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Link Whisper Discount Code 2022-[$25 Recurring Discount]

Searching for the latest Link Whisper Discount Code? We are offering a discount to all readers of FacileWay. 

A plugin like Link Whisper simplifies the process of internal linking, which is essential for SEO.

Your site will not only achieve better rankings but also save you a lot of time and energy.

As you know, there is nothing better than getting your hands on your favorite tool with a great deal to save. Wouldn’t you agree? 

To make things even better, we have partnered with Link Whisper to offer an exclusive $15 discount on all Link Whisper plans.

To directly get the Link Whisper offer, use the coupon code “FacileWay” and get $15 OFF any plan.

Link Whisper Coupons At Glance:

  • Discount: $15 flat discount
  • Coupon Code: “FacileWay”


From September 19th – 26th, LinkWhisper is offering $25 off the regular price! The existing customers will also receive this $25 discount on a recurring basis. After this discount period expires, you will keep receiving the regular $15 discount!


What is LinkWhisper & How Does It Works? 

Link Whisper

The Link Whisper WordPress Plugin helps you find a wide range of relevant links and sometimes not-so-relevant internal links with its artificial intelligence. It integrates with most major page builders, doesn’t slow down your website, and helps you rank higher for a very reasonable price.

It suggests automatic links that will be the best suited for the interlinking in the blog post. With automatic link suggestions, internal link building has become very fast and easier than ever.

Let’s see what the pro blogger says about Link Whisper-

Link Whisper Discount Code

Affiliate Disclosure: This Link Whisper Discount coupon article contains affiliate links. That means if you make any purchase using the affiliate links, I will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

Why LinkWhisper A Must-Have For Bloggers?

Automatic Link Suggestion by Link Whisper

The importance of internal links in relation to search engine optimization is well known, right?

No matter what you think, they are absolutely true.

To get a higher ranking on Google, you should take note of how your site links internally.

You can pass the link juice from your external links to other pages on your site, boosting their ranking in the SERPs.

The importance of internal links cannot be overstated.

AI-powered Link Whisper promises to identify internal linking opportunities for you and ensures a high ranking on SERPs. 

But it’s not free. You have to pay a penny to enjoy this amazing SEO tool. 

Link Whisper Pricing
Link Whisper Pricing

Normally Link Whisper Premium offers three pricing plans:

  • Single site license
  • 3 site license
  • 10 site license

If you have more than 10 websites and you want Link Whisper to install. You can go for 50 site licenses which will cost you $347 per year.

But don’t worry! You have the Link Whisper Promo code. Simply use “FacileWay” to get $15 OFF instantly! 🔥🔥

This link Whisper promo code is valid for a limited time. So grab the deal before it expires!

What are you waiting for? Visit this exclusive link to grab Link Whisper Promo Code.

Here is the Link Whisper Cost In Table-

Plan Regular Price Special Link
1 Site$77Visit
3 Sites$117Visit
10 Sites $167Visit

Seems costly to you?

Don’t worry!

I have brought you a huge discount on Link Whisper. You can get $15 OFF on any plan if you purchase through this special link and use this code “FacileWay” to avail of the Link Whisper Code for Discount offer. 

Plans After DiscountSpecial Link
1 Site$62/YearGet The Discount
3 Sites$102/YearGet The Discount
10 Sites$152/YearGet The Discount
Link Whisper Discounts

Bonus: You can enjoy this Link Whisper Coupon even while every renewal. Don’t miss the chance! Grab now! This opportunity is only for FacileWay readers.

You can save $15 on every plan using the Link Whisper Coupon powered by FacileWay.

I will show you step by step how you can easily grab the Link Whisper Discount.

Without further ado, let’s get started-

Step one: Firstly click on this special link. You will be redirected to the Link Whisper Discount page where you need to use the Link Whisper Coupon.

Link Whisper discount code
Link Whisper Pricing Packages

Step two: After selecting the “Get Started” option. You will be landed on the Link Whisper Coupon page, where you need to enter the coupon code “FacileWay” to get $15 OFF!

Link Whisper Discount Code
Link Whisper Standard Plan Purchase

Step three: Now simply use the “FacileWay” as Link Whisper Discount Code and get your $15 off!

Link Whisper discount code
Link Whisper Discount Code

Final Step: Now enter your payment information and complete your purchase for link whisper checkout!

Link Whisper discount code
Link Whisper Final Payment

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed the best Link Whisper Coupon code to save your $15. Now enjoy the amazing features of this tool.

Link Whisper Coupon Code
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Utilizing Link Whisper Plugin has a number of benefits, including:

1. Simpleness

A plugin’s compatibility with your operating system is the most important factor to consider. Well, Link Whisper lives up to our expectations.

The plugin runs simultaneously in the background after a simple installation process.

Definitely! For using the Plugin, you don’t need any previous technical or coding experience.

2. Make your life easier

Link Whisper suggests Internal Links based on the content and the relevance of your website as you write it. 

Link Whisper is definitely the clear leader in terms of innovative features among all the internal linking plugins in the market including the Interlinks Manager. 

These internal links can be added with just a click of a button.

Any blogger or anyone with tons of posts on their website will appreciate this feature.

3. Enhance your analysis

You can use the reports to analyze every article in order to improve your internal linking, as described in the section.

4. Search Engine Rankings

For a better Internal Linking Structure, Link Whisper ensures the right Internal Linking practices are in place. 

As a result of which you can improve the visibility of your website and increase organic traffic and improve search engine ranking.

5. Crawling and Indexing

Your website will be better indexed by the Search Engine Bots if you have a good internal linking structure.

6. User Experience

Having internal links on your website allows users to easily navigate through it and find useful content, which reduces the bounce rate.

The Link Whisper tool also identifies broken internal and external links, which can be edited or removed within Link Whisper in addition to automatic link suggestions.

6. Reporting

You can optimize your site by using Link Whisper’s in-depth link reporting features along with its linking features.

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Here are some FAQs that may arise in your mind related to Link Whisper. Here are the answers-

1. How Can I Remove Links After Making Them?

Link Whisper adds internal links to your site just like any other link.  Similarly, you can unlink the links in your editor just as you would with any other link.

2. What happens if I uninstall the plugin or cancel Link Whisper?

Even if you uninstall or cancel the plugin, all your links will remain active! You can add internal links to your site just like any other link.  These are “permanent” links that will not disappear unless you want them. 

3. Who Should Use Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a great tool for bloggers, niche site creators, and anyone who runs a content-heavy website.  Link Whisper becomes more powerful the more written content you have on your site.

4. Is There Any Link Whisper Discount Code Available?

You can get a $15 discount on every Link Whisper plan. All you need to do is use “FacileWay” as Link Whisper Coupon Code. 

 5. What is the Link Whisper Discount Code?

Use “FacileWay” to get a $15 discount on the Link Whisper purchase. 

6. What is the Link Whisper Pricing plan?

You can choose between three different plans: Single Site License ($77), 3 Site License ($117), or 10 Site License ($167), which can be canceled at any time during the year.

7. What is the money-back guarantee policy of Link Whisper?

A refund is available up to 30 days after purchase.


Link Whisper not only allows you to create high-quality and relevant internal links to your site but also allows you to save a great deal of time from having to do it manually.

It simplifies the process of building internal links and audits them to ensure that you’re linking responsibly and ethically.

You saved money on your purchase, I’m sure. 

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty getting or installing the Plugin, and we will personally assist you.

With Link Whisper you will be able to save a lot of time, just like we have. I hope you enjoy it and gain more productivity from it.

Please share the Link Whisper coupon code with your friends, if you have loved this article. Before that let’s have a look at what Link Whisper license offers-

  • Get Smart Internal Links
  • Full Internal Links Reporting
  • Fix Broken Links

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