What should I choose? A free or a self-hosted blogging platform in 2020?

Free or self hosted blog ?

If are thinking of starting a blog, you are thinking of running across the term self-hosted blog. Most of the people will suggest that a self-hosted blog is a way to go If you’re looking to create a professional image.

What is a self-hosted blog? And why you wanna start blogging with that where you can start your blogging for free on another platform? I will explain here the details of free and self-hosted blogging with its pros and cons.

Discussion On Free Blogging Platform

A free blogging platform is where you can sign up for a site for free. You will get there a free domain and you can publish your blog for free

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In a free account, your site’s files will be stored on your blogging platform’s servers. While there can be costs involved after the initial set up which we will get to in a moment. This simple fact differentiates a free blog from a self-hosted blog.

Pros of a free blog:-

  • There is no setup cost
  •  WordPress and Blogger are an easy way to set up and maintain without any prior website design knowledge.

Cons of a free blog:-

  • Unless you pay for your own domain, you will have the WordPress or Blogger domain tacked onto yours, such as www.example.wordpress.com.
  • Self-hosted blogs appear professional than free ones
  • You will have less control over your blog if you sign up for a free blog. For example, people who self-host their blog with the WordPress software can download plugins to expand their website’s abilities. Where a free WordPress blog doesn’t allow this, limiting you to only a few options. CSS functions and theme selections are also limited on free blogging platforms.
  • You will have a limited amount of bandwidth, video time, and memory space in a free platform.
  • Its harder to earn money from a free blog.

What To Do For A free Blog?

A free blog can be completely free if you want it to. However, If you are trying to get rid of the “Blogger” or “WordPress” in your domain name, you will have to buy your domain and hosting that will cost you less than $10.

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Free blogs for who?

If you are blogging for just for having fun you can go for a free blog. The free blog won’t bring money that much as its harder to make money on a free blog. 

Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

A self-hosted blog is one that works on your own server. Most of the people pay a third-party to host their blog, which opens them to all the benefits of a self-hosted blog. 

Popular hosting sites are

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Its small or big business website, Hostgator has a perfect solution for you. It is one of the easiest website hosting platforms to use, and remain committed to providing their customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market.



You wanna create an online store, start a blog, or set up a photo gallery, You can do that all because all the best apps are available with iPage.


Bluehost is one of the top-recommended WordPress providers by WordPress.org. If you wanna enjoy hassle-free WordPress installation on all accounts, Bluehost is a great choice.

Pros of a self-hosted blog:

  • You have total control over your blog, You can integrate search engine optimization, advertising revenue, additional functions, and more.
  • You can install free or paid custom themes to brand your blog.
  • You have complete access to your backend files, which allows you to make any necessary code changes.

Cons of a self-hosted blog:

  • It requires a little investment.
  • It may be Bulldozing to new bloggers.

What to do for a Self-hosted Blog?

There are many hosting providers over the world. You can try any of them to have a self-hosted blog.  Sites like HostGator iPage 
(which I recommend) and Bluehost is among some of the popular companies that provide hosting services.

A self-hosted blog for who?
A self-hosted blog is more professional and functional than a free blog. They are also ideal for the individual who wants to improve his or her professional appearance and boost the functions available on his or her website.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system created by a community of developers. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. It is most associated with blogging but supports other types of web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, and online stores

what is WordPress.com?

To get a free WordPress site, all you have to do is visit WordPress.com to start designing your site within minutes. you can use a restricted version of the WordPress software where your site will be hosted on their servers.

 What is WordPress.org?

On the other hand, WordPress.org offers the full extent of the software. However, in order to use it, You will need somewhere to store your site’s files. I am talking about a third-party host.

The great news is once you will find a hosting site, they will help you to install WordPress on their host. So don’t worry and just get started.

I hope, you are no more confused? If you are, please leave a question via comment. 

Thank you!

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