Astra WordPress Theme Review

Astra WordPress Theme Review: Is It Really A Fast And Multipurpose Theme?

Are you looking for Astra WordPress Theme Review? 

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If you are thinking about choosing a perfect theme for your blog, there are tons of WordPress themes out there and people think it is an easy task to choose a perfect theme.

Actually it’s not!

You can install the amazing looking theme. When you start using it, You come to know this is not the best suit for your blog

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Astra WordPress Theme Review

Who does not want to tell that their products are the best? Every developer wants to recommend their own theme as the best one.  

Which may not be good for you after one or two years. The framework may become irritating due to the lack of regular updates. 

Elementor Pro

I have been using the Astra theme from the very beginning of my blogging journey without facing any issues. And this the best decision I have ever made in picking the right theme. 

If you are thinking of launching your new project, Astra theme will be a great choice for you. 

Why You Should Use Astra WordPress Theme?

Yeah! I am going to explore why you should use the Astra WordPress theme. In this Astra WordPress theme review guide, you will come to know why I am using Astra WordPress theme and why You should switch to Astra. 

About Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is a free theme and a part of the Brainstorm Force that is empowering more than two million websites with their powerful WordPress tools like Convert Pro, Schema Pro and portfolio plugin WP Portfolio and many other free plugins. 

Astra products for WordPress

It’s amazingly fast and lightweight theme. You can use Astra for any kinda personal blog or business website and Woocommerce storefront. 

Because Astra has code integration and Native AMP, the search engines love this WordPress theme. 

Astra is a free WordPress theme that is ranking on the highest position as a third party WordPress Theme. 

Astra WordPress Theme Review

Astra is a theme of multipurpose. You can use this theme for any kinda blog. Reasons I have picked Astra WordPress Theme:

  • Astra WordPress Theme is ranking on the highest position on the WordPress Directory because of its high performance. This theme is insanely fast and claimed itself the fastest theme on the internet. 
  • Astra is a very beginner-friendly theme. It helps to customize everything using real-time WordPress customizer with code-free customization.
  •  Astra is a very compatible popular page builder like Elementor, Divi and Woocommerce

How Much Astra WordPress Theme Costs?

Astra is totally free of cost. But if you want more features like new tools, style options and layouts then you should try Astra Pro. 

Astra Pro will cost you only $41 annually that will allow you to use unlimited websites.

Astra Pro Pricing Policy

 In this Astra WordPress Theme Review guide, I will try to show the extra features that you can get with the pro plan. It will help you to decide which one you should try for your blog or website. 

Four Amazing Reasons Will Make You Love Astra

You can get all four features on the free and paid plan also. But Astra Pro will give you more functionality. I will also show the extra features you can get on the pro plan. 

Astra is lightweight and super fast

Theme plays a vital role in any website performance. Though you may need to optimize your website even after installing a theme. If you do not pick the correct theme, you will need to suffer even after proper optimization.

Astra is so lightweight that it weighs under 50KB. I can show you the performance by running a Pingdom test. 

Pingdom test for Astra

You can see that Astra is performing quite good even without any optimization. The page speed seems quite impressive. 

Sometimes because of using too many plugins and high-resolution images and banners, your site may become slow.

But with Astra, if you properly optimize your site you can enjoy an amazing page speed. 

Tons of Demo Sites

Astra has a huge library of pre-built demo sites that you can import with just a few clicks using Astra Starter Sites Plugin

This theme has some amazing editors that are drag & drop supported. That means it’s extremely easy to customize any of the demo content with those amazing wordpress page builders. 

With Astra, you can choose your preferred website builders between Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Brizy.

Astra WordPress Theme Review

From there you will get access to more than 44 pre-build demo sites. 

There are also paid versions available but free demo sites are enough to work with. 

Astra WordPress Theme Review

The most amazing thing about Astra theme is the demo sites have different types according to a different niche. You can use the demo sites for any niche you want to start with like Restaurants, travel blogs, E-commerce stores, fashion blog and portfolio sites etc.

So, it doesn’t matter what niche you are in. You will find a demo site to make your foundation.

You can install any demo site you want. Just click on the site and start working as needed. 

demo site on Astra Free theme

If you use Elementor as your default website builder you can customize your theme using Elementor’s visual. 

Customization Options

As this a multipurpose WordPress theme, you can use Astra site for everything you want. You can start your blog and start an eCommerce store or an online course and many more. 

You can work with any niche you want. Whatever it is, it is a fashion blog, a travel blog or a technology blog. 

You will get tons of customization features to control your blog’s:

  • Colours
  • Typography
  • Header
  • Blog posts (and blog list)
  • Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Content width
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

 Page Builder Integration

You can design some or all of your content with your preferred page builder with Astra WordPress Theme.  That will get you 100% control over the canvas for your page builder.

On Astra theme for individual post or page, You can do the following things:

  • Change the width
  • Choose the number of sidebars
  • Disable specific items, like the header, title, featured image, etc.
Post customization on Astra

You can disable or enable the sidebar according to your need to create a full-width sales page with your page builder. 

Astra Pro Vs Astra Free: Which One You Should Pick

You will get the core Astra WordPress theme at WordPress Directory. But there is pro version worth $41 that has some amazing extra features. 

Now you are thinking about which one you should choose for your blog or website. The free one or paid one? 

You can build an amazing website using the free version of Astra. Even if you want to use any page builder also. 

There are some reasons when you should try Astra Pro. Let’s have an idea about that in this Astra WordPress Theme Review Guide. 

More Importable Demo Sites

If you grab the Astra Pro agency bundle, you will get access to every single importable demo site.

In this plan, you will also get access to all site development tools like Schema Pro, WP Portfolio and many more. 

Add Custom Header

If you are using the Astra free version, you are not allowed to customize your header. You can customize your header with the Astra Pro plan in an amazing way. 

  • You can create mobile headers to give your audience an awesome surfing experience on mobile. 
  • With Astra pro, you can make your header sticky, even when the user scrolls down. 
  • You can create a mega menu option in your header for providing better navigation. 

Add More Style Options

You can get the basic colour and typography control on the Astra Free version. But Astra pro will let you customize colour and typography and every single element on your site to make it look awesome. 

More Layout Options

You will get a lot of layout options in the customizer on the Astra Pro package. You can choose from various blog archive layouts that will allow you to insert the content above or below your headers. 

More Detailed Plugins Integration

You can easily use WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugin on Astra Free Version. But with Astra Pro, you will get tons of extra features for Woocommerce like two-step checkout, Ajax card and many more. 

If you are thinking of launching your online courses on WordPress, you should try the Astra Premium Version as the pro package offers awesome integration for LMS like LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Should You Pick Astra Pro Plan?

You will get all the amazing features on the free version of Astra. if you are thinking of customizing your site more beautifully, you can go for Astra Pro.

You will need to upgrade to Astra Pro if you are looking for sticky header, different blog archive layouts.

I recommend starting with the Astre free and check how it works. When you feel you need to upgrade, just upgrade. 

Do you know Astra Pro is a plugin, not any theme? All you need to do is using the same theme and install the Astra Pro plugin to give your theme a boost of extra features. 

Astra uses modular to add its functionality. So, you can use exactly that feature your site needs. I recommend using only the feature you will need to keep your site lightweight. 

Astra pro modules

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Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a theme for multipurpose, Astra is the best option for that. You can use Astra for any type of site. 

Customizing Astra themes is super easy that you can do it easily with any Page Builder. You don’t require any help from any developer. 

You can import any site demo and start working on it according to your niche requirement. Never remove a white label from Astra free version.

It helps to detect WordPress which theme you are using and keep you up to date for the next update release.

The final word is Astra is a super fast and lightweight WordPress theme that will allow you to do any type of customization without harming your site speed. 

If you are thinking of changing your theme or building your next website, don’t hesitate to build with Astra or Astra Pro

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  1. Hey Sayem Ibn Kashem ,

    Nice post with great review of Astra wordpress theme. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i must say that you have done a fab work
    and mentioned key points here. You have explained the Astra wordpress theme very well.

    As we know that theme are truly crucial for wordpress site and plays a vital role for website performance, hence it is really essential to choose right and suitable theme for wordpress site.

    Astra wordpress is a light-weight, multipurpose and fast working theme available. It is a compatible page builder and helps to customize everything with its customization options. Its features are also great, hence using this amazing Astra wordpress theme will helps a lot.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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