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20+ Top Bloggers You Should Follow In 2024 [Expert Listed]

You have to pay attention to see the inspiration all around us. We have just tried to figure out the bloggers who can inspire you. There are tons of things you write about on your blog.

If you ask someone what they will do if they are going to start a blog, The majority will answer that they will search for the top bloggers and they will follow their instructions.

First, we will try to elaborate on the type of blogs to understand blogging better. Cause the newbie needs to know the type.

It will help them to decide which niche they will start their blogging journey.

Types of Blogs

Types of Blogs

There are 8 types of blogs. Such as-

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Professional Blog
  • Niche blog
  • Reverse Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Media Blog
  • Freelance blog

1. Personal Blog

A personal blog is just like an online diary. Personal blogger shares their stories online. They want to store their daily journal online to share their experiences, feelings, and innermost thoughts with an audience.

2. Business Blog

Business bloggers blog to gain more exposure, traffic, and ultimately customers for their business. They focus less on themselves than focusing on their business and industry.

3. Professional Blog

The main intention of professional blogging is to earn money through their blogging efforts. They use a variety of monetization strategies to achieve this goal, including creating information, selling display ads and digital products, promoting other people’s products for a commission, and similar.

4. Niche blog

Niche blogging concentrates on a very specific topic. Such as food blogging, travel blogging, training programs with your own weight, poem writing, as well as French bulldog lovers.

5. Reverse blog

Reverse blogs are unique but modern. In this blog, instead of the owner creating content, the content or post is written or supplied by the public author.

Nowadays it’s known as a guest host blog. This kind of blog has a team that moderates the post to prevent unpleasant interactions. The main resource of this kinda of blog comes from the public author.

6. Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate bloggers intend to earn money through affiliate marketing. Instead of selling their product they review the products of others and encourage their readers to buy the products using their affiliate link.

They earn a good amount of money as commission if the reader purchases through the affiliate link.

7. Media blogs

Media bloggers produce their content. This type of blog is popular among people in different ways.

If you love video blogging, you are called a vlogger, If you connect content from other blogs or websites, you have a link log. If you are passionate about photos or sketches lover, you are hosting a photoblog

8. Freelance bloggers

Freelance bloggers are the type of paid bloggers who work to sell their services to others.  Such as writing content for other businesses.

If you are looking for a way to get paid for writing as a service and have experience in blogging, freelance blogging is the way to go.

Fiverr is a good source of freelance bloggers. You will find thousands of freelance bloggers there to get your work done.

So, What kind of blogger are you? You can let me know via comment.

Top Bloggers, You Should Follow

In the next part of the article, you’ll find a list of top bloggers you should follow, but keep in mind that I have mentioned the bloggers I follow and this is a random list. The serial number doesn’t mean anything.

20+ Top #Bloggers, You Should Follow In 2024

1. Gary Vaynerchuk 

Gary Vaynerchuk lives in New York. He gained internet fame crazily by talking about everything related to wine.

He built a wine business that earns $3M in a year in a retail store and $60M in dollar wine in the wholesale business.

He has become a multi-millionaire by selling his own branded wine. He has been also featured in the Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time Magazine as well as appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

2. Pat Flynn

He is one of the most inspirational bloggers around the world. He had suffered a lot of problems after losing his job cause he had to support his family and started his website “” which led to his income to $50k per month.

Rand Fishkin still reveals his monthly income to his readers which inspires thousands of people.

3. Brian Clark

Brian Clark founded Copyblogger. He founded his blog as a resource for newbies to learn copywriting and content marketing.

He has 100k+ subscribers which helped him to get smart and leveraged his readership to launch Copyblogger Media, which launched several spinoff companies. These software companies include Scribe, Synthesis, Premise, and StudioPress.

4. Michael Arrington 

Michael was a lawyer working on a tech deal in California. When he realized his passion for this blogging world he started his journey with TechCrunch.

TechCrunch became one of the most widely read blogs in the tech industry earning him 30 Million dollars in a year.

5. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse started his blogging as a hobby. In his blog, he covered the Olympics and his passion for photography. Then he started Problogger. A blog that helps other bloggers.

Darren is a full-time blogger and earns money from affiliate programs, Adsense, selling e-books, and advertising deals.

6. Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington founded this blog in 2005. The previous name of this website was ”The Huffington Post” Which was renamed HuffPost regularly tops for global traffic and revenue.

This website has estimated unique monthly visitors of 110,000,000 which earns her $14,000,000 monthly revenue.

7. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore started Mashable in 2005 in his Scotland home and quickly grew to be the go-to source for social media and tech news.

He has estimated unique monthly visitors of 24,000,000 which earns him $2,000,000* per month.

8. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh is the founder of ShoutMeLoad. He started his blog in 2008. He shares useful WordPress blogging tips and other money-making tips with his readers. With his 312k subscribers, he earns $100k per month.

9. Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is one of the pro bloggers I follow most. He is the founder of RoadToBlogging.

I came to this blogging world because of his inspiration. He also earns a very decent amount of money from blogging.

He is earning more than $12000 every month and it’s increasing. He also launched Wp Coupon Deals and Ulitmate Blocks WordPress Plugin.

10. Anil Agarwal

Anil is a professional blogger from India and he launched this blog called Bloggers Passion on January 1st, 2010. He covers tons of proven blogging tips and affiliate marketing strategies in his blog.

For his awesome works, His works have been featured on,,,, and to name a few. He is currently earning a very decent amount of almost $10k+ every month.

11. Jeff Bullas

He started his blog in 2008. Now according to Forbes, he is the top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent.

Entrepreneur considers him among the 50 online marketing influencers to watch. says he is on the list of 20 digital marketing experts to follow on Twitter.

Oanalytica marks him as the #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer. BizHUMM ranks him as the world’s #1 business blogger.

12. Adam Connell

He is the founder of BloggingWizard. Adam is awesome for his writing skills in digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools.

He is so helpful in growing the business quickly and more efficiently.

He has been featured on sites like CIO, HuffPost, Forbes, SEJ, GoDaddy, and more for his awesome success.

13. Joanna Goddard

Joanna covers a lot of things including fashion, food, beauty, travel, motherhood, and other related topics.

She connects to her audience in various ways based on her lifestyle and keeps a lot of readers coming back for more every single day.

She makes most of her money from advertising to 1.2M visitors monthly which leads her to earn a good amount of money.

14. Amber Fillerup

Amber Fillerup is the creator of Barefoot Blonde where she covers hair, beauty, fashion, fitness, and travelling with her husband and child although her main focus seems to be on the hair.

She has 1.3 million followers which denotes how famous she is. Her estimated visitors are around 60k per month.

15. Becky Moore

Becky is the founder of Global Grasshopper. It’s a travel-oriented award-winning blog.

You will be amazed to see her incredible photos from different locations we all dream to go visiting. She has an estimated number of visitors of 65k per month.

You will get the best hotel and flight recommendations from her blog. If you are travel You can try also TravelMart24. They also offer the best deals.

16. Julia Engel

Julia Engel, The founder of Gal Meets Glam loves to encourage her followers to add some extra glamour to their daily routines.

She is fascinated enough to make her followers better looking Which helped her to make a list of followers of around 1M and she is receiving 200k visitors every month.

It seems she earning a good amount of money though she hasn’t exposed her income report yet.

17. Angela Bekkala

She is the owner of Happy Fit Mama and is a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and RRCA Running Coach who helps others to stay fit what age they are. Angela covers yoga, running, workouts and fitness overall in her blog.

18. Amanda Abella

She is a full-time personal finance writer, business coach, and financial expert who shares tons of useful tips to live an independent life financially.

If you wanna know how to start blogging and earning money from it. You should have a look at her blog. She is earning more than $26k every month from writing and coaching sponsorship.

19. Emily Schuman 

Emily started her journey in 2008 with Cupcakes and Cashmere. She focuses on fashion and baking as well as motherhood issues which will be relatable to her readers or audiences. With her 400k increasing subscribers, she has monthly visitors of 380k.

20. Ryan Biddulph

Ryan is the founder of BloggingFromParadise. He used to work as a security officer.

After leaving his job he entered into the online entrepreneurial business. Now he is the top blogger in a country like the USA.

He has been featured on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Neil Patel, and many more.

He shares specific, practical tips that he used to generate blogging income and attract readers to fund his island-hopping lifestyle.

His main income sources are- Blogging courses, 100 blogging eBooks, Audiobooks, paperbacks, sponsored posts, advertising, and consulting channels.

21. Lily Ugbaja

Lily Ugbaja is the owner of Finding Balance Mom. She used to read blogs about ”parenting” And asked herself why they are blogging, and what is the reason for such an effort.

Then she came to know it’s all about earning hard cash. That was when she first came to know that blogging could lead her to earn money and she got started. She is such an awesome inspiration for mothers who wanna work from home.

The maximum earnings she receives are from Blog Coaching, Audits, Pinterest Management, and affiliate marketing.


I hope you have found the one who should follow you most. Pick one mentor follow their suggestion and grow your blogging business.

I hope you have loved this content. Please share with your friends and let them know about these amazing bloggers.

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