How to earn money with hostgator affiliate program

How To Earn Money With HostGator Affiliate Program In 2020

Do you know Hostgator Affiliate Program is one of the highest paying affiliate program out there?

You can earn huge money by promoting Hostgator affiliate program. Many websites and bloggers earning good much money promoting this affiliate program rather than spending on it.

While many bloggers were earning with HostGator affiliate program, I was paying my hosting provider every month.

In this guide, I will show you step by step you can earn money with the HostGator affiliate program.

How To Earn Money With HostGator Affiliate Program

Before getting started with the main topic, let’s get introduced to this amazing hosting company.

HostGator is playing a vital role in every blogger’s journey because of its affordable price with Awesome service.

They have started their journey in 2020 and become a leading award-winning hosting because of cheap and reliable web hosting service.


No matter what kinda business you are going to launch online, Hostgator has a perfect plan for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the way of earning money through other product where a company and an influence is engaged.

Whenever the influence can drive a customer to the company and make the sale happen, the company will pay a commission to the influencer.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is an influencer who influence the customer to buy a certain product of a certain company.

An affiliate marketer is not an employee of a company. He has the full freedom to work as his wish. He can work with any company he wants.

Try For Yourself First

Many bloggers and affiliate marketer promotes products without trying for themselves.

Affiliate marketing is something that should contain true information. The true experience sharing contents get more sale than just writing about products without experiencing it.

If you don’t use the product for yourself, you won’t be able to suggest the product confidently.

But the good news is you can promote HostGator so confidently. Because this hosting provider is an award-winning and oldest hosting provider that owns millions of users trust.

If you wanna use their hosting, you can give try just for $0.01! Just follow Special link and sign up for HostGator for only $0.01.

Now let’s see how you can get started with HostGator Affiliate Program.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

You don’t need to use their hosting service to promote their hosting plan. You can simply promote Hostgator by going through this special link.

Hostgator affiliate programs

On the next page, you will see the image as followed. Just enter your account, personal and tax information.

Impact Radius empowers the Hostgator Affiliate Program. If you already have an impact radius account, just click on the “I already have an account” section.

Sign up for hostgator

If you are new to Impact Radius account, just enter the required information correctly in the new account setting.

You will see all the affiliate information on the review page. Just scroll down and click on the “I approve the Insertion Order and want to continue”.

Hostgator affiliate programs for marketers

HostGator will approve your affiliate account manually. So you need to wait for few days to get the approval.

You will get a confirmation email after getting approved.

Once your account has been approved, you can start promoting their hosting plan immediately. You should also use  Thirsty Affiliates to clock the ugly affiliate links.

Hostgator affiliate programs on impact radius

The Payment Method Set Up

Hostgator offers two type payment options- Electronic Funds Transfer and PayPal.

You can choose your preferred payment method from the “Withdrawal setting” under the “Finance section” in the header.

Withdrawal setting

I personally recommend ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ as PayPal is not available in my country.

If you are from one of the PayPal unsupported countries like me, I’d suggest you to create an account on Payoneer. Use our promo link and get $50 bonus

You can use Payoneer to withdraw money worldwide. You can also use Payoneer to accept payment from the Impact Radius.

How Does The Affiliate Marketing Program Actually Work?

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing has more conversion rate than the ads. There is the logic behind this. Because people love to buy based on the recommendation from someone they know, like and trust.

That’s why affiliate marketing has become more popular nowadays. It can influence the consumer better than the ads.

So, if you are thinking of starting your career as an affiliate marketer, you have to become an influencer. You have to become a person people love and appreciate.

That’s how affiliate marketing works like a gem. You can build a community like FacileWay.

First of all, you have to start your own website where you will promote your products. If customers start loving your content and find truthfulness in you, you are gonna earn huge money.

You will earn the money when the customer will make a purchase. You won’t get paid until the customer isn’t paying for the hosting plan.

HostGator will pay for every sale you will make through your affiliate links.

It is that simple!

Why refer to web hosting affiliate programs?

Hosting providers are always the highest paying company. Everyone who wanna get online will need a hosting service.

Another reason you can make a very good amount of money by promoting hosting services.

How Much You Can Earn?

how much you can earn with hostgator

I have already mentioned above that HostGator has the highest paying affiliate program.

The most amazing thing is you can make more money with more sales. It’s up to you how much you wanna make.

You can have a look at their commission format-

  • 1-5 signups in a given month = $50 per signup.
  • 6-10 signups in a given month = $75 per signup.
  • 11-20 signups in a given month = $100 per signup.
  • 21 or more signups in a given month = $125 per signup.

You are wondering how they are paying such a high rate? Because they are so confident about their hosting service that they know the customer won’t change their company once they registered with HostGator.

HostGator will pay you for a single purchase, they won’t pay for the renewals.

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Tips To Earn Money From HostGator Affiliate Program

How To Earn Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program

1. Request a Custom Coupon Code

You can create custom coupon codes for your readers. If someone uses your coupon, you will get a commission whatever the customer uses your affiliate link or not.

You can create two types of coupon right now- 25% off on all web hosting plans and 60% off on all shared hosting plans.

hostgator promo code

Simply just go to “Promo codes” under the “Ads” menu and request promo code. Provide all the information on the next page and submit your coupon code request.

Once you got the approval, you can start promoting the coupon code on your blog.

2. Deep Linking

You can create a custom affiliate link for a specific page using Deep Linking. Just simply enter the landing page and click apply.

It will generate an affiliate link for that page. Now just copy the link and start promoting.

creating landing page with hostgator

3. Special Days Offers

You can promote HostGator Black Friday Deals, president day, flash sales offer on your blog to offer your customer cheap price.

Hostgator offers a huge discount on special days. You have to keep your eyes open and start promoting special offers to get some quick sales.

4. Review Writing

If you are already using HostGator, share your honest experience with your readers. Don’t write anything that can decrease your blog credibility.

If you write unbiased and honest product reviews, you can make more sales without selling your soul.

You can check the simple framework that we use to write unbiased reviews on FacileWay.

  • Make sure you are offering your customer the products that offer excellent features at affordable prices.
  • Add the pros and cons of every product you wanna promote
  • If you have any ideas about the better hosting alternatives, don’t hesitate to add them.
  • Don’t forget to add affiliate disclosures to your content.
  • Add as much as proofs and images you can to make it more trustworthy to your readers.
  • Treat your hosting reviews as your asset, not just a sales copy.

5. Proper Use of Banners on Header/Sidebar

Do not use your banners everywhere. Make sure you are using your hosting banners only on the post and content related to the hosting service.

If your blog niche is not related to hosting, you can add a small banner with your text like powered by HostGator os Hosted by HostGator etc.

HostGator has some amazing banners that are highly optimized for conversions. You can use those banners to increase your sales.

6. Build And Improve Trust

If you can earn trust, earning money is just a matter of time. You will surely earn the money, once the customers start trusting you.

To gain customer trust, write something that can solve your customer’s problem.

7. Optimize Your Site

If you can optimize your site with proper SEO and keyword research, you can get some hot sales immediately from the search engines.

You can check the following points to have an idea of how a well-optimized site can play great conversions-

  • More than 46% of people hate to wait if the site is slow. So make sure your site is fast enough. To ensure your site speed, make sure you are hosted on good hosting.
  • The site that takes two seconds to load can lose the conversions by 70%
  • Item 3

Optimize for mobiles

More than 49% of people surf the internet on mobile phones. So, your site has to be mobile responsive. To make your site mobile responsive you have to ensure a quality WordPress Theme.

If you use the best theme and best website builder to design your site, your site will ensure its mobile-friendliness.

8. Figure Out What Competitors Are Doing

Do you know the main secret of many bloggers of earning thousands of dollars? They will keep an eye on their competitors.

They always know exactly which article is driving more customers and converting more sales for their competitors.

You can use SEMRush SEO tools for competitors’ research.

9. Use Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook ads to drive insane traffic. If you can create a great ad copy, you can make tons of sales using Facebook ads.

Facebook has the best option to track the right audience to your landing page and get some hot sales.

10. Email Marketing

Start enriching your email list from day one. The audience who will sign up for your email list will become your permanent customer.

Once you got the target customer in your email list, you can nurse them whenever you want. You can use GetResponse as an email marketing tool.

GetResonse is an amazing tool with what you can work with multiple clients on their email marketing campaign. It’s easy to use and cost-effective.

GetResponse offers the cheapest deal on Black Friday. You can grab them on BlackFriday to save huge money.

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Affiliate Disclosure: We make a small commission while purchasing using any of our links without costing you anything extra.


I hope you have loved this guide about HostGator Affiliate Program. Now you know how you can earn and live on affiliate marketing.

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