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Amazon is currently holding 2.45 million sellers with hundreds of thousands of new third-party merchants adding every new year! 

That’s why it’s become mandatory to have an Amazon seller account to expand your product reach and locate new customers. 

That’s why it’s become essential to reevaluate your approach every month to see how you can improve your product listing on Amazon and increase your sales. 

Sellzone comes in to help here! This tool helps to A/B test your Amazon listing to find out which elements your customers like the best and it also helps to improve your Amazon listing, checking traffic and protecting the integrity of those product listings. 

In this Sellzone review, I will try to check does it really helps in your Amazon sales improvement by exploring the key features, pros & cons. 

Warning ⚠️⚠️: Sellzone tools have permanently moved to the Semrush App Center. So you have to create a Semrush account first to get the Sell zone access. So don’t worry if you click for the Sellzone and it lands on the Semrush homepage.

Sellzone Review In Brief 

Product NameSellzone
Type of Product Amazon Marketing Tools
Best ForAmazon seller
Free Trial Available
Yearly DiscountUp to $200
Pricing Starts at $50 per month

What Is Sellzone?

The Sellzone toolkit is designed to help Amazon sellers boost the performance of their products on Amazon and is powered by Semrush, a marketing and sales toolkit with an award-winning reputation for its impressive power.

A key aspect of Sellzone’s vision was to create a virtual database with tools to help Amazon sellers improve their sales.

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Why Should You Choose Sellzone?

Amazon is the largest online marketing place where more than 2 million sellers are selling their products worldwide.

That’s why thousands of new sellers are joining this largest marketplace to reach their potential customers and the market is becoming competitive. 

As the market is becoming competitive and difficult to compete with these millions of competitors, you need to stand out from the crowd the prove your excellence in business growth.  

Sellzone can be your best friend in this situation. It will help to optimize your product page through an A/B split test and provide traffic insights and so on. 

This E-commerce tool is designed to optimize your product page in such a way that, you will get more traffic to your product listing that will convert into more customers and that will increase your traffic. 

Now in this Sellzone review, I am going to discuss the Sellzone features for you to have a clearer view of this tool. 

Who Is the Best Fit For Sellzone?

The Sellzone platform offers Amazon merchants everything they need to boost their performance and accelerate sales, from keyword research to listing audits and split testing suggestions.

In this Sellzone review, I will show you step-by-step how Amazon Merchants can benefit from using this tool.

Sellzone Review on Its Features 

Sellzone features

In this Sellzone review, I will try to explain every feature you need to know about the Sellzone Tool. Sellzone has several features that can help you scale your Amazon business.

You must be aware of these features and make the most out of them with better results to follow. These are the following:

  • Product Research
  • PPC Optimizer
  • Keyword Wizard
  • Listing Alerts
  • Traffic Insights
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Quality Check

In this Sellzone review, I am going to talk about these web tools in detail and give you the steps to use them for your own projects.

Just follow my column and follow the steps carefully. So, let’s start with the first one –

1. Sellzone Review on Product Research

This tool will provide keyword lists relevant to your seed term. You will be able to see how often Amazon customers search for each keyword, as well as how frequently competitors use the keyword. It is also possible to use filters to find high-volume and low-competition keywords.

Here are some amazing works that can be done with the Sellzone product research feature:

1. Analyze Customer Demand

Customer Demand

Understanding what your customers prefer is imperative to success when it comes to online business.

Researching the market online and knowing which of your products are selling at what prices are just a few examples of Key Performance Indicators that Sellzone wants you to be aware of.

To make the information easy on even beginners, Sellzone helps to find out what products sell best and why so you can find out which particular ones suit you and your business best.

2. Cost Calculation 

Profit Calculation

Amazon sellers who are confused between FBA and FBM can use a calculator to determine the true costs of each option as well as future sales forecasts based on current estimations to find out if their products will remain worthwhile over time.

This can be determined by comparing Amazon’s FBA costs, total profit, and estimated inventory sales for future months.

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3.  Smart Filtering 

Smart Filtering

Sellzone has many smart filters to help users sort through the endless list of products and keywords.

You can adjust volume, match phrases, and other sorting options in the keyword menu so you can find the right products with ease.

How to use  Product Research Tools 

Step 1: Log into your Sellzone account and go to the Product Research option 

Step 2: Select your product category, name, and price range before starting to search for your products

Product Research

Step 3: Choose your target product from the list. You can filter here which product is most profitable. 

Product Filtering

Step 4:  You can also sort the Entire list to mind the market graph. The market graph helps to find the future potentiality of the products. 

Market Graph

Final Step: You can also find your suppliers, view traffic, and check the product listing quality to run your product research. 

2. Amazon PPC Optimizer 

If you’re looking for a way to advertise your product, Amazon PPC Optimizer by Sellzone is the ideal tool.

This tool will automatically run PPC campaigns in the background of your projects, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus entirely on what matters most to you.

After all, who has time to be worried about this when we want them to sell our products quickly?

The tool optimizes your Amazon ad campaigns and automates most of the advertising process. If you want Sellzone to manage your marketing for you, you need to link it to your Amazon Advertising account

When you set up a campaign, you can start it off without adding any keywords as the tool does that for you automatically.

Plus, it’s really easy to use for everyone on your team and has capabilities that help you evaluate what your competitors are doing so that you can do better than them.

After each sale gets made, make sure to adjust your ads accordingly because this can help you leverage more of your budget during the next campaign run.

How To Use Amazon PPC Optimizer Tool 

Step 1: Connect your Amazon Account with the PPC optimizer tool.

PPC Optimizer

Step 2 Now add the products to run the PPC optimization.

Add products

Step 3: Now set a daily budget, start date, and end date, and hit “Start” to start the campaign.

PPC Optimization

Step 4: You can check how much you have spent, and how much revenue you have earned from the individual ad.

Sellzone Review

3. Amazon Keyword Wizard Tool

We have been working with Semrush for quite some time now and have found it to be of exceptionally high quality.

Semrush is our go-to tool in regards to keyword research and they are the ones we recommend to all of our companies.

Here’s a cool new keyword research tool you might want to consider as an Amazon seller which has just been introduced recently.

It’s something that a lot of people have been looking for specifically designed for Amazon sellers and it may prove useful for your business.

If you’d like to discover the trends of items being sold in the Amazon marketplace, then this tool can help you pinpoint quality search terms related to products and their accessories so you can optimize your product listings accordingly to drive Amazon Organic traffic.

How To Use Amazon Keyword Wizard Tool

Step 1: Go to the Amazon Keyword Wizard Tool feature and enter your keyword. For example, I am entering “baby toy” as my main keyword.

Amazon Keyword Wizard tool

Step 2: After entering the keyword, you will see tons of keyword suggestions that can help you to drive organic traffic to your product pages. Here is an overview of how the Amazon Keyword Wizard Tool works-

Sellzone Keyword Wizard

Step 3: Try to filter your keyword according to your requirements. You will get filtering options like a broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related keywords to filter your keywords.

This feature also allows you to filter according to search volume and competitor numbers.

Keyword Wizard Tool

Final step: Export the keywords you have found great for your product and optimize your product for high ranking in Amazon search.

How Does Amazon Keyword Wizard Help You?

4. Sellzone Review on Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts is a monitoring tool that helps you stay on top of your Amazon business.

It works through automation and will help keep track of rank fluctuations so you know what’s happening with all your listings.

This service also allows sellers to manage their accounts and tags right through the Listing Alerts app!

Basically, when one of your competitors makes a change to any part of their product listing such as pricing, description, or main image (and oftentimes this is done automatically through an algorithm), there are high chances that you’ll be affected by the changes which could result in shifting of the rankings.

Your true competitors have finally made it to the top of your Google results. But the Listing Alerts tool can protect that listing and make sure they don’t knock you out of that first spot on the search results page – unless, of course, you’d rather give it up.

With this tool, you will be able to find insight into your competitors’ user search for websites. Furthermore, you can know about the competition and make appropriate changes to your design and content.

How To Use Amazon Listing Alerts Tool

Step 1: Go to the Sellzone account and head to the Amazon Listing Alerts option. Enter the product page URL or ASIN in the Amazon listing alerts box as I have mentioned below-

Amazon Listing Alerts

Then hit the “Monitor” button. Here you can also list your competitor’s product listing.

You can add unlimited products to the Amazon listing alerts tool. The tool will take a few minutes to patch all the data you will need to monitor.

Amazon Listing Alerts details

Step 2: In this step, you can check everything you need to know to rank your product higher in Amazon product searches. Here you will be asked to add keywords, set up your buy box, and many more!

Amazon Listing Alerts

Step 3: You can see that I have added a few keywords. You can add up to 100 keywords one per line. This feature will help you to track your keyword ranking.

Adding keywords

Sellzone is great for checking your current rankings for a keyword. It helps you find out what needs to be improved.

You can use Sellzone’s keyword tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of your Amazon product listing keywords over time. It helps to understand how Google’s ranking algorithm works so that you can better optimize your listings.

Sellzone review

This is how you can improve your Metadata Optimize search terms based on their performance in the favourite categories of customers with the Relative Importance Metric for Amazon Keywords. This tool made listing optimization quite easy.

5. Sellzone Review on Traffic Insights

This tool makes it very easy for merchants to find information on traffic and trends in their own market as well as information on consumer behaviour with regard to product searches.

It’s an easy way to know how your product is being both found and disseminated. You can then use this data for marketing purposes!

How to Use Sellzone Traffic Insights Tool

Step 1: Simply go to the Sellzone Traffic insights tool and enter your product URL or ASIN number.

You can also add your competitor’s product to compare with your product insights.

In this Sellzone review, I will show you step by step, how to use this Sellzone Traffic Insights tool for analyzing traffic insights.

Sellzone review on Traffic Insights

Step 2: Add your competitor to find out what is the key gap between you and your competitors.

Sellzone review on traffic insights analysis

You can now see if your competitor’s product is doing great with its marketing campaign, getting so many customers and what’s their preferred traffic source.

Wanna know the best part?

You can do that all without having access to that product – which makes this tool amazingly powerful in comparison with the other similar tools in its industry.

Final Step: Here are five major factors you can find to optimize your product to rank higher in the search both on Amazon and Google.

  • Overview
  • Amazon Organic
  • Referrals
  • Google Organic
  • Shopping ads
Traffic Insights Data

1. Overview

You can have a total idea about the total reach trend over the month and the latest month. You can learn here which of your products is performing better.

Traffic Insights Overview

2. Amazon Organic

You can learn here how your product is performing insight Amazon. You will have a clear idea of which of your keywords are ranking here.

Which keyword is bringing the highest traffic? Which keyword should be added to your product listing to bring more traffic?

Sellzone review on Amazon Organic

3. Referrals

Did you know that external traffic is just one way to get more people to come to your product listing?

In this report, you will find out the top traffic sources and if any of those are links to competitors’ websites, then maybe it’s worth it for you to reach out to the same sources!

Sellzone Traffic Analysis

4. Google Organic

In this report, You will find Google search engine impressions, traffic, and searches of different keywords.

This will help us gauge audience interest and competitor traffic which will give us some ideas for our next step in advertising plans for specific markets.

Traffic Analysis

5. Shopping Ads

In this section, you will see how your competitors are running ads, and how they are targeting their audience via ads. Here, you can also find out which domain they are using to publish their ads.

If you are running an Amazon business, it’s important to know the competitor’s hack to beat them a better way. This tool can be a great saviour for running ads.

Shopping ads

6. Sellzone Review on Split Test

A/B split testing is one of the features that are available to Sellzone merchants so they can determine which elements of their product listings are getting the most amount of organic traffic.

You want to make sure you utilize its capabilities as best as possible to increase your chances of being seen in order to keep things optimized and up-to-date all the time.

Sellzone Review

Merchant product listings should be made with relevant titles and descriptions to grab the attention of site visitors.

Sellzone is a wonderful tool that can be used to help you set up your merchant product listings.

All you have to do is connect your Amazon Seller Central account so that Sellzone can import all of your products into their platform.

Amazon Split Testing

After connecting Your Amazon account, You can start running the Split test-

Step 1: Connect your Amazon account and manage your listings directly. Discard any changes in a single click.

Step 2: Try out different titles, descriptions, images, and pricing.

Step 3: You can try the tool for free a few times and always have the best-performing listings.

Amazon Split Test

7. Sellzone Review on Listing Quality Check

This tool allows you to sell more on Amazon by allowing you to access actionable advice on product page optimization.

As an Amazon seller, there are a lot of limitations about what you can and cannot sell. For example, Amazon does not allow the selling of weapons such as shotgun shells slugs, and many more.

If you try to sell those items in your store, the listing will most likely be deleted by Amazon’s automated system.

To prevent your product from being deleted, we suggest trying this tool which tells you if your product is allowed on Amazon before going live with it!

There are four levels of product optimization, but in general, there are “Good” and “Bad” when it comes down to the important stuff.

This feature helps users make sure that their products are up to scratch so they don’t end up with any problems further down the road.

Amazon Product listing audit

You can see that Sellzone has some recommendations for me. I can improve my product listing quality by improving the following errors Sellzone is showing me.

Amazon Product list quality check

You can also use this tool to remove your errors and increase your Amazon Sales.

Sellzone Review on Pricing

Sellzone pricing

Sellzone offers three pricing plans. The Free plan, Growth Plan, and pro plan. The Pricing starts at $50 per month.

If you are confused about buying the Sellzone premium plan, I would love to suggest trying the free account first. If you feel satisfied, go for the Sellzone premium plan.

1. Free Plan [$0 Per Month]

The plan is free forever. If you are a beginner, you can try this plan with some limited features. Though this plan is free, it can generate some amazing results in your Amazon sales.

You will get 100 keywords per search, 15 product research per day, an External traffic view, 3 seed keywords, 1 product PPC ads optimization, and so on! All of these come from only $0 per month and it’s free forever!

Go for the annual subscription to get up to a $200 discount!

Sellzone discount

Features of Sellzone free plan:

  • Comprehensive product research tool
  • Unlimited listing split tests
  • Listing checks for Amazon requirements

2. Growth Plan [$50 Per Month]

The Growth plan is $50 per month. If you need more outcomes from Sellzone and need freedom of work, the Growth plan is for you.

You will get Unlimited keywords per search, Unlimited product research per day, an External traffic view, Unlimited seed keywords, unlimited product PPC ads optimization, 15 product research per day, and so on! All of these come from only $50 per month.

Key Features of Growth Plan:

  • All the features of the Free plan
  • Full set of listing quality checks and improvement ideas
  • In-depth reverse ASIN reports for Amazon and other traffic sources
  • Listing Protection with all security alerts

3. Pro Plan [$85 Per Month]

The pro plan offers the same features with Extended limits. You can assign a personal account manager to keep an eye on your Amazon Product listing.

This plan is best for Amazon merchants who want hassle-free business by assigning a personal account manager.

You will get all the key features of the previous two features with Extra credit limits of only $85 per month!

Key Features of Pro Plan:

  • Personal account manager
  • Private onboarding
  • Extended limits

If you wanna try the premium plans without spending any money, You can grab the Sellzone 7-day free trial. In the next step of Sellzone Review, I will show you how to get Sellzone trial in just a few steps!

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How To Get Sellzone Free Trial

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get Sellzone free trial in just a few steps-

Step 1: Go to this special link. You will be landed on the Sellzone pricing plan page. Here Simply click on the “Start free trial” option.

Sellzone free trial

Step 2: Create your Sellzone account using your email and password.

Sellzone review

Step 3: Enter your card details to grab the free trial.

7 days free trial

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed the trial. You won’t be charged for 7 days.

Don’t forget to cancel the trial period by contacting their support team if you feel disappointed.

But I am sure you are gonna love this tool and upgrade to the premium plan after trying the free trial.

Pros & Cons of Sellzone


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • A complete solution for Amazon sellers
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve search engine results
  • Drive Organic traffic
  • Free tools come with many premium features
  • It lets you monitor and optimize your listings


  • It may be a little expensive for the beginners
  • Currently working only in the US but they are going to cover other countries soon

Here are some FAQs related to Sellzone review I will try to answer-

1. What is Sellzone?

It is a powerful suite for optimizing and managing listing performance as well as pinpointing growth points for Amazon sales. Sellzone offers seven tools that will make your ads more visible, increase traffic, and improve conversions.

2. Which Amazon Marketplaces do you support?

Sellzone currently working on the US Amazon marketplace.

3. Which Sellzone tools require a connected Amazon account?

You need to connect your Amazon account to use a few of the tools of Sellzone such as PPC optimizer, Split testing, and Listing Alerts.

4. What happens to my account if I cancel the paid subscription?

You can continue to use Sellzone’s free version after canceling a paid subscription. If you renew your paid subscription, Listing Alerts will continue to work without you having to set up any new products. We will keep track of the products you previously monitored.

5. Can I use my Semrush credentials to log in to Sellzone?

Nope! If you wish to use our Amazon tools, you will have to create a Sellzone account.

6. Does Sellzone Offer Any Lifetime Deals?

Sellzone does not offer any lifetime deal on the premium plan. But there is a free plan that is free forever and comes with many premium features.

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If you are an Amazon Merchant and thinking of growing your business faster than your competitors, Sellzone can be your best buddy!

You can steal all the data that is helping your competitors to increase their conversion. You can track every single key point that helps in conversion boost.

The Sellzone costs only $50 per month and the price is worth trying! If you are still confused, Don’t forget to give their 7-day free trial a try.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Sellzone right now!

I hope this Sellzone review cleared all of your doubts related to this product. If you love this content, please feel free to share it with your friends on social media.

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