors within 45 seconds of their visit to your site with Re:plain’s active invitation to chat feature.

Get lifetime access to Re:plain for $49

Using Re:plain is easy, since it can be integrated with a number of your favorite marketing tools, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, and more.

Deal Value: $167.76

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


5. KingSumo

KingSumo AppSumo Deal

Using KingSumo, you can create viral giveaways to grow your audience and get more leads.

With KingSumo’s easy-to-use editor, you’ll set up your first giveaway in no time. The only thing you need to do is write a little bit about your giveaway and choose the number of winners.

Get lifetime access to KingSumo for just $49

Entrepreneurs and bloggers know that marketing and advertising can be extremely expensive. A budget is necessary for online advertising. 

The sales outreach team needs to be hired. The channel of marketing needs to be learned from scratch.

In contrast, KingSumo allows you to generate leads, prospects, and customers in less time and at a lower cost.

Get lifetime access to KingSumo now

Deal Value: $228

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


6. Linguix

Linguix AppSumo Deal

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that provides context-appropriate grammar, punctuation, style, and vocabulary recommendations based on context.

Linguix gives you access to your own AI-based writing assistant, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing misspellings or bad grammar.

Get lifetime access to Linguix for just $49

A lifetime access to Linguix’s premium version costs $49 with AppSumo, while the company’s typical premium subscription costs $8/month.

Get lifetime access to Linguix now

Deal Value: $288

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


7. WriterAccess

WriterAccess AppSumo Deal

You can find freelance talents, order custom content, and streamline your workflow with WriterAccess’ content creation platform.

Our platform makes it easy for businesses and agencies to find a go-to writer or freelancer for their projects.

Get lifetime access to WriterAccess for just $49

WriterAccess typically costs $39/month, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to WriterAccess for just $49.

Get lifetime access to WriterAccess now

Deal Value: $390

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


8. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic AppSumo Deal 2021

Small businesses can create a big marketing impact with PromoRepublic’s social media tool, which offers custom templates and images.

There are over 7,500 ready-made templates and 100,000 images included in PromoRepublic. Your company logo can also be added. Its easy-to-use graphics editor lets you change hundreds of colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

Get lifetime access to PromoRepublic for just $49

Normally, PromoRepublic’s basic plan costs $49/month. You can, however, access PromoRepublic for $49.50 a year thanks to AppSumo.

Get lifetime access to PromoRepublic now

Deal Value: $588

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

To learn more about PromoRepublic’s key features, check out our in-depth PromoRepublic review and demo:


Free AppSumo Deals

Free things are the best things in life. You can grab some of AppSumo’s most valuable freebies right now by checking the list below. Throughout this section you’ll find a wide array of free tools and PDFs – all in a wide variety of categories:

1. Million-Dollar Email Templates

Million Dollar Templates by AppSumo

Total downloads: 32,000+

This ebook is a collection of 30 email scripts used by Sumo and AppSumo to develop business relationships.

Download this eBook for free now

2. TikTok Marketing, Ultimate Guide

TikTok Marketing eBook

Using TikTok in your marketing strategy has never been easier with this ebook.

Download this eBook for free

3. Mint Marketing Plan

Mint eBook - AppSumo

Total downloads: 12,000+

The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch is an ebook that explains actionable, real-world strategies for launching your business.

You can get a free copy of The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch by clicking here

4. Google Sheets Template Pack

Google Sheets Template Pack

Total downloads: 16,000+

The Google Sheets Templates Pack is a free ebook that features 19 ready-to-use Google Sheets templates across productivity, sales, and more.

At A Glance Best AppSumo Deals February 2021 [Top Rated Applications]

1. Gurucan: It helps to create, promote, and sell online courses with a mobile-first, five-in-one platform

2. MarketMuse: It helps to transform how you research, plan, and craft your content.

3. SpreadSimple: You can transform your Google Sheet into a beautiful and easy-to-manage website powered by your data.

4. Hexowatch: Monitor any webpage for visual, content, and technology changes to keep an eye on competitors.

5. BiQ: Fast-track your way to higher traffic and search engine rankings with an AI-powered SEO suite.

6. SendSpark: Build human relationships and accelerate sales with personalized video emails.

7. BotStart: A powerful messaging solution with chatbots and live chat for streamlined customer interactions.

8. Morphio: Morphio will help you to protect your marketing performance with AI-powered audits, monitoring, anomaly detection, and suggestions.

9. Warm Welcome: Leverage personal video across the entire customer experience to stand out, build trust, and drive revenue.

10. WebWave: Build professional, custom websites tailored to any brand without having to code.

11. GuestBoard: Organize memorable experiences with a central hub that turns any event into an engaged community.

12. PostToPlan: Bridge your social media channels with a simple platform for content scheduling and communications.

13. QuickPage: Send personalized video messages to increase replies and close more deals.

14. BCast: A podcast platform to transition listeners into business leads.

15. SwitchBoard: Grow your audience by live streaming simultaneously to an unlimited number of social media platforms.

16. BL.INK: Track and measure every click and engagement with a dynamic, branded short link solution.

17.Webtrends Optimise: Optimize the user experience with a smooth way to test, target, and implement new site content.

18. HashTagsForLikes: Get your business exposure where it counts with instant high-performing hashtag suggestions.

19. Contest Domination: Quickly build viral contests to collect qualified leads that are hungry for what you do and sell.

20. Picter: Speed up visual content organization and reviews with pinpointed feedback.

21. PromoRepublic: Easy content creation and scheduling for social media posts.

22. ZeroIn: Precise LinkedIn prospecting for collecting business emails and account information.

23. Collect high-quality customer-generated reviews instantly with a revolutionary hint-based review tool.

24. Blogely: Craft and publish original content that ranks with an all-in-one content marketing app.

Best AppSumo Deals [Marketing]

1. SendFox [80% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

You have a YouTube channel, a podcast or you have great content on your blog and you have some awesome followers!

Now, what then?

Now, how you can turn your followers and fans into your customers? How you can keep them up to date with your recent trends?

No worries!

SendFox is there for you!

You can send unlimited scheduled and automated emails to your contacts. Email marketing has become very costly nowadays. Every email marketing tool is charging a very high amount monthly!

Where SendFox has a very limited time lifetime deal for you! You can get your email marketing weapons for life just for single subscription fees.

Key features of SendFox:

  • Unlimited customized emails
  • Customizable font, colours, formatting, and links
  • Custom branded Smart Pages and landing pages features
  •  Upload your list of existing contacts and subscribers 
  • Create an automated welcome email program
  • Built-in scheduling and automation capabilities

Who should try this best AppSumo Deals?

SendFox is the best tool for the content creators like bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers who want to turn fans into customers.

How much SendFox costs?

SendFox offers $240 as a regular price.

SendFox AppSumo Deals offer:

You can get the SendFox AppSumo deal only at $49 for a lifetime license.

How to get this best AppSumo Deal?

2. MarketMuse [93% Discount]

MarketMuse is the best alternative to Frase. You can create quality content in no time with MarketMuse.

You can’t spend all the time just on single-topic research. MarketMuse helps to speed up your content research, creation and user optimization process with an Al-powered content marketing and keyword planner.

Who should try this AppSumo Deal?

This is the best AppSumo Deals for the content strategist, SEO agencies, editors and content writers who want the best and higher ranking content.

Key features of MarketMuse:

  • Create high-quality content
  • Easy topic research in seconds
  •  Identifies the most relevant topic to cover
  • Accelerates your content research, creation, and user optimization process.

How much does it cost?

The regular price of MarketMuse is $948

AppSumo Deal Price: $69 for a lifetime license.

How to this best AppSumo Deal?

3. Gurucan [88% Discount]

Gurucan best AppSumo Deals

Do you wanna create a stunning online course, challenges or memberships with jus a customizable mobile app? Gurucan is there for you!

You can promote your business and keep your customers engaged with powerful marketing automation, pipelines and push notification broadcasts using Gurucan.

Who should try this AppSumo Deal?

If you are content creators, community builders and coaches who to provide an excellent learning experience with just one tool, Gurucan is the perfect solution for you.

Key Features of Gurucan:

  • Receive recurring online payments
  • Powerful marketing automation tools built right into the platform
  • Send emails and push notifications automatically or run more complex marketing campaigns
  • Tag users to segment them based on dozens of triggers and actions
  • Use the visual builder to set up new automation in minutes 
  • Build and monetize membership programs.
  • Manage subscriptions, create group chats, set up challenges, run a blog
  •  Use native integrations for tons of popular apps like YouTube, Mailchimp, Twilio, Vimeo, Wistia, SendGrid, and ClickFunnels.
  • And many more!

How much does Gurucan cost?

Guruncan costs $648.

What are the Gurucan best AppSumo Deals?

You can get Gurucan AppSumo Deals only at $79 for a lifetime license.

How to get this AppSumo Deal?

4. BotStar [ 98% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

BotStar is a powerful messaging solution with chatbots and live chat for streamlined customer interaction.

If you are the one who turns every visitors into a permanent customer, BotStar is for you. You can effectively communicate with your clients directly through this tool.

Key features of BotStar:

  • In-content embedment, pop-up, full landing page, or the classic live chat
  • Build a custom webview to display interactive web content
  • Integrate with CRM tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Multilingual support for up to 170 languages
  • Full custom branding for both the front- and back-end
  • Handle complex conversations without human intervention

Who should try this AppSumo Deal?

If you are a digital marketing agency, chatbot developer and business owners who want more effective customer interactions, BotStar is for you.

How much does it cost?

The regular cost of this tool is $3300.

What is the Appsumo Deal offer?

AppSumo brought this amazing tool only at $59 for a lifetime license.

How to get this AppSumo Deal?

5. SendSpark [92% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

Email marketing is the best way to reach your customer. Some customers receive more than 100 emails a day. So, you have to find a way to cus through this noise.

SendSpark is there for you!

You can Stand out in the inbox with a personalized video email solution that helps you build genuine connections with your audience.

Key features of SendSpark:

  • Record videos right from the browser
  • Create quick videos of any kind on the fly for customers
  • Share video in a regular email or message 

Who should try this Best AppSumo Deals?

If you are an email marketer, sales team or agencies that want a personalized way to build a relationship with the customers, SendSpark is for you!

How much SendSpark costs?

The SendSpark regular price is $432.

AppSumo Deals Offer $39 for a lifetime deal.

How to get SendSpark AppSumo Deals?

Best AppSumo Deals [WordPress]

6. BackUp Guard [61% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

Website is the most precious asset for every online entrepreneur. To ensure your website safety you have to ensure a safety guard.

Backup Guard is the perfect solution for that. It helps to automate backups and safeguard your website in the cloud.

Key features of Backup Guard:

  • Automated backup features
  •  Run a full, partial, or custom backup
  • Protection from hackers

Who should try this AppSumo Deals?

If you have a WordPress website and development agency, this tool is a perfect solution for you.

How much does it cost?

backup Guard cost $99 normally.

AppSumo Deals offer a $39-lifetime license.

7. Blogely [77% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

It’s really hard to create and publish quality content that ranks on SERPs and brig traffic.

Blog management and content intelligence tool can help you to create, manage, optimise and distribute your work across the platforms.

And Blogely is there to do these tasks on behalf of you!

Key features of Blogely:

  • Create quality content faster and easier
  • Save time on topic research
  • Analyze competition and build an SEO heatmap
  • Optimize your content’s success
  • Integrates with Yoast SEO and RankMath
  • Displays your SEO results with one simple SEO score

Who should try this AppSumo Deal?

If you are online creators, content teams, and bloggers who want to build quality content that drives traffic, this tool is the perfect solution for you.

How much does it cost?

It cost $348 normally and AppSumo deals offer $79 for a lifetime license.

How to get Blogely AppSumo Deals?

8. Starhost Unlimited SSD Hosting [77% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals

Are you looking for premium and unlimited SSD cloud hosting to run your website faster?

StartHost is there for you!

This cloud hosting offers premium service to handle huge traffic, security protection and reliability.

On this Best AppSumo Deals, they are offering a huge discount on their lifetime license. That is pretty cool for small websites!

Who should try this AppSumo Deal?

If you have a small business or startups, this hosting provider will be a great choice for you.

Key features StarHost offers:

  • SSD hosting
  • Unlimited storage & Bandwith
  • Linux, WordPress and Windows hosting
  • High traffic absorption
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Google-based DNS platform

Regular price: $299.99

AppSumo Deals Offer: $69.99

How to get StartHost AppSumo Deals?

9. StudioCart [85% Discount]

AppSumo Deals ever

Funnel are the most important factors you should consider to scale your business. StudioCart helps to build funnels directly on your WordPress site.

You can add advanced funnel building features to your WordPress site with StudioCart without any technical knowledge.

Key features StudioCart Offers:

  • Single-Click upsells, scheduling flash sales, discount URLs, and more!
  • Offer multiple payment methods
  • Powerful webhooks
  • Great tool for non-techy and beginners.

Who should try this tool?

If you are a guy without any coding skill, this tool can save you to create on-brand checkout pages and high-converting funnels.

The regular price of StudioCart: $525

The AppSumo Deals Offer: $79

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10. Exclusive Add-ons For Elementor [70% Discount]

Best AppSumo Deals Ever

If you wanna give your Elementor an extra boost, don’t forget to grab this deal. Exclusive addons will give you the best quality with a quantity that will never disappoint you.

Key features of Exclusive Addons:

  • Lifetime access to Exclusive Add-ons Elementor Pro
  • Hundreds of Widgets and extensions
  • Hundreds of readymade blocks with Template Library
  • woocommerce Products, Category, Checkout, and Cart widget
  • Header (Sticky), Footer & Mega Menu
  • Section Parallax, Particles and Gradient effect
  • Lottie and floating animation
  • 10+ Ready-made useable templates and many more!

Who should try this tool?

If you have an Elementor page builder, grab this tool to boost your Elementor Pro functionality.

Regular price: $159

AppSumo Deals offer $49 for a lifetime license.

How to get Exclusive Add-ons to the best AppSumo Deals?

Best AppSumo Deals [Video]

11. Warm Welcome [76% Discount]

AppSumo Deals ever

This amazing tool helps you to leverage personal video with business cards, site bubbles, and emails to build trust with your audience.

Your audience can reply directly to the business card with audio, text or video messages to start a conversation and bring new leads.

Key features Warm Welcome offers:

  • Send video business cards via a quick link
  • Directly reply to a business card with an audio, text, or video message 
  • Automatically sorted into threaded conversations for easy tracking

Who should try this AppSumo Deals?

If you are a marketing agency or you have a sales team to drive leads, this tool is for you!

How much does it cost?

Regular price: $288

AppSumo Deals Offer: $69

How to get this best AppSumo Deals?

12. Picter [94% Discount]

AppSumo Deals ever

If you have a team that needs to organize, review, approve and share creative assets with the team members and clients, Picter is for you!

Key features of Picter:

  • Organize all their visual assets in one centralized place
  • Simplifies the review, feedback, approval, and delivery processes
  • Annotate and draw on still images

Who should try this deal?

If you are a marketer, creative and freelancer to boost your visual content organization, approval and collaboration.

How much does it cost?

Regular AppSumo Deals: $720

AppSumo Deals offer: $49

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13. Fast Video Cataloger [ 85% Discount]

Fast Video Cataloger

If you are video content creator, you already know how time consuming its to find what you need inside videos.

Fast Video Cataloger helps to create a searchable video database that presents videos in a thumbnail timeline.

Key features of Fast Video Cataloger:

  • Get an instant overview of the entire video clip
  •  Search videos or individual thumbnails with advanced search functions
  • You can annotate videos with extra metadata

Who should use this tool?

The business enterprise that uses local videos and wanna be more efficient in this task.

How much does it cost?

Regular cost: $335

AppSumo Deals offer: $49

How to get this best AppSumo Deals?

Best AppSumo Deals [Design]

14. WebWave [95% Discount]

WebWave AppSumo Deals

WebWave is the best alternative to Wix and Webflow. You can create Create professional, white-labelled websites without coding using an intuitive designer-friendly interface.

Key features:

  •  Creating customized e-commerce, blogging, portfolio, personal, or SMB websites
  • Available free responsive, and flexible website template
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Responsive on any devices

How much does it cost?

Regular price: $1200

Black Friday Deals offer: $59

Who should try this tool?

Web Developers who want to build websites for clients without any coding hassle.

How to get WebWave AppSumo Deals?

Best AppSumo Deals [Social Media]

15. PromoRepublic [92% Discount]

AppSumo Deals

Do you have a social media team that is looking to cut down on time spent crafting and scheduling posts? Then PromoRepublic is the perfect weapon for you.

You can get access to thousands of ready-made templates, images for your social media activities.

PromoRepublic allows you to edit with a graphic editor and schedule your posts in advances. This tool is the best alternative to Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

Key features of PromoRepublic:

  • Thousands of readymade templates,
  • Free access inspiration library for social media post
  • Easy graphic editor

How much does it cost?

Regualr cost: $588

AppSumo Deal offer: $49

How to get PromoRepublic AppSumo Deals?

FAQs About AppSumo Deals

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is the best site for lifetime deals and discount that offer huge savings on lifetime licenses for entrepreneurs.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a membership program by AppSumo that offer an additional 10% discount on AppSumo purchase.

What is AppSumo Briefcase?

AppSumo Briefcase is a quarter membership program where you will get access to a curated selection of top tier software only at $49/Month.

What are the best AppSumo Deals?

AppSUmo Deals changes every week. This week the above-mentioned deals are the best and top-rated best AppSumo deals.

Are These Best AppSumo deals worth their cost?

Of course! AppSumo Deals worth their cost. You will get all the premium support with their every premium lifetime license.

What are the Best alternatives to AppSumo?

StackSocial, PitchGround, SaasMantro, SaaSwiz are some popular AppSumo alternatives.

Final Words About AppSumo Deals

I have tried to cover the best AppSumo deals for bloggers and online entrepreneurs here. Please let me know if I have missed any deals to enlist here.

AppSumo Deals changes every week. So keep on eye on this post, as we update this article every week to help you to have a fresh dealing chart.

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