best ways to drive traffic to your blog

20 Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2020

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Increasing readership of your blog is an art. Take a look at these 20 awesome ways by that you can drive traffic and attract the audience you want.

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger or website owner or entrepreneur who’ve ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to gain traffic.

Though we’d all like it if readers just magically came to us, the reality is, it takes some afford to build an audience.

Increasing readership of your blog is an art. Take a look at these 20 awesome ways by that you can drive traffic and attract the audience you want.

It’s easy to get frustrated and giving up on blogging. When you experience the benefits, you get to understand that your blog can have an awesome impact on your business by attracting traffic to your site, helping you build a social media audience and making an impression on prospects and clients alike.

Following 20 are the best-proven strategies to bring traffic to your blog.


1. Write and write

Studies show that the more often you update your blog, the more traffic your blog will receive. Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content.

So if you want to get more attention from the search engines, update your blog at least three times a week. This is considered as one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog.

2. Use social media as your weapon

Share every new blog post on your social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

If you spend time growing your networks and share good content, social media can become a great source of traffic. 

3. Titles should be better

The titles are very important to attract any readers. That’s because titles help potential readers decide whether they should click and read more.

Concentrate on the article titles you see on magazine covers. They entice readers with promises and solutions. When you do the same, your readership will increase.

4. Decide your niche

Decide who will be your target audience. Try to blog on the top that you know better and you feel the joy to write about that. Cause if the writing cannot attract you, it will do the same to your audience. 

5. Attach photos

Studies have shown that photos in blog posts boost traffic. Photos not only do a post more visually appealing, but you can also include keywords in the Alt Image tag on the photo.

That is the best ways to drive traffic to your blog boosting search engine optimization (SEO) for your site.

Keep in mind that you can’t just attach any photo from Google because there are risks of violating copyright laws. you can use to collect royalty-free images. 

6. Appropriate keywords

Keywords are at the heart of SEO. One of the easiest ways to generate more traffic to your website is to ensure that every page on your site has a keyword strategy.

Keyword concentration makes Google understand what that page is about, which can ultimately lead to more traffic from the search engines.

Use SEMRush to have a great keyword research experience.

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7. Organize links.

When you explain other company’s product or service in a blog post, include a link to that company’s page. 

Audiences will appreciate it when you provide resources to make it easier for them to find the things they’re looking for.

8. Use social sharing buttons.

Make sure that every post or page of your blog has social sharing buttons. you can use Social Warfare as your social sharing buttons.

It will help you to share your posts on social media. It has both a free and pro version. 

Also Read, 20 Best WordPress Plugin You should Try For Your Blog.

10. Increase guest contributors.

When other bloggers write for your blog, you add more content that you didn’t have to write yourself.

As a bonus, those contributors will also share with their networks and may ask you to write for them, which will help you in opening up new readership avenues for you.

11. Use video in your blog posts

Google is the owner of  YouTube, that is the reason videos can drive more traffic to your site. Try to attach a small video that will be informative and entertaining.

12. Arrange give-away events.

You can give your audience a Free E-Book offer. conduct a competition that will be attended by your audiences by like shares and comments. you can look for a sponsor from other companies for these kinda events.

13. Invest in the promotion.

If you think your audience is passing their time on social media you can take the step of paid promotion on social media that will help you to attract your readers.

14. Write guest posts.

Find out the blog that reaches your target audience, and offers to contribute guest blog posts.

If the site has a substantial audience, you can bet that readers will, in turn, want to engage with more of your content.

15. Cross-promote to your mailing list

Instead of writing all new content for your electronic newsletter, share the first paragraph from several recent blog posts and include a link to continue reading on the site.

Not everyone is taking the time to read your blog each week, so this will help get your subscribers invested in your blog.

Email marketing from GetResponse is the best way to send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders. Simple, easy interface.

16. Write easy to understand article

The easier to understand the article you will publish, the more attraction you will gain. The readers do not love the content that contains hard words, passive voices. Don’t use hard words. You are writing for your audience.

So, if your audience does not understand your language, there is no use of doing so much hard works for writing long contents.

To make your content appealing and easy to understand use plenty of subheads, bullets and numbered lists.

17. Use your blog in every profile

Don’t hesitate to add your blog link on your social bio. You can also use your blog into your email signatures.

This thing works like hell and worked as one of the best ways to drive traffic to my blog.

If you maintain any visiting card, make sure you have written your blog name on that.

18. Use popups

Use simple popups to gain subscribers. More subscriber means more traffic. You can use Elementor to add custom-designed Popups to your blog posts.

Elementor is a website builder that will help you to give your blog an amazing look. By using this tool, you can add amazing CTA buttons, Popups and many more to increase your conversions.

19. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is not dead yet. If you participate in blog commenting, your blog can have a great traffic from there.

Try to comment on something that can add value to the article you are commenting on. If you add a valuable comment, you will get noticed by other readers, because sometimes the readers look for the solution on others comment.

When the reader will find your comment valuable, S/he will definitely visit your site.

20. Enjoy your blogging

Finally, have fun with your blog. If it feels like drudgery, your audiences will notice. But if you enjoy producing the contents, that will come across and have an awesome impact on your success.


These are some best ways to drive traffic to your blog. If you follow these task consistently, you will surely drive traffic to your blog insanely.

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