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Thinkific Pricing 2024: Compare & Choose The Best Plan!

Are you for the Thinkific Pricing Plans 2024?

You are at the right place!

There are many digital training companies and online course creators who use Thinkific because it is the right online course platform at a very reasonable price.

The Thinkific platform hosts Hootsuite’s digital education academy, which is used by 45,000 learners.

You can run live online classes, create courses, run an online membership site, and market courses all from one platform with Thinkific.

If you decide to sell online courses, the customer support is excellent, so you’ll have help every step of the way.

Thinkific provides you with all the sales and marketing tools you need to run your online learning business.

Thinkific Pricing Plans at a glance:

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Thinkific Pricing Plan in Brief

Thinkific Pricing chart
Thinkific pricing plans

There are multiple pricing options available with Thinkific. You can choose from a free trial plan, as well as 3 different paid plans (Free, Basic, Pro, and Premier) that are available monthly and yearly.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to selling online courses or running a membership site with Thinkific. Thinkific’s pricing model saves you 20% when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

The Thinkific Growth package is an add-on to its Pro plan that comes with 3 paid plans. It unlocks even more features for course creators.

Thinkific’s pricing plans are listed below in table format:

PlansMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
Free Plan$0/Month$0/Month
Basic$49 per month$39 per month
Pro$99 per month$79 per month
Premier$499 per month$399 per month
Thinkific Pricing Chart

The Thinkific plans do not have transaction fees (you will have to pay payment processor fees when you accept online payments, however).

The Thinkific pricing tiers differ primarily in terms of specific features. You can use a custom domain, offer completion certificates, and access priority support depending on your plan.

Every Thinkific plan, including the free one, includes a robust collection of key features. You will have instant access to your funds and will have access to the full eCommerce suite of tools.

It is easy to build out your entire website with Thinkific’s drag-and-drop course builder.

There are also multiple instructor profiles, student notifications, upsell offers, forums, and email and phone support.

Thinkific also offers a secure hosting platform and an easy-to-use SSL certificate generation tool. Every plan includes all that!

Thinkific Pricing Explained: Which Plan You Should Choose?

Thinkific is the best online course platform you should try. I have explained Thinkific pricing in more detail here. So that it becomes easier to make your purchase decision.

1. Thinkific Free Plan- $0/Month

Thinkific is explaining Free Plan features here
Thinkific pricing plans

There is a lot of generosity in the Thinkific-free plan. The free plan allows you to build one full course and have unlimited students.

The hosting of content like videos is included in this. Your earnings will also be available instantly along with their quizzes and surveys.

Why Should Try Thinkific Free Plan?

It’s the perfect way to try Thinkific out for free. With the free plan, you can easily create a full course and offer it for sale, but you won’t have access to the premium features.

You can have unlimited students in your Free plan’s courses. It’s a great way to start with Thinkific and start growing your online course business.

The Free plan won’t work for you if you want to build a successful online course business. It is recommended that you upgrade to a paid plan in this case

2. Thinkific Basic Plan- $49/Month

Thinkific is explaining Basic Plan features here

You’ll get unlimited courses and students with the Thinkific Basic plan (which is the first paid plan).

The Basic plan allows you to use a custom domain rather than the .thinkific subdomain to host your eLearning platform. There are also coupons and an affiliate program available.

The course can also be emailed to students individually, as well as delivered over time (although this does not replace email marketing).

There is also an email integration with ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp included in the basic plan. This plan also offers Zapier integrations, which allow you to connect to many other tools.

Who Should Try Thinkific’s Basic Plan?

Start building your digital training business with the Basic Plan if you already know you want to use Thinkific as your online course platform. You will get all the basic features to get started.

Though Thinkific doesn’t offer all its features with the basic plan, there’s enough here to get you started.

You’ll be able to use a branded domain and offer coupons. There are also integrations with a few other tools, such as email marketing software.

The Basic plan doesn’t include many other Thinkific features: Live lessons Certificates of completion Advanced quizzing and assignments Communities Private and hidden courses Subscriptions and payment plans Bundles and memberships.

The Basic plan is ideal if you are on a tight budget and are willing to sacrifice these features, or if you just don’t need them.  

3. Thinkific Pro Plan- $99/Month

Thinkific is explaining Pro Plan features here

Thinkific’s Pro Plan includes all the core features as well as unlimited courses and students. Also included are two site admin accounts and five-course admin/author accounts.

A private and hidden course setting, as well as certificates, are available to select clients. Along with memberships and bundles, the Pro Plan offers advanced pricing options such as subscriptions and payment plans.

By customizing your site, you can create the best learning experience for your learners with the Thinkific Pro Plan.

There are also assignments and communities that you can create. The priority support you receive from Thinkific will ensure you receive faster assistance when needed.

Who Should Use the Thinkific Pro Plan?

Once you earn enough money from your courses, you’ll want to upgrade to this plan.

It’s worth the small, additional monthly fee (it’s only $50/month more than the Basic Plan) to give your learners these useful features.

A Growth Package can also be added to the Pro Plan to unlock even more functionality and integrations.

4. Thinkific Growth Plan- $149/Month

Thinkific Growth Plan

You can unlock even more features with the Thinkific Growth Package if you’re on the Pro Plan. If you don’t need them, you can simply pay the $99 monthly fee for the Pro Plan.

If you want access to more high-powered features, you can opt for the Growth Package without having to step up to the Premier Plan (which costs $499 a month).

Your courses can be sold to groups such as organizations and analysts can be assigned for reporting.

To organize student reporting and progress tracking, you can also use advanced segmentation features.

It is also possible to remove all Thinkific branding from your course and website.

You will gain access to bulk emailing and can import and export students with this package.

The Pro Plan also allows you to offer multiple communities (without this add-on, you are limited to one community).

Lastly, the Growth Package allows you to integrate seamlessly with a few popular tools.

Among these is tight integration with Infusionsoft, a comprehensive marketing tool with advanced email marketing capabilities. 

ActiveCampaign, another leading email marketing tool, is also tightly integrated into this add-on package. You can also use Zapier to its full potential.

Last but not least, Brillium will be able to integrate with your system.

It may be necessary to add timed exams and caps on exam attempts even though Thinkific offers graded quizzes and surveys. There is more to Brillium than this.

There is now a set $50-a-month fee for all the features of Thinkific’s Growth Plan.

This is in addition to the Pro Plan costs, so the total is $149/month for the Pro Plan + Growth.

These high-powered features are well worth the additional cost if your business would benefit from them.

Who Should Try Thinkific’s Growth Package?

This package is an add-on, so you should consider whether you need it or not. This plan is likely to be worth it for you if you use at least two or three of the additional features.

If removing Thinkific branding is important to you, that’s one feature to consider.

The ability to enrol students in your courses through Zapier, especially when it comes to free courses, can have a big impact on sign-ups.

The extra $50/month may be worth it just for these three features.

5. Thinkific Premier Plan- $499/Month

Thinkific is explaining Premier Plan features here

The Premier Plan includes unlimited access to the Growth Package, so you no longer pay per active user.

It’s still $499/month for unlimited learners at the Premier tier. There is a major difference between the two plans in this regard.

You will also gain five site admin accounts, fifteen group analysts, and fifty course admins and authors.

Your digital training business can be grown by a team of full-time or part-time employees and partners.

You can also integrate the course platform with other tools you may already use with the Premier Plan.

As part of your onboarding, you’ll receive a training session and checklist review to make sure you’re ready to launch.

Who Should Try the Thinkific Premier Plan?

With the Premier Plan’s high price, you need to be sure you’ve got a growth strategy or are already earning enough to afford it.

If this is the case, you should still consider whether this plan is necessary for your business.

After 4,000 students, you should upgrade to Premier based on the Growth add-on calculator.

The maximum price will be reached at that point. The additional features will be available if you upgrade to Premier.

You should wait to upgrade to the Premier Plan until you reach 4,000 students or need 50-course administrators and authors.

6. Thinkific Plus (Custom Pricing Plan)

Thinkific Plus Features

Last but not least, you can choose Thinkific Plus if you are still looking for more options. Thinkific Plus is used by companies such as Hootsuite, Later, and Procurify.

It is most suitable for high-volume companies and those who want to rebrand their learning environment for corporate clients.

You can, for example, load leadership courses into a separate branded space for a big client to rebrand them.

Rather than plugging in third-party material, it will look like the corporate client is providing the training.

You’ll also have access to a dedicated support team. Besides B2B group management and single sign-on, you’ll have unlimited administrators.

Corporate training and businesses with high growth typically use this plan. Get more information about Thinkific Plus pricing by entering your contact information.

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Thinkific Alternatives: Price Comparison To Competitors

An online course platform like Thinkific offers a full suite of tools at a reasonable price.

All plans are free of additional transaction fees. Take a look at how Thinkific compares with a few other cloud learning platforms.

1. Teachable vs Thinkific Pricing

Another popular cloud LMS platform is Teachable, which has a very similar pricing structure. Teachable offers a Basic plan for $39/month, a Pro plan for $119/month, and a Business plan for $299/month.

As far as adding features goes, they do not offer anything like the Growth Package.

Thinkific Vs Teachable
Teachable Vs Thinkific Pricing Model

There are many similarities between Teachable Basic and Pro plans and Thinkific Basic and Pro plans. The main difference between Thinkific and Thinkfic is that Thinkific has more features you may need.

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2. Kajabi vs. Thinkific Pricing

It makes sense to compare Kajabi to Thinkific as another course platform. You can choose from three plans; Basic for $149/month, Growth for $199/month, and Pro for $399/month.

Kajabi pricing increases with each tier, as you can see. They offer an integrated email marketing solution along with their online course platform. There will be no need to purchase a separate email solution that can justify the higher price.

Thinkific Vs Kajabi
Kajabi vs. Thinkific Price Comparison

There are limits on the number of courses and active members you can offer with Kajabi. Active members are those who have logged into the course in the last month.

You can offer up to 15 courses with 10,000 active members on the mid-tier Growth plan for $199/month.

If you compare this to the Thinkific Pro plan plus the Growth add-on, you would pay $149/month for unlimited courses and unlimited members.

There are also differences between these two platforms. When making a decision, you should take a careful look at the features you will or will not need.

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3. Thinkific Vs

Passion io offers two pricing plans starting from $79 per month. This is an app builder that will help you launch an online app that you can use as your course builder to launch your first course.

Thinkific Vs
Thinkific Vs

You can launch your custom-branded app on You don’t need any coding skills to launch your app online.

You can do your custom branding with the Ultimate plan which will cost you $297 per month.

While Thinkific offers white labelling on the Premier plan. That will cost you $499 per month.

Thinkific Pricing FAQs

1. Does Thinkific have any transaction fees?

Thinkific doesn’t charge transaction fees. If you use Stripe or PayPal, you will, however, have to pay payment processing fees.

Transaction fees cannot be avoided when you make online purchases. Thinkific does not take any money from its plans.

2. What can I do with Thinkific’s free plan?

Thinkific’s free plan is perfect for creating online courses! Enter your email address and you’re good to go.

Using the free plan, you can have up to three courses, but without a limit on the number of students.

Their free plan has the biggest obstacle of being unable to integrate their course platform with an email solution.

Once you gain some momentum, you will want to upgrade to their Basic paid plan.

3. Does Thinkific offer a money-back guarantee?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Thinkific. Thinkific’s plans are reversible, so you can cancel them whenever you like.

4. Does Thinkific offer a free trial?

It is a free trial since Thinkific already offers a free plan. There is no need to enter credit card details to get started.

You can start building your course and managing your students as soon as you fill out their trial form. With the free plan, you can create a course to sell and access a number of features.

With Thinkific’s sales and marketing tools, you can start building your successful online course business today.

5. Do I Need Web Hosting To Launch Course On Thinkific?

Nope! Your website will be fully hosted on Thinkific. You don’t need anything else. Just grab the Thinkific premium pricing and enjoy your show.

6. Does Thinkific Offer Any Lifetime Deals?

Thinkific does not offer any LTD. But you can get a lifetime free account without spending a penny.

You can also claim up to a $1200/year lifetime discount by subscribing to the annual subscription.

7. Is there a free version of Thinkific?

I am very impressed with the Thinkific-free plan. You can create a full course and have an unlimited number of students with the free plan.

This includes hosting for videos and other content. The quizzes and surveys are also available, and any revenue that you earn will be available immediately to you.

8. Does Thinkific Take A Percentage of Sales?

You should also consider processing fees, typically 2.9% plus when calculating this. Fees vary from 0.30 per successful transaction to 0.30 per unsuccessful transaction, but you can get the most up-to-date information at Thinkific Payment, PayPal, and Stripe.

Conclusion→ Thinkific Pricing Plans

You should now have a better understanding of the Thinkific pricing plans and their features. It is best to use the Free plan if you are just starting out with Thinkific and want to learn how it works.

You must upgrade to one of the paid plans if you want to sell your course actively when it’s released. 

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can start with the Basic plan. It may be more cost-effective to upgrade to the Pro plan, which offers the best value for money.

Thinkfic comes with a 30-day free trial. I would love to suggest you claim the free trial. It will help you to understand how this platform works and how you should start working with this tool.

The Thinkific cost is very reasonable. The world’s leading online course sellers are recommending the online course platform highly.

So, if you really wanna set up your course in no time without any coding skills, Thinkific is the perfect tool for you.

It is up to you how you run your course business. Your data is 100% yours and you get paid instantly.

The Thinkific team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your business. You can rest assured that they have the most responsive support team in the industry available to assist you at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Thinkific pricing and grab your desired Thinkific plan!

You can launch and scale your online courses with Thinkific Pro without relying on complicated technology.  

Take advantage of their most professional tools and features, including assignments, community, and Shopify apps!

I hope you have loved this article about Thinkific Pricing plans. Please share with your friends via social media and let them know about this amazing platform.

So what are you waiting for? Start selling online courses using Thinkufuc! Let me know which one you are going to choose-

  • Basic Plan
  • Start Plan
  • Grow Plan

Feel Free to comment below!

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