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WP Table Builder Pro ReviewIn A Nutshell

WP Table Builder Pro Review

A table builder helps to make quick decisions for the readers. You can organize and display your information in a very beautiful visual manner with the help of a table builder.

WP Table Builder is a drag & drop table builder. That means a couple of things-

  • You can create a great-looking responsive table without any hassle.
  • WTB doesn’t require any HTML/CSS/PHP coding skill. You can get your things done through the handy user-facing interface.
  • You can work on the front end of your website. That means you can see the outcomes of your work while working.
  • You can save your table as a pre-built template so that you can customize it for other content.
  • The drag & drop option made it extremely easy to design your table like a pro.

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WP Table Builder- An Overview

WP Table Builder is a plugin that is used to create a beautiful table to increase conversions. The drag & drop interface made it easy for any newbie who has no coding skills.

This plugin is responsive to any type of device. You can customize how you wanna show them on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Features WP Table Builder Pro

It’s enough to use the free version for beginners. In the free version, you will get some elements that are good enough to design a beautiful table.

These are some awesome elements you can enjoy on the free version-

  • Text: You can use this for writing anything words. It can be a brand name, company name so on.
  • Image: You can show images using this element on the table.
  • List: You can show an ordered or unordered list on the table.
  • Button: These elements help to add links in the table. It’s like the CTA button.
  • Star Rating: You can add a star rating o show the best features or products.
  • Custom HTML: Using this one you can add also custom HTML code to your table.
  • Shortcode: Shortcodes are hassle-free and you will get this feature on the free version.

If you want more beautiful and a lot of customization options, you must try the premium one.

Today in the WP table builder Pro review, I am gonna share my experience with the premium version of WTB.

Let’s see what features of the premium version offers:

Pre-built Templates

After installing the WTB Pro Plugin, you can start creating beautiful tables for your WordPress site. All you need to go to your Dashboard>>WP Table Builder>> Add New option.

After clicking on Add New option, it will land you to a beautiful interface like the following image-

WP Table Builder Pro Review

Here you will find some pre-built templates to make your work easier. You can start working on Pro & Cons templates, Pricing policy templates, comparison templates, Brand style guides, schedules without any hassle.

Creating Own Template

You can use any of the pre-built templates to customize your table. The most amazing thing about WTB is you can design your own template also. Just like the following template I have created for one of my posts.



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Every element of WTB is highly customizable. You can change the template the way you love it.

How To Create Tables Using WTB

WTB has all the required elements you will need to design a beautiful table. Now let’s see how any newbie without any coding skill can start designing beautiful tables.

I will try to show you step by step how you can create beautiful tables for your content without any hassle.

You can check this video also to have an idea.

Add A New Table

Simply go to the WP Table Builder to click on the “Add A New Table” Option. You will be landed on a beautiful interface like this-

WP Table Builder Pro Review

Select the blank template to generate the table as your requirement. After generating an empty table it will look like this-

Table Builder

Now start playing with this blank table. Start design as you want to make it happen. You can see there are some elements like Embed, Preview, and save.

Before start designing give your table a name in the “Table Name” area.

WTB offers a drag and drops solution. Now start drawing and dropping to play around. Here is your tool to start customizing.

WP Table Builder Pro Review

Simply drag and drop your required elements according to your design. Just like the following image-

How to create a table

Once you have saved the table you will get a shortcode. Simply copy the shortcode and paste anywhere of your posts and pages you want to show your table.

Short code of table builder

You can also find the shortcode from the WP table builder>> all tables option. This option contains all the table’s shortcodes you have created.


Simply go to the Import/Export panel to import and export tables. You can do it by the use of a drag and drop CSV file or XML or Zip file or browse and select an option.

WP table builder pro review

These features also offer import tables from other plugins like Table Press.

Use Other Pro Features

You already know how you can create amazing tables from a blank template and proper use of pre-built templates.

Now I will show some other features that can give your table a more professional look.

Let’s find out-


If you wanna highlight particular products or services, you can use ribbons. You can highlight rows/columns in a table using ribbons and WTB brought to you five different types of ribbons to give your design a more professional look. These are-

  • Corner
  • Rectangle
  • Bookmark
  • Icon
  • Side

You can change the Ribbon Type and Side in the General Tab.

WP table builder pro review

You can also change the background color and text type in this category.

Text Icons

Icons make anything eye-catching. If there is a scope of adding text, it becomes more appealing.

WTB made it easier and handier for you. You can add text with the icons. You will also find this option in the General.

This is how it works and looks-

WP table builder pro review

Icon Pro

You can make an attractive and eye-catching visual presentation using icons. WTB icon pro lets you customize it both on the styled list and text icon. This is how it looks like-

WP table builder pro review

Circle Rating

You will get the star rating elements on the free version. If you wanna make your rating option more attractive, you can use circle rating elements.

WP table builder pro review

Styled List Pro

You can get the List element on the free version on WTB that is enough to create a simple list.

But if you want something more attractive and appealing list element, you can try Styled list pro.

Let’s see how it looks like:

WP table builder pro review

These are some forms of templates that you will need to boost your affiliate sales. You can customize your table the way you want.

The templates are highly responsive and your readers will love them once the will see them on mobile. You can check the preview for your mobile, tablet, and desktop to design according to your reader’s devices.

WP Table Builder Pro Pricing

WP table builder pro

WP Table Builder is free but the premium one will cost you some money. They have three pricing policies-

1. Starter Plan For Single Site

2. Pro Plan For 1000 Sites

3. Lifetime Plan For Unlimited Sites

Key features:

  • 5 advanced elements
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Use own tables as the template
  • Full column/row duplication
  • Drag & drop sorting/ordering
  • Tooltips for list items
  • Column/row separation
  • Different border colors
  • Padding & margin settings
  • Set Empty Cells
  • Priority support
  • 1-year plugin updates

Each plan has the above key features. WTB is billed yearly. If you divide the starter plan by the 12 months, it costs $3.33/month. That is very reasonable. Spending only this tiny amount per month will have a great positive impact on your conversions.

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Who is WP Table Builder Best For?

WP Table builder is best for the affiliate marketer. Because sometimes the audience doesn’t have much time to read the whole article. At that moment they look for a summary where they will get a brief with the buying link.

WP table builder plays like a gem in that matter. Its eye-catching designs attract the readers to it and help to convert in the customer.

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If you are looking for my recommendation, WTB is highly recommended. Its eye-catching templates will amaze your audiences. A satisfied audience means an increase in conversions.

WP Table Builder Pro Review

Sayem Ibn Kashem

Ease of Use


WP Table Builder Pro is a premium table builder that helps to create professional-looking tables in minutes without any coding skills.