Why It Is the Best Time To Start Your Blog

Why It Is the Best Time To Start Your Blog In 2024

I know you are kinda in shock so I am telling you this is the best time to start your blog in 2024.

The worst situation is going on out there. People are living a terrible life. Everyone is scared of COVID-19 and I am telling you this is the best time to start your Blog in 2020?! 

I am going to tell you each and every reason why I am marking this time as the best time to start your blog in 2020 and how you can turn this threat into an opportunity. Finish reading this article till the last. You will thank me later. 

Why It Is the Best Time to Start Your Blog In 2024

The pandemic COVID-19 has made us feel like in prison. We are quarantined for months. Killing our time on NETFLIX or social media. Leading a boring and painful life without any productivity.

Now let’s see why it is the best time to start your blog in 2020 and how you can turn this crisis into an opportunity. 

1. Invest Time Instead of Wasting It

I am quarantined from 26th March 2020, During this period of time, my other buddies are busy watching movies and spending their free time on social media.

I am also a kind social media freak. I love to chat with buddies and contact them via video conferences. 

But I am spending most of the time learning new things related to blogging and other business ideas. Except for wasting my time on social media, I am investing my time in social media. 

You may ask, my buddies are using social media, and I am also using social media. So, How I am investing my time, and how they are wasting their time? 

Investment deserves returns and wasting increases losses. The time we are passing will not come back again. 

If you spend the whole time hanging out on social media or video conferences or scrolling up and downs you are learning nothing. You are just passing your time that will not come back again. 

Yeah, it is important to have some fun with friends and family. I have also friends and my family. I had a good time with them.

But before coming to this blogging industry, I would spend this time just being with them and watching boring movies, ruining time just on social media.

But in the meantime, if you spend your time learning something, that’s the investment. You can use the knowledge to increase your productivity. 

If you spend an hour just scrolling ups and downs on social media, you may get some entertainment. 

But you spend one hour learning something new, and you have invested your time. This one hour will give you back twice. 

2. Low Investment & High Productivity

 You will not need thousands of dollars to start your blog. You can start your blog at just a few bucks, not more than 150 dollars. Once you have started your blog you will get enough time to work on your blog. 

There are tons of options for you can make money from blogging. Maybe, In this worst situation, you will not get your desired results, but once you are able to make your blog resourceful, you will get very positive feedback soon after overcoming this bad circumstance. 

Don’t waste your time just being lazy and watching online movies or scrolling on social media. Invest your time in productivity. 

3. Enough Time To Market Research

You must have been a very busy guy before the pandemic COVID-19. You had not had enough time to think of establishing a new business. 

Now you have enough time to do market research. You can focus on the customer’s needs and figure out what kind of business you may concentrate on. 

As a blogger, you should find out which category you are the best in. If you only focus on the profitable market niche but do not love doing this task. It’s gonna be hard for you to hold on till the last goal is achieved. 

4. Build Your Own Community 

This is high time to build your blogging tribe. As you are passing free time. You have a lot of time to have a conversation with your blogging buddies.

There was a time when only SEO was enough for blogging growth.

But now in 2020 without establishing an authority blog it is harder to run a successful blog. So, build your own community and try to grow together.

Don’t be so busy building a community that you are going to skip SEO. Without having SEO friendly article you are not going to rank on Google. Learn to write SEO-friendly articles.

Because people will get you and your site by searching on Google. If your article is not SEO-friendly, you will not get traffic. If you lose traffic, you are losing your readers. Losing readers means losing sales. So you can not miss any chances. 

5. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important elements of SEO. Quality backlinks will help you to establish your authority on Google.

When so many websites refer someone to your blog, Google will count your site as an authority site. 

But having backlinks is not that easy to get. You have to convince the blog owner to post your article on their site.

You can use this free time amazingly to build a good relationship with the authority site owners.

You can use this free time to do some outreach marketing to grab the attention of bloggers or internet marketers in the same niche. This will help you in link building.

6. Produce More To Feed Your Audience

It is the best time to start your blog in 2020 Because you have enough time to write more content.

The more content you will publish, the more resourceful your blog will be. A resourceful blog is a successful blog.

Because your readers will visit your blog again when they will find their solution to every problem. 

Like there are many hungry learners out there. The more you will be able to add value to them, the more you will gain authority.

You are thinking you are not a techy guy. You know nothing you do to get things done.

Let me explain this more clearly. I have completed my graduation in Human Resource Management. But I am working as a Senior Accounts Officer.

This was not my track. I have just started my job with limited knowledge.

I did not have any professional degree in accounting. But I am doing very well. This is all about getting started.

But start with your passion. Working as an accounts officer does not belong to my passion.

Don’t start something that you can do very well but do not find that task passionate for you.

You can do a job, work under someone, and get monthly paid by doing boring tasks that you do not love. It’s okay for traditional jobs or businesses.

But in blogging, if you do not go after your passion you not going to achieve your goal. Because you will get bored with your work after a period of time.

Producing more quality content will be possible if you love the category you are working on. If you are not working on your passion for blogging, then traditional jobs are okay for you.

We bloggers encourage people to go after their passion. Because this is the only platform where you can turn your passion into your profession. There are tons of examples of that.

7. Increase Social Engagement

You have published a lot of content. Now you have a lot of time to share them on social media. When you will share your content on social media, you will get more engagement there.

You will get enough time to respond to every question they ask which was impossible before this worst situation.

You can use MissingLettr to automate your social share. What do you think? Yeah, It is the best time to start your blog in 2020.

8. Tons of opportunity seekers

Not everyone is a social media freak out there. There are tons of people who are desperately seeking new opportunities.

Help to move them in the proper ways. Let them know how they can improve their built-in skills and implement their skills to grow their business and improve their lifestyle.  

Be a  good mentor for the opportunity seeker. You may not be the best or may not be so expert to help people to get the problem solved.

You may love to work on a category. But You know very little about it. If you can learn the task, you will do your best. 

Don’t think too much. Start with your minimum knowledge, there are tons of helping hands and mentors out there to maximize your knowledge. 

All you need to do is research the pro bloggers with the same interest. You will learn eventually.

Final Words

Don’t try to choose a category that brings easy money but you don’t love to do that work.

Remember, everyone is trying the easy options. Go for something unique, something that suits you and something you know the best, something you would love to do the most.

Don’t forget to have a look at this article,

I think now you have understood why it is the best time to start your blog in 2021. Please share if this post was useful for you. Thank you for investing your time with me to learn why you should start your blog in this worst situation.  

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    1. You are right. It’s the best time for self-improvement. Of course, the worst situation is going on. Instead of being frustrated, we should motivate ourselves to do something better.

  1. This is the perfect time to get into blogging. As the entire world is looking for JOB alternatives, Work alternatives at that time people will look for more online income options. And I believe blogging is the best way to create an income source. Thanks for spreading awareness brother.

    1. Hey Santanu bro,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Yeah you are right brother. It’s the best time to improve thyself and self improvement. Blogging is the best alternative for that.

  2. How I wish everyone sitting on the fence can heed to your advice and take advantage of the effects of the pandemic called Coronavirus to start a new life… Yes, starting a blog is entering a new world… A world of self reliance.
    Thanks for this tip.

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