Wanna Be Successful? Choose Your Friends Carefully

Wanna Be Successful? Choose Your Friends Carefully in 2024

Do you want to be successful? Choose your friends carefully. Yeah! you have heard it right. It’s your friends who can make you or destroy you.

This is kind of off-topic.

But I would love to write about it a little bit. In this post. I wanna share how my friends have changed me time over time.

Wanna Be Successful? Choose Your Friends Carefully

How my friends had a great impact on my life and how your friends will have a great impact on your life too. How I came to this blogging journey.

Today I am not successful or not, but I will be consistent with my goal until the goal is achieved. This is what I have learned from my successful friends.

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Wanna Be Successful But How?

Wealthy friends will make you wealthy for sure. I know you are wondering how they will make you wealthy or successful! You are thinking of borrowing money, you are thinking of their support.

But get know for sure that I am not saying anything of that. You don’t need their money or support.

You will be just motivated by them and eventually get rich like them. I will show you how! Just stuck with me till the last.

For example, you can use a ”Rock” and a ”glass of water” to do this experiment. You are thinking that you are reading an article about choosing close friends. what is the use of a ‘rock’ and a glass of water? Don’t panic buddy. you will come to know step by step.

So, Let’s do the experiment.

Now put the rock on a table. start pouring water on the rock. If you pour water on the rock on day one, you will see no difference. Like the following image.

wanna be successful

But when you pour water on the ‘Rock’ day after day, day after day, and day after day, the rock will change eventually like the following image.

pouring water on the rock

This is how your friend will have an impact on your life. If you are a rock and your friends are water. You will not feel any difference on day one. But they will change you eventually.

How Friends Had an Impact On My Life

When I started my college life, I used to spend most of the time with some of my friends who were habituated with smoking.

They are not bad guys at all. But They were habituated with bad habits like smoking. nothing else!

At that time, I used to hate smoking. Someday one of my friends offered a puff o a cigarette saying one puff doesn’t matter! But that one puff took me to leave a cigarette for more than 10 years.

In 2018 I joined the gym with some of my younger brothers. While working out I used to feel so much tired. I could not do enough push-ups and any other workouts like my other mates.

Though I got admitted to the gym at the same time. I have observed their body shape is improving more quickly than mine.

Because they got more stamina and more energy to work out that I didn’t.

Later I came to know that was because of smoking. Then gradually I left smoking. and started focusing on the gym.

Now I feel more energy and stamina while working out! This is how the mates I was working out with had an impact on me!

One of my friends Saddam Hossain is a Taekwondo expert. He learned this art for self-defence. He saved himself from many attacks by using his skills.

Many of my friends have seen that he is a good fighter who fought with many alone when someone tried to attack him.

He is a good friend of mine living in Canada Now. When he was in Bangladesh, I used to spend most of my time with him.

Helped me to understand how important it is to learn self-defense techniques to defend ourselves and stay fit.

Now I am practicing ”Wushu” a form of Chinese martial art that helps to self-defense and help to stay fit!

Istiak Rayhan the owner of RoadToBlogging. He is a renounced and full-time blogger. and earning a huge amount of money from his blogging.

He was one of my best buddies. But I did not know anything about his success.

Once. I have seen this guy on TV! He was giving an interview. I was shocked! OMG! This is Istiak! I know this guy.

Then I started following him. I started following his blogging guides, learned about blogging and in September 2018 I launched FacileWay to help the new blogger. I started learning and sharing what I had just learned.

I have shared this story to show you how friends have an impact on someone’s life. This is my story of how my friends have had a great impact on my life. This is how your friends will have an impact on your life too.

How To Make Friends In Blogging Industry

Though this post is off-topic. I wanna make this relevant to my blogging niche. This is why I was thinking I should add this para to this post to make this content more relevant to my blogging niche. We know how our friends influence our lives.

And it’s true for this blogging journey also. If you are just a beginner, you should build a community to make your blogging journey easier.

Only with the help of bloggers, you can reach your goal! Now let’s see how we can get noticed with the eyes of other bloggers.

  • First of all, select 3 or 4 blogs that you admire that are helpful for your blogging niche.
  • Subscribe to their blogs to get notified about their new blog posts and try to read every blog post they publish.
  • Try to gather total information about the author and talk about him.
  • Write meaningful comments a minimum of 3/4 times a month until you have gained their attention.
  • Share their article to show them you appreciate their work.
  • The best way to get noticed by them is by trying to have their interviews.
  • Tell them to share the interviews on their blog and give feedback, you will get backlinks from them that will help in SEO.

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You don’t need to implement all of them to make friends in the blogging field. Start with some of them.

I am sure. You are gonna have some blogging buddies who are gonna change your life.

Final Words

I hope, now you know if you wanna be successful you should choose your friends carefully.

Keep in mind that you will be what you are friends are already. So Don’t be not only careful but also be very careful.

I hope You loved this post, If so, please feel free to share it with your friends through social media.

Thank you for wasting your time with me.

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  1. Yes, We have to choose our network wisely! We have to choose a good friend circle! Amazing post, You added value to my life through this blog post.

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