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Frase Review (2024): Does It Worth Your Money?

I have been using Frase For the last six months. Today I am going to write a Frase Review to share my experience with FacileWay Readers.

So stay tuned and read till the last to know if should you give this SEO tool a try or not! In this Frase review, I have covered every possible aspect that will help you make a quick decision.

What you can do using Frase:

  • Researching SEO keywords
  • Spy on your competitor’s content
  • Finding out the content gaps
  • Getting quick content briefs

What is Frase?

Frase is an amazing SEO tool for creating content briefs. It helps to reduce content creation time by 50%. 

If you are using other SEO tools, this can be your best buddy in creating high-quality content for your website. 

Frase Review

You can generate a top-ranked content brief for your chosen keywords using Frase.

For example, if you wanna write an SEO-friendly article for a particular keyword, Frase will automatically generate content briefly in less than 10 seconds with the best topics you should write about. 

Frase also allows you to optimise your existing content by recommending additional terms that could boost your ranking. 

It will benchmark your content against the top 20 websites to identify the missing terms that could rank you higher. Frase does this significant work with the power of artificial intelligence. 

Frase Review: Features & How To Use

Now you know what is Frase. In this Frase review, let’s see what are the key features Frase is offering and how you can use them-

1. Generate Topic Ideas

Frase Review

You can generate content topic ideas using Frase. You can do it using several ways.

2. Question Ideas

You can get a broad keyword term using the “Question Ideas” feature. You will get here a long list of the most frequently asked questions related to your focus keyword.

Frase Review

This feature is extremely helpful to get ideas about what your readers are looking for to read. You can also generate a content brief with just a single click.

3. Frase Concept Map

You can generate a concept map from your chosen content topic using Frase. This feature extracts content topics from Wikipedia and connects with all the related topics together and you will get a brief summary of the Wikipedia content.

If you are good at keyword research, Frase can boost your ranking by 100% by showing the reasons behind the top-ranked articles. 

4. Content Research & Creation

As I have told you already, Frase helps to reduce content creation time by recommending you provide a content brief that is covered by your competitors. These are called “Documents” in Frase. 

In the “Document” feature you can easily add, remove and edit your content. You will get a total idea of what your competitors have covered,  common questions they have included in their articles, and many more that helped them to rank at the top. 

SEO Scores

Frase will also show you average statistics of Word count, average links, and sections from the top-ranked contents. 

5. Content Optimisation

The most amazing thing you will love about this tool is its content optimization feature. You can easily optimize your existing content using Frase. 

It will save your research time and you will get a quick boost in your search ranking. All you need to import your existing content to Frase

Frase will show you the best suggestions that should be added to your content to rank at the top.

All you need to do is have an idea from the content suggestion add it to your old content and enjoy your ranking! 

Frase SEO tool

The keyword suggestion by Frase is extremely powerful. Because Google already set its mind on what it wants to see on the first page.

If you can optimize properly with the suggested keywords, you will see a strong way to defeat your competitors. 

When you start optimizing your content, Frase will show you a “Topic Score”. There will be an average topic score of your competitors. All you need to do is increase your score against your competitors. 

You can easily increase your topic score by adding suggested keywords by Google. The higher score you can get, the more possibilities in the higher ranking are there. 

Frase offers the three best features to optimize your content that can rank you on the top easily. All you need to follow the tips step by step! 

These three features are SERP Mentions, Co-Occurrences, and Related Topics. 

6. SERP Mentions

These features will help you to know the specific placement of keywords by your competitors. When you start writing content, you may not be aware of proper keyword stuffing.

These features will help you to know exactly how your competitors placed their keywords and how you should place your keywords to beat them. 

7. Co-Occurrences

The next feature is Co-Occurrences. This option will show you the terms that have been used with the keyword within the same sentence.

This feature will tell you what you should do in your article. It will help you to make your content more related to Google’s eyes by providing useful context. 

This is one of the most powerful features of Frase. However there is some more powerful option that will blow your mind. 

Frase draws all the similar topics from the Wikipedia knowledge graph using the “Related Topics” feature.  It helps amazingly in content optimization. But you can use this feature to have your topic research on any specific topic. 

For example, You want to optimize your content with the keyword “how to start a blog”. You need to find out more information about it. This feature will help you to do deep research on a specific topic. 

9. Frase Answer Engine

Frase Answer Engine is an Al-Powered chatbot. You can use this feature to answer your visitor’s common questions.

Frase converts all of your website contents into relatable answers. It crawls your whole website and breaks it into different sections to answer the visitor’s questions. 

Frase Review

You can also train your chatbot to answer your visitors correctly. It allows capturing emails that will be helpful for you to follow your visitors. You can also enable live chat where your readers can chat with you directly. 

10. Frase Integrations

According to Frase, you can integrate with WordPress, HubSpot COS, MailChimp, Google Drive, GSC, and HubSpot’s CRM. 

11. Google Search Console Integration

This is the most interesting feature you will love the most. Here, you can check which of your articles is ranking on the top for exactly which queries. 

Based on this information, Frase suggests you take action to increase your organic traffic. Like for which keyword you can rank higher. You can create new documents, and optimize or track them. 

Drive Google Traffic

If you see the above image, you will see that some of my articles are getting impressions for different types of queries. Frase, it trying to tell me that, If I create or optimize content using those terms, I can rank higher on the SERPs.

Customer Support Of Frase

Tommy Rgo the founder of Frase is always active on his Frase’s Private Facebook Group to fix issues, bugs, and recommendations to improve this tool.

If you face any issues, he is there to solve them within 24 hours. The recommendation by the users is taken seriously by Tommy.

Frase Pricing Policy

I purchased Frase from the AppSumo lifetime deals at $59. This was a limited-time offer. You can also buy from their official websites which will cost you a bit high. But the price is worth it.

Frase also offers a free trial where it allows unlimited question research, creates 5 documents, a single crawl through the search console, and a 30-day trial of its answer engine tool.

You can check their different monthly and yearly pricing policies below-

Basic Plan

  • Single user

  • 30 Documents per month 

$39.99/Mo (If Billed Yearly)

Growth Plan 

  • 3 users

  • Unlimited Documents

$99.99/Mo (If Billed Yearly)

Answer Engine

  • 3 users

  • Unlimited documents 

  • 500 answers/month

  • $50 per 100 answer

$199.99/Mo (If Billed Yearly)

My Personal Frase Review

It took a lot of time to write about a particular topic. But when I got in touch with Frase, I saved a lot of time.

Cause Frase is giving all the important data in seconds. I have saved so much time on topic research, writing, and optimizing my content.

I am seeing a noticeable improvement in my organic traffic when I have started optimizing my content with Frase.

So Frase is highly recommended for you and this Frase review will help you to decide more quickly.

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Other’s Frase Review

I am not the only person who is recommending Frase for having a great on-page SEO experience. You can see some screenshots below to have a better idea about the Frase review.

user's opinion

Pros & Cons of Frase

In this Frase Review guide, you have learned every possible aspect of Frase. Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Frase.

Pros of

  • Content optimization using AI.
  • Generates content briefs and suggestions.
  • Assists in topic research.
  • Time-saving for content creation.
  • Provides competitor insights.
  • Monitors and suggests content updates.
  • Data-driven content decisions.
  • Integration with content management systems.

Cons of

  • Consideration of pricing.
  • Quality depends on AI accuracy.
  • Requires human input for high-quality content.
  • Ownership concerns for AI-generated content.

Frase Alternatives

There are only very few tools available that are good alternatives to Frase. MarketMuse and ClearScope are one of them.

MarketMuse and ClearScope seem to have better keyword research feature builds. If Frase’s question ideas and concept map improve, this is nothing compared to Frase’s.

SurferSEO is the best tool for on-page SEO optimization. But soon Frase will be compared with SurferSEO. Their continued improvements are taking this tool toward it.

I haven’t started using the SurferSEO tool yet. But the hunger for continuous improvements of Frase is thinking me twice. You can check on many Facebook communities about Frase. You will get tons of positive results.

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I hope you have loved this content about Frase Review. I have tried to cover every possible term in this content. Please share on social media and let your friends know about my experience with Frase.

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