Best Google Adsense Alternatives

16 Best Google Adsense Alternatives→Which One Is The Best?

Are you looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives to monetize your website?

It’s the biggest platform in the display ads industry but not the only Advertising platform you can make money from.

The majority of new bloggers apply for AdSense account approval many times and become disappointed when they are rejected.

But there are other advertising networks for publishers besides AdSense. Many ad networks share a decent amount of revenue with their publishers.

Though It’s still hard to beat AdSense as an advertising network. It’s better to have something than nothing.

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Now let’s come to the point-

I have compiled the best alternative networks for advertisers and publishers in this post.

You can find some that function almost like AdSense, while others have something more unique, like contextual product suggestions and text ads.

Let’s start earning now…

Note: Ezoic is the number one recommendation in this list. It deploys ads from multiple ad networks and optimizes ad layouts for higher revenue. You can easily get your money in your account with a very minimum threshold. Try it out now.

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives
Rank Alternatives Ad TypeThresholdWebsite Link
1EzoicText, Display & Banner$20Sign Up Now
2Media NetText & Banner$100Sign up Now
3Amazon AdsSearch & Display $100Sign up Now
4InfolinksSearch, Tag & Text$50Sign up Now
5YllixPopunder ads, Mobile redirects, Full-page ads$1Sign up Now

Most of these Adsense alternatives use Payoneer as a payment method. You can sign up Payoneer Account Here With a $25 Bonus!

Alternatives to Google AdSense compared

Here are the top Google Ads Alternatives you should have a look at-

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is the best Adsense Alternatives

Ezoic is a popular choice for many website owners looking to monetize their site and increase their ad revenue.

Ezoic stands out from other platforms due to its unique ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of ad networks such as Google AdSense and

It’s google certified publishing partner that will increase your ad revenue dramatically.

This feature empowers users to optimize their ad layouts and maximize their earnings with ease.

Moreover, Ezoic provides a significant advantage by automating the testing and optimization of ad layouts, freeing up your time and eliminating guesswork.

This translates to an enhanced user experience on your website and an increase in your ad revenue.

While previously limited to websites with at least 10K monthly visitors, Ezoic’s new Access Now program now extends its benefits to websites with less traffic, ensuring that more website owners can reap the rewards of this powerful platform.

This allows more website owners to benefit from the platform and its capabilities. Read here some Ezoic requirements that will help you to get approved faster!

Types of Ads Placement

Ezoic is one of the best ad networks for bloggers and publishers

Ezoic offers mainly four types of ad placements that can ease your ad monetization strategies:

Native ads – These are often used in social media feeds or in website recommendations. Their look and feel match the format in which they appear.

Banner ads – The purpose of image-based ads is to redirect users from the current website to the advertiser’s site.

Link ads – You can display text-based ads related to the content on your website.

Sticky ads – Users are usually able to scroll up or down while these are visible in the sidebar or on-screen.

It largely relies on performance metrics to display the layout that tends to get the most engagement on your site and view the most pages.

Read also: How to Find High Paying Google Adsense Keywords


Google Adsense Alternatives is a top-notch alternative to AdSense that’s worth considering for your website’s monetization strategy.

Powered by Yahoo/Bing, this contextual ad product generates text and display ad that is relevant to your site’s content, boosting click-through rates and revenue.

What’s great about is that you have the flexibility to create your own display advertising or leave it to the platform to determine the optimal size for your site.

This level of control enables you to customize the appearance of your ads, or you can rely on the expertise of the platform to handle it for you.

While’s $100 minimum payout is higher than some other AdSense alternative ad networks, the quality of the platform and its proven track record make it an attractive option.

By partnering with, you can enjoy a steady stream of revenue and gain access to its wealth of features and capabilities.

Types of Ad Space ad network is one of the best AdSense alternatives offers different types of ad placement options to suit different website layouts and ad preferences-

In-Content Ads: These ads are incorporated within the content of your website and designed to blend seamlessly with your site’s design and layout.

Display Ads: These ads are typically larger and more prominent than in-content ads and can appear in a sidebar or at the top or bottom of the page.

Mobile Ads: offers mobile-specific ad formats that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices, ensuring a better user experience for your mobile visitors.

Sticky Ads: These ads remain “stuck” to the screen as the user scrolls, increasing visibility and engagement rates.

Contextual Ads: These ads are tailored to be relevant to the content of each page on your site, increasing the likelihood of user engagement and click-through rates.

3. Monumetric

Monumetric  is another one of the best AdSense alternatives

If boosting ad revenue is a priority for you, Monumetric is worth considering as an AdSense alternative.

This platform helps you fill your ad inventory with the highest CPM offers, ensuring that you are making the most money possible for your ad impressions.

One of the great things about Monumetric is that it gives you the tools you need to manage which ads appear on your site and where they appear.

This allows you to have more control over the ad experience for your users. Additionally, Monumetric makes it easy to avoid advertising from certain companies or industries if you wish to do so.

There is a minimum monthly page view requirement of 10,000 for Monumetric, and if your site does not have at least 80,000 page views, you will be charged a $99 setup fee.

Despite this, Monumetric can be a valuable resource for publishers looking to optimize their ad revenue.

Types of Ad Space

Monumetric is one of the best ad networks for publishers and bloggers

Monumetric provides website owners with a variety of ad placement options to maximize their revenue potential. Here is how-

In-Content Ads: These ads are placed within a website’s content and blend in with the overall design of the site.

Display Ads: These ads are usually larger and more visible than in-content ads and can appear in various locations on a website, such as a sidebar or the top or bottom of a page.

Interstitial Ads: These ads appear between content pages on a website and are often full-screen ads that users must view before accessing the next page.

Mobile Ads: Monumetric offers mobile-specific ad formats that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices, resulting in a better user experience for visitors accessing a website on their mobile devices.

Video Ads: These ads are video-based and can be placed within a website’s content or played before or after a video on a website.

Native Ads: These ads are designed to match the look and feel of a website’s content and provide a more seamless user experience.

4. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is is one of the best ad networks for publishers and bloggers

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your website that is different from AdSense, BuySellAds is worth considering.

Unlike AdSense, which displays contextual ads automatically, BuySellAds allows you to list your ad inventory for sale directly to advertisers.

This means you can specify how many impressions you have available and set a price for them.

For example, you could say “I have 30,000 impressions available for this footer ad spot, and I am selling them for $300 per month.” The process is automated through BuySellAds, so advertisers can easily purchase your ad space.

If you like the idea of having more control over your ad inventory and the prices you set, give BuySellAds a try.

However, please note that the platform only works with sites that get over 100,000 page views per month.

Type of Ad Formats

There are multiple ad formats available-

BuySells Ad Network

Display Ads: These ads are visually attractive and can be placed in different locations on a website, such as the header, sidebar, or footer.

Native Ads: This ad format is designed to match the look and feel of the website’s content, providing a more seamless user experience.

Sponsored Content: This type of ad placement involves publishing sponsored content, such as articles or blog posts, on a website.

Email Newsletter Ads: These ads are included in email newsletters sent to subscribers of a website.

Podcast Ads: BuySellAds provides podcast advertising platforms for websites that produce podcasts, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience through audio ads.

Custom Ads: BuySellAds also offers custom ad solutions tailored to the specific needs of a website and its audience.

Sovrn Ads Network The Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your website that is easy and unobtrusive, Sovrn //Commerce (formerly known as VigLink) is worth considering.

This platform helps you monetize your site by automatically inserting contextual advertising links into your content.

The links are given to the retailer with the highest bid, and you can also add affiliate links to existing product mentions that you’ve already linked to.

One of the great things about Sovrn //Commerce is that the ads are just links to existing pieces of content, rather than large banners or text ads. This makes them relatively unobtrusive and less disruptive to the user experience.

Another advantage of using Sovrn //Commerce is that you can pay out as little as $10, making it a cost-effective option for monetizing your site.

Type of Ad Formats

Sovrn Commerce is one of the best alternatives to Google Ads

In-Text Ads: This ad format turns keywords within a website’s content into hyperlinks that lead to related product pages, providing a subtle way to earn revenue from content.

Display Ads: Sovrn //Commerce offers display ads in several formats, including banners, native ads, and custom display ads.

Skimlinks publishers: This ad placement type converts regular product links on a website into affiliate links that earn a commission when a visitor clicks through and makes a purchase.

VigLink Anywhere: This feature allows website owners to monetize their social media posts and other external content by automatically creating affiliate links for products mentioned in the content.

API Access: Sovrn //Commerce also provides API access for customized website integrations, offering advanced ad placement options.

6. Amazon Associates / Native Shopping Ads

Best Adsense alternatives

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s own affiliate program, which allows you to monetize your website by promoting products from the Amazon marketplace.

While many people think of Amazon Associates as a way to manually insert relevant affiliate links into their content, the program also offers contextual advertising through Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

These native ads are automatically displayed on your site based on the content of each page, and when your visitors click on the products and make a purchase, you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

It’s important to note that you won’t get paid for impressions or clicks with Amazon Associates as you do with AdSense. Instead, you’ll only get paid if someone makes a purchase.

The minimum payout threshold at Amazon Associates is $10, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with the program’s rules before using it.

Amazon Associates is known to be stricter than other affiliate networks, and it is not possible to cloak affiliate links.

Ad Formats

Amazon Ad Network

Amazon Native Shopping Ads: These ads can be placed within website content or in the margins of a website. They display products that are relevant to the website’s content and can be customized to fit the website’s design and colour scheme.

Product Links: These ads are links that lead directly to a specific product on They can be placed anywhere within website content, and they can also be customized to fit the website’s design.

Banner Ads: Amazon offers a variety of banner ads in various sizes and designs, which can be placed in website margins or within the content.

Recommended Product Links: These ads show products that are related to the website’s content or the user’s browsing history. They can be customized to show specific product categories or types of products.

Custom Link Ads: These ads allow website owners to create custom text links that lead to specific products or pages.

7. PropellerAds

Google Adsense Alternatives

You can monetize your website with many different types of ads from Propeller Ads, including some aggressive ad types.

There are two tamest ad formats:

  • Content-related native banners.
  • Automated links that take users to the most relevant offers

PropellerAds can also help you get more aggressive…

  • Ads that appear on click/pop-under ad network
  • An interstitial that appears before or after a specific page on your website
  • You can advertise with push notifications even after a visitor leaves your site (if they agree to display them).

There is a $5 minimum payment amount with PropellerAds, and payouts are made on a weekly basis.

8. ylliX

ylliX is one of the best ad networks for publishers and bloggers

YlliX is a platform that can help you monetize your website, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.

One of the standout features of ylliX is that it guarantees a 100% fill rate worldwide and supports a variety of ad formats, including CPM, CPC, and CPA.

Additionally, there is no minimum payout and ylliX supports daily payments, making it one of the most generous AdSense alternatives.

However, it’s worth noting that there have been some complaints about ylliX letting dodgy advertisers on board.

If protecting your site’s reputation is important to you, you may want to consider other AdSense alternatives like Monumetric or

Both of these platforms have a solid reputation and may be better choices for those who want to ensure that their ads are high quality.

Ad Formats

Yllix ad network

Pop-Under Ads: These ads are displayed in a new browser window underneath the current window when a visitor clicks anywhere on the website.

Mobile Redirect Ads: Designed for mobile devices, these ads redirect users to the advertiser’s landing page.

Slider Ads: Placed at the bottom of a website, slider ads slide up as the user scrolls down the page.

Layer Ads: These ads are displayed as a layer over the website’s content that can be closed by the user.

Direct Links: Yllix provides text-based links that lead to the advertiser’s landing page, which can be placed within the website’s content or on the margins.

Skimlinks is another one of the best Google alternatives for premium advertisers

Skimlinks is an advertising network that uses a similar approach to Sovrn //Commerce (VigLink).

It scans your content for mentions of its network of over 48,500 affiliate merchants and automatically adds an affiliate link if it finds a mention.

This means you can earn a commission without having to deal with a bunch of separate affiliate programs.

One of the great things about Skimlinks is that you can pay out as little as $10, although it operates on a Net 90 basis, which means you’ll have to wait a bit before you get paid.

If you’re looking for an easy way to monetize your website and are willing to wait for your payouts, Skimlinks is worth considering.

Skimlinks Ad Placement

Skimlinks Publisher

In-content links: Skimlinks can automatically add affiliate links to relevant keywords and phrases within your content.

Product Showcase: Skimlinks allow you to create a product showcase widget that displays products related to your content.

Comparison tables: Skimlinks can generate comparison tables for products and services mentioned in your content, and add affiliate links to them.

Merchant Search: Skimlinks has a search tool that allows you to find merchants and products to promote.

Editorial content: Skimlinks offers editorial content that you can add to your site to help promote products and earn a commission.

10. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that can help you monetize your website using a variety of advertising methods, including display banners, popunders, sliders, smart links, and programmatic advertising.

One of the standout features of Bidvertiser is that it guarantees 100% coverage for both desktop and mobile devices, so you can be sure that you’ll always see ads.

In addition to its wide range of ad types, Bidvertiser also has a compliance team to ensure that the advertisers on its platform are reputable.

This is especially important considering that the platform supports some more aggressive ad types, like popunders.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your website that is easy and reliable, Bidvertiser is worth considering. Please note that there is a $10 minimum payout at Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser Ad Placement

Bidverter ad platform

Banner ads: Bidvertiser offers banner ads in different sizes that can be placed on different parts of a website, such as the header, sidebar, and footer.

Pop-under ads: These ads appear behind the main browser window and are visible only when the user closes the main window.

Native ads: Bidvertiser’s native ads blend in with the website’s content, providing a seamless experience for users.

Direct navigation: Bidvertiser’s direct navigation ads appear when a user types in a domain name that is not available or has expired, leading them to relevant ads.

XML feeds: Bidvertiser also provides XML feeds that can be integrated into a website’s search results, allowing publishers to monetize website traffic.


You can monetize the advertising space on your website with Infolinks by using the following types of ads:

InText: ads based on keywords that appear as display ads when users hover over the keyword.

InFold: ads that stick to the bottom of the screen on desktop and mobile devices.

InScreen: popup interstitial ads that appear between page views.

InTag: contextually relevant ads.

InFrame: vertical ads that appear on the unused side of your site on wide screens.

There are both aggressive and unobtrusive options available with Infolinks, and the company’s advertisers have a good reputation.

Infolinks has a $50 minimum payout.

12. Revcontent


If you are concerned about maintaining the reputation of your site, Revcontent is a good ad network to consider.

This platform allows you to have complete control over the ads that are displayed on your site, and you can remove any ads that you don’t want to display.

To apply for Revcontent, you need to have at least 50,000 visitors per month, and many publishers are rejected.

However, if you are accepted, there is a minimum payout of $50. If you are looking for an ad network that allows you to have complete control over the ads on your site and has a good reputation, Revcontent is worth considering.

Revcontent Ad Placement

RevContent ad network

Widget Ads – These ads are placed in a widget on a publisher’s website and feature a mix of sponsored and recommended content.

In-Feed Ads – These ads are placed within a publisher’s content feed and are designed to blend in with the surrounding content.

Interstitial Ads – These full-screen ads appear between content pages, providing an opportunity for advertisers to deliver a message to users before they move on to the next piece of content.

Native Video Ads – These ads are designed to mimic the look and feel of the content around them and are typically autoplay.

Custom Ads – Revcontent also offers custom ad placements, including sponsored content and special ad formats, that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of advertisers.

13. Taboola


If you are looking for a way to monetize your website, Taboola’s article suggestions may be a good option to consider.

You may have seen these ads before, as they are common on news sites and other types of content. They often take the form of clickbait-style articles, such as “15 foods to avoid after 30.”

Taboola is a good choice if your site uses clickbait-style content, but it can be difficult to get accepted into the network due to the minimum traffic requirement of 500,000 views per month.

If your site meets this requirement and you are looking for a way to monetize it through article suggestions, Taboola is worth considering.

Taboola Ad Placement

Taboola ad network

Native Ads – These are ads that blend in with the content of the website and appear as recommended articles or related posts.

Sponsored Content – This is content created by brands that are featured on publisher websites as part of Taboola’s sponsored content program.

Video Ads – These are video ads that play automatically or on click, and can appear in various formats such as in-stream or out-stream.

Display Ads – These are traditional banner ads that appear in various sizes and formats on publisher websites.

Article Recommendations – These are ads that appear at the end of articles, suggesting other articles or pieces of content that the user may be interested in.

14. AdRecover


According to statistics, around 26% of Internet users use ad blockers to block advertising. What does that mean? AdRecover is specifically designed to help you monetize visitors who utilize ad blockers.

The ads are fast-loading, user-friendly, and ad blocker-compliant.

The Acceptable Ads program, for instance, gives advertisers the opportunity to bypass ad blockers by meeting certain criteria.

It is because of these requirements that AdRecover’s ads are allowed by some ad blockers, but not all.

The following three ad blockers are supported by AdRecover:

  • AdBlock
  • AdBlockPlus
  • Crystal

You’ll need at least 10,000 ad-blocked page views per month to join AdRecover. If you use ad blockers, you’ll probably need 40-50,000 monthly page views.

Ad Placement

AdRecover ad network

In-Content Ads: These ads are placed within the text of your content to make them look natural and unobtrusive.

Header Bidding: AdRecover’s header bidding technology optimizes ad placement in real-time, allowing publishers to maximize revenue from every impression.

Sticky Ads: These ads remain in a fixed position as the user scrolls through the page, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Interstitial Ads: These full-screen ads are displayed between content pages and can be highly effective in capturing user attention.

Native Ads: Native ads blend in with the look and feel of your website, making them less disruptive and more likely to be clicked on.

15. Adversal


If you are looking for a way to monetize your website through native ads, the Adversal platform may be a good option to consider.

This platform allows you to create native ads that are similar to those offered by Taboola, and you can also include native video ads and more traditional display ads.

One of the advantages of Adversal is that it has a lower traffic requirement than Taboola, with a minimum of 50,000 monthly page views.

This makes it a good choice for smaller websites that may not have enough traffic to meet the requirements of other platforms.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your website through native ads and have at least 50,000 monthly page views, Adversal is worth considering.

Adversal Ad Placement

Adversal Ad Network

Display Ads: These are standard banner ads that can be placed in different sizes and positions on your website to attract user attention.

Pop-Under Ads: These ads open in a new window or tab underneath the current page, making them less intrusive and more likely to be noticed by users.

Video Ads: Video ads are becoming increasingly popular, and Adversal offers publishers the option to place pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll video ads on their websites.

Native Ads: Adversal’s native ads blend in with the content of your website, making them less disruptive and more likely to be clicked on by users.

In-Image Ads: These ads are placed within images on your website, allowing you to monetize your visual content without compromising the user experience.

16. PopCash

Popcash Google Adsense Alternatives

PopCash is a popular popunder ad network that is known for its fast approvals and daily payments.

If you are comfortable with running aggressive pop-under ads on your website, PopCash may be the best ad platform for you.

One of the great things about PopCash is that it has a low minimum payment threshold of $10, which means you can start earning money quickly.

Additionally, the network monitors its ads both internally and externally to ensure that they are malware-free and clean, which is important for protecting the reputation of your site.

If you are looking for an ad network that offers fast payments and is known for its clean ads, PopCash is worth considering.

PopCash Ad Placement

Popcash Ad Network

Pop-Under Ads: These ads open in a new window behind the main browser window and are only visible when the user closes the main window, ensuring high visibility.

Tab-Up Ads: These ads are similar to Pop-Under ads, but they open in a new tab instead of a new window.

Tab-Under Ads: These ads are similar to Pop-Under ads, but they open in a new tab instead of a new window.

Interstitial Ads: These full-screen ads are displayed between content pages and can be highly effective in capturing user attention.

Banner Ads: These ads are displayed in a banner format on your website and are available in various sizes and formats.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives
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FAQs Related To Google Adsense Ads

Here are some FAQs related to Google Adsense and its alternatives-

1. What is the best alternative to AdSense?

Ezoic is considered one of the best AdSense alternatives for low-traffic sites. I recommend this platform most as it’s easy to monetize even if your site has low traffic.

2. Who pays more than AdSense?

Monumetric uses CPM rather than CPC, which pays for every impression, and their pay rates are reported to be higher than AdSense.

3. Is AdSense still profitable in 2023?

Adsense Ads is still a profitable option. But their competitors are offering more money in some ways that it’s not as profitable as before.

4. How much does Google pay for 1,000 views on the website?

Depending on factors such as the niche, ad placement, and user engagement, the exact amount cannot be determined in advance. But you can expect $0.2 – $2.5 per 1,000 views on Adsense.

5. How many YouTube pay for $1 million views?

According to some creators, YouTube pays between $3,400 to $30,000 for 1 million views. Creators can make a five-figure income from a single video that accrues that many views.

Which is the best AdSense alternative for you?

It really depends on what you are looking for when it comes to AdSense alternatives – all of them have something to offer…

  • Your monetization strategy
  • What kind of ads do you want to display
  • Control over which ads are displayed
  • If you are ready to display a shady advertiser on your site, what’s your tolerance level?

There are a number of ad networks that can be used as alternatives to AdSense. Ezoic is a popular choice because it is easy to use and flexible, and it integrates with a wide range of popular ad networks including and Google AdSense. is another great option that is similar to AdSense in terms of approach, offering clean, contextual ads.

If you are concerned about your site’s reputation and want more control over which ads are displayed, Monumetric is a good choice.

Amazon Associates is also a good way to earn money, even if product ads don’t work for your site. AdRecover is another option that offers high-quality ads, although its reach is limited to visitors with ad blockers.

Link-based ad networks like Sovrn //Commerce and Skimlinks are unobtrusive options for monetizing your site, while BuySellAds offers a unique marketplace approach that is more like direct ad sales.

If you want to be more aggressive with your ads, platforms like Bidvertiser and others are worth considering, although the quality of advertisers can be hit-and-miss.

No matter which ad network you use, a WordPress advertising management plugin can make it more effective.

I hope you have loved this article about the best Google Adsense Alternatives. Please share with your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

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