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10 Best AI Writing Tools 2024 {Ranked & Reviewed Expert}

Are you looking for the best AI writing tools?

Your search ends here!

When it comes to producing high-quality content, finding the right AI writing software is crucial. 

You can use AI writing software for everything from creating attention-grabbing headlines to writing long-form content. 

In today’s world, brands adopt a content-first mindset, which is all about quality content and velocity.

Every day, approximately seven million blog posts are published. Because of such a high volume, it’s vital that brands stay on top of using AI content writing tools.

You can use these tools to start typing, then rely on AI to complete your sentences, audit your grammar, and construct error-free sentences.

AI has gotten so powerful in recent years that you can now use AI recruiting software to grow your staff. Many parts of this article were written using AI writing software.

There are many different types of content generators out there, but not all of them are created equal.

So make sure you choose the right one for your business. If you fail to choose the wrong content creator, you may lose the game.

So without further ado, let’s find out the best AI writing software tools that will boost your content generation speed.

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What is an AI Writing Tool?

What is an AI Content Writing Tool

AI Writing software is a method for automating content creation by using a number of algorithms and technologies. 

It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate content that resonates with your target audience with little error.

An AI tool can be your best friend when you are running out of content ideas and struggling to think of new ideas. AI will help you find out trending content ideas that can feed your reader’s hunger.

You can generate ideas with the best AI writing software Tools based on popular or trending topics. In this way, your content will always be relevant and interesting. Grammar And Style AI writing software can be a lifesaver if you’re not a native English speaker. 

Your text will be error-free since AI writing software will improve your grammar and style. It is also possible to structure your text to maximize your impact with AI writing software.  

This automated article-writing software also offers text-rewriting capabilities. You can input an article you’ve written, and the software will reword it. It is even possible to reword articles that the AI Writer has written.

So it’s very important to find out the AI writing tools and that is what I have done in this article.

Our Top Picks:

AI Writing Software Tools at a Glance:

RankingProduct NameRatingsPricingVisit
1Jasper AI 5 out of 5$29/MonthVisit
2Ink Editor4.80 out of 5$44/MonthVisit
3Peppertype4.50 out of 5$25/MonthVisit
4ShortlyAI 4.3 out of 5$79/MonthVisit
5CopyAI 4.20 out of 5$35/MonthVisit
6CopySmith4.20 out of 5$19/MonthVisit
7Grammarly 4.8 out 5$12/MonthVisit
8ProWritingAid4.50 out of 5$79/YearVisit
9WriterSonic 4.50 out 5$15/MonthVisit 3.9 out 5$19.99/MonthVisit
AI Writing Software Ranked & Reviewed

Affiliate Disclosure: This AI content writing software tools article contains affiliate links. That means if you make any purchase using the affiliate links, I will get a small commission. Don’t worry! You won’t charge any extra money for that. So happy purchasing! ❤️❤️

What is AI Copywriting?

What is AI Copywriting
What is AI Copywriting

AI Copywriting is an algorithm that uses a natural language processing method to generate content for content writers. It uses human languages to produce high-quality content with a human-like style.

The algorithms self-learn from both published works and the author’s text to produce content that is creative, intriguing, engaging, and inspiring.

Sometimes, long-form content may be too technical or impractical. In this case, AI Copywriting is the perfect solution.

It’s like the superhero of writing that uses Open AI software to create amazing copywriting content for websites and long-form articles.

A Special Note for Copywriters: Don’t be scared of Artificial Intelligence writing software. It can be your best friend if you can master the tools properly. It can save hours of time and brainstorming pressure on you. Because AI with a human touch can produce the best piece of content.

In AI copywriting, NLP is used to generate ideas by analyzing eBooks, articles, blogs, social media posts, and anything else on the web, and it can also filter out any negative content.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t threaten copywriters’ jobs, because machine learning only helps them brainstorm and expand on their ideas into content that better sells clients’ products and services. 

Best AI Writing Assistant [Ranked & Reviewed]

It is important for AI copywriting software to generate readable, coherent sentences that sound like they were written by a real person.

There are AI copywriting tools that generate new topics, social media posts, and short-form content, while others improve existing content.

There are several things that would fall under this category:

  • Generating long-form content
  • SEO-friendly blog articles
  • Creating ads that tell a story and convert
  • Software that integrates with SEO
  • Produce content that is human-like

Several tech companies are currently offering their own take on open AI tech. The cost of AI writing software can vary from free to thousands per year, so finding a program that fits your budget should be relatively straightforward.

In this article, I have ranked & reviewed the best tools that can speed up your content writing task. 

So without further ado,

Let’s find out the AI content writing software that can play a vital role in your content generation-

1. Jasper AI

Best AI Content Writing Tools

The GPT-3 software Jasper AI enables you to generate powerful content that can be used in a variety of ways and at scale.

This AI writing software lets you write SEO-focused blog posts, listicles, academic papers, YouTube scripts, and books. This AI Writing Assistant is my first choice if you are really looking for an AI writing tool for you.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is handled by this open-source machine learning platform. This is a great tool for creating marketing content for a business website.

You can use it to create content that is effective for search rankings, Facebook ads, and more. With Boss Mode and content creation commands, it is packed with powerful features.  You can become one of the best content writers using Jasper.

I am using Jasper AI to generate unique content in no time. The integration of Surfer SEO made it easy to write SEO-friendly articles quickly which helps in ranking in the SERPs. 

Jasper AI Features:

  • Create blog posts, stories, social media posts, and so on! 
  • 50+ copywriting templates 
  • Surfer SEO integration 
  • Write content 5x faster than ever before
  • Unique content generation 
  • Grammarly Integration
  • The content framework that includes AIDA
  • Content improver feature
  • Create scripts for videos 
  • Email subject line writing feature and so on!

Jasper AI Pricing Plans:

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper is a powerful AI writing tool that offers both a trial and paid plans.  Here is a quick review for you-

1. Starter Plan

This plan comes with the core features, provides access to 20,000 words per month, and comes with 50+ writing skills, such as descriptions, headlines, and bios.

2. Boss Mode Plan

This plan will cost you $59 per month and allow you to have a 50,000-word credit limit. You can increase word credits anytime you want with some extra payment. This plan is the best to write a long-form blog post. 

Here is a more detailed guide on Jasper AI Pricing.

How To Use Jasper AI To Write Faster?

If you are using Jasper AI BOSS Mode, you are the only one who can access these recipes. You can upgrade your plan if you aren’t using Boss Mode. Jasper has become one of the best AI Writers because of this plan.

The next step in understanding Jasper.AI Recipes is to follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: If you log into your Jasper AI writing tool account, you’ll see “Recipes” in the left sidebar. Get a Boss Mode Trial here if you don’t have a Jasper account.

Jasper AI recipes
Jasper AI Recipes

When you click on this option, all featured recipes will be displayed.

Featured Recipes
Jasper Featured Recipes

Now open the recipes you wanna use. You can check here how you can write 10x faster blog posts with Jasper AI Recipes.

Pros & Cons of: 

Jasper AI Pros:  
  • Write 5x faster
  • Plagiarism-free content generation
  • Easy to write SEO-optimized content with Surfer SEO integration 
  • 25+ languages support 
  • Jasper AI recipes to write long-form content faster 
  • High rated accuracy 
  • Helpful training session to learn AI Content Writing apps effectively
Jasper AI Cons 
  • Long-form content repeats information that may need to be checked manually and it’s expected from any AI tool 

Overall Thoughts

Jasper AI is the best AI content-writing app you should try. Most of these articles I have written using Jasper.

It helped me make this content SEO-optimized and error-free with the integration of Surfer SEO & Grammarly. 

If you wanna give this AI writing tool a try, Claim your 10,000 words of free credit. I am sure you are gonna upgrade once you have used their trial. 

2. Ink Editor

Ink Editor

After Jasper AI Ink Editor is the besAI Writing assistant, I have ever found.  It’s not always easy to communicate with purpose.

Ink Editor helps to create powerful AI content that is highly optimized for SEO. You can use their Chrome extension to start optimizing your content instantly.

If you want a total power pack of AI content-writing software tools, Ink Editor is highly recommended. The pricing is affordable and made this tool one of the top AI writers out there!

Ink Editor Features: 

Here’s a list of the essential features that this tool offers:

  • Meta tag optimization feature
  • Error-free grammatical suggestion 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Image optimization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Content readability score feature
  • Topic suggestion for easy content creation 

Ink Editor Pricing Plans: 

InkforAll Pricing

Ink Editor AI Writer also offers a trial and 3 premium plans. Here is in more detail-

1. Starter Plan

Optimize your copy with AI rewriting. Create short product descriptions using over 50 tools. It will cost you $8.80 per month. With this small amount, you can enjoy the following key features-

  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Unlimited sentence rewrites
  • Casual & formal rewrites
  • Shorten & expand rewrites
  • 50+ AI copywriting tools
  • 222 INK points/month
  • Limited to 3 SEO scorings
  • Access our newest features
  • 1 user login
  • Chat support

2. Pro SEO Plan

You will get access to search engine optimization without limits. This plan will allow users to create long content at a rate of 5x faster and with a 4.5x greater chance of ranking on Google’s first page.

It will cost you $44 per month and you can enjoy the following premium features with this small amount-

  •  Everything in Starter
  •   SEO Writing Software
  •   Unlimited SEO scoring
  •   SEO Keywords
  •   Headline Optimizer
  •   SEO Content Optimizer
  •   555 INK points/month
  •   Dedicated Writing Software
  •   Access our newest features
  •   1 user login
  •   Priority support

3. Team SEO unlimited

The plan offers the same features as the Pro SEO plan. But in the Pro SEO plan, you will get 1 user login and with this Team SEO unlimited plan, you will get 3 user logins only at $177 per month. Additionally, you will get the following features-

  • Unlimited INK points
  • Team Management
  • 3 user logins
  • Customer Success Manager

How To Use Ink Editor To Write Faster

Ink Editor is my second choice as an AI writing tool. If you want Surfer AI alternative features that help to optimize highly for SEO, Ink Editor should be a perfect choice.

Now let’s see how you start writing with Ink Editor in no time-

Step 1: Get the Ink Editor first. Now login into your Ink Editor Dashboard. You will see an amazing interface like the following image.

Ink Editor Dashboard
Ink Editor Dashboard

Step 2: Now Go to the AI Writing feature of Ink Editor. You will see a lot of writing templates here. Choose the one you wanna start using. I am gonna show you the long-form writing feature.

Ink Editor Writing Template

Step 3: Now search for the template you wanna use for your content. I have searched for “blog” and got all the features that will help you to write a long-form blog post.

Ink Editor

You will get here everything you need to finish a long-form blog post. Blog post ideas to blog intro to Conclusion examples.

Final step: Now enter your blog heading and write about the topic you are gonna generate with Ink Editor.

Ink Doc Editor

Here is the result of INK Editor:

AI Output of INK Editor

So what are you thinking? Get the Ink Editor Now!

There are a number of apps that you can replace with INK. You can see how our all-in-one fixed price compares with the price of Jasper, Surfer, WordTune, WordPress Yoast, Hemingway app, Grammarly, and Keyword Cupid when you bundle them together:

Ink Editor Vs Jasper Vs Surfer SEO vs Grammarly Vs Keyword Cupid
Ink Editor vs. Jasper vs. Surfer SEO vs. Grammarly vs. Keyword Cupid

Overall Thoughts

The Ink Editor Pricing plan has been updated. Now you can create content of 5000 words totally free on Ink Editor. High-quality content creation has become easier than ever before with Ink Editor.

If you are an article writer and looking for the best tool to create quality content, this is the best deal. You will get unlimited Text rewriting to prevent plagiarism issues, 100 keywords per month, 3 SEO articles per month, Chrome extension, and free customer support, Google Docs integration with the free plan.

But INK Suite Professional is recommended for more premium features. Long-form content creation will be easier with this AI writing software.

3. PepperType AI content writer
  • Product Name: Peppertype AI
  • Annual Discount: up to 20% Discount on an annual subscription
  • Trial: 100 copies free
  • Best For AI Writing
  • Pricing: Starts at $25 per month
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Peppertype is an AI that was created to help those who desire to improve their writing skills. The app’s capabilities include a vast knowledge of the English language, social media updates, blog structure and process, and an ability to create captivating content that reaches its audience. 

Peppertype also has a user-friendly interface and makes scheduling posts simple. It is relatively affordable and includes additional features such as spelling checker integration, tip finder, and auto-fix, which ensures your writing is always at its best!

Key Features:

  • Creates high-quality content that is optimized for your target audience.
  •  Always ready for your Facebook ads and Google Ads.
  •  Fast, easy, and hassle-free setup.
  •  Scripts are written in plain English, so it takes no time to learn.
  •  Will save you hours of time and money.

Peppertype AI Pricing: pricing

There are three pricing plans for his AI writer. Here is a quick review for you-

1. Starter Plan

The Peppertype Starter Plan is a great choice for folks just getting started with a writing project. It allows complete control over the content types and parameters and is scalable and inexpensive only at $35 per month. 

You will get access to 50,000 credit limits per seat and can enjoy $25 per month if you subscribe annually for a single-user seat.  

2. Growth Plan

This plan is perfect for professionals, marketing teams, agencies, and startups. You can enjoy 50000 credit limits per seat and the user seat starts for 5 persons to 20 persons which will cost you $165 per month. 

3. Enterprise Plan

This plan comes with a custom pricing policy. You can generate unlimited content with this plan. The enterprise plan is best suited for marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises. 

Subscribe for the annual subscription to get a 20% discount! 

Pros & Cons: 

Peppertype AI Pros: 
  • It offers you flexible pricing and different options to suit your budget.
  • This software can be used by professionals and newbies.
  • It’s easy to use, even if you’re a beginner in content marketing.
  • This tool can be used by anyone.
  •  Its features cover various areas of content marketing, such as generating titles and headlines, lead generation, and more.
Peppertype AI Cons:
  • Grammatical mistakes occur but it’s okay if you are using Grammarly free extension
  • Like other AI writing software tools, it also produces irrelevant information sometimes but it’s expected from AI tools. 

How To Create Content Using PepperType AI

I am lucky that I have got a Peppertype AI lifetime deal from AppSumo. This tool is amazing. I use this tool to create my blog outlines and generate eye-catching blog titles.

Now let’s see how you can create content faster with this tool.

Step 1: Grab the Peppertype AI premium plan first then log into your dashboard. Now search here for the content type you wanna start generating.

Peppertype AI
Peppetype Dashboard

Step 2: You can also use this quick navigation to find your required content template.

Peppertype AI content navigation

Step 3: Now let’s create the blog outline first. Because once you have created the blog outlines. The content creation will be pretty fast.

Blog content creation with Peppertype

Step 4: Once you have created your blog outline use the Blog heading expander to generate content for that particular heading.

Work on the Blog intro and blog conclusion at the end. Because the blog intro and Conclusion is the most important point that will help your audience to read further and make the buying decision.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for the best AI Writing software. Pepper type is for you! This is my second choice as one of the top AI Writing software tools. I bought the lifetime deals from AppSumo and was lucky to grab the deal. 

The price is affordable so you can also grab their deal directly from their website. You can create 100 copies totally free with Peppertype and no credit card is required.

If you are confused with a lot of AI writers, don’t be so! I have recommendations at the end of this post.  

So what are you waiting for? Grab the trial here!

4. ShortlyAI 

  • Product Name: Shortly AI
  • Annual Discount: 2 Months Free
  • Free Trial: 7-Day Trial
  • Best For Freelance content writers with unlimited Word Credits
  • Pricing: Starts at $79 per month
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Shortly is an Artificial Intelligence copywriting application that helps you create quality content – including blog articles, social media posts, or marketing copy – in a faster and more efficient way than ever before possible.

Key Features: 

  • Writes blog posts, articles, stories, etc.
  • Posts on social media
  • ShortlyAI creates 100% original content
  • It is possible to write whatever you desire using several powerful commands
  • Credit for words is unlimited
  • Emails can be written in subjects
  • Writers with a human-like quality
  • Produces scripts for video

ShortlyAI Pricing:

ShortlyAI Pricing

 This AI writing software has two pricing plans- Monthly and yearly. Now let’s have a deep look at this AI writer’s pricing plans-

1. Monthly Plan

The monthly plan starts at $79 per month with unlimited word credit. You can create unlimited content and improve your writing blocks with this tool. 

2. Yearly Plan

The yearly plan starts at $65 per month. The yearly plan also offers the same key features as the monthly plan. 

Pros & Cons: 

ShortlyAI Pros: 
  • It is very easy to use
  • This program is used to write blog posts, books, emails, ads, etc.
  • There are many powerful commands that you can use to write anything you want.
  • Your credit limit is unlimited Words
  • Great writing quality like the human touch 
ShortlyAI Cons:
  • The price is $79/month, which is not an affordable option for everyone.

How To Generate Content With Shortly AI

Firstly, create a free account on Shortly AI. There will be no need for verification. Simply enter your email address and password to create your free account.

Shortly AI Content Generator

Secondly, choose your writing template to generate content. As I am going to generate a blog post I am selecting the first template.

Shortly AI Writing Template

Finally, Once you have selected your template simply follow the following steps to generate content for your website.

ShortlyAI Content Generation

The writing process with Shortly AI is quite easy. It offers AI writing free even without any email verification.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for the best AI writing tools with unlimited word credits, ShortlyAI is the best one. You can generate unlimited AI content only at $79 per month.

If you go with the annual plan, you can get this amazing AI writing app only at $65 per month to make your writing process easier.

So what are you waiting for? Do you wanna give this AI Writing assistant a try? Grab the trial here!

You can also check my review on ShortlyAI to learn more about this AI content generator. 

5. CopyAI 

  • Product Name: Copy AI
  • Annual Discount: 30% Discount on an annual subscription
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Best For AI content writing
  • Pricing: Starts at $$49 per month
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Looking for a tool to help you write interesting and varied content for your blog? Check out CopyAI! This software is designed to give you tips and suggestions on topics that never fail to captivate your readers. 

Add in the fact that it can generate text using 25+ languages and it’s a total game-changer. You can use CopyAI on any computer or mobile device, so start today by typing in the line above!

Key features: 

  • CopyAI is a one-click AI-powered content generation tool that creates optimized content, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.
  • With CopyAI, you can create optimized content for Facebook ads, Google Ads, SEO, or lead-generation emails in just seconds.
  • It’s never been easier to create high-quality, engaging content with such low effort, money, and time spent.

CopyAI Pricing Plans: 

CopyAI Pricing

Copy AI writer offers three pricing plans: A free plan, a Pro Plan, and an Enterprise plan. 

1. Free plan

The free plan will cost you $0 per month and you will get 10 free credits every month on this plan. This plan will give 100 bonus credits for the first money and you can use 90+ copywriting templates without expending any money. 

2. Pro Plan

The pro plan starts at $49 per month and $35 per month if billed annually. You will get access to unlimited Copy AI credits and unlimited project creation. You can write your copy in 25+ other languages with 90+ amazing AI copywriting templates. 

3. Enterprise Plan

This plan comes with custom pricing and you can enjoy everything in the pro plan. Additionally, you will get some amazing features like premium community and collaboration. 

Pros & Cons: 

CopAI Pros:
  • Writes, outlines, and brainstorms nicely
  • The unlimited amount of credits is yours to use as often as you like
  • The first draft wizard is easy to understand 
CopAI Cons:
  • UI is difficult to navigate
  • There is still a lot to be done when creating long-term content

How To Use Copy AI To Get Content

The company claims to have over 1 million users, from marketers to social media managers to bloggers to entrepreneurs. Microsoft, eBay, Ogilvy, and Nestle are among the companies they work with. 

Firstly, You start a new project by creating an account (after which you can use’s copy generator). Start by selecting the type of template you want to create.

Copy AI Content Generator

If you want to make content for a specific website, you can label the project and add the site. It’s useful if you blog on several sites or are a content marketer. 

Enter project name

Secondly, The next step is to choose a template if you haven’t already. Over 90 content tools are available, ranging from value propositions and meta descriptions to viral ideas and analogies. 

Choose Your Template

Finally, The next step is to enter enough data into so that can generate the document. As I was making an introduction for a blog post (like the one above), I had to include a title, a description, and a tone of voice.

Copy generation

It is generally true that the more input you can provide, the better the outcome will be. So use this artificial intelligence to write better and less your investment in content writers.

This AI writing tool is simply amazing for creating ad copy, landing pages, product descriptions, and website copy sales copy and can be the best friend of any article writer.

6. CopySmith

  • Product Name: CopySmith
  • Annual Discount: 20% Discount on an annual subscription
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Best For eCommerce website
  • Pricing: Starts at $$19 per month
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5

One of the things that make Copysmith unique is its integration with multiple platforms. It also has a cloud-based artificial intelligence service.

With this service, you can have content written for your websites and other assets in a very short time period – which translates to higher productivity for you since well… you’ll have lots to do in no time at all!

Key features: 

  • Content rewriter
  • AIDA Frameworks 
  • Content idea generator
  • Integration with popular platform
  • Bulk content generation 

CopySmith Pricing:

CopySmith Pricing Best AI Writing Tools

CopySmith AI Writer offers three pricing plans-

1. Starter plan

This plan starts at $19 per month and is a good choice for the individual who has just gotten started with AI writing software tools. You will get 50 credits per month with in-app support, integrations, and 20 plagiarism checks per month. 

2. Professional Plan

This plan will cost you $59 per month and is the perfect choice for professional writers and freelancers. You will get all the key features of the starter plan with 100 credits and 100 plagiarism checks per month. 

3. Enterprise Plan

This plan comes with a custom pricing policy. You will get all the key features of a professional plan with unlimited credits and plagiarism checks. 

Pros & Cons of CopySmith:

CopySmith Pros: 
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • SEO-friendly content creation 
  • Affordable pricing plans 
  • Friendly customer support
  • Fast content creation 
CopySmith Cons:
  • Limited credits offer
  • Still, a lot to grow 

How To Create Long form articles Using CopySmith

Copysmith offers a wide variety of content creation services, from category content to product descriptions, headlines to rewritten content, and taglines to PPC ads.

There is no end to the possibilities. Using the software, you can create high-converting ads, emails, digital ads, and product descriptions more quickly, so you spend less time staring at a blank screen.

You can scale your marketing content almost infinitely with Copysmith, with a content producer who never sleeps. It has everything you need to rewrite content, come up with blog ideas, and create product descriptions.

Now let’s see how you can use this content creator to write a long-form article-

Firstly, Go to this special link and sign up for a free account. You can register using your email address only. There will be no need for a credit card.

CopySmith AI writing tool

After successful registration, you will get access to the premium CopySmith dashboard. Let’s start with the long-form content creator template.

Secondly, Simply follow the mentioned steps and generate your content in just a second. This document editor is extremely easy to use.

CopySmith AI Content generation

You can create engaging content like a blog post, blog introduction, blog conclusion, and many more using this tool in just a second.

7. Grammarly 

  • Product Name: Grammarly
  • Annual Discount: Available
  • Free Trial: Free account
  • Best For nonnative English writers
  • Pricing: Starts at $12 per month
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The free version of Grammarly is quite good compared to other products whose free versions or trials are incredibly limited.

It analyzes your text using advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Your text will be more concise, clear, and understandable with the help of the writing assistant tool.  

The Grammar checker gives you all the basics you need to lay the foundation for your writing, including a complete spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker that is far more powerful than most word processors’ spell check.

The tool highlights potential errors in red when it finds them. Using the web interface, you can then move through each error by clicking the headings on the right (Grammar, Punctuation, etc.). You can also click on individual highlighted errors for more information.

There is a free version of this program that will catch most of the basic mistakes in your writing as well as suggest words you should have used.

Key features: 

  • Spot and fix misspelt words
  • Imperfect grammar
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency
  • Additional advanced suggestions

Pricing of Grammarly: 

Grammarly offers three pricing plans. Let’s have a look at which pricing will be better for you- 

1. Free Plan

If you are a beginner the free plan is adequate for you. You can check grammatical mistakes, spelling, and punctuation using the free plan. And this plan is really worth trying. 

2. Premium Plan

If you are in need of Style, tone, and clarity improvements for writing at work and school, the Grammarly premium plan is for you.

You will get all the features of the free plan and additionally, clarity focus sentence rewrites, plagiarism checker, advanced level suggestions, and many more with the premium plan. All of these will cost you $12 per month. 

3. Business Plan

This plan is best suited for an agency that has a team of over 50 members. You will get everything in the premium plan and additionally style guide, snippets, brand tones, analytics dashboard, account role permission, and many more only at $12.50 per month.

Pros & Cons:

Pros of Grammarly:  
  • Real-time grammatical error correction 
  • Accurate data deliver
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable pricing 
Cons of Grammarly: 
  • Only works in English 

8. ProWritingAid


It is a premium grammar checker and style editor for bloggers, novelists, and business writers.  The software helps users to eliminate errors, optimize wording, and edit grammar and punctuation faster.

The program can be used to check blog posts, articles, books, editor’s notes, and anything else you can think of!

You can use the ProWritingAid Grammar checker on either a Mac or a Windows computer via a web browser. The app also supports Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and, interestingly, Scrivener, a popular book-writing app.

Key feature:

  • Spot and fix misspelled words
  • Imperfect grammar
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency
  • Additional advanced suggestions

ProWritingAid Pricing Plans:

ProWritingAid pricing
  • The monthly plan starts at $20 per month
  • The yearly plan starts at $79 per year. 
  • The lifetime plan is just a $399 one-time payment. 

You can use this coupon code “FacileWay20” To Get a 20% Discount on ProWritingAid.

9. WriterSonic  

  • Product Name: WriterSonic
  • Annual Discount: 20% discount on an annual plan
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Best for overall writing
  • Pricing: Starts at $15 per month
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can effortlessly make better marketing copy using Writesonic’s AI-powered writing tools. You’ll have a copywriter at your fingertips, ready to help with any content you need – from advertising on Facebook and Google to writing product descriptions, blog posts, and more. 

You can use Writesonic for more than just content generation; it can also generate ideas for your next startup, growth hacks to take your business to the next level, and even titles for your YouTube videos.

Key Features:

  • Write SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Create AI long-form of blog posts and article 
  • Email writing that sales 
  • Product description feature
  • Ads copy
  • Copywriting formulas 
  • Growth ideas 
  • Company and personal bio creation 
  • Startup ideas generation 

WriterSonic Pricing plans: 

WriterSonic Pricing

Writesonic AI Writer offers ten free credits to anyone interested in trying out their platform. It uses a credit-based system, unlike other subscription-based AI generators, where you have to pay a certain amount for each action you complete. It offers four paid packages. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Basic

Writesonic offers 75 credits for $15 per month and supports up to 25 languages, giving you access to all features. 

2. Professional

This plan comes with unlimited credits plus everything from previous plans for $45 a month 

3. Startup

This program is designed for startups, it costs $95 and includes all the other programs plus browser extensions, Shopify integration, and priority support!

4. Agency

This is the best deal on offer right now for content agencies looking for AI tools explicitly tailored to their needs-costing only $200! It also offers white-labelling capabilities in addition to additional users.

Pros & Cons: 

Pros of WriterSonic:
  • It’s free to sign up.
  • Easy to use
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good for creating blog posts, landing pages, and title
Cons of WriterSonic:
  • The trial period offers limited features
  • Produce irrelevant information sometimes

10. Writing Assistant

  • Product Name:
  • Annual Discount: 12% discount on an annual plan
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Best For On-page SEO Optimization
  • Pricing: Starts at $44.99 per month
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Frase is a powerful tool that incorporates an AI writer, so you can combine your content research, writing, and optimization processes in one tool.

This is a great convenience for agencies, allowing everyone to handle everything with ease. This add-on costs $35 per month and gives you unlimited content generation, which is great value for money. 

Once you have established the content outline in Frase, you can then head to the My Content tab to begin writing your content. 

Pricing of pricing

There are 3 plans in total for this AI writer and SEO, ranging from $35 to $115 per month. Basic and Team plans differ significantly in the number of users and number of document credits. 

Pros & Cons:

PROS of 
  • Content research and optimization tool all in one
  • Built-in AI copywriter
  • APIs from third parties do not contribute to the content writer’s success with original content
  • Templates and frameworks that customize
Cons of
  • Live chat is not supported
  • Free plan not available
  • The pricing model is slightly confusing
  • Inability to integrate natively within Zapier

How To Use Frase IO To Write Articles has launched its service as an On-Page SEO optimizer. In a very short period of time, it has become one of the top competitors of Surfer SEO.

Later they launched their AI writing assistant to make On-Page SEO optimization easier than ever. Now you don’t need to switch to multiple tools to generate quality content that ranks higher. Frase IO has got your back.

In this Best AI Writing tools guide, I will show you step-by-step how you can use Frase to write a long-form blog post-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link. You will be landed on Frase IO Pricing Plans. Now click on the “Get Started ” option to sign up for your account on Frase.

You can also go to the direct pricing page by clicking on the pricing option above. Now simply choose the pricing plan you need and make the payment.

Frase IO comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with their pricing plan or service, simply send them a note, and they will give you your money back within the money-back guarantee period.

Step 2: Log into your Frase IO Dashboard. Now simply follow the steps I have shown in the following image.

Frase Writing Assistant

Step 3: After clicking on the “AI Tools” you will see the total copywriting templates. You will see here everything you need to optimize your content for search engines.

Frase IO dashboard

Step 4: Search for the “Blog” to come up with all the blog templates that will need to generate your AI blog post article. Here it will look like this-

Blog Post Generation

Final step: Now start with the Blog introduction and finish with the Blog conclusion generator. Every tool works in a similar way.

So I will show you the “blog introduction” template that you can use to generate your content.

Blog Intro Generator

Here is the output! Isn’t it amazing?

Frase IO Blog Introduction Generator

I hope you have totally understood how you can use this tool to write amazing pieces of content in just a second.

Who Can Benefit From AI Copywriting

Almost anyone who uses a word processor can benefit from an AI writing assistant. The following people can benefit from AI assistants and overcome writer’s block-

1. Content Creators

It is possible to improve the quality of writing by using AI writing assistant tools for proofreaders and editors. If the words cannot be moved to the blank page, they can also be used to generate blog post ideas.

So if you are running out of content ideas and overcoming your writer’s block, AI tools can be your best friend. No matter what you are doing- from landing page design to cold email writing, you can get the most from the AI writing software.

2. Content Marketers

Content marketers can use these tools to generate content consistent with the enterprise’s marketing objectives.

The tone of voice must be consistent across platforms, the content must be interesting, and the keywords should be good for SEO.

Content marketing is going to be one of the major benefactors of AI and Machine Learning. It helps to create automated content, data repacking, and data collection.

Once you know the best possible way to utilize the data accurately and most creative way, you are going to get the most benefit from it.

3. Advertisers

A writing assistant can help advertisers ensure their tone is appropriate depending on their target audience.

It can also be used for proofreading and analytics to determine what kind of content works best for marketing purposes.

Advertisers don’t have to worry about writing consistent brand voicing everywhere, including the essentials like product descriptions, with these tools.

4. Customer Support

The customer service team can use AI writing assistant tools to craft automated email replies, provide solutions to general questions, and chat with customers to address these complaints.

Let me show an email I have generated using AI. I have sent this email to 750 email subscribers for that particular product category. The response rate was quite good! 75% of the people opened and read the email and 9% took action.

AI Email Geneartion

I don’t need to brainstorm to generate such engaging emails anymore. The AI writing software will do it for you. So get help from AI writing apps to get the content you want.

5. Copy Editors

The use of AI writing assistants is a must-have for copy editors. This program can be used for checking spelling and grammatical errors, which is their most common task.

It is critical to note, however, that copy editors go far beyond checking spelling and grammar; they improve readability and use tools to analyze wordiness, voice usage, tone, and age.

6. Bloggers

The role of a blogger is to create personalized content. A writing assistant can help writers generate blog ideas according to their niche, create an outline for a piece of writing, or even draft an introductory or conclusion paragraph to start or end their article on the right note.

As bloggers sometimes I suffer a lot from new content generation. In this case, Artificial intelligence tools play a vital role in new content generation.

7. Authors

Through practice and effort, authors can hone their voice and writing. These tools can be used for basic editing like spelling and grammar, or polishing like reducing wordiness and writing in an active voice. This tool is useful for authors, journalists, and essayists looking for in-depth information on a topic.

8. School Teachers

The use of AI writing assistants can help teachers identify errors quickly in students’ work, especially when they have large volumes of text to review and correct.

AI Copywriting: Why Do We Need It?

The following are some of the major benefits of using copywriting software with artificial intelligence:

1. Overcome Writer’s Block

It helps you overcome writer’s block. There is a high incidence of this among bloggers, marketers, copywriters, and authors.

The problem is that you simply sit idly and lack inspiration for writing. Using a copywriting tool, you can continue creating content without compromising your overall growth.

2. Save Time

They are highly efficient and advanced tools. In a matter of seconds, they can create multiple copies of the same content.

If we write it ourselves, it will take us a few hours to produce satisfactory content. You can therefore say that it saves you time.

3. Save Money

You can also save a lot of money with these tools. The majority of the time, business owners hire expensive writers to create marketing materials. This comes at a high cost. You can do the same thing with copywriting software for a much lower cost.

4. Multipurposeness

These tools can also be used as multi-purpose copywriting tools. It is usually used by users to create blog posts or sales pages for their websites.

The tools can do a lot more than just that. It’s safe to say that any software will offer you multiple features with different use cases if you pick it.

Everything has a bad and good side. AI writing software is also no exception. Without continuous improvement in the artificial intelligence world, these tools are making wonders these days. So you can easily overcome obstacles with AI.

FAQs: AI Copywriting

1. What are the Best AI Content Writers?

The straight answer is Jasper AI. This is the best AI writing software I am using right now and I highly recommend it to everyone who has issues with content writing.

Jasper AI helps to create long-form blog posts 5x faster than ever before. You can try their boss mode plan to speed up your content writing work.

Take a look at how you can create 5x faster blog posts with the help of Jasper AI boss mode.

2. Is AI Writer Going To Replace Humans?

You’ve probably used an AI writing tool before. They aren’t designed to take the place of human intelligence anytime soon, however.

AI will not steal your job. You can use it to optimize your work. You can make your content creation process easier and more productive by implementing AI writing software.

AI writing is an excellent way to overcome writer’s block. You can use the above tools to create great content or just generate articles in just a few seconds. 

The quality of your content can also be improved by combining several tools. That means human writers can not be replaced. AI can be your best friend. So, don’t feel threatened.   

3. Is AI Copywriting Worth It?

If you are looking for the best way to generate content quickly and make your content research faster, the AI copywriting tool is your best friend. You will never run out of content ideas if you have AI writing software.

I have successfully overcome writer’s block because of my favourite AI tool Jasper. It helped to produce high-quality content online without any hassle.

Are AI Writing Tools Also Useful for Email Finders in Lead Generation?

AI writing tools can be valuable for email finders in lead generation. By using the best email finder tools, businesses can efficiently gather contact information for potential leads. These tools can help streamline the process of building an email list and reaching out to prospects, ultimately improving lead generation efforts.


These are some best AI writing tools you can rely on. I have mentioned here everything you need to know before choosing a content generator tool.

These days AI Content writing tools are playing a vital role in overcoming writer’s block. A few days ago also people struggled to find content ideas.

But now it has become so much easier that anyone without any knowledge of a particular topic can start writing.

And this has become possible only for the AI writing tool. But you have to choose the right one to produce quality content.

Quality content needs multiple tools usages as AI writing, SEO Optimiser like Surfer SEO tool, keyword research tools, and many more!

So you have to be picky in case choosing the best tools for you that will help to rank your content higher with the reader’s satisfaction.

I have mentioned and reviewed the leading AI writing software here that will help you decide which software will be perfect for you.

Did I miss anything here?

Please let me know via the comment box.

I hope this article helped you to pick your best AI writing app. Please feel free to share if you have loved this article.

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