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Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal: How To Get 30% Discount In 2024

Are you looking for a Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal?

You are at the right place!

In today’s digital world, online school has emerged as a transformative force and reshaping the way we acquire knowledge and skills. 

Nowadays the traditional classroom setting is no longer the only way to learn and educate yourself.

You can boost your skills and knowledge through an online learning platform and all ages learners can enjoy the opportunity to grow and excel. 

As the demand for flexible and accessible learning experiences continues to rise, innovative platforms like Tutor LMS take center stage and revolutionize how to learn and teach. 

Most of the LMS platform comes with higher recurring expenses whereas the Tutor LMS solves all kinds of problems of an online educator by offering a lifetime license offer. 

So if you are trying to save your recurring expenses, Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal is what you are looking for. Click the below button and grab the best LMS software at a one-time price. 

What is Tutor LMS?

What is Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a versatile and powerful online course plugin that seamlessly integrates with LMS WordPress setups, offering a full-fledged solution for individuals and organizations looking to establish a robust e-learning platform.

This feature-rich plugin is designed to streamline the entire process of course creation, management, and delivery, making it an excellent choice for educators, institutions, and businesses venturing into the realm of online education.

At the core of Tutor LMS lies its ability to transform your WordPress website into an engaging e-learning platform.

With features like custom certificates, advanced quiz creation, and unlimited courses, Tutor LMS empowers you to curate interactive and impactful learning experiences.

You can effortlessly design and award custom certificates through a user-friendly interface and a drop certificate builder, adding a personalized touch to your courses.

The plugin’s compatibility with LMS WordPress ensures a seamless integration that enhances the classic editor, allowing educators to curate and manage course content effortlessly.

Admin and instructor dashboards provide dedicated spaces for efficient management, while advanced analytics and reports offer valuable insights into learners’ progress and engagement.

Tutor LMS also boasts a range of convenient features such as payment integration, license creation, and third-party integrations.

This allows you to effortlessly manage course enrollments and access control, expanding your platform’s functionality through seamless connections with external tools and services.

Whether you’re an individual tutor, an educational institution, or a business entering the online education landscape, Tutor LMS caters to your unique needs.

Its freemium version, exclusive discounts, and installation services make it an accessible and attractive solution for a wide audience.

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How Can I Get a Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal?

Tutor LMS comes with a free plan. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to enjoy the basic features. But if you wanna grab the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime deal, you have to pay for the subscription. 

Now in this guide, I will show you step by step, how you can grab the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime Plan-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link. You will be landed on the Tutor LMS pricing plan page. Here you will see find different premium licenses of Tutor LMS. 

All you need to switch the pricing option from an annual to a lifetime plan to see the lifetime deal price.

Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal

Step 2: Now select the Pro plan with the desired number of domain licenses. After making your selection, proceed to the checkout page.

Lifetime Deal of Tutor LMS

Step 3: On the checkout page, you will need to enter your payment details. You can choose to pay using a credit card or PayPal. Once you have entered your payment details, simply complete the order.

billing information

Final Step: Upon confirmation of the payment, you will receive a license key. This key grants you access to the premium version of Tutor LMS and also ensures that you receive lifetime updates.

With this Lifetime Deal, you can enjoy all the advanced features and handy functionalities that Tutor LMS has to offer without having to worry about recurring payments or subscriptions.

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Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription: How Much Does It Cost?

Tutor LMS Pricing plan and features
Pricing Plan Annual Plan Lifetime Plan
Basic FreeFree
Individual $199$499
Agencies $799$1899

The Lifetime Plan is a one-time payment option that grants users access to Tutor LMS for an unlimited period.

This plan also includes the benefit of lifetime updates, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and functionalities.

With the Lifetime Plan, you can choose between three different options for the number of domain licenses: Single License, Ten-License Pack, and Unlimited License.

The Single License subscription costs $499 for the lifetime plan and $199 for the annual plan. This plan provides a license that can be used on a single domain.

For those who require more domain licenses, the ten-License Pack subscription is available. This costs $899 for the lifetime plan and $399 for the annual plan. With this plan, you can use Tutor LMS on up to ten domains.

The Unlimited License subscription is ideal for educational institutes or businesses with multiple domains.

This plan allows you to use Tutor LMS on an unlimited number of domains. The lifetime plan for the Unlimited License subscription costs $1899, while the annual plan is priced at $799.

Why you should Grab Tutor LMS?

Tutor LMS Features

These are some notable features that made Tutor LMS different from any other LMS platform. The core plugin offers these amazing features at a very affordable price. 

  • Email Notifications: Keep learners and instructors informed with personalized email templates, ensuring effective communication and engagement throughout the learning journey.
  • Question Types and Advanced Quiz Creation: Craft compelling quizzes using diverse question types, and interactive elements like Image Matching and Pattern Matching, and limit quiz attempts to encourage excellence.
  • Payment Gateways: Seamlessly integrate multiple payment gateways, including bank transfers, to ensure secure and hassle-free transactions for course enrollments.
  • Certificate Templates and Builder: Design and customize certificates that stand out, whether you’re acknowledging course completion or creating unique certificates from scratch.
  • Instructor Profiles and Detailed Reports: Gain insights into learners’ progress and instructors’ performance through detailed reports and profiles, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Content Security and Advanced Filters: Safeguard your course content and maintain control with robust content security and advanced filtering options.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Enable learners to access courses on the go, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices.
  • Centralized Monetization Settings: Streamline revenue generation with centralized settings, making it a breeze for tutors to manage their earnings.
  • Plugin Updates and Compatibility: Benefit from continuous plugin updates that keep your platform secure and compatible with the latest technologies.
  • Customizable Certificates: Create stunning certificates from scratch or modify existing templates with an intuitive certificate builder and setup page.
  • Interactive Quizzes and Enhanced Learning: Leverage interactive quizzes, including Image Answering, to foster engagement and facilitate effective learning.
  • Personalized Dashboard and Notification Bar: Enhance the learner experience with a personalized dashboard and a notification bar to keep them informed.

Is it Worth Investing in a Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime License?

Tutor LMS Pro Features

A Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime License offers users the opportunity to access this powerful online course platform for an unlimited period of time, making it a highly attractive option for those seeking long-term value.

In addition to lifetime access, users also benefit from continuous updates, ensuring that they always have access to the latest features and functionalities.

The lifetime license comes in three different options, allowing users to choose the number of domain licenses that best suit their needs.

While the initial investment may appear higher compared to annual plans, the long-term benefits and savings make investing in a Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime License a worthwhile choice.

Whether you are an individual looking to create and sell online courses or an educational institute or business with multiple domains, a Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime License provides a robust and cost-effective solution for your e-learning needs.

Can You Upgrade to a Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription?

Great news for Tutor LMS users! If you’re enjoying the benefits of Tutor LMS and want to take your e-learning experience to the next level, you can upgrade to a Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription. With this upgrade, you’ll have access to all the advanced features and functionality for a lifetime.

To upgrade to a Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription, simply contact our customer support team within the first 60 days of your initial purchase. They will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded plan.

The best part is that the cost of upgrading to a Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription is discounted based on the number of days that have passed since your original purchase. So the sooner you decide to upgrade, the more you save!

Do You Have to Pay Full Price for Lifetime Subscription When Upgrading?

When it comes to upgrading to a Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription, the pricing is quite flexible and depends on a few factors.

Firstly, if you decide to upgrade within the first 60 days of your initial purchase, you’ll only pay the difference between the cost of the lifetime subscription and the amount you originally paid.

Another factor to consider is that the cost of the upgrade may be discounted based on the number of days that have passed since your original purchase. So if you upgrade sooner rather than later, you can enjoy even more savings.

However, it’s important to note that if you upgrade after your license has expired, no discount will be available. This means that you would need to pay the full price for the Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription.

So if you’re considering upgrading to a lifetime subscription, it’s a good idea to do it within the first 60 days of your initial purchase to take advantage of the discounted pricing based on the number of days that have passed.

How to Pay for Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription Upgrade?

To pay for a Tutor LMS lifetime subscription upgrade, the process begins with contacting customer support for a discount coupon. Once you have the coupon, you can proceed with the payment.

To complete the upgrade, you will need to provide your card or PayPal details. This ensures a smooth and secure payment experience.

When it comes to pricing options, Tutor LMS offers a lifetime plan that provides significant cost savings compared to other subscription options. By opting for the lifetime plan, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Tutor LMS without the worry of recurring payments.

Upgrading to a lifetime subscription ensures that you have access to all the advanced functionalities and handy features offered by Tutor LMS. It also includes lifetime updates, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and enhancements.

Investing in a Tutor LMS lifetime subscription upgrade is a smart choice for those who are committed to long-term e-learning success.

It provides convenience, value, and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating and delivering resourceful courses to your audience. Take advantage of the discount coupon and secure your Tutor LMS lifetime subscription today.

How To Get a 30% Discount?

Teachable offers a 30% flat discount to non-profit organizations. If you are one from the non-profit organization simply contact them from the business email and you will be able to get a flat 30% discount on Tutor LMS.


The Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription is a cost-effective and efficient option for accessing advanced features and handy functionalities.

With significant cost savings compared to other subscription options, this lifetime plan guarantees all the benefits of Tutor LMS without recurring payments.

One of the notable benefits of the Tutor LMS Lifetime Subscription is its compatibility with popular page builders, allowing seamless integration into your existing website. This ensures a personalized and cohesive learning experience for your users.

So if you are looking for the best course builder at an affordable price, the Tutor LMS lifetime deal is worth trying. 

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