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I have been using Ultimate Blocks from the very beginning of my blogging journey. In this period of time, they have kept improving many things that made my journey easier.

In this Ultimate Blocks Review, I will try to share my journey with Ultimate Blocks.

Ultimate Blocks Review Is This The No #1 Gutenberg Block Plugin?

Ultimate Blocks Review

Gutenberg editor came into existence with WordPress version 5.0 and it has changed the way WordPress works.

With the latest Gutenberg editor, the related WordPress products would also need to upgrade as well.

If you are a WordPress fan, you must know that every tool or plugin related to WordPress has to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

In that case, you have to choose the perfect tool that is always compatible with the latest version.

In this Ultimate Blocks Review, we will try to find out if the plugin is useful for your site or not.

About Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is the Gutenberg block plugin that helps to increase block functionality insanely.

They are adding many useful blogs to make your content more engaging. Till now they have added 18 amazing blocks and it’s counting.

This tool is developed by Imtiaz Rayhan & Istiak Rayhan (He is a renounced blogger and affiliate marketer).

They developed this open-source software to help bloggers and affiliate marketers. The most amazing fact is this tool is totally free. You can make your content more appealing without spending a single penny.

In this Ultimate Blocks Review, We will try to elaborate on how this software works and whether is it really helpful for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Features of Ultimate Blocks

This tool is helping bloggers and affiliate marketers customize their content with beautiful and useful blocks.

Now let’s see how they are helping thousands of bloggers and affiliate marketers through their free tool:

1. Table of Contents

Table of Content

Table content plays a vital role when your content is very lengthy and you need to make your readers jump to their point of interest directly.

Ultimate Blocks Plugin is an all-in-one solution. Normally, People need to use an additional table of contents plugin.

If you have UB, you won’t need to worry about this. You can use the Table of Contents from Ultimate blocks easily.

You can easily add a table of contents to your posts/pages just by inserting the TOC block and it will generate beautiful TOC for you. It allows adding a custom name to your TOC.

2. Schema Enable Review Block

If you enable schema enable review block while promoting affiliate products and product reviews, it helps to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Ultimate Blocks Review Schema Feature

You can easily add an eye-catching review box to your content and make sure that it supports richer snippets and shows star ratings in the SERPs.

All you need to just add a schema box to your content and enable the Review Block and enter the required information.

3. Testimonials

Testimonial works as social proof that helps to get more leads and sales. It increases the website’s authority and presents your expertise in your niche.

Ultimate Blocks Testimonials

UB lets you customize your Testimonial Blocks as your website design.

4. Click to Tweet

Working with UB is insanely easy. Twitter helps to drive a good amount of traffic.

Ultimate Blocks Review: This Number #1 Gutenberg plugin you should try for your WordPress website or blog.

You can easily add the Click To Tweet section without giving any extra afford. Just enable the click to tweet block and write your words inside the box. That’s all!

5. Social Share

As you bloggers and affiliate marketers, you know social shares drive traffic insanely. Ultimate blocks made it easier for you.

You don’t need to use any extra plugin to add the social shares option to your posts and pages.

The most amazing part of this block is the social shares blocks are totally customizable. You can display it wherever you want.

6. Countdown

You can use countdown timer blocks to increase your conversions easily. As you know fear of missing out helps affiliate marketers to get more sales.

Ultimate Blocks review on the Countdown timer

UB allows you to use an amazing countdown block. That will help you to promote your best available offers.

You can choose the date time and appearance of the countdown timer to make your content more appealing.

7. Call to Action

If you want to get more sales and conversions, a proper CTA deployment is very important.

It can do wonders if you can optimize your content with a nicely crafted CTA. Ultimate blocks allow you to add a fully customizable CTA with unlimited color options.

8. Tabbed Content

I am in love with this block. You can add this block to give your readers an amazing experience. They can check different content just by switching the tab. This block allows writing so many contents in a small place.

You can have a look-

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Content Toggle

The content Toggle is the block where you can add an expand and minimize option. Bloggers use this block to add FAQs. You can change the colour according to your needs.

What is the Ultimate Blocks Plugin?

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg block plugin that will help you to optimize your content to increase conversions.

You can add as many questions as you want.

Features Block

You can add features to any product with images. It will allow you to highlight the features of any product or service in a single column.

Notification Block

You can add a simple box to notify your readers by highlighting important information. This block is also fully customizable. You can give this blog a customized look like your website design.

Progress Bar

You will get a fully customizable progress bar with this amazing tool. You can change the colour, typography, and other options according to your need.

Number Box Block

You can use this number box block to mark any steps of any guide, features of products, and many more. You will get three amazing flexible columns with this block.

Image Slider

Ultimate Blocks will allow you to add an image slider to any post or page you want. You will get a lot of customization options and an option to add links to your images.


To make the blocks more appealing, you will need the help of the divider block. No worries at all! Ultimate blocks have a solution for it. You will get fully customizable divider blocks with this amazing tool.


You can not customize the main block of Gutenberg Editor. Ultimate blocks allow you an amazing customizable button block option. You can change the size, colour, and alignment of the block the way you want.

Star Rating

You can add a star rating to your content without adding the full review schema box. Like other amazing blocks, it allows customizing the star rating block fully.

Styled List

I use this option in almost every blog post where I have to make a list of pros and cons. If you are a blogger this is a must-have block. It will give your content a more beautiful impression.

Have a look-



Content Filter

You can use this block to filter the content. This block is useful if you wanna filter some desired points from a single page.

If you are content is very lengthy but your readers want to read certain points only, you can use this block to filter certain points only.

Ultimate Blocks Review

Note: I have used only some of the blocks to show how it works. You can explore every block according to your optimization requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Ultimate Blocks

1. Where can I get the Ultimate Blocks Plugin?

You can download this plugin from their official website or from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

2. What is the pricing policy of the Ultimate Blocks Plugin?

All the blocks you will get from Ultimate Blocks Plugin are absolutely free. You can use them without any hassle.

3. Are Ultimate Blocks SEO-friendly?

Yeah! UB is highly SEO-friendly. It offers two types of schemas- reviews & FAQs.

4. Is there any support system If I face any issues?

You can join their forum to report bugs, and feature requests and ask general questions if any.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for one solution to optimize your content to make it more engaging, the Ultimate Blocks plugin is the must-have plugin.

You will get every useful block that you will need to make your content look more beautiful and engaging on Ultimate Blocks.

I hope you have loved this Ultimate Blocks review. Please feel free to share with your friends and let them know if they are missing this amazing tool.

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