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LongShot AI Review {2024}- Worth Your Time and Money?

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Longshot.ai claims to be an all-in-one marketing platform that takes care of content creation, campaign management, and social media management.

The software leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the entire marketing process. This marketing platform claims to help you create high-quality content that can be used to grow your business.

Let’s find out if it the best AI tool out there or not through this Longshot AI review.

What is Longshot AI?

Longshot AI review

LongShot.Ai is a one-stop shop for all your blog-writing needs! If you do not already know about us, you are in for a treat.

LongShot. Ai is a self-publishing company that…well…makes your blog writing dreams come true! If you have ever thought to yourself: I wish that I could write my own blog, and promote it myself… But the process was so intimidating…

You would need to find the right platform, host it on a server, build the website, acquire a whole bunch of plugins, use SEO tools to put up relevant content, advertise the website, and then hope that people would actually come to your blog to read it.

Wow. Quite a nightmare, isn’t it? LongShot AI has solved this issue for everyone by simplifying the process

Look Inside Longshot AI

The Longshot AI interface is very easy to understand and implement. You may have a look you simply designed the interface so that any newbie can start producing SEO-optimized content using this AI tool.

Longshot ai review

Let’s have a look at what they promise to deliver to their customers and I will find out did they keep the promise through this Longshot AI review-

  • Create SEO-optimized, high-converting blog articles from scratch – from researching the topic to creating the outline to writing the article itself.
  • With Smart Write, it’s easy to add to your writing, rephrase, generate FAQs and get a blog synopsis – all at the click of a button in seconds.
  • Find the perfect images for your generated articles with Image Generation AI.
  • Perfect for: Content marketers, startup founders, and copywriters who run short of time on writing long-form copy.

How To Generate Long Form of Blog Post Using Longshot AI?

Generating long-form blog posts using Longshot.ai is quite easy. You can easily do that by following the step-by-step process I have mentioned here in the Longshot AI Review.

So without further ado, let’s learn the process.

Step 1: Research Your Niche

No more hours wasted googling for possible content topics and questions to answer,  now you can have a tool do it for you! 

longshot ai review

Enter the keywords you want to rank for in Google, and the tool will suggest possible content topics and questions your audience is searching for.  Enter the most relevant keyword. So that it becomes easier to detect what kind of content you wanna generate using this AI tool.

Longshot AI review

You’ll be able to see the historical and current search volumes of the keywords, so you’ll be able to figure out what is the most popular.  Simple as pie

Step 2: Generate Potential Headlines For Your Blog Post

LongShot’s AI will generate high-quality headlines from the keyword you have entered. Now pick one and create your blog outline. You can always go back and regenerate headlines if you want to explore more headline ideas.

There are three types of headlines-

  • How to
  • Descriptive
  • Listicle

All you need to select the type of headline and move on! Longshot will automatically generate a well-SEO-optimized Headline for you.

As in this Longshot AI review, I am writing content about “How to start a blog” I will select the “How To” option.

So let’s see how they have generated headlines for this blog post.

Longshot AI review

Don’t you like these Headlines?

Nothing to worry about! You can always Generate new Headlines.

Now let’s go to the next step. The next step is creating a content outline.

Step 3: Create Content Brief 

You can automatically generate 10 outlines at a time with Longshot. AI. I have just selected the outline quantity according to my content demand, Longshot automatically generated some amazing outlines for my blog post.

You can see that in the right section. Just tweak a bit of these outline and start generating long forms of content.

Creating outlines with Longshot AI

It is now possible for you to choose the number of subheadings you would like to have in the article. Quickly prepare content briefs. Edit as necessary, and then create a full blog post!

Step 4: Generate SEO-Friendly Long-Form Article 

Creating a complete article is now as easy as clicking a button. The simplicity may fool you, but don’t be deceived.

You can access the full article with one click, complete with the beginning, middle, and end. Your article will even contain more text because of the AI.

Generating long blog post with Longshot AI

Is it possible to write a longer article?

The AI will automatically create more text in your article once you click the ‘Write more’ button. Check your performance in real time to reach your destination.

You can use some amazing features like-

  • Instruct me
  • Unstuck me
  • Synopsis

To make your content more resourceful. Don’t worry Longshot has keynotes on how you can use these features.

You can even end your blog post with a sweet dessert like a perfect chocolate cake with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Export it to your site with the right SEO tags such as H1, H2, and H3 to publish the blog post.

That’s all!

Using AI to automatically write SEO-optimized long-form content is the best way to boost traffic

Longshot AI Pricing: How Much Does Longshot.ai Cost?

Longshot AI Pricing Policy

Normally you would pay up to $948/year, but today, with this great offer, you can pay just $79 one time and enjoy lifetime access! We only have limited stock, so make sure to buy it now before it’s too late!

What does Longshot AI offer?

Unlike most AIs, Longshot AI is giving you a completely free trial for your experience, without any cards involved. Not only will you be able to try out all of the functions of Longshot AI, but you’ll get a totally free trial, too.

Is This The Best AI Tool?

In contrast to other tools, LongShot.ai generates blogs that feel robotic and inauthentic, unlike other auto-creation tools. The AI in LongShot can create long-form content that is indistinguishable from copy written by humans.

Do you know that this tool helped me to write this Longshot AI review?

My Finding on Longshot AI Review

Sometimes it feels like the subheadings don’t follow a pattern or don’t seem to be connected. Not good for the educational blog as much information could be mixed up and inaccurate. Some of the write-ups are mixed up (First, second and third person). If Longshot.ai can overcome these issues, this tool is gonna rule out all the AI tools.

Don’t be hopeless soon!

Longshot.Ai has developed an amazing addon Fact Checker”. You can recheck your topic information using this feature which will generate the correct and plagiarism-free information for you.

When it is that you create content, and you talk about percentages or years, a fact-checker will make sure those facts are correct.

Key Findings on different aspects of Longshot.ai-

  • Pricing: Affordable pricing policy compared to their premium features
  • Easy to use: Very beginner-friendly.
  • Accuracy: After launching the Fact Checker add-ons, Longshot.ai generates more accurate information.
  • Topic relevancy: Most AI tools suffer from irrelevancy. In that case, Longshot.ai developed a “Fact checker” addon that helps to generate more relevant articles.

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Customer Reviews on Longshot AI

Longshot AI Customer reviews on Trustpilot
Longshot AI Customer reviews on Trustpilot

You can see that within 58 real customer reviews 84% of customers reviewed this tool as excellent.

This is a new tool and they are continuously improving their tool. I am really satisfied with this tool.

Here are some screenshots of Trustpilot reviews on Longshot.ai-

Longshot.ai Customer Reviews
Longshot.ai Customer Reviews
Longshot.ai Customer Reviews
Longshot.ai Customer Reviews


Great content is crucial to the success of many different businesses. A blog can be insightful and engaging, but it can also be a lot of work. At longshot.ai, it helps to solve both of these issues.

Longshot.ai is not here to replace human writers, but instead, to help them produce better content. If you’re a writer, learn more about how longshot.ai works by visiting their website.

To get the most outcomes from Longshot.ai, you have to learn properly how to command this AI tool. Otherwise, it’s useless to invest in such a tool.

As Longshot is offering a lifetime deal for a very reasonable price, why don’t you try it yourself? Once you have learned this tool. I am sure you can increase the quality of blog posts 20x faster.

This total content is written using Longshot.ai. If you are asking what is the supporting percentage of this tool, I can say it was 40%. I had to do the rest of the 60% on my own.

In this Longshot AI Review, we discussed how longshot.ai works and how it can help you create quality content effortlessly. If you found this blog post useful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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