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Without further ado, let’s have a quick look at what is MonsterInsights and how it can help. Then enjoy the MonsterInsights Coupon code if you are convinced!

What Is MonsterInsights?

What is MonsterInsights
Monsterinsights discount code

MonsterInsights is a data analytics tool that provides insights into how people use the web and how they are connected to others, including many millions of social media users. 

Why Use MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights Promo Code
Monsterinsights promo codes

Using MonsterInsights, you can see all of these important analytics data at a glance.

The software simplifies the process by providing only the information that is useful to you as the website owner, excluding everything else.

You can choose from different tabs that offer the correct data for any question you may have.

  • Find out what topics your audience enjoys – this will help you create better content.
  • Understand how your audience found your website – this can help you develop more targeted marketing strategies.
  • Keeping track of your audience conversion will assist you in converting more visitors into customers.

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Monsterinsights coupon code: Features

MonsterInsights Features
Monsterinsights promo code
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Real-time Stats
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Universal Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Forms Tracking
  • Ads Tracking
  • File Download Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Popular Post Tracking
  • Page-Level Analytics
  • Referral Tracking
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Google AMP
  • FB Instant Article

MonsterInsights Pricing: How Much Does MonsterInsight Cost?

MonsterInsights Promo Code
Monsterinsights discount codes

MonsterInsights offers a free version with basic features. If you want to take advantage of all that this tool has to offer, you should opt for a premium subscription. You can choose from three options:

  • Agency – To help marketing and web development companies increase their flow.
  • Pro – Designed for eCommerce sites and businesses looking for quick results.
  • Plus – For publishers and small businesses interested in doing more

Pricing: Starts at $199/year

Type: Subscription-based pricing

Free trial: Not available.

MonsterInsights Lite is available for free. You can use it for an unlimited time.

How To Get MonsterInsights Discount Code?

MonsterInsights offer different type of discounts entire the year. This time they are offering 60% OFF.

You can easily enjoy the MonsterInsights Discount code using the following steps-

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MonsterInsights Landing Page
Monsterinsights coupons

Step 2: Click on the “Get MonsterInsights Now” option and choose the one that will be your best suit.

MonsterInsights Pricing
Monsterinsights coupons

Step 3: You have to wait for a moment for the popup that will show you the 60% MonsterInsights Discount Code.

MonsterInsights Discount Code
Monsterinsights coupons

Step 4: Your MonsterInsights Discount is applied-

MonsterInsights Discount Code
Monsterinsights coupon codes

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MonsterInsights Checkout
Monsterinsights coupon


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5 Reasons Millions of Users Love MonsterInsights

Best MonsterInsights Coupon Codes

The following reasons will convince you that MonsterInsights is the best option for smart business owners, marketers, and developers!

1. (No coding required) Install Google Analytics on your WordPress site in minutes.

Monsterinsights WordPress plugin makes it easy to set up Google Analytics, add event tracking, configure eCommerce tracking, and more, without having to hire a developer or know any code. 

MonsterInsights Logins
Monsterinsights coupons

The right way to set up Google Analytics in WordPress is “effortless” with MonsterInsights. It only takes a few clicks to enable the features you want, no coding is required!

2. Discover Your Website Visitors’ Interests

The Audience Report shows you which country your visitors are from, what they are most interested in, what device they are using, their age and gender, and a whole lot more.

MonsterInsights Dashboard
Monsterinsights promo codes

3. Analyze How People Find & Use Your Website

You can find out exactly how people found your website, which keywords they searched for, who referred them, and what they clicked on.

MonsterInsights Discount Codes
Monsterinsights promo code

These insights can help you identify low-hanging fruit, new partnerships, and areas for focus!

4. Focus on the important content

When it comes to discovering your visitors’ interests, MonsterInsights eliminates the guesswork.

You can analyze and optimize your content for higher conversions using our content report.

5. Keep track of all your store metrics

All of your eCommerce questions can be answered in one report based on all the data you provide.

Monsterinsights discounts
Monsterinsights coupon code

You can see important eCommerce metrics such as total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, the top products, and the top referral sources in MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights best coupons
Monsterinsights promo codes

Pros & Cons of MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights Coupon Codes

Pros of MonsterInsights

  • User-friendly: MonsterInsights is an intuitive plugin that is easy to install and use. Users do not need to have any technical expertise to use this plugin.
  • Comprehensive tracking: The plugin tracks a wide range of metrics, including pageviews, bounce rate, sessions, and more. It provides a complete picture of website performance.
  • Customizable reports: Users can create custom reports based on their specific needs. They can also schedule reports to be sent to their email regularly.
  • GDPR compliant: MonsterInsights is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which means that it ensures the privacy of user data.
  • Integration with other plugins: The plugin seamlessly integrates with other WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and Easy Digital Downloads, providing more insights into user behaviour and performance.

Cons of MonsterInsights

  • Cost: The plugin is not free and requires a subscription to access all of its features. The cost varies depending on the subscription level, and it can be expensive for some users.
  • Limited data sampling: In lower subscription levels, the plugin only tracks a limited amount of data, which may not be sufficient for some users. To track more data, users need to upgrade to a higher subscription level.

FAQs Related To MonsterInsights Discount Coupon

Here are some FAQs related to MonsterInsights-

1. Is MonsterInsights the same as Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that helps you understand your website, and visitors, while MonsterInsights is a plugin for WordPress that lets you connect Google Analytics to WordPress.

2. What does MonsterInsights do?

It’s the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. You can easily connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics with MonsterInsights.

3. Is MonsterInsights reliable?

It is a trusted plugin that has over 3 million active installations. There is no doubt that MonsterInsights is one of the top WordPress plugins in the world.

4. MonsterInsights is free or paid?

There are two versions of MonsterInsights: MonsterInsights Lite and MonsterInsights Plus/Pro/Elite. It’s free to use MonsterInsights Lite

Conclusion on MonsterInsights Coupon Codes

So, if you are thinking of buying MonsterInsights to grow your business. This MonsterInsights Discount code is the best deal for you!

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I hope this MonsterInsights Coupon code article helped you to save your money.

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