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What is LinkWhisper? 

The Link Whisper helps you find a wide range of relevant and sometimes not-so-relevant internal links. It integrates with most major page builders, doesn’t slow down your website, and helps you rank higher for a very reasonable price.

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Link Whisper Discount Code

Why LinkWhisper?

The importance of internal links in relation to search engine optimization is well known, right?

No matter what you think, they are absolutely true.

To get a higher ranking on Google, you should take note of how your site links internally.

You can pass the link juice from your external links to other pages on your site, boosting their ranking in the SERPs.

The importance of internal links cannot be overstated.

AI-powered Link Whisper promises to identify internal linking  opportunities for you and ensures high ranking on SERPs. 

But it’s not free. You have to pay some penny to enjoy this amazing SEO tool. 

This is the pricing policy of Link Whisper.

Plan Regular Price Discounted Price Special Link
1 Site$77$62Visit
3 Sites$117$102Visit
10 Sites $167$152Visit
Link Whisper Discount Chart

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Link Whisper Pricing Packages

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Benefits of Link Whisper 

Utilizing Link Whisper Plugin has a number of benefits, including:


A plugin’s compatibility with your operating system is the most important factor to consider. Well, Link Whisper lives up to our expectations.

The plugin runs simultaneously in the background after a simple installation process.

Definitely! For using the Plugin, you don’t need any previous technical or coding experience.

Make your life easier

Link Whisper suggests Internal Links based on the content and the relevance of your website as you write it. 

Link Whisper is definitely the clear leader in terms of innovative features among all the internal linking plugins in the market including the Interlinks Manager. 

These internal links can be added with just a click of a button.

Any blogger or anyone with tons of posts on their website will appreciate this feature.

Enhance your analysis

You can use the reports to analyze every article in order to improve your internal linking, as described in the section.

Search Engine Rankings

For a better Internal Linking Structure, Link Whisper ensures the right Internal Linking practices are in place. 

The result of which you can improve the visibility of your website and increase the organic traffic on the Search Engines.

Crawling and Indexing

Your website will be better indexed by the Search Engine Bots if you have a good internal linking structure.

User Experience

Having internal links on your website allows users to easily navigate through it and find useful content, which reduces bounce rate.

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You saved money on your purchase, I’m sure. 

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty getting or installing the Plugin, and we will personally assist you.

With Link Whisper you will be able to save a lot of time, just like we have. I hope you enjoy it and gain more productivity from it.