Do you wanna become a good content writer?

I know you are!

And luckily you have landed in the right place!

There are many people out there who are earning their living through content writing. The demand for high-quality content is always increasing.

So, it’s a perfect time to start a career as a content writer. In this guide, I will try to cover everything that will help you to become a good content writer.

How To Become A Good Content Writer

Start writing on any topic is easy. But satisfying your customer with that writing might be difficult if you do not maintain the following things-

Be Flexible

The most important thing you should have is flexibility. You have to make sure, your content is matching the tone and style according to the subject line.

Let me clarify this matter more clearly, You are about to write content about scientific equipment that will target the medical researchers.

On the other hand, you are about to write another article related to the organic food shop that will target health-conscious consumers.

This two topic has two types of writing styles and tones. The more writing tone and style you can learn, the more you will become a valuable content writer.

Be Good At Research

You are thinking you are a newbie in this content writing industry, how you can become that expert in research. For your kind information, everyone was a newbie and became an expert by practicing and by exploring more.

You can run surveys, interviews from experts, keyword research, and many more to find out the information about your particular topic.


There are so many resources you can use to find out information about a particular topic. The easiest way to check the latest published content.

You can have a look at how they have written on the topic and from where they have got the information. Now write in your own way and make sure you haven’t written the exact same article. Make sure you have written 10x better that are ranking on the top already.

Another way you can ask for an interview with the expert on that particular topic. Sometimes it could be a skype call or Facebook chat to get a cheatsheet quickly. Just have an overview of the particular topic and start writing on your own style.

Be Good At SEO

Do you know the great content writer can become the greatest if you s/he can write SEO optimized article? It doesn’t matter how good your articles are. If the content is not seen on the top.

So make sure you know how to write SEO-friendly articles, use proper keywords and unique content so that your content remains safe with the latest algorithm changes.

Keep An Eye on Your Watch

I am not telling to check your time every second. There are tons of apps you can use that will help you to organize your time and task.

Set a reminder for your deadlines and finish your work within the time period. Because late sends may put a bad impression on your customers.

how to become a good content writer
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Stay Focused

Try to find a place where there will be no distractions. Always try to focus on one task. I know it’s a bit harder. But the quality of the content depends on how focused you were while writing the content.

Never Break Commitments

Commitment is the most important factor in becoming successful. When you have taken a project, finish your work within the time frame. Deliver the project with the committed resources.

Focus on Quality Than The Quantity

I know the more words you can write, the more you will get paid. But trust me, if your thousands of words are not good enough to satisfy your clients, you are gonna lose your next contract. So focus on quality rather than the quantity to become a good content writer.

Stay Up to date

You might have become a good content writer and charging a good amount of money for every single piece of content. If you are not aware of the latest trends and technologies, you are going to limit your opportunities. So stay up to date with all the latest changes.

You can join different writing and freelance communities to improve your online profiles. Try email marketing to outreach your customers.

If you can maintain an active presence on a few social media platforms, you can make some valuable friends that may become your valuable customers someday or may help to reach your goal.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog can have a great positive impact on your content writing job. Many customers look for proof and a blog can play a positive role in that matter.

Blogging can also help you to improve your writing, SEO, and keyword research skills. So this will be a wise idea to have a blog of every content writer. Definitely, it will help you to become a good content writer.

If you are out of budget, you can start with a web hosting free trial. You won’t need a single penny to get started.

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Tools You Will Need To Write A Good Content

You will need some basic tools to write error-free content and SEO-friendly content. There are many free tools out there you can use. But premium tools come with premium features. Now let’s have a look to some premium tools-


English is a second language for me. So, I have made so many grammatical mistakes before I have got this amazing writing tool.

You can write error-free and plagiarism-free content using Grammarly. Their free plan is enough for the beginner. So sign up and save your time without checking your content twice!


Frase is the best On-Page SEO tool that will help you to write SEO-friendly content faster. This tool helps you to find out the ranking factors that are causing the rank of your competitors. You can check my Frase Review here.


SEMrush is the best SEO tool out there. This tool helps you to find out the perfect keyword for your content. Get a SEMrush 7 Day Free Trial without spending a single penny. Read the SEMrush tutorial here.

SEMrush offers a writing assistant on their Guru plan. If you buy this SEO tool, you won’t need to using Frase anymore. SEMrush writing assistant will be enough to write your SEO-friendly content.

How To Make Money Content Writing

There are many ways to make money in content writing. Maybe you are thinking writing for the blogger is the only way to earn money from content writing. Though there are tons of other options that you can grab to make money through content writing.

Let’s have a quick look below-

Write For Website Pages

There are so many business websites that are looking for a content writer to write for them. You can write for the homepage, about page, and membership page as well as the Work with me page with your creative thought that adds a unique value. You can join UpWork, Fiverr to find your clients.

Write For Blog Posts

If you want to make money from content writing consistently, start finding bloggers who hire writers for their content.

In the beginning, try to work per word basis. If you are a brand new writer then 0.10 cents per word is good enough. Once you will get familiar increase your rate.


If you wanna write eBooks for your client, write for yourself first. Have a blog, offer a sample eBook to your readers. Now you attract customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still rocking the industry. Yeah, it’s true that email marketing has been steady for the last ten years. But it’s still the best way to sell anything to your customers.

Create Online Course Content

There are so many entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers who are creating online courses. They will need you to turn their knowledge into a course.

This Online Course industry is a fast-growing market. So I highly recommend you to pursue a content writer.

There are other skills you can improve to earn good money from content writing. You can try speech writing, medium, video script, and many more to dominate the content writing industry.

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Final Words

If you wanna become a good content writer the above-mentioned skills are essential. But there is another quality you must have to become a good content writer.

That is patience and persistence. You won’t become successful on day one. It will take time, dedication, and continues to afford.

I hope you have loved this content. Please share with your friends and let them know what they will need to become a good content writer.