6 Best Shared Hosting Plans For New Websites
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Top 6 Best Shared Hosting Plans For New Websites In 2024

Do you wanna know the best shared hosting plans for new websites without reading the whole article? It’s Bluehost!

Web hosting has different categories according to website size. The shared hosting services for new websites, VPS hosting and cloud hosting for rapidly growing websites, and the dedicated hosting plans are big large enterprise-level agencies.

If you are at the entry-level, you will need shared hosting. Because it’s not mandatory to host your new websites on any huge plan until you receive a ton of traffic.

It’s the best way to save money on hosting purchases. For the newbies who wanna start a website from scratch, Bluehost has a perfect plan for them with a free domain, free SSL, Free CDN, and many more with the best-shared hosting services!

These are some Top 6 best-shared web hosting plans:

How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting For You

You have to be careful while choosing a web hosting company. Because if you choose the wrong provider, it can break your business. That’s why there are some important factors you need to consider before buying a hosting plan.

Let’s check what you should check while buying a hosting plan for new websites.

1. Website Speed

Website speed is the most important factor you have to keep in your consideration. Because if your readers face a slow speed while surfing on your site, they will leave your site immediately which will cause you a high bounce rate.

A high bounce rate definitely impacts your SEO negatively. So, you have to choose a reliable hosting company that won’t frustrate you with low site speed.

2. Uptime

Uptime is another crucial factor you have to make sure of. If people can’t access your site due to downtime, you are going to lose tons of traffic.

Downtime is a common issue in the hosting industry. But you have to make sure which web hosting providers are offering the maximum uptime.

Some hosting providers offer a 100% uptime guarantee. If they fail, they will be compensated with a good fine. But this happens only with Cloud Hosting plans.

If you are choosing shared hosting go with the web hosting provider that offers 99.99% uptime. For a new website, this uptime is enough!

3. Website Traffic

Best shared hosting for new websites should be able to accommodate more than 10k monthly visits.

You should choose a hosting plan that can easily accommodate a 50k monthly visit to have a good web surfing experience.

If you go for this plan, your website can easily handle any traffic hike if any one of your content goes viral. If the website traffic starts increasing rapidly go for the cloud hosting plan.

4. Website Security

You must get a free SSL certificate as a security tool with your shared hosting plan. Besides this many hosting companies offers website security tools like protection from Malware, brute force attack, and many more!

So keep an eye on which hosting plan is offering the maximum security weapons.

5. Bandwidth & Storage

The majority of hosting provider comes with limited bandwidth and storage. If you have restrictions on your bandwidth, your website won’t be able to accommodate a high-traffic hike.

You may need additional bandwidth for your website to upload videos, images, and other heavy files.

You will see many hosting providers are offering unlimited bandwidth that they don’t provide. So you have to be picky in that case.

A renounced hosting can play a vital role in that matter. As they are renounced because of their committed service.

Storage should also be another important priority. The more storage you will get, the more you can store your data. So go for a high storage hosting provider.

6. Customer Support

You will need assistance from your hosting provider if you are totally new in this industry. When you face any issues related to your web host, make sure your hosting provider is there for you.

Choose a hosting provider that offers 24/7/365 fast support. If you ask for WordPress help you should try the Managed WordPress hosting plans.

Types of Different Shared Hosting Providers

I have already told you about the different types of shared hosting companies. There is some distinction within the shared hosting category itself.

Before getting started about the different types of shared hosting services for new websites, I wanna explain in brief the following shared hosting types:

1. Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is a type of hosting agent that is recommended for people who are in the web designing industry.

Many developers love to rely on the cPanel to manage their hosting platform. Cause it’s easy to operate cPanel on the Linux platform and with cPanel it’s easy to maintain all the development work in a single place.

2. Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is based on the Windows operating system. Generally, almost every hosting plan is based on the Linux platform.

I don’t wanna confuse you with so many types of hosting plans. You can easily go with the Linux platform.

3. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting option is only designed for WordPress users. This hosting plan will take care of all WordPress-related issues.

You will get one-click WordPress installation, Auto backups, and many other features with WordPress hosting.

4. Managed Web Hosting

Managed hosting plans are costlier than any other traditional shared hosting. With managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to concentrate on your hosting anymore, they will do it for you.

You don’t need any managed WordPress hosting to start your website or blog. You can do it with any shared plan.

The main advantage of starting with managed WordPress hosting is that it will take care of all your WordPress issues.

5. Third-Party Hosting Provider

There are many domain registrars and website builders that are also offering web hosting facilities nowadays. Don’t buy your hosting from any of these companies.

Best Shared Hosting Plans For New Websites

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is first one of the best shared hosting companies that are highly recommended by WordPress itself.

Bluehost is empowering more than two million websites around the world. This web host has been recommended by WordPress for the last 15+ years and is one of the best-shared hosting providers.

There are some other reasons that made this hosting one of the top hostings of this article. Let’s have a look-

  • Free domain & SSL certificate
  • Free $200 marketing credit
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free email accounts
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • 24/7 support team

You can grab some extras like Cloudflare CDN, domain privacy & protection, spam protection, SiteLock, CodeGuard, and multi-server management with Bluehost.

Check Bluehost Black Friday Deals.

2. GreenGeeks

The best-shared hosting company with  eco friendly features

GreenGeeks is unique because of its hosting type. This is the most eco-friendly hosting out there.

Though this hosting is not the most popular and recognized one, because of its eco-friendly hosting service this is becoming popular nowadays.

There are some other reasons this hosting is ranking at the top of my list:

  • Free domain registration & SSL certificate
  • Free nightly backup features
  • Free CDN service to experience high-speed surfing
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free site transfer feature
  • The Light Speed cache included in every plan
  • Blazing-fast customer support
  • Great speed and scalability
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Security scanning & proactive server monitoring and so on!

The most interesting fact about this hosting I love is working for Word’s environment while sleeping.

When you sign up with this hosting plan, you can feel safe about your site and world. GreenGeeks starts their plan with a $2.49/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals.

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3. DreamHost

Best shared web hosting plans

Dreamhost is one of the most reliable and reputable hosting solutions in this industry and one of the best-shared web hosts.

Nowadays more than 1.5 million websites are hosted on DreamHost. They are so confident in their hosting service that all of the hosting plans include a 97-day money-back guarantee.

This hosting is also highly recommended by WordPress. You will get a wide range of hosting solutions including feature-rich shared plans on DreamHost.

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Hosting plans start at 2.59/Month with the following key features:

  • Free domain for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-click WordPress Installation
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited websites for the upgraded plan
  • Automatic backup feature
  • Automatic WordPress update feature
  • 24/7 fast customer support
  • High-speed SSD storage & email hosting

This hosting provider is the first choice of many developers because of its advanced features like CGI scripts, crontab access, full Unix shell, unlimited SFTP users, unlimited MySQL databases, and many more!

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4. Hostinger

Best shared web hosting plans

If you have a very low budget, then Hostinger can help you. Their shared hosting plan starts only at $.99/month. This is the lowest shared hosting out there and offers the best shared hosting service.

Though Hostinger offers the cheapest shared hosting plan, they don’t compromise their hosting quality. You will get all the possible features at a low price like any other web hosting company.

That’s why this hosting is also listed as one of the best-shared hosting services for new websites. You can check the key features as follows-

  • 24/7/365 blazing-fast support
  • Single-click WordPress installation
  • Great uptime and fast loading speed
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • 30 days money back guarantee

To get the $.99/month shared hosting provider, you have to go for the longest period of the contract. You will need to lock in a 48-month contract for that.

Check Hostinger Black Friday Deals.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 shared web hosting plans ensure the fastest shared hosting services

If you are looking for one of the fast-loading and great-performance shared web hosting providers, A2 Hosting is a great choice.

Their turbo boost servers ensure a 20x faster hosting experience than any other traditional shared web hosting services.

These are some free features you will get with A2 Hosting:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • 24/7 fast customer support
  • Free automated backup features
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 30 days money back guarantee

A2 Hosting is offering suitable shared web hosts for new websites. If you already have a website you can switch to A2 Hosting without any site migration cost. They also offer WordPress hosting. So hosting a website with A2 Hosting has become easier.

Check A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals.

6. HostGator

Hostgator shared hosting space

HostGator is one of the most popular and oldest hosting service providers in the hosting industry.

Because of its beginner-friendly shared web host, HostGator has more than two million websites on its web server.

I Prefer the Cloud hosting plan of HostGator to the shared hosting. If you are looking for the best cloud hosting plan at a cheap price, HostGator is the best.

If your website is growing rapidly, try HostGator Cloud hosting. Key features HostGator Shared hosting plan offers:

  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Free site transfer
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free website builder with every plan

Check HostGator Black Friday Deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you should know about the Shared Hosts-

1. Is shared hosting any good?

Shared hosting can be a good option for individuals and small businesses with a limited budget. It allows multiple websites to share the same server resources, which reduces the cost. However, it may not be suitable for websites with high traffic or complex functionality.

2. Which hosting is best for multiple domains?

If you are planning to host multiple websites, the managed hosting plan will be perfect. But if you are on a tight budget but wanna host multiple websites, you can go with Bluehost.

3. How much does average shared hosting cost?

The cost of shared hosting can vary depending on the provider and the plan you choose. On average, shared hosting can cost between $2 to $15 per month.

4. Is shared hosting risky?

Shared hosting can pose some security risks as you are sharing server resources with other websites. Reputable hosting providers implement security measures to minimize these risks, and you can also take steps like keeping your software updated and using strong passwords to protect your website.

5. Which is better cloud hosting or shared hosting?

Cloud Hosting is better than shared hosting. It has the capability to tackle sudden traffic spikes of viral posts.

Final Words

You will need a hosting plan to launch your website online. If you are just getting started with a new website, the shared hosting plans are the best option.

There are thousands of hosting providers out there. But the recommended ones are top-rated hosting providers.

You can grab any one of the above-mentioned hostings without any worry. They are the best in this web hosting industry.

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