How To Reduce The High Bounce Rate To Boost Conversions

How To Reduce The High Bounce Rate To Boost Conversions

Do you want to know how to reduce the high bounce rate to boost conversions? You are at the right place.

A high bounce rate kills most of the conversions. If your bounce rate is high you will fail to convert your visitors into subscribers or customers.

What Is The Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is the ratio of visitors who visit your website and leave immediately without going to the second page.

The higher the bounce rate your website has, the more you are unable to convince the user to stay on your website.

The bounce rate increases when a user leaves your site by clicking on the link to other blogs or websites, by going back to leave your site or closing the open window or tab, by going to a new URL, or because of session time out. (Generally, a session time-out error occurs due to web hosting.

You are thinking it’s just common user behaviour I know. yeah! it is, but there is something like a good bounce rate and a bad bounce rate that may boost or kill your conversions.

How Will You Know You Are Having A Good Or Bad Bounce Rate?

If you are facing a higher bounce rate than the average one, because of slow load time, poor navigation, bad site design, lack of clear call to action, and so on.

Check the following ratio that your bounce rate is good or bad:

  • If your bounce rate is higher than 80%, it’s very bad
  • If your bounce rate is between 70% – 80%, It’s poor
  • If it is between 50% – 70%, you are facing an average bounce rate
  • If you can maintain 30%-50%, it’s an excellent bounce rate that will increase your conversion highly.
  • Generally, a 20% or below bounce rate has been seen on the FAQs website. this low percentage of bounce rate may also occur due to tracking errors, and third-party addons like live chat plugins.

How To Reduce The High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate occurs when visitors visit your site and leave immediately without going to the second page.

So, To fix the problem, all we need to do is find out the problems with landing pages and fix the high bounce rate.

You can do it easily by using Google Analytics. Just go to Behavior >> Site Content >> Landing Pages

How to reduce bounce rate
Bounce rate ratio

All you need to do is identify the top bouncing rated page and fix them. Now let’s talk about how to overcome this high ratio bounce rate:

1. Create A Great Website

A great website is what will help the user to experience an easy and clutter-free website that will not only be easy to use but also please the visitors and force the visitor to come back to your website. You can also use the Elementor Pro website builder to build a beautiful website or blog.

2. Concentrate More On Your Site Speed

If You are facing a high bouncing rate, you should check and fix your site speed. It’s very annoying for the visitor when they visit your site and face low side speed then they leave immediately.

By using Google Page Speed you can optimize every landing page on your site for increasing the site speed.

You should optimize your images to speed up your site. add better caching, using a CDN, and faster web hosting.

3. Run A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of comparing two different versions of a web page to check out which one converts the most of the visitors. You can use different pop-ups to check which one is working for you best.

Videos will help you to engage more visitors than text or images. You can make meaningful videos for your content to grab their attention and keep them engaged with your article.

If you are successful in giving them their desired information, you will be able to boost conversions.

A tiny video can also a vital role in this regard. If you are not expert enough to make videos, you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr at a very cheap price.

5. Optimize Your Images

Don’t forget to optimize your images before inserting them into your blog post. Optimizing images will increase your site speed and will save some space on your server. Optimizing images is one of the most important on-page SEO factors.

6. Make Readable Content

The majority of bloggers or website owners don’t concentrate on this point. But it’s one of the best points to be concentrated on.

You have to make sure that the text you are using on your website is easily readable on all devices. It should not be too small or large that the user will need to zoom in or out.

7. Write Attractive Meta Description

Most blogger doesn’t optimize their meta description. For this reason, their click on the link starts declining. So make sure that every post on your site contains an attractive meta description.

When a visitor searches for a keyword on Google Search, if there is any word in the meta description that matches his search it is shown as bolded and it makes it different from the rest and tells the visitor to consider that site link.

This tricky use of external links will insanely decrease your bounce rate if you make it open in a new tab.

If you open external links in the same tab, it’s very annoying for the user to cause he has to use the back button, again and again, to come back to your site.

If you are using a WordPress theme, you can try this amazing plugin. It will automatically set all of your external links to open in a new tab.

9. Proper Use of Pop-ups

Most of the bloggers use popups here and there that may cause your site a high bounce rate.

Popups will have a high conversion rate but improper use of popups may be harmful to your site. So, make sure you are using popups related to the content.

10. Never Stop To Check High Bounce Rated Page

It’s not like every landing page is facing a high bounce rate. There are some pages that are causing you a high bounce rate.

So you should find out the pages through Google Analytics and fix the problem to reduce the bounce rate.

11. Use High Volume Traffic keywords

Keywords can make you successful or destroy your content marketing. If you want to improve your SEO, start adding high-volume keywords. SEMrush is the best tool for keyword research. Check out more about SEMrush here.

Without proper keyword research, you will not be able to reach targeted customers. If you are getting the wrong visitors your bounce rate will start increasing. That will hamper your site.

So You need to do proper keyword research for getting the target audience. Keep in mind that once the target audience starts visiting your site, your conversion rate will be insanely high. But you have to feed their needs.

Final Thought

Now you know how to reduce the high bounce rate to boost your conversions. Besides doing the above tasks, you have to keep in mind that you have to create more in-depth and high-quality content.

Because the above tasks will help you to decrease the bounce rate but you are going to increase it again and again without creating in-depth and high-quality content.

Did you find this post useful? Let me know via comment and please share with your friends via social media.

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  1. Hello Sayem,

    I must appreciate you for writing this important stuff.

    I believe the bounce rate plays a way greater role than we think or Google says about it. As the high bounce rate means either there is no value in the content or UI is not great. And I am sure as a search engine, Google doesn’t like such sites and doesn’t want to present before its audience.

    So, analyzing the bounce rate and fixing it should be our most prioritized task to do well in blogging. Thanks for talking about it, take care!

  2. Hi Sayem!
    I love the idea about pop-ups and visuals in order to reduce the bounce rate.
    I will definitely try out few of the things mentioned by you to reduce my site’s bounce rate.

    – Mayur

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