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The Arbox fitness management platform was developed in 2015 to address the needs of fitness business owners.

As experts in both fitness and business, we at Arbok strive to help gyms and studios grow their businesses, while also focusing on their clients and training.

In this Arbox App Review, I will try to cover everything that will help to decide you should grab this tool or not.

What is an Arbox App?

Arbox is a fitness tracking platform developed by a team with a direct connection to the fitness industry. There are personal trainers, studio owners, former professional athletes, and others on our team. You can use Arbox to optimize your gym, CrossFit, yoga, pilates, dance or MMA studio.

You can use the platform to enhance your skills with a set of core tools. The system will simplify day-to-day operations such as class schedule, staff, and member management, as well as handling and processing payments. 

The Arbox platform offers tools that support retention and engagement with members beyond the core features, such as automatic messaging and a mobile app that engages the members. ARBOX also offers COVID-19 features to make interacting with your members a lot easier. 

They include online classes and digital health waivers. Finally, Arbox helps you think big by providing tools that will allow you to scale marketing and sales efforts to bring in more members every day, enabling sustained growth.

As the only platform that provides gym and studio owners with a detailed dashboard, Arbox provides the top metrics necessary to optimize your business. 

You can view all the numbers you need within seconds, making data management and reporting simple. Arbox will keep you ahead of the competition, allow you to spend more time coaching your members and help you transform from just fitness to fitness business.

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How To Set up Arbox App?

You will learn how to set up Arbox App in this Arbox App review. So without further ado, Let’s get started-

Step 1: There are six simple steps to set up your Arbox App. First of all, go to this special link and get your Arbox Free Trial.

Arbox App Free Trial

Step 2: Click on the “Let’s do this” option to go to the second step. In this step, you have to build your club. You have to enter your business name, phone number, website address, and email address here. Let’s have a look how it looks like-

Club Building with Arbox App

Step 3: Now create your class types here. Here Arbox will suggest you the class type according to the selection of business type.

Creating Class Types with Arbox

Step 4: After selecting the class type, Schedule your first class. In this Arbox app review, you can see that, this app builder is showing how to schedule your first class easily-

Schedule your first class

Step 5: Here, you have to add your membership type. You can set here the price of your course according to the length of the course. It’s insanely easy and effective to catch new customers.

Add Membership types

Step 6: Here you can add your first customer manually.

Arbox App Review with first customer

Final Step: Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Arbox account. Now start enjoying your business growth! As a bonus, you will get 100 free SMS to boost your club. You can send free SMS to your Arbox members.

How Arbox App Works & It’s Key Featurs

In this Arbox App review, I will elaborate on how this business growth app works and key features. Let’s have a look below-

1. Scheduling 

Scheduling is the number 1 key feature of Arbox. You can take control of your schedule from anywhere and anytime. It is simple to set up. Very user-friendly. You can manage your schedule right from your smartphone.

Arbox Scheduling

You can schedule your new group of classes, new appointments, new workshops and set your available time using this app.

2. Reduce Work Stress By Automation

The automated appointment reminder reduces cancellations and no-shows.  It Instantly responds to queries & questions.

Automation by Arbox

You can send automated personalized follow-up messages to show clients you care. you can put your business admin on cruise control by automating recurring tasks, 

3. Easy Integration

Arbox can be connected to the tools you already use to give you instant access to all your work. Easily build processes & automation into your business like a programmer without needing coding knowledge.

Easy integration with existing tools

Simply connect your favorite tools with a few clicks. You can easily automate manual tasks that slow you down.

4. Easy Team Management

You can track employee work hours, overtime, and workload in real-time to enhance staff productivity. Your team can collaborate non-stop with updates & information shared.

Easy Team management With Arbox App

It helps to provide team members with reminders of upcoming appointments, changes to schedules, and cancellations at the right time, and assign clients & tasks to the right team member.

5. Automated Marketing Solution

You can automate manual and recurring marketing work to save time, money, and resources. Get a total of 100% of your clients with emails, SMS, and push notifications.

Automated Marketing solution by Arbox

It helps to set up subscription renewal and appointment reminders automatically. You can use smart contact lists to reach your clients at the right time.

6. Increase Conversions

Arbox allows you to centralize all your leads and contacts so that you can streamline sales. The lead capture forms are perfectly integrated so clients can enter their information instantly.

Increase Sales by Arbox automation

Your contact lists are automatically updated with new leads, so you can reach them more quickly.

You can bring all leads together to ensure your sales team has all the information they need to succeed.

7. Boost Client Communition

You can build custom automated workflows that improve client communications, engagement, and conversions.

Boost Customer Communication

Your client onboarding is streamlined with automated onboarding. You can easily find out which Facebook, Instagram, Google, and email ads are bringing the most customers using Arbox.

8. Easy Payment Option

The Arbox payment platform provides secure, easy in-app & in-store payments for consumers. You can enjoy one-time or recurring payments made with secure payment details.

Arbox App Review on Payment Solution

This app accepts preferred payment methods. You can manage subscriptions & purchase merchandise through in-app stores.

You can quickly get your users up and running with Stripe. Your business will get more revenue with flexible payment methods.

Arbox App Review on the payment solution

Its low processing rates save you money. You can track payments and transactions and remind clients to make payments automatically.

9. Accurate Data Analytics

You can view your revenue, outstanding payments, and expiring subscriptions with a click of a button.

Accurate Data Analytics

Track who is responsible for what. Easily assign tasks to team members. You can also view upcoming appointments by location & date. You can check your daily earnings, balances, and payments so you never miss a payment.

Arbox helps to see the activity of each client so you can get more engagement and loyalty. You can track your leads and conversions to increase customers and revenue.

10. Handy Mobile App

Consumer app that is extremely simple and user-friendly. You can monitor stats and activity in real-time with personalized feeds. Stay in touch with clients through in-app direct messaging.

Arbox App

You can schedule appointments, sign up for upcoming events, and register for classes and workshops.

Arbox helps to easily reschedule, cancel, or change appointments. Users can add appointments to their calendars, share schedules with others & invite friends to join.

Find out what’s happening right now and what’s coming up.  You can also pay for services and renew memberships.

Payment details are automatically saved for purchases made through the app store.

How To Get Arbox App Free Trial

It’s quite easy to get Arbox App Free Trial. You don’t need any credit card to enjoy this free trial. Simply click on this special link here. Enter your email address and get a verified Arbox App Free Trial.

Arbox App Pricing Plans

Arbox App Pricing

Arbox App offers four pricing plans. You can choose the plan that is the best suited for your business growth. Let’s have a look at the Arbox App Pricing plans-

  • Free plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Professional Plan

1. Free plan: Free plan is adequate for many small businesses. But if you wanna really enjoy the premium options, you should go for the premium plans.

2. Basic Plan: Microbusiness owners who need powerful customer management, scheduling, and payments with a members app should choose a basic plan. The basic plan starts at $39/month.

3. Standard Plan: Those who own a small business must go unlimited. This kinda business needs task management, digital forms, automated communications, and rich reporting are just a few things you can do with this standard plan and This is the perfect plan for small businesses. The standard plan starts at $99/month.

4. Professional Plan: Businesses seeking brand recognition and mobile apps on the App Stores for their websites and mobile applications. This plan is perfect for small & medium kinds of business organizations. The professional plan starts at $239/month.

Note: You save 20% on the annual subscription!

Arbox App Pros & Cons

In this Arbox App review, Let explore some pros & cons of this tool-


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reduce work stress through automation
  • Easy payment collection
  • Follow up customers
  • Push notifications feature & Many more!


  • Sometimes customer services are slow

Who is the Perfect Fit For Arbox App?

Perfect fit for Arbox App

In this Arbox App Review, I will show you who is the perfect suit for this tool. Let’s have a look below-

1. Fitness

The goal of Arbox is to help you build a powerful fitness business. Arbox allows you to schedule appointments, communicate with clients, manage payments, and increase revenue.

2. Professional

You Can Run Your Business Without Hassles. Arbox helps you schedule appointments, communicate with clients, manage payments, and increase revenue.

3. Teachers

It’s clear that you have the brains. It’s time to get to work. Arbox app is a complete system for building, managing and growing your education business.

For different types of business organizations, Airbox has different types of interfaces that made it easy to maintain the whole business for the individual business owners.

Do you wanna build your own custom-designed app? Try no coding skill is requied!

FAQs on Arbox App Review

Here are some FAQs related to Arbox App Review. Let’s have a look-

1. What Much Arbox App Costs?

Arbox pricing starts at $79/month. You can save 20% on the annual subscription.

2. Who are the perfect users of the Arbox app?

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small businesses are the best target audience of Arbox app.

3. Does Arbox app support mobile devices?

Yes definitely! Arbox app supports android, IOS responsively.


If you are thinking of working stress-free, Arbox app can be the best solution. It can help you grow your business faster with its automated solution!

So what are waiting for?

Grab the Arbox App Free Trial now! Don’t worry! You don’t need any credit card to sign up for their free trial.

I hope this Arbox app review helped you to decide whether you should buy this tool or not!

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