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Jasper AI Pricing Plans 2023: Which One Is Better For You?

Are you looking for Jasper AI pricing plans for 2023? Can’t decide which Jasper package you should choose?

We have the right information for you.

There is a high demand for Jasper, an artificial intelligence writing tool.

It’s because everyone wants to make better content.

Making great content isn’t easy. This is where AI-powered tools like Jasper AI come into play, helping you write better copy faster than ever. 

The tool allows you to write articles in minutes with just a few clicks. No matter what industry you’re in or what niche you’re in, Jasper AI made writing long-form content quite easier.

Jasper Pricing In Brief 2023

Jasper cost
Jasper pricing plans
Product NameJasperAI
Product TypeAI Writing Assistant
Jasper Pricing PlansPricing Starts at $49 Per Month
Free Trial 10,000 Free Words Credit
Yearly Discount 17% Yearly Discount Available
Additional Features $20 Per Month For unlimited royalty-free image generations.
BonusesVisit Here To Get a Free Bonus
Jasper AI pricing at a glance

What is Jasper AI? [Formerly Jarvis AI & Conversion AI] 

What is Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI writing program that allows you to create content in minutes. 

The software generates content based on its built-in intelligence and previous articles it has written, so no extensive research is necessary.

What is the best part about using Jasper? You can easily edit and proofread with just one click of a button since it adapts to your writing style. 

This program is designed based on the latest technology known as GPT-3, which produces text that looks and feels like human language.

They also taught Jasper how to write SEO-optimized user-friendly content by consulting the world’s best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts.  

The best part of Jasper AI is that it reads your past 3,000 characters every time before writing, resulting in better-quality output.

You don’t have to worry about plagiarism with Jasper because the content it generates is 100% original and plagiarism-free.

The Jasper Community offers you the opportunity to post your content project every Friday and find writers who use Jasper. 

Their signature 45-minute course will teach you how to effectively use Jasper on the weekly job board posts. You can test your knowledge with Jasper Certified Trusted by 50,000+ content marketers including top companies like IBM, Google, and Airbnb.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

The following are a few of the biggest benefits of using Jasper AI:

  • Write amazing articles in minutes  
  • Produce ALL types of content, including blog posts, tutorials, product descriptions, and YouTube videos
  • It allows you to write content in over 25 languages 
  • Enhance the content you already have
  • AIDA is one of much PROVEN marketing copywriting frameworks it offers 

All in all, Jasper is the perfect tool if you’re looking to improve your website’s content marketing, boost conversions, or just create fresh content regularly.

How much does it cost? Our aim in this post is to provide you with all the essential details about this amazing AI software.

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Affiliate Disclosure: This Jasper Pricing Plans article contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything use thing affiliate links, I will receive a small commission without any extra cost to you.

Starter Vs. Boss Mode Plan- Which One Is Better For You?

Jasper AI Pricing Plans
Jasper.ai Pricing Plan Compared

Jasper AI Offers two pricing plans here:

  • Starter Plan [Best for short copy]
  • The boss mode Plan [Best for writing stories, blog posts, product reviews, and more]

So that you can better understand these two plans, let’s look at their limitations and features in detail.

Here is a quick Jasper AI Pricing Plans table for your overview (menu jasper ai pricing) much does jasper ai cost:

FeaturesStarter PlanBoss Mode Plan
Words Credit20,00050,000
Bonus Words Credit$10 for 5,000 words$30 for 30,000 words
User SeatsUnlimitedUnlimited
No. of Templates50+50+
Long-Form AssistantNot AvailableWrites long-form articles
Commands Level AccessNOYES
Jasper RecipesNOYES
Input Character Limit400600
Project FolderUnlimitedUnlimited
Supported Language25+25+
Voice Commands AccessNOYES
Training BootcampYESYES
Continuous OutputNOYES
Plagiarism CheckerNOYES
DiscountNot AvailableYES (One Yearly Plan)
Facebook Group AccessYESYES
Money-back Guarantee 5-days (full refund)5-days (full refund)
Check more About Jasper.ai Pricing Plans

1. Starter

This is one of the cheapest Jasper AI pricing plans, The starter plan costs $29 per month ($The monthly cost will be $24 if billed annually) and it goes all the way up to $499 per month, which allows you to create 20,000 words per month (with the $29/mo plan) and 1 million words per month (with the $499/mo plan). 

The Jasper AI cost will go higher with Word count. If you reach the 5000-word limit, a bonus pack worth $10 can be purchased.

If you are thinking of creating Long form article, You should go for the Jasper AI Boss Mode Plan. Because the Jasper Starter plan does not offer the long-form assistant tool. It’s good for generating short-form content. You can check this plan with the 5-day free trial.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to land on the Jasper pricing page.

Secret Hack To Save More Money: Jasper Starter Plan offers 20000 Words for $29 per month. You can get 10000 Words absolutely free with the Jasper AI free trial.

Once Your trial period is over, you can pay for the premium plan to grab the 20,000 Words. That means you can enjoy 30000 words with just $29 for the first month. Here is the SPECIAL LINK FOR YOU!

Who Should Go for the Jasper AI Starter Plan?

The Jasper starter plan Pricing is great for;

  • Writing short content is ideal for those who want to stay on topic
  • Those who are interested in writing engaging headlines, descriptions, etc
  • People who want to create compelling tweets, social media posts, etc.
  • This is great for those who only want to write product descriptions

Pros and Cons of the Starter Plan

  • It starts at just $29 per month, which is extremely affordable
  • The maximum amount of words you can generate per month is 20,000
  • Over 50 AI copywriting skills at your fingertips
  • Unlimited projects can be created
  • No limit to the number of users
  • Over 25 languages can be written 
  • The Jasper starter plan is only suitable for short content, such as headlines, meta descriptions, tweets, etc

2. Boss Mode Plan

The Jasper Boss Mode plan is designed for those looking to create detailed articles, stories, ad copy, and more. 

The Boss Mode Plan costs $59 per month ($49/mo billed annually) and goes up to $3600 per month where you can generate up to 50,000 words per month (for the $59/mo plan) and 5 million words (for the $3600/mo plan). 

You can also purchase a bonus pack for $40 if your word count reaches 30,000 words with this AI copywriting tool (if you reach that limit).

The Jasper AI cost of boss mode will also increase with increased Word count. You can enjoy the Surfer SEO Integration to write well-SEO-optimized content!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Jasper AI by clicking the below button-

If you need more features, you can try their business plan. This Jasper AI Price of the business plan comes with a custom pricing policy. You need to contact their support to grab the plan. You can also use this AI writing software with a google docs style editor.

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Who Should go for the Boss Mode?

Jasper’s Boss Mode Plan is great for;

  • People who write detailed articles for their blogs or websites
  • Affiliate marketers interested in writing product descriptions and reviews for Amazon
  • Writing stories, novels, etc. is of interest to me.
  • Create in-depth, high-quality content if you wish 

Pros and Cons of the Boss Mode

  • Produce up to 50,000 words per month
  • With Boss Mode, you can create longer articles
  • With this plan, you’ll have access to the plagiarism checker
  • Revision history is available in an unlimited number of revisions
  • The Starter plan offers 3x faster customer support
  • It takes a lot of learning (just like with any AI writing tool) to use the full potential of the Boss Mode from Jasper

How To Save 16% (2 Months FREE) On Annual Plans

Jasper AI Discount
Discount on Jasper Pricing Plans

Would you like to save money on Jasper.ai pricing plans?

Then, go with Jasper’s annual plans since they offer a FLAT 16% discount on their pricing packages.

Have a look:

There is a 16 percent discount on the annual plans, as you can see above.

  • Only $24 per month is required for the Starter plan
  • It’s only $49 per month for the Boss Mode plan

Are you ready to get started?

There is a 5-day money-back guarantee or Jasper AI refund policy for both the Starter and Boss Mode plans. If you are not satisfied with their features or outcome, you can request a refund.

You can also read our Jasper AI free trial for FREE for 5 days. You will get 2 months free on a Jasper AI subscription for yearly plans.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans: Why Should You Choose Boss Mode Over Starter Plan?

Jasper AI Boss Mode helps you create longer articles if you are a blogger or website owner seeking to create informative content. You should only use Jasper’s Starter plan if you want to write descriptions, bio texts, or short summaries.

It helps marketers, content writers, and entrepreneurs create high-converting content quickly. You can use Jasper to write blog articles, Facebook ads, marketing emails, website copy, and so much more. No matter what industry or product you have, it works!

Use the Boss Mode from Jasper for the following BIGGEST benefits.

1. The boss mode creates better content

If you’re looking for a way to create content that’s engaging and original, consider using Jasper AI Boss Mode! This software is the perfect tool for writing new blog posts, articles, and even affiliate content for marketing purposes.

Is Boss Mode better than the Jasper Starter’s plan because it creates better content?

During Boss Mode, the Jasper artificial intelligence reads your past 3,000 characters (around 400 to 500 words) every time before writing, while during Starter Mode, Jasper only reads 600 characters (around 100 words).

You create a few sections for your content, and JBM fills in the blanks with valuable, unique content. It’s a great way to keep your blog posts coming regularly, and also saves you a lot of time!

Here is what it looks like:

Jasper AI Boss Mode

2. Create detailed articles, stories, novels

If you’re just getting started, Jasper Starter is a good option, but the Jasper AI Boss mode plan is better for full writing capabilities. The starter plan is great for creating meta descriptions, titles, and other short text, but the Boss plan is for creating long-form content.

Moreover, Jasper Boss Mode unlocks Jasper “Documents,” which help you create high-quality and comprehensive content in any industry. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You need to give ANY abstract idea a NAME, like ” How to Delete Facebook Account For Free ”

Step 2: You need to provide a SOLUTION to the problem, in this case, ” the solution is to delete your Facebook account for free

Step 3: You need to explain HOW IT WORKS. After that, it’s just a matter of writing this down in a very simple way. And that’s it! You can now call yourself a Content Writer.

Check this video to learn how Jasper boss mode helps to create Long-form blog posts in minutes-

3. Activate Jasper AI commands

You can unlock “commands” in Boss Mode. 

You can write Commands directly in the editor and Jasper will read them and create high-quality content.

It would be great if one could give Jasper commands such as “Write about feeling excited about traveling to London” and watch Jasper read it Within a few seconds, it generates content based on your command. 

Jasper Commands are capable of doing that. Jasper Commands can actually allow you to write an entire blog article within minutes.

The following Commands can be used for creating content;

  • Command + Enter: Generate content with a Jasper command 
  • Command + K: Rerun previous Jasper commands by looking at the Jasper Command history
  • Command + J: Compose. The text will be written by Jasper (output).
  • Command + /: Repeat the last command. Jasper can use this command to delete the previous output and generate new content
  • Command + Z: Undo

Quick note: If you’re on Windows OS, change the “Command” button to “Control”.

4. “Recipes” are available in Boss Mode

Jasper Recipes are pre-built workflows that contain Jasper Commands to assist you in building AI content faster.

Recipes contain a series of Jasper Commands that, when run in order, will enable you to create all types of content faster than ever before.

When it comes to Jasper’s Commands, they’re essentially how you tell Jasper what to write.

Jasper AI tool could write an intro paragraph for your blog post by choosing the “Blog Post Intro Paragraph” template, entering all the needed information, generating the AI content, then copying and pasting your favorite intro paragraph into your long-form editor.

Now you can create a blog post intro paragraph in seconds with Jasper Commands by typing “Write an introduction paragraph for a blog post titled [title]” into your long-form editor and executing the Jasper Command.

You can access pre-built workflows in Boss Mode, referred to as “Recipes,” which include Jasper commands to create content FASTER.

The following Jasper Recipes are currently available;

Jasper AI Recipes
All the features

From blog posts to Facebook ads, product reviews, emails, high-converting ad copy, and non-fiction book outlines, you can create it all with this AI software.

Boss Mode unlocks all of Jasper AI’s powerful features to help you create better content more quickly.

Is there anything else you still need?

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FAQs: Jasper AI Pricing Plans 2023

Jasper AI writing tool along with its pricing are some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools that generate content automatically. Jasper AI can help you create blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, business ads, Quora answers, product descriptions, marketing emails, social media marketing, and much more.

2. Is Jasper AI worth your money?

Jasper AI pricing starts at just $29/month, making it very affordable for any user. If you’re wondering whether Jasper is worth your money, here’s the answer: Yes. Instead of $29/mo (billed annually), the Jasper Starter plan cost is just $24/mo, and the Jasper Boss Mode cost $49/mo (billed annually).

3. How much does the Starter plan from Jasper cost?

The Jasper Starter plan starts at $29 per month (for 20,000 words) and goes up to $499 per month (for 1 million words).

4. What is the price of Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode starts at $59 per month (for 50,000 words) and goes all the way up to $3600 per month (for five million words).

5. How does Jasper pricing affect users who reach the word limit?

Boss Mode comes with 50,000 words in a month, and you can create 20,000 words with Starter Plan. You can upgrade to a higher plan or purchase a bonus pack if you reach the Jasper word limit. Bonus packs usually cost $30 for 30,000 words.

6. Can I get a free trial with Jasper?

Jasper does offer a free trial to all users for five days. You’ll receive 10,000 credits so you can generate up to 10,000 words during the free trial period with the Jasper AI account.

Jasper Plans Described
Jasper’s pricing

Final Thoughts on Jasper Pricing Package

Jasper artificial intelligence is definitely worth a try if you don’t think you can create great content or if you have writer’s block problems.

You can write excellent blog posts in minutes using Jasper. It takes some time but once you master it, you’ll be able to write great articles.

The best part of the Jasper.ai Pricing is the plan starts at $29/month which is extremely affordable for everyone.

Is there anything else you need? I hope you have loved this article about Jasper AI plans and know how much does jasper.ai cost?

Now get started with Jasper. Don’t worry if you feel disappointed!

Once you have activated the free trial of the Jasper AI copywriting tool, you can go to the account settings and cancel your account within 5 days free trial if Jasper ai plan is not right for you.

Get the tool and let’s write long-form content. Let us know if you have any questions related to Jasper.ai pricing.   

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