How to find a profitable blogging niche

How To Find A Profitable Blogging Niche+{100 Niche Ideas}

Do you wanna know how to find a profitable blogging niche in 2024?

You are at the right place!

A profitable blog niche is not just what you love or are passionate about. You may start blogging with the niche you love or are passionate about. But it’s not guaranteed that you can succeed in that niche.

To succeed in the blogging industry you have to choose a profitable blogging topic.

It’s very important to find a good niche for building a successful blog. If you try a niche that has too much competition your blog will be defeated by the high authority websites or blogs.

On the other hand, if you choose a smaller niche that has no demand, you will get no traffic and no target audience.

That’s why all you need to do is choose a niche that is in the middle and you can monetize easily.

In this article, you will learn-

  • What is a blogging niche?
  • How to find the most profitable blog niches
  • Which blogging niches you should avoid

What Is A Niche?

What is a profitable blog niche?

Niche is the specific area of marketing that works with particular requirements, products, and customers. In the niche market, a very specific product gets more focus.

For example, You wanna work in clothing. There are several types of clothing like men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear and so on.

If you wanna work with a more specific area of clothing, You can work with men’s clothing. You can choose a niche to specify the area you wanna work with. That’s all!

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How To Brainstorm Your Blog Niche Ideas

How to find profitable blog niches

Brainstorming your profitable blog niche idea can be an exciting process. Some bloggers know what they are doing and what they are going to write blog posts about.

However, newbies can face a hard time during choosing a blog niche. There are some methods that I have used to start a blog that comes up with potential blog niche ideas.

Let’s dive in

1. List your Interest

Write down a list of all the things that you are interested in. It does not matter whether that’s a good blogging niche or not. Just write it down! You will come to know in the below if your niche blog is profitable or not.

2. List Your Reading Materials

Write down the names of all Magazines, Blogging websites, and content I already have read and check if you can come up with any blog niche ideas.

I launched a WordPress blog after seeing a distance measurement tool on Amazon.

The website is getting me $1500 per month with just 50 articles there. All you need to find the right product to promote and target the right customer to sell.

3. List Your Hobbies, Experiences and Jobs

Don’t hesitate to write down anything you like to do. No matter it’s cooking, gardening, playing or music.

You may find there are some elements of your work or hobbies that you can be passionate about and turn into a profitable business.

Don’t hesitate to explore a wide range of interests as this process is all about discovering what you are most excited to write about.

And writing blog posts was never been easier with the help of AI tools like Jasper & Surfer SEO.

You can see that your simple hobbies like Gardening and cooking can be a huge source of income. Google Trends is proof-

Screenshot of Cooking Market Demand:

Google Trends of Cooking

Screenshot of Gardening Market Demand:

Google Trends of Gardening

Pro Tip: You have to do more in-depth research before starting a profitable blog. These screenshots are shown as examples.

You have completed the above steps but are still not able to convince yourself to start a blog with that particular topic that you are passionate about or you are experienced with.

Now you can consider trying the perennially popular topics like personal finance, health and wellness, parenting blog, self-improvement and building websites.

It’s important to choose a blog niche that you are passionate about for faster writing and enjoyable writing experience for you and reading experience for your readers.

But if your article is not monetizable or can not bring you money, you can feel demotivated and give up on blogging.

That’s why it’s important to find a blog niche that is both profitable and you love working on this topic.

Nowadays bloggers focus more on profit rather than working on Passion. Many AI writing tools can help you write blog posts on any topic without hiring a blog content writer or investing much.

How To Find A Profitable Blog Niches: Step By Step Guide

In this article, we will try to introduce some important points that will help you to find a profitable blogging niche without wasting your time-

Step 1: Choose a Niche That You Are Passionate About

Most bloggers quit because of not choose a blog niche they are passionate about. So, it’s important to choose a blogging niche you love to learn and talk about.

You are now worried about how to get started.

Trust me, it’s okay.

All you need to do is surf the internet to check how other bloggers got started with the same topic you wanna start your blogging.

Write down at least 10 top blog posts from the same niche. You will get an idea of how to get started.

Don’t ever copy-paste others’ blog posts. It’s unethical. Moreover, it will hurt the author’s Google page rank. Google can penalize your blog due to having duplicate content.

You should just take an idea of the niche from a certain blog post. Expand the article with your own thoughts, and publish it. that’s it!

Step 2: Do Your Market Research

To make sure your niche is profitable and has a huge market, you have to do some market research.

For example, travelling is your favourite hobby. You want to see the market demand for travelling and the competition for this top.

Go to  Google Trends and search for ‘travelling” to check if this topic has any interest and how many people are searching for it.

Travelling is a profitable blogging niche

This graph will show the most important data if your topic is stable or not. If you avoid a topic that is declining in interest, you will be able to build a blog that will last long.

In the picture, you are seeing that ‘‘travelling is a good topic to start and it’s increasing for the last 5 years and continues to rise in interest. You can be sure of your blog that will drive the topic for years in future.

Step 3: Pick A More Specific Niche

Now let’s check how many competitors you have in this ‘travelling’‘ niche. Just search your topic on Google and check how many search results appear for the niche.

Travelling niche for blog

You can see that there is a huge competition on this topic, So you have to try for a more specific topic.

travel accessories

You can SEMRush to find out high-competitive or low-competitive keywords for your blog.

You can check the related search in the above picture to make your niche more specific. You can start a blog on “Travel accessories”. Do some market research to check whether this niche is stable or not on Google Trends.

Note: I am showing the way how you can get this process done. You don’t need to start your blog on travelling.

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Step 4: Pick The Profitable Niche

If you wanna make sure to earn from a blog then you have to make sure that you have picked a profitable blog niche. The easiest way to test if your topic is the right choice or not, check for the topic on Google.

If you see people spending money on AdWords to advertise their product for the same keyword related to the niche then be sure you have picked the great niche.

travelling niche the profitable niche

You can join TravelPayouts for promoting their hotel and flight deals which will allow you 50%-70% of their commission. Besides, you can sell Amazon’s products on your blog.

As you see I have used “Travel Trolly” as a search key and found that someone is investing money in that keyword. That means that keywords can be profitable to target.

You have to make sure that you are targeting the low competitive one. SEMrush can help you to find the lowest competitive keywords that are easy to rank on the top.

Step 5: Identify The Problem In Your Niche

If you can identify what kind problem of people are looking for solutions to on Google in your niche, trust me you are gonna make good money.

For example, People are gaining weight and you can help people lose weight without any physical harm.

If you identify what type of problem you can solve in your niche. And start writing about those solutions.

Let’s have a look once again at what you have to do before choosing a profitable blogging niche-

  • Choose a niche that is profitable and passionate to you.
  • Use Google Trends to check if the niche demand is going up or down.
  • Try to focus on as specific a niche as you can.
  • Find out which keyword people are spending their money on. Because people target the keywords only those that are profitable.
  • Make sure you have enough expertise to solve every problem in your niche.

100 Most Profitable Blogging Niches

most profitable blog niches

Blogging has become the most popular content marketing strategy for individuals and online businesses to express their ideas and share their expertise with a broader audience.

If you can select the right niche, it will become easier to be successful in your blogging journey.

Most of the blogging niches are highly competitive but lucrative. You can make huge money if you can narrow down your niche, find the low competitive keyword and work with the niche consistently for 6 months.

Every niche I have mentioned here is one of the best blog niches. Each of them has the potential to generate huge revenue and create a loyal readership.

All you need to follow the proper strategy to narrow down the niche and work on the project consistently.

Here is the list of the 100 Most profitable blogging niches for your quick preview-

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Beauty and skincare
  4. Food and cooking
  5. Travel
  6. Parenting
  7. Fitness and exercise
  8. Fashion and style
  9. Technology and gadgets
  10. DIY and home improvement
  11. Sports and Fitness
  12. Business and entrepreneurship
  13. Personal development and self-improvement
  14. Education and tutoring
  15. Relationships and dating
  16. Gaming
  17. Photography
  18. Art and design
  19. Marketing and advertising
  20. Music and entertainment
  21. News and current events
  22. Politics and social issues
  23. Science and technology
  24. Green living and sustainability
  25. Home and Garden
  26. Career advice and job search
  27. Personal branding and career development
  28. Creative writing and literature
  29. Mental health and therapy
  30. Fitness and nutrition for specific populations (e.g. seniors, kids, pregnant women)
  31. History and Culture
  32. Language learning and teaching
  33. Religion and spirituality
  34. Philosophy and ethics
  35. Law and legal advice
  36. Pet care and training
  37. Gardening and landscaping
  38. Outdoors and adventure
  39. Survival and prepping
  40. Minimalism and decluttering
  41. Frugal living and budgeting
  42. Real estate and property management
  43. Interior design and home decor
  44. Parenting for specific demographics (e.g. single parents, adoptive parents)
  45. Education and resources for specific industries (e.g. healthcare, finance)
  46. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  47. Personal safety and security
  48. Craft and DIY tutorials
  49. Public speaking and communication
  50. Charity and philanthropy
  51. Online business and e-commerce
  52. Productivity and time management
  53. Meditation and mindfulness
  54. Spirituality and the occult
  55. Social media marketing
  56. Stock trading and investing
  57. Fashion and beauty for specific body types or genders
  58. Travel for specific demographics (e.g. solo travellers, family travellers)
  59. Animal welfare and conservation
  60. Fitness and exercise for specific sports or activities
  61. Addiction recovery and support
  62. Alternative medicine and healing
  63. Dance and choreography
  64. Comedy and humour
  65. Food and cooking for specific diets (e.g. vegan, gluten-free)
  66. Event planning and management
  67. Freelancing and consulting
  68. Graphic design and digital art
  69. Life coaching and mentoring
  70. Personal finance for specific demographics (e.g. students, retirees)
  71. Podcasting and audio production
  72. Video production and editing
  73. Online dating and matchmaking
  74. Beauty and fashion for specific ethnicities or cultures
  75. Self-defence and martial arts
  76. Automotive and car culture
  77. History and Genealogy
  78. Alternative energy and green technology
  79. Fantasy and science fiction
  80. Game development and programming
  81. Writing and publishing
  82. Yoga and Pilates
  83. Crossfit and weightlifting
  84. Cycling and bike culture
  85. Surfing and water sports
  86. Hunting and fishing
  87. Beauty and skincare for specific skin types
  88. Social justice and activism
  89. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  90. Cybersecurity and data protection
  91. Hiking and backpacking
  92. Makeup artistry and tutorials
  93. DIY and home improvement for specific areas (e.g. kitchen, bathroom)
  94. Entrepreneurship for specific industries (e.g. food, tech)
  95. Green living for specific regions (e.g. urban,)
  96. Software and App Development
  97. Personal Development for Introverts
  98. Book Reviews and Recommendations
  99. Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  100. Freelancing and Remote Work

I can show you some blog niche website examples that are dominating search engines and earning a good amount of money.

All you need to find out about competitors and find out how they have gotten started and how you can get started through proper keyword research.

Some Most Profitable Blogging Niche Examples Are Given Below-

Example 1: The Balance> The Personal Finance Niche

The Balance Website

The Balance has been operating for over 20 years and boasts a readership of 160 million per month.

The blog has an archive of 14,000 articles, and its team of expert writers delves into the finer details of personal finance, providing valuable insights. If you wanna try this blog niche, you can get an idea from this website.

Example 2: The IT Security Guru> Personal Safety and Security Niche

IT Security is a reliable source of daily news that covers breaking developments in the IT security industry.

Their content offering includes articles, videos, webinars, analyses, case studies, and a dedicated section that highlights the latest cybersecurity scams and recent hacks.

The platform offers valuable insights into various aspects of the industry, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in IT security.

Example 3: CoinSutra> Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

CoinSutra Blog

CoinSutra was founded in 2016 by Harsh Agarwal to educate people worldwide about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The website helps to simplify the complexities of Blockchain technology and present them in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.

If you are thinking of sharing your cryptocurrency expertise and Blockchain technology tips through blogging, you can check his website to get an idea.

Example 4: Android Authority> Software and App Development Blog Niche

Android Authority Website Example

This is a one-stop shop for everything related to Android, from apps to games to phones.

You will get details reviews of the latest Android updates, features, development issues and best Android apps to install on your phone.

Every month millions of readers visit their website and get their queries solved. If you are a techy person with expertise in Android and app development, this blog niche can be profitable for you.

You can visit their website to learn how they get started and how you should start your blogging in that particular blog niche.

Example 5: The Drive>Automotive and Car Culture Blog Niches

The Drive

The Drive is an online publication dedicated to providing the latest news, reviews, and opinions on all things related to the automotive industry.

The site covers a wide range of topics, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, racing, and technology.

One of The Drive’s unique features is its team of expert writers and contributors who are passionate about the automotive industry and bring their unique perspectives to the coverage.

The Drive is also known for its focus on the lifestyle and culture surrounding the automotive industry.

It covers various automotive events, car shows, and festivals and features exclusive interviews with industry insiders and car enthusiasts.

If you are passionate about the automotive industry, you can follow the website and plan your blogging strategy that way.

Which Is The Most Profitable Niche For Blogging?

Identifying the most profitable niche blogging can be influenced by several factors, including your areas of expertise, interests, the audience you want to target, and the level of competition.

These are some popular niches that offer potential for profit in blogging include:

1. Personal Finance

The personal finance niche covers topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and money management.

With an increasing number of people searching for financial advice and strategies, this blog topic has a high demand and potential for monetization through advertising, affiliate marketing, online courses and sponsored content.

2. Health and Fitness

This blog niche covers everything under health and fitness like exercise, diet, mental health, and overall wellness.

Nowadays more people becoming health-conscious and looking for ways to stay fit.

That’s why the health niche has high demand and potential for monetization through sponsorships, product sales, and advertising.

3. Technology

The technology niches cover topics like software, gadgets, and technology news. With the rapid growth of technology, This blog niche has become the main target of many pro bloggers. There are thousands of bloggers who are making huge from this niche.

4. Food and Recipes

This is an evergreen niche. As the population of the world is increasing, the popularity of cooking shows, online recipe platforms, and blogs is increasing.

So there is huge potential for earning if you work in this niche. All you need to learn is to narrow down your niche and target the low competitive category or micro niche blog to drive quick traffic and get quick sales.

5. Travel

International travel has been a significant contributor to the US economy, with visitors spending billions of dollars annually.

In 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, international visitors spent a whopping $233.5 billion while exploring the United States. This amounted to an injection of nearly $640 million every day into the US economy.

So you can understand the potential of this blog niche.

Which Niches You Should Avoid?

There are some blog niche topics that is highly profitable but you should avoid them-

  • Blogging
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO

You should avoid these three niches because there are so many experts available in this field already. The competition is very high. If you are thinking of starting your career in these three categories, it will be hard for you to succeed.

I am not saying it’s impossible to start your career in these three areas. But you will really face a hard time if you focus on this area.

What are the most profitable blog niches
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Why you should avoid these three Blog niches mainly?

Number One: When a newbie blogger comes to learn about blogging. They spend some time on someone’s blog to learn blogging, affiliate marketing and SEO.

When he achieves some knowledge, s/he starts thinking that s/he can also start a blog in that niche and that’s very easy. They start their blogging in the blogging topics and make this niche highly competitive.

The ratio of this kind of new bloggers is almost 40%. I personally know some people who I taught how to start blogging and in a few days, they started their blog on how to start blogging! That’s why this niche is very competitive.

Number Two: The Blog niched blogger promotes web hosting that’s why this niche is also highly competitive. On the other hand, there is some giant web hosting niche that is dominating the first page all the time. So, there is no place for a newbie like you.

Number Three: The SEO niche is also very hard to rank. Because there are already so many SEO experts who are dominating SERPs. It will take a lot of skills, money, and resources to beat them.

Note: I am telling you again! It’s not hard to beat them at all. If you can master your skill that way, it’s easy to beat any blogging, SEO and web hosting niched site.

4 Steps To Valided Your Profitable Blogging Niche

Finding the right blog niche is important to build a successful blogging website. Now it’s crucial to check if you can last with this blogging niche till the last or not.

Days are gone when people would blog about what they are passionate about. At that time blogging industry was lowly competitive but now time has changed.

It has become a competitive industry and you have to find not only a low competitive but also a profitable blog niche to get success and earn a living.

So before launching your blog, it’s important to validate your niche ideas to ensure you are going to enjoy blogging about them and there is a good chance of monetizing them.

A few years back, there was a time when you had to hire a content writer to work on a niche that you had no idea about.

But nowadays AI tools have made this work extremely easy. Now you can work on any niche without any kind of writer’s block.

Now here are the four strategies you can use to validate your blog niche. Simply –

1. Make Sure Your Niche Has At Least 50 Articles To Write

There was a time when you had to brainstorm a lot to create new blog post ideas. AI tools like Jasper AI and ChatGPT made it easier for you.

All you need to ask them to generate blog post ideas with your blog topic, and they will generate hundreds of blog post ideas in minutes for you.

As they are AI tools sometimes they can produce irrelevant data. So you have to give a human touch to those blog post ideas.

If you can ensure that you can write enough articles and at least 50 articles for that particular niche, you can go with that blog niche.

Don’t publish fully AI-generated content on your blog. Use AI to get ideas about your blogging topic and write yourself as sometimes AI writers produce irrelevant important that is harmful to YMYL

2. Publish Some Guest Posts

Choose some blogs that will be interested in publishing your guest post. You can cover your topics for their audience. If the audience loves your content, you can try the blog niche.

If you received negative feedback, it will be good to rethink the niche, because that’s the wrong niche for you. You can also use LinkedIn and Medium accounts to test your guest posts and readership.

If you practice this strategy, you will enjoy writing about your niche and the real-life feedback will help you to think this blogging niche will be good for you or not.

You can create a Facebook page or Group or LinkedIn Page in the same name that you will publish as a blog in the future.

This platform will help you to create a great community where you can share interesting links, ask questions and share tips related to your niche.

If you continue to engage with your audience in your community, you can attract a decent number of fans or group members to come and interact with you which will help you find a continual source of new content ideas.

If you start to see positive engagement and traction on your Facebook page or group, it’s a great sign that you could thrive as a blogger in this niche and build a loyal following.

4. Write Five Blog Post Related To Your Niche

Now it’s your turn to start outlining blog posts and writing those articles to test your mettle.

Writing and publishing some sample articles related to your niche is another important step in validating your blog niche.

All you need to create five pieces of content that don’t need to be perfect or published anywhere.

You can challenge yourself and gauge your interest and ability to write about the chosen topic through AI made is easier these days.

By performing these tests, you can test your capacity to generate captivating content and determine if you feel confident sharing it in the blogging niche you’re contemplating.

Here are some FAQs you should know before starting your blog-

1. In which niche should I start blogging?

It totally depends on your expertise and knowledge. Every niche has a huge potential if you can do it right. But personal finance, health, cooking and travelling have a huge earning potential.

2. How do you find low-competition niches?

You can discover low-competition niches by exploring markets that have high demands but low supply using SEO tools like Semrush.

3. What is a unique niche?

The unique niche is a topic that has not been explored yet by other bloggers or content creators. It’s only possible to find a unique niche if you have in-depth knowledge and expertise that no one has. This kind of niche may have a small audience but huge potential to earn.

4. Which niche has the highest traffic?

According to RankIQ, The food niche has the highest traffic and highest median monthly income among high-traffic blogs, accounting for 42.8%. The lifestyle blog’s niche is in second place, accounting for 13.3% of high-traffic blogs.

5. What is the Best Platform to get started with blogging?

WordPress is the most used content management platform to launch your blog online.

Final Words

I have shared just tips here. You don’t need to start your blog only with the travelling niche. You can do your own research.

You just need to start. But keep in mind that start with the profitable blog niche otherwise, you will become demotivated. But to succeed in the blogging industry consistency is a must-have characteristic.

Once you have selected your niche start producing quality content that ranks higher and drives traffic. You can use Jasper to write 10x faster and save your copywriting expenses.

I hope now you know how to the right niche for your blog. Thanks for spending a moment with me.

I hope you loved this post. You share your opinion via comment. I would love to hear from you. And please share this article with your friends and let them have a good start.

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  1. Hey Sayem,

    This is great and I wish I had found this article before starting my blog. First, I have to say that I’m not a popular blogger but within the last few years I have learned a lot about blogging by working on my small blog.

    According to my experience and articles, book, courses I found, most of the huge and popular bloggers have started their blogging career with a broader niche. Some even tried using several niches on the same blog. With time, they see analytics data and find the best performing niche and continue with that.

    I do not know how practical that method and I can’t guarantee that it works all the time but it is definitely a proven method. As an experienced blogger, what do you think about that?

    1. Hi Nirodha Abayalath,

      Thanks for stopping by. You should go for a more specific and smaller niche because there is huge competition out there. It can be more challenging to stand out with limited resources. If you work on specific products category or interests, it will more easy to describe and deliver what the audience wants to hear from you. You will get a fix audience or readers for your blog that will convert money. But only choosing a profitable niche is not enough. You have to keep your consistency.

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