How To Make MONEY Freelancing [Even If You Are A Beginner]

How To Make MONEY Freelancing [Even If You Are A Beginner]

Do you wanna know how to make money freelancing?

You are at the right place!

I am gonna share some insane ways that will teach you how you can make money freelancing.

So stay tuned and read till last that will help you to find out which will be your best suit.

I know many of my friends who have quit their 9-5 jobs and become full-time freelancers. Nowadays more people are into freelancing and the market is expanding day by day because of global digitalization.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing means working as an independent company rather than being employed by some other company. Freelancers work as self-employed and independent contractors.

People are talking about freelancing more than before. According to freelance stats, freelancers fulfil 35% of the global workforce.

There were more than 57 million freelancers in 2019. 75% of freelancers would never trade their freelancing task for any other kind of work!

How Does Freelancing Work?

A freelancer accepts payment for providing a part-time service to a company or individual.

For example, I have hired a writer from Fiverr. He has written a well-SEO-optimized blog post. I got the article delivered and the contract is finished there.

Most freelancers work as a retainer. A retainer refers to when you retain the services or right to someone’s time. Every month you can set the amount of time for the client, whether you have work full time or half time.

Why You Should Do Freelancing

Before learning how to make money freelancing, it’s important to know why you should freelance.

When you will jump into the freelancing industry you will enjoy a lot of flexibility and control over yourself. You can work from home, you can choose your working hours, way of work.

You will have total control over your earning potential. You are not locked into a salary structure. The more you can work, the more you can earn which is not possible in any 9-5 job industry.

You can become your boss and rule your life.

You will never get bored because freelancing has a variety of work for you. You can explore new things in your work.

It’s been seen that a freelancer doesn’t remain a freelancer forever. They build their own company eventually.

They hire other freelancers to build a full agency. Step by step they create their product to replace their task and they go back to their full-time work.

If you are a guy with no money, freelancing is the only way to make some money without spending or losing anything.

That’s why you should choose a freelancer and become financially free.

How To Make MONEY Freelancing

how to make money freelancing

You have learned why you should start freelancing. Now I will try to elaborate on how to make money freelancing. Don’t skip any paragraph. Each paragraph is correlated. So read till the last!

1. Pick A Niche

If you are an expert in everything. People are not going to hire you. Be good on a single topic. Improve your expertise.

For example, don’t promote yourself as an SEO expert, content writer, graphic designer, or as everything you know. Choose a particular category and work on it. Like if you are a web developer, focus more on that category.

When anyone needs to migrate their WordPress site, you can help them. If you are a graphic designer, target the clients who are looking for a graphic designer for their banners, logos, thumbnail or video editing, and other visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, and exhibitions.

Choose a niche that you are best at!

2. Be More Specific

The more specific you are about the service you offer, the better customer engagement will be. It will help you in both ways: branding and having control over your customers.

Don’t put all the eggs in the same basket. If you are a web developer, promote yourself as a web developer. Not a content writer just for earning money.

3. Define Your Target Customer

You have to figure out who are your target customers. Are you trying to help someday to develop a website or are you in content marketing strategy? Define your expertise and let your customers know how you can help them.

To make sure for whom you are going to work, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of problem I can solve with my service?
  • Is my service affordable for my customers?
  • Who is my target customer?

When you ask yourself these questions, you will come to know who is your target audiences and how to attract them.

4. Build A High-Quality Portfolio Website

If you really wanna make money freelancing, you have to take building a portfolio site seriously. A portfolio site will help you to showcase your expertise, highlight your past works and experiences, and describe yourself and your contact information.

The main purpose of a portfolio site is to let your customers know about you, the service you provide, the experience you have, and how you are solving people’s problems.

Once you are done with your portfolio site, make sure you have added the site link to your email signature and social media profile.

You can start your portfolio site with Bluehost and design your site the way you want with Elementor page builder.

You can check my Elementor pro review to see how this amazing tool works and will help you to build an amazing portfolio site.

5. Start Freelancing As A Side Hustle

I am a big fan of freelancing. As I mentioned many of my friends has become full-time freelancers and left their 9-5 jobs.

My suggestion is not to leave the job before starting your freelance work. Because after creating a high-quality portfolio site, it takes a good amount of time to build your brand and attract a good quantity of clients.

When you can make a good amount of money that will reduce the risk of leaving the job, then attempt to leave your job.

I know you will have a tight schedule and heavy workload for doing the job at a time. But trust me it will help you to learn how quickly you can deliver the client’s order.

You will be more selective while you will run two jobs at a time. As you won’t need any money at that time, you can go for high-ticket clients. and invest money in learning as you already have a backup of 9-5 jobs.

These will help you to stick with freelancing and you will become a full-time freelancer eventually.

6. Improve Your Skills

If you wanna make money freelancing, the most important thing you should consider is improving the skills that have a good market demand.

Don’t focus on a boring skill set. Go for the skillset you love to work with. Whether it’s a WordPress site, mobile apps, or something else, be very expert in that area.

Make yourself highly trained. The more highly trained you are, the more highly paid you are going to accept.

You can take different online classes from Udemy and improve your skills better than ever.

7. Create Your Online Authority

There are many ways to create your online authority within your industry. You can try creating high-quality blog articles and collaborating with pro influencers in your industry. publish ebooks, and create online courses to increase the visibility of your portfolio site that will help to attract your target customers.

8. Set Your Pricing

The clients give more value to quality over money. So don’t hesitate to fix a price that can help to improve your living. If you think you can provide them with a quality service, why you should leave the money on the table? Ask for a price that you deserve.

Don’t be so cheap that the high ticket clients ignore you or don’t be so expensive that you do not deserve it.

Do some market research, and check how much others in your industry are charging for their service. Go for a competitive amount that everyone can afford. Don’t forget to increase your pricing with your increased credibility, increased expertise, and experience.

9. Start Blogging

The purpose of starting blogging is to showcase your skills for attracting new clients and converting new sales.

In the beginning, publish one or two in-depth blog posts every month. You write for your clients not the people in your field.

Once your client discovers your content and gets some free value from you, you will be the priority when they are ready to hire someone for more in-depth help.

10. Do Guest Post Frequently

Once you have created your website and enriched it with the required content, start guest posting on the same niche websites.

Always try to publish content where your potential clients are roaming around. That means the popular websites in your niche.

As you are just getting started, never underestimate yourself for the quick results. Making money freelancing takes some time. Once you are known to everyone through increasing credibility, making money freelancing will become easier.

Freelance websites are the platform where people look for clients and employers post their offers.

Freelancing is the best option to turn your passion into a profession. You can enjoy working on the project you love.

There are many freelance websites to make money freelancing. But I recommend to my readers only the following two websites-

How To Make Money Freelancing: Conclusion

It takes time to make money freelancing. You can not earn millions of dollars overnight. You have to nurse your habits, and your skills and follow every step I have mentioned here regularly.

Once you have got a single client, you will feel more confident more motivated, and more dedicated to your work. So work for your first client so hard.

Did you miss anything? Please let me know via the comment box. If you loved this content, please feel free to share it with your friends and let them know how to make money freelancing even if they are newbies.

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  1. Great tips my friend. If you really work at it you can become a thriving freelancer but it takes time and lots of practice to be skilled enough to gain credibility and exposure. Patience is key. Most freelancers are impatient and tend to fail but if they see the journey through success will arrive.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Yeah you are absolutely right! Patience is the key to success. If someone does not give up until the ultimate goal is achieved, s/he will definitely achieve the goal someday!

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