how to start an online store in 2020

How To Start An Online Store In 2020(Step By Step Guide From Scratch)

Wanna know how to start an online store in 2020?

You have chosen the right path.

When we have come to this online journey it was so tough to start something without being techy.

Now anyone without any technical skills can get started.

How To Start An Online Store In 2020

It has become so easier that you do not need any coding skills to get started. You can start a blog or start an online store in 2020 without having any technical skills in just minutes.

There are some basic requirements to start an online store in 2020:

  1. A domain that will represent your online store
  2. A hosting where your online store or e-commerce site will store data.
  3. Deep attention for a minimum of thirty minutes without any disturbance.

We will cover the following topic in this article:

  • How you can grab a free domain name
  • Best and reliable hosting to start an online store
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating an e-commerce store & adding product to your store
  • Theme selection and customization
  • Installing useful plugins

Step one: How to set up the online store

There are two types of e-commerce platforms online. Shopify and Woocommerce. Shopify e-commerce is a hassle-free platform only at $29/month.

But it will cost you higher for a long-run business and you have to pay the additional cost to increase their payment options.

That’s why the maximum online businessman recommends Woocommerce. It may take time to set up but it is more flexible than Shopify.

how to start an online store from scratch in 2020
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How To Get A Free Domain Name

The domain is like an address of your home. Your domain name is an address to your online store.

Hosting is like the home. Your hosting is the home where your online store will store its data to live online.

Check this article, How to get a free domain name.

There are many Webhosting companies that offer free domain name with their hosting service.

As a beginner, you can try Bluehost. It’s cheap and reliable and recommended by WordPress.

If you wanna buy a single domain it will cost approximately $15 in a year. Web hosting may cost you approximately $8 in a month and SSL Certificate $70 in a year.

That’s a very big investment for a starter.

Fortunately, Bluehost is offering all of the above for free. They are offering a free domain, free SSL certificate and a cheap priced hosting for FacileWay readers. That will cost you 6.95/month.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest and best WordPress recommended hosting provider that will ensure you a great hosting experience.

Because of their awesome performance, millions of website owners are hosted with them.

The first thing You need to is to go to this special link. You will see a page like the following image.

start an online store with bluehost

When you will click on the green box you will see the host plans page where you will see the Woocommerce hosting price policy. As a starter, the Starter Plan is a good choice.

Bluehost pricing policy for starting an online store
Bluehost Woocommerce pricing policies

You will see the following page after choosing your desired plan. On this page, you have to enter your desired online store name that will represent your online store.

register your domain with bluehost and get it for free

When you will find your domain name available you can book the domain for free on Bluehost.

In this final step, you will need to insert your account information to complete the process. There are some extra packages you can purchase if you would like to.

Bluehost offers a cheap price for starting an online store.

There are showing some extra costs because of choosing extra packages. You can avoid that cost packs to reduce the extra costs.

After making the final payment you will get an email with your login details of your Bluehost Cpanel. Cpanel is the interface from where you will manage everything of your store.

Login into your Cpanel. You will see a popup like the following image denoting that you have installed Woocommerce on your WordPress Site.

Go ahead and log in to your cPanel. You will see a welcome popup informing you that WordPress with WooCommerce is pre-installed on your website.

how to start an online store in 2020

Login clicking on the green button. It will take you to the WordPress Dashboard.

Well done! You have successfully set up your hosting and domain. Now its time to set up your WordPress site and start your online store.

Step two: Installation of WordPress

The amazing thing about purchasing a Woocommerce hosting plan is they install WordPress and WooCommerce on your site automatically.

When you will log in to your WordPress site, you will notice a welcome message and they will ask you what type of website you want to set up.

how to start an online store in 2020

Click on the “I don’t need help” tab. You don’t need to worry about this. I will show you every single step in this article.

Then you will see a wizard in your WordPress Dashboard like the following image-

how to start an online store in 2020

The first thing you need to do before setting up the wizard, You have to visit the Settings » General page to set up your WordPress site title and description.

how to start an online tore

You got a free SSL certificate with your Bluehost hosting plan. This certificate has been installed with your domain already.

But you have to configure the SSL certificate on your WordPress site on the Setting>>General page. That’s why you should use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

how to start an online store in 2020

Go to the bottom of the page and save the changes. Congratulations! You have done your Basic WordPress Setting.

Now it’s time to set up your online store.

Step three: Set up your online store

There are some important factors that you will need to consider to start an online store in 2020 such as shipping information, payment methods, and currencies.

In this step, you have to run a setup wizard for the WooCommerce setting.

how to start an online store in 2020

When you will click on the “Run the Setup Wizard” button you will see the following interface like this:

how to start an online store in 2020

To start an online store, you will need some important pages that will be created by WooCommerce automatically if you click on the continue button on the following interface.

how to do woocommerce page setup

After completing this step you will be taken to the next page. Here you have to select your location, currency and unit measurement.

how to start an online store in 2020

When your selection of location and currency are done, click to continue. Then you will be taken to the next page where you have to enter shipping and tax information.

how to setup shipping and tax for online store in Woo commerce

You can use WooCommerce to sell both of the digital and physical products that need shipping services.

At this point, you have to check the box if you are going to ship physical products and leave it blank if you are going to sell only digital products.

The next step is you have to answer the tax question that you will be asked by them.

Don’t worry WooCommerce will help you to calculate and add taxes to your price automatically. Now click continue to go on the next page.

how to start an online store

In this step, you have to add the payment method that will be used for your customer payment.

You will get PayPal, Paypal Standard and Stripe Payment gateway by default. There are many payment options available for WooCommerce. You can install every one of them if you want.

I would love to recommend Paypal Standard as it is the easiest payment option to start an online store in 2020. Just enter your PayPal email address and continue.

Woocommerce widget setting

After adding the payment gateways, you are done! Now click on the “Return to WordPress Dashboard” button to exit the wizard setup.

Well finished!

Now you are ready to add products to your WooCommerce store.

Step four: Add your products

There are some very simple steps to add a product. You can check the following procedure.

how to start an online store in 2020

Firstly, Go to WooCommerce>>Products>> Add Products. Here you will see a very known interface that any newbie can understand easily.

Secondly, Enter your product Title & Description.

Thirdly, Go to Product Data panel and mark Downloadable if there are any virtual products.

Point to be noted that if you are going to sell a virtual product there is no need to add shipping cost as virtual products don’t need to ship.

You can check this article to know in more detail about adding the products on WooCommerce.

Step five: Theme selection and customization

The theme is the most important factor when it comes to starting an online store. It depends on your theme of how your online store will like.

It also depends on the theme of how your products will be displayed on your site.

You can start with the free theme. But it will be the best idea if you go with the paid theme.

how to start an online store with storefront theme

Bluehost installs the Storefront theme for your site automatically. All you need to customize the theme as your requirement.

But I don’t recommend using the Storefront theme as it comes with free features and can limit your access to customization.

If you can manage a little budget Astra WooCommerce Theme will be the best choice for you.

Why you should use Astra?

Astra has a great fame for its lightweight and highly customizable theme. There are empowering more than 700,000 websites and has more than 3400 five star ratings on

It has a great inbuilt integration for WooCommerce that will help to start an online store in 2020 with an elegant design.

There are some advantages that Astra will provide you can not deny using their theme. I will elaborate these briefly.

Easy Customization

You can install their free theme that is easily customizable. You don’t need to have any technical or coding skills to do that.

Go for the paid theme as it extends more features that will have a great customer experience. You can check their WooCommerce integration here.

Minimize efforts

You can build a beautiful online store from scratch by the starter templates that save time and effort.

It is quite easy to import ready sites that are built with Astra and WooCommerce that will insanely decrease your efforts.


This amazing theme has a good responsive option for mobile, tablet and desktop devices that will have your customer the best experience.

You can also easily manage your shop on the mobile.

Great performance and good speed

Online buyers leave an online store when it takes more than three seconds to load the page.

So, it’s very important for your shop to use a theme that will help to have your customer a great shopping experience.

It is only possible when you will be able to provide them a faster website and a faster website can only help you to make your shoppers stuck with your site for a long time.

Astra is offering faster loading times with a clean and optimized code. You can check the Speed test on GTmetrix.

Astra Store speed test

SEO friendly

Astra offers the best SEO friendly WooCommerce theme built-in schema support. Schema plays a great role to understand the search engines in the best way that your website is about to display and it also shows the relevant results to the end-users.


You will able to learn about every feature with their video tutorials and in-depth content with their 24/7 email support.

You will also get access to their A dedicated Facebook Group with over 10,000+ active members.

Astra Pricing Policy

You can also use the Astra free theme but I recommend grabbing their paid options.

Because free theme comes with free features, you will not able to enjoy the pro features with a free theme. Go with the paid one and enjoy the pro service.

Annual Pricing:

  • Astra Pro For $59/year
  • Mini Agency Bundle For $276/year (Special Price $169/year).
  • Agency Bundle For $523/year (Special Price $249/year).

One-time Lifetime Pricing:

  • Astra Pro For $249/lifetime
  • Startup For $996/lifetime (Special Price $499/lifetime).
  • Agency For $1893/lifetime (Special Price $699/lifetime).

You will able to get access to one customer support, unlimited website usages and extensive training on both annual and lifetime package.

Good customer satisfaction

Astra has very good customer satisfaction and a lot of good customer reviews on the internet. You can google it and check their customer satisfaction level.

Because of their great service they are happily empowering more than seven lac websites with more than three thousand four hundred five star ratings.

Great security

Astra ensures great website security that will help you to prevent your data and website from hackers and malware from installing on your device.

When you will get online there are thousands of hacking attempts will occur to your website. If you use Astra, you will be able to prevent the hacking attempts.

Advertisement friendly

Astra has fully compatible and widget that will help you to place online promotions and advertisements for your users. That will insanely increase your website traffic.

Affiliate Disclosure: FacileWay is transparent to its user. Some of the links to this content contain affiliate links. So, if you make any purchase through the affiliate link, FacileWay will receive a small commission without any extra cost to you.

Now you know how to start an online store in 2020 and your store is ready to go. But your store will need some extra features for what you need to take help from WordPress Plugins.

WordPress plugins are WordPress Weapons that will increase the functionality of your Online Store.

There are tons of WordPress plugin available. At FacileWay, we have listed some of the best plugins you will need to increase the functionality of your site.

How to install WordPress Plugins

You can install WordPress Plugins easily using  WordPress plugin directory which is limited to only free plugins. Just Go to the “Plugin option” and click on the “add new”

how to install WordPress Plugins

Then go to the search option and search for your plugin. If you find your plugin available click the “Install” button. Once your installation is done don’t forget to activate the plugin.

How to upload wordpress plugins

If you are thinking of using paid plugins. Then you have to use “Upload” to upload the plugin file. Once the upload is complete don’t forget to activate the plugin.

how to upload wordpress plugins

Many of our audience look for google blogging or online business-related article on Google. Just add FacileWay at the end of the search query. You will find a detailed guide on our site if it is available.


How much does it cost to start an online store?

Hosting costing average $120, domain cost average $8, theme cost $0-$100/year. Total $228 in a year. More features will cost you more bucks.

What is the best online business to start in 2020?

Blogging, Selling E-books, affiliate marketing, dropshipping is the best online business to start in 2020

What kind of online business is most profitable?

Starting a blog and monetizing with affiliate marketing, starting an e-commerce site to sell goods and services.

What business is good for beginners?

Consulting, selling services and creating an online store as well as purchasing a franchise.

How many products do you need to start an online store?

If you are going to sell physical products you should have a stock of 30 products minimum.

How can I sell online for free?

There are many online sites like Craigslist, Geebo, Letgo, eBid, Etsy where you can sell online for free.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to start an online store easily without knowing any technical skills. If you loved this post, please feel free to share it via social media.

Thanks for investing your valuable thirty minutes with me. Please do visit again.

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