Are you looking for an affiliate marketing guide for the newbie in 2021?

I have brought a detailed guide on this topic.

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular money-making option on the internet. This sector is leading the digital marketing nowadays.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Newbie

You may achieve financial freedom only starting your career in this sector.

In this article, You will learn everything what is affiliate marketing and how it works in this article.

What is affiliate marketing

Digital marketing is an ocean and affiliate marketing is just a part of it. Affiliate marketing is the oldest part of digital marketing.

affiliate marketing guide for the newbie

When you refer someone to buy goods or services through a special link provided by the company of you are promoting and if the visitor buys the goods and services using the special link, you will get a commission.

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This is called affiliate marketing. In a simple word, promoting a product for a commission is called affiliate marketing.

The commission depends on the company you are promoting. It may be $1-$10000.

How affiliate marketing works

You can do affiliate marketing in some simple steps like:

  • Joining affiliate programs like Impact Radius, Cj Affiliate, and ShareAsale
  • Pick the products you would love to promote
  • You will get an affiliate link every product you wanna promote
  • Share the link on your blog, social media like tweeters, Facebook and any other platforms.
  • If someone buys something through your affiliate link, you will receive a handsome amount as commission.

You may have a look at this infographic to understand the life cycle of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

Nowadays almost every brand offer affiliate marketing. Lifestyle brands, web hosting providers and other services providers are also offering affiliate marketing.

You can easily sign up for their affiliate program and start promoting their products using the affiliate link they will provide you.

Whenever you will able to make a sell through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission for that.

All you need to do is influence your readers to buy the products you are recommending.

Note: Don’t promote products that you have not used or run a deep investigation. You will lose the customer’s trust and you will be able to succeed for long.

Always try to promote a product that has a good review and if the product is new on the market, it should be a good quality product.

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

There different ways of starting affiliate marketing. I will show you how you can do it simply step by step-

  • You can start a blog and promote the product you want.
  • Promote your product on Facebook via ads to drive traffic to your affiliate landing page.
  • Start a Youtube Channel to promote your affiliated products.
  • Promote by email marketing
  • You can start podcasting

How to start affiliate marketing with a blog

There are some basic steps to start a blog. A blog may be built for affiliate marketing or any other purpose.

For example, You can sell physical products, e-books or publish yourself as a writer and so on.

There are many articles on FacileWay about a blog and blogging. You may search about that on the “Search Option” of FacileWay.

In this content, I will only focus on Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Newbie In 2021. Let’s check the procedures-

  • The first attempt is to start your blog
  • Select a niche you want to start with
  • Choose the products and services you want to promote on your blog
  • Create a blog article around the products you are willing to promote
  • Try to drive traffic to your blog post or website through proper SEO guidelines.
  • Try to get subscribers through Mailchimps integration(As a beginner try the free version)
  • Start email marketing to your subscribers (GetResponse is a good option if you are willing to try the paid version. You use the free option of Mailchimps too if you don’t try the premium features).
  • Keep publishing new content with more and more affiliate programs or affiliate products and keep repeating this formula.

I highly recommend starting affiliate marketing with a blog. Because it will cost just a few investments and you will get started in minutes.

You can learn each and everything about blogging and affiliate marketing on FacileWay.

If you can promise yourself consistency, dedication, time and hard work in a smart way, trust me becoming a billionaire is a matter of time. I know tons of bloggers who are earning millions by blogging.

For your advantage, you may have a look at this article,

Terms of affiliate marketing


Affiliates are the publishers who are promoting affiliate products through affiliate links.

Affiliates Marketplace

Affiliate marketplace works as the media between different products in different niches.

You can use the affiliate marketplace to have many affiliate products under one platform.

ShareAsale, Cj affiliates, and Impact Radius are the best examples of affiliate program platforms.

Affiliate software

If you are thinking of selling your own products and offer an affiliate program you may try this option.

An affiliate link is the tracking URL that is used to track the affiliate products. You will get the affiliate commission only when someone buys something through the affiliate products.

Affiliate ID

Affiliate ID is the same as the affiliate link that can lead you to any page of the affiliate site.

Payment method

Payment methods are the option of how you will get the commission paid. It may be via PayPal, Payoneer, cheque, Wire Transfer.

The Affiliate Manager

Almost every company has an affiliate manager of the publishers. They always help publishers earn more by suggesting effective tips and tricks.

Percentage of commission

In this section, the commission you will earn from every sale will be calculated and this basis you will get the commission paid.

2-tier affiliate marketing

This as an amazing option for the affiliate marketer. In this method, when you refer someone to join an affiliate program you will receive a commission when your sub-affiliate marketer makes a sale.

A2 Hosting affiliate program has such a beautiful option. You can try them.

Lading page

This is a unique sales page that helps to increase sales. You can try the A/B test to check which page gives you the best sales.

When you sign up for an affiliate program. You will see there are some ugly URLs. Link Cloaker will help you to shorten the link that is easy to understand.

Thirsty Affiliate is the best plugin as an affiliate link clocker tool. You can try this tool to make good looking affiliate links to increase conversions.

Custom coupons

You can create custom coupon codes via WP coupons & deals plugin. This helps to look at your most beautiful and increase the conversions.

Cookies policies

Most of the affiliate programs offer cookies for a certain period of time. When someone accepts the cookies and he makes a purchase within the period you will receive the commission.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Newbie
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You may be thinking why the companies are offering an affiliate program for what they are paying a high scale commission to their affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is a free source of market promotion.

By affiliate marketing, the companies are saving a big amount of advertising costs and getting a huge free promotion without costing money.

Every time we get online and see a lot of coupon codes and links that offer discounts. Most of the coupons and discount codes carry affiliate links.

If you make a purchase through the affiliate link you the affiliate marketers get commission and the company gets the sales.

How to start affiliate marketing on Facebook

Nowadays there is a wave of big audiences on Facebook. When you are surfing on Facebook, you might be seen that almost every ages of people are on Facebook.

Facebook has become also one of the biggest market places where every one selling their products and making a good profit from it. For affiliate marketing, Facebook will be a great source of your customers.

All you need to do is having a great interaction with your target customer. I will show how you will reach your target audience step by step and sell your products to earn your commission.

Create a personal page

First of all, create a personal page of you. Start promoting your products using your affiliate link to the people knows you, trust you. This is one of the most effective ways to get started.

They may think you are not selling to them or they may think you are trying to sell. do not panic.

All you need to know is which of your posts is getting more interaction and which of your posts is getting less interaction.

You need to figure out this to take the next professional attempt.

Create a Facebook Group

You can post your content using an affiliate link on Facebook Group just like the post on a blog or website. For doing that all you need to find a niche you will start your Facebook group about.

You can start your group by adding your friends who know and trust your words. They will help you to spread your business by sharing and adding people to your group.

The more you will able to increase the group member, the more you will have conversions.

Keep in mind that you should not only promote the products that contain your affiliate links.

Sometimes share the useful products link to help your audience to get their desired products though it does not contain your affiliate link.

This formula will help you to increase your traffic as they will get their desired products in your group.

Create a Facebook Page

This is the best idea to create a Facebook Page if you have already a blog. Because This is the best way to promote your blog post and your affiliate products.

Trust me working with a blog and connecting it with a Facebook page will help you to get more conversions in a fun way.

The procedure of running a Page and FB group is almost the same. But Group has more interaction.

A Facebook group can help you to build a strong community around your niche. Ultimately that will lead your group members to your Facebook page.

Run Facebook ads

If you are done with the Facebook page and group you can try the Facebook ads. This technique has a great impact on sales.

It would have more great impact if you run your Facebook ads with your blog posts rather than the Facebook posts.

You can run your ads without blog content with eye-catching images or thumbnails and you will get sales if your customer gets the desired product and if you are able to reach the target audience.

But to get the full advantage I would love to recommend starting your affiliate marketing with a website or blog.

How to start affiliate marketing on Youtube

This is also a very effective way to start affiliate marketing. For your note, Youtube gets six billion hours of views every month according to social bakers.

It has become the second largest search engine with one billion users until now. So, affiliate marketing on Youtube is insanely profitable without any doubt.

what is Youtube affiliate marketing?

Youtube affiliate marketing is selling products by inserting affiliate links in Youtube videos or video descriptions.

How to start a Youtube channel

It’s very easy to start a Youtube channel. Just sign up for a Gmail account. Go to and sign up with the Gmail address. Check here in more detail.

How to start affiliate marketing via email marketing

Email marketing is still the best and strongest option to increase conversions. Email marketing has an average of 30% response rate.

That means if you become able to send your email to a hundred people, thirty people of them probably respond to you.

But only when you will able to get a good response when you will able to send your email to your target audience.

Now the point is how you will know who is your target audience. To know that you need to start a blog where you get subscribers of your blog and you will able to grab the target email list.

Because only the audience will subscribe to your blog who is looking for something in your niche. For the email marketing tool, I would love to recommend GetResponse.

How to start affiliate marketing on Podcast

Podcasting is similar to radio. Nowadays 20%-30% of American is listening to podcasting. You can name this audio bogging.

Every post you will publish here is like an episode. Many of the online marketing is earning a six-figure from podcasting.

The amazing thing is you can start podcasting without any technical knowledge. Soon I will publish content on how to start podcasting. You will come to know there how you can do affiliate marketing on podcasting.

Wrapping up

I have tried to cover everything in the affiliate marketing guide for the newbie post. My best suggestion to you starts your affiliate marketing with the combined power of Blogs, Facebook, and podcasts.

It will give your success an extra boost if you can start all of them combined. If you are a newbie it’s a good idea to start your blog and Facebook Page and group at first.

FAQs about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing guide for the newbie means a total and detailed guide where nothing has been skipped. You have learned almost everything you need to know to get started.

At this point, I will answer some frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing. Let’s check this out-

There is no consistent earning on affiliate marketing. There are tons of marketers who are earning nothing. And there are tons of marketing who is earning in billions.

It depends on you how you are spreading your business and how you have established your authority.

There are many affiliate networks. Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, ShareASale, Cj affiliate, eBay affiliate, and impact radius are the most popular options.

Affiliate marketing is selling other’s products for getting a commission.

The answer is YES. Affiliate marketing can make not only rich but also very rich that can help you to earn money in million every year.

If you reach the target audience, it won’t take more than two or three months to make money from affiliate marketing.

I hope you have loved this post. please share this affiliate marketing guide for the newbie via social media to help to learn affiliate marketing more effectively.