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5 Simple Tips To Create SEO-Friendly Content [2024]

Are you willing to write SEO-friendly content?

Here’s how you can write it.

We can say that writing SEO-friendly content isn’t that difficult but as long as you are following the proper steps.

Else, it can be a difficult task.

All you need is to follow some steps that will help you grow your business through your content, and that’s why we are going to share these fantastic tips.

5 Tips to Help You Create SEO-Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content

You can follow these tips and write SEO-friendly content easily.

1. Use Proper Headings and Sub-headings.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your content’s headings and sub-headings. They tell the readers what they will get in the entire paragraph.

Using an engaging heading will surely encourage the audience to go through your entire content.

But things are not over on engaging headings / sub-headings; you need to be relevant, which means the heading you are going to use must reflect your content.

Make it clear that the heading is the first impression, and you need to leave an excellent first impression on your readers.

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2. Make Your Content Unique

It is very important to attain uniqueness in your content by considering it SEO-friendly.

But how’s it possible?

First of all, we will discuss how to find out whether your content is plagiarized or unique.

You can use a plagiarism detector for checking duplication in any content. This tool is very easy to use and useful.

There are hundreds of plagiarism checkers available on the internet, and you can check your content’s uniqueness with any of them.

But what to do if any plagiarism is highlighted?

Luckily, there are also many tools available that can make your content unique in no time, just like an article rewriter.

You need to upload your content to any article rewriter, and it will rewrite the sentences in just a few seconds.

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3. Focus on Keywords Research

If you want to grow or rank anything through your content, you need keywords. We cannot add any keyword without doing proper research.

That’s why you need to do proper research for keywords and then adjust them in your content.

SEO Friendly Content

We can say that keywords are very important for ranking or writing Seo-friendly content; otherwise, things will be very difficult and time-consuming.

Various tools can do this task; you can use Keyword Explorer to retrieve good and relevant keywords.

Same as headings, you need to keep yourself relevant for the keywords.

4. Write Short Paragraphs

Undoubtedly, short paragraphs are easy to read, and that’s why we encourage you to write short paragraphs consisting of 2-3 lines only.

It will give content a neat look, and the audience must be attracted by the look of your content.

But if you write long paragraphs, it is damn sure that you cannot engage your audience, and they will not find what they are searching for.

Writing short paragraphs is not important for search engine optimization only, but it is primarily important for the readers.

“Write for the audience, not for the search engines.”

Search engine optimization is all about the ease of the readers, and that’s why we have encouraged you to write for your readers.

5. Optimize Images

Content is not all about the text; different factors are considered important when writing SEO-friendly content.

And we can say that the image used in your content is one of them. We cannot ignore the optimization of images used in your content.

But how can we optimize them?

The first thing is to keep it in a reasonable size that will easily load in less time, and secondly, write alt text for your images.

Place the images in the right place and use relevant images to make the readers clear of what you’re trying to explain.


As mentioned above, writing SEO-friendly content isn’t that difficult if you’re following the right steps.

And that’s why we have shared some of the important and useful steps that will surely help you in writing SEO-friendly content.

You can look at them and implement them in your content as they are very easy to follow.

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  1. Good add on short paragraphs. Writing short, concise paragraphs improves the UX. Google prefers blogs whose owners make it easy for readers to get what they want. The challenge is in observing your blog in the light of truth. Sometimes the ego wants a blog to look a certain way; readers may cling to different preferences.

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