How to start a Fashion Blog

How To Start A Fashion Blog In 2024 & Make Money From It

Hey Future Fashion Blogger! You are here to know how to start a fashion blog in 2024 from scratch on WordPress, right?


I will try to explain everything that will help you to get through. 

This is a time when you don’t need to be techy to start your blog. I have tried to make it easy and simple for you. All you need to stay focused and attentive just for 10 minutes. You can easily get started with your fashion blog in minutes.

How To Start A Fashion Blog In 2024 From Scratch

You have decided to learn how to start a fashion blog in 2024 from scratch. I know you are feeling so relaxed because you have done your half research. You know what is your passion and what you wanna work with.

There is a little BUT in this relaxation. Fashion is a vast area. You have to do some more research on this topic.

I will try to explain this matter “How To Select Your Niche” section briefly.

Just make sure you have read that section attentively. You will get your question answered!

So let’s start!

In this context, we will try to cover the following points-

  1. How to select your niche
  2. The best hosting for your fashion blog
  3. How to install WordPress
  4. How to optimize your blog with an amazing theme and productivity plugin
  5. How to promote your fashion blog
  6. How to make money from a fashion blog

How To Select Your Niche

I know what you are thinking. Fashion looks like a niche, You should know that fashion is a big category niche where there are many micro-niches. 

You have to ensure the following research if you are thinking of starting a fashion blog:

  •  What kinda customer you will target
  • What will be their age
  • What type of products you will promote like casual, modern street, formal, trendy, Sexy,
  • For which gender you will promote: Ladies, gents or both
  • Jewelry or other accessories. 

You have to make sure of this research to start a fashion blog from scratch. If you will start calculating this factor, you will find a more specific category for your fashion blog.

For example, Your blog can be just for Gents or ladies, or kids. What you are coving to cover in your blog? Corporate clothing or casual clothing? You have to be more specific in this matter.

Choose Domain & Hosting For Your Blog

You can start your blog on for free if you want to start your blog as a hobby.

If you are thinking of making some money from it, you should try Self-hosted WordPress blogging

You need to invest some bucks in your own domain and hosting to give your business a more legitimate appearance. 

The first thing you have to do to start a fashion blog is picking a domain name that best suits your niche.

What is a domain name?

In a simple definition, A domain is an address to your blog. Like my brand name is FacileWay and my domain name is FacileWay [dot] com. 

What is Hosting?

If a domain name is an address the hosting is a home where all of the data of your site will be stored. 

Now you know what is the domain and what is the hosting. If You won’t find a proper name for your brand.

If you are confused, you can visit this site. Just put in your keyword and it will generate tons of domain names for you. 

Don’t buy any domain name from there. There are many web hosting providers that offer a free domain with their hosting. 

How To Install WordPress

I know you are confused about choosing the hosting. Choosing to host totally depends on your budget.

I have mentioned here the best and most reliable hosting. It’s up to what kinda service you want. 

Bluehost is the most recommended hosting by WordPress and this hosting is very beginners friendly. Because you do not need to invest an extra buck for your domain name. You will get it free with their annual plan.  

Now, you are clear. I hope you have bought your hosting. Now it’s time to install WordPress on your hosting. 

I will try to show you install WordPress on Bluehost manually.

Firstly, go to this special link, You will see an interface like this enter your domain name and proceed further.

how to start blogging with bluehost

Choose your desired hosting plan. After choosing your package, you will be redirected to the next page where you have to put your domain name.


Enter your domain name into the “create a new domain section” If your domain name is available you can go for further instructions.

In this section, you will need to enter your account information that will be used to manage your Fashion Blog.


Then the package information for what period of time you want to purchase their hosting services.


There are some Package Extras that will cost you some extra money. You can skip it if you want. But If you are on a budget I would love to recommend grabbing the features.

After fulfilling all the requirements, It’s time to finalize the payment. You can use your credit card to make the final settlement. Bluehost also supports PayPal to make payment easier for anyone.

Once your purchase is done, you will be emailed your Cpanel login details.


After login in you will see an interface like this one-


You have to enter your site name and tagline in this section. Like my site name is “FacileWay” and my tagline is “Learn Blogging In A Facile Way”.

You have to choose this one wisely. Because your brand authority depends on a proper site name and tagline.

It’s something that defines your business. Like if anyone sees my tagline, they can easily understand that this blog is about sharing blogging tips.

In this section, as you are about to start a fashion blog you can select ” do you want a blog section”. You can select both of the options. There is no problem at all.

how to start a fashion blog from scratch in 2020

In this section, you can mark all the options and proceed. If you select to continue as a theme selection option, you will be redirected to a theme directory.

Where you will find some amazing themes for free. You can also skip this step if you add a premium theme to your site.

Once you have skipped or selected any theme Bluehost automatically starts installing WordPress for you. You will see a dashboard where you have to click on the “Get Started” Button.


After clicking on “Get Started” you will see some extra features. You can skip them and proceed with further instructions.


After skipping the extra features. You will see an interface like this. Click on the “user” option. You will see your username and email address with a “login option”

Login using that option WordPress will automatically start installing and you will see a beautiful interface like the following image.


You will be in operation from this dashboard. Don’t forget to read the following article,

Congratulations! You have successfully established your WordPress Fashion Blog.

Optimize Your Blog With Theme And Plugins

An elegant theme is the best choice for starting a fashion blog from scratch. Because the success of a fashion blog depends on its appearance. 


You can give your fashion blog an amazing appearance by using an Elegant theme. You have optimized your blog with a theme. Or you can have Astra Pro at a cheaper price.

How To Promote Your Fashion Blog

1. Social Media

You can open a Facebook Page for your blog and promote through that page and be active on FB groups.

Try to integrate your blogs with every other social media platform. It will increase your blog authority. Use Missinglettr to automate your social share. Check here the MissingLettr Review.

2. Email Marketing

Build an email list and promote your content through email marketing. You can use GetResponse as your email marketing tool to give your promotion an extra boost. Bookmark this page to get the GetResponse Black Friday Deal.

3. Outreach Marketing

Do outreach to the blogger in your interest. Make a good relationship with them. It will help to build some backlinks for your blog that will have a great positive impact on your SEO.

Read also: GetResponse Free Trial

4. Blog Commenting

Do blog commenting on other fashion bloggers and let them know you are also running a fashion blog. This will help to build a good relationship with them.

If you can make some value-added comments, you will get some traffic from blog commenting also.

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting can help you insanely. Do guest posts on other blogs from the same niche.  You will be able to drive good traffic from guest posting. Guest posting is the best way to build backlinks from the authority site.

When you get backlinks from an authority site, Google also marks you as an authority site. It has a positive impact on ranking.

These are popular ways you can promote your fashion blog. There are tons of other options. But these are the easiest and most effective ways to promote your blog.

How To Make Money From A Fashion Blog


It’s okay if you’re starting your blog as a hobby. If you are thinking of starting your blog to generate income you have to monetize your blog with some money-making options. 

1. Start An Online Store

Do you create your own products and wanna sell them through an online store? Learn here how to start an online store in just thirty minutes

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. Try to become an affiliate for renowned fashion brands.

You will earn a decent amount of money when people buy the product you recommend through your affiliate link. Read this affiliate marketing guide if you are a newbie in this sector. 

3. Displaying Ads

Once you have become successful in attracting good visitors to your blog, you will be able to sell your place for ads. You can use your traffic to earn money from Google Adsense or any other ad agencies.

4. Consultancy

You can become a fashion consultant. Maybe you are not good at designing but you have the skills to make other fashion bloggers successful. 

5. Brand promotion

You can make a partnership with leading Fashion Brand over the world. Integrate your blog with your Instagram account.

Find out how the other fashion bloggers are doing this work through Instagram. Keep on them to see how they are utilizing their blog on Instagram. Follow their every single step.

how to start a fashion blog
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Final Thoughts

Every day there are thousands of new sites launching on the internet. Not everyone is successful because of their blogging mindset.

It’s easy to know how to start a fashion blog in 2024 from scratch but it takes time to make a successful blog. 

If you are here just to start a fashion blog without passion, you will become demotivated soon. If you are here to give this world something unique that you love.

Then you are going to rock and someday you will become a full-time fashion blogger and will be able to lead a financial freedom life. 

Read also,

I hope now you know how to start a fashion blog in 2024 from scratch. Please feel free to share with your friends if you have loved this post and if you have any questions related to this post, don’t forget to comment below.

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