What You Should Write The First Blog Post About

What You Should Write The First Blog Post About In 2024

You wanna start a blog? Now you are thinking about what you should write the first blog post about.

This post is all about writing your first blog post as a beginner.

I am from Bangladesh where Paypal doesn’t support me. That’s why I had to face many problems with buying a domain and hosting.

When I started my blogging. A shared a hosting provider that helped to start this blog with their amazing support.

So, I didn’t think so much and started writing about the hosting providers that helped me to get started.

Their service is quite good and best till now if you are a country from Paypal unsupportive.

But later I realized that it was a great mistake! When you will start blogging, you will blog for your audience. Your audience will believe in you when they will know you.

That means, your audience needs to get introduced to you. Where do you come from, what do you do, and are your reviews trustworthy? They observe all of these.

The audience won’t believe in someone until they don’t know who is the man behind all of this.

So, my first mistake was not introducing myself to them. I have written this content so that you don’t make the same mistake that I have made.

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What You Should Write The First Blog Post About?

write the first blog post

It’s very easy to start blogging. All you need to do is select a domain name then buy a domain, and host from a hosting provider.

Then install WordPress if you are willing to start your blog on the WordPress interface. I personally prefer WordPress.

Because this interface powers more than 30% of the web according to W3Techs. You can try any other blogging platform. But WordPress is the best.

Now Let’s check what you should get started with your first blog post step by step-

1. Introduce Yourself

You have just landed in the universe of online. Nobody knows you yet. If your audience needs to trust your words and your blog, they will need to know who you are actually.

Tell them who you are, your experiences, if this is your first blog, what is your profession, and your expertise.

The more you explore yourself, the more you will get the attention and trust of your audiences.

When you share your story, you should share some of your pictures. Just don’t act like a stranger to your readers.

Try to share the stories behind every picture. the location where you have taken the picture. or you can suggest to them the location to visit.

Having your own picture on your own blog will show how authentic you are which will make your readers trust you.

Finally, Tell them away where they can easily reach you. then can easily connect you.

2. Tell Them Why You are Here

I have a blogger friend named Istiak Rayhan. I am sure many of you have heard about him. I used to visit his blog. Learned many things about blogging. He inspired me to start blogging. This is a short story about my starting blogging.

You also have a story about how and why you are here. This is a very important point and it really means. If people don’t know exactly why you are blogging about what you are doing, they will not have faith in your words.

So tell your audience why you are here and how your audience will benefit from your blogging tips.

They will surely connect with you if you are able to make them understand what you are going to do on your blog.

3. Tell Them What Is Your Blog About

This is the most important factor you should consider as a blogger. You should tell your audience what is your blog about. What they will get whenever they will come to visit your blog.

Don’t share everything on your blog. That will confuse your readers. Only write about a certain niche.

Like FacileWay is all about sharing blogging tips for newbie bloggers. Bloggers will get useful tips to enhance their blogging skills from our blog.

For Example, If you are running a blog about Health and Beauty. Share everything about that niche.

Don’t mix up everything in that niche. Writing on a particular niche will help you to get higher domain authority and your readers will also get what they need from your blog.

Note: Make sure you are going to establish a blog with a particular topic or niche. Don’t mix up anything and everything!

4. Declare Your Target Audience

When you write a blog, you need to make sure that your readers are engaged with the content you are publishing. You have to know your target audience so you can figure out what they want to read on your blog.

Another important thing to consider is that your blog is on a topic that people actually care about or want to learn about.

A blogging site without a targeted audience is like a business without targeted customers or a store without targeted customers, it will be a waste of your investment.

In your first blog post declare who is your target audience and for whom you are publishing your blog posts.

Try to share your story that makes them feel welcome and have faith that you understand their problem and that they will get a proper solution from your blog.

There are some people who read blog posts to get information and then leave right away.

They have no intention to share the contents of your blog post on social media or recommend it to anyone.

These are people who are known as “skimmers.” They are the ones who jump from one blog post to another, devouring content and then running off without leaving a trace of their visit.

On the other hand, there are others who skim the entire article and then take the time to share it on social media and recommend it to others.

These people are likely to come back to your blog. They are known as “sharers.” Both groups matter, but it’s a lot more fun and rewarding to write for “sharers.”

So it’s really quite important to declare your target audience. It definitely ensures your visitors come back and look for the solution you are offering.

5. Connect With Your Audiences

Connecting with your Audience is very important in blogging. Different people have different expectations from their blogs, and from the bloggers who write them.

If you are interested in getting good traffic and interactions with your blog, then it is important to know what your readers want.  

The only way to know this is to interact with your readers directly. That is why blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress now allow you to see the comments of your readers.

You can also ask your readers to leave comments on your blog. Interacting with your readers will make them happier and will increase your traffic.

You can also keep track of your readers while they are on your blog. This will make it easier for you to interact with them and give them the response they want.

Let them feel that you are easy to reach. Don’t panic if there is any disagreement. Keep in mind that you will face many disagreements.

If your audience disagrees with you that means they don’t trust you. So take disagreements in a positive way.

If you are not available all the time. Let them know when you are available. This will increase trustworthiness.

6. Share Your Goal With Your Readers

Sharing your goal with your readers means you are making a public commitment by what you will increase working more efficiently.

If you share your goal with them they can be encouraged to help you. When you are helping them, you will get something in return for sure.

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What Should My First Blog Post Be About if I’m Starting in 2024?

When starting a blog in 2024, the best time to start is now. Your first post should grab attention and establish your expertise. Consider sharing your story, offering valuable tips, or discussing current trends in your niche. The key is to provide value and set the tone for future posts.

Final Thoughts

Once you are able to make sure that you are not here just to sell stuff but also to help your readers, you are going to gain their trust. Once your audience starts trusting you, they will buy what you want to sell.

While you are trying to sell or promote a product or service, make sure you have used or investigated that product before you are going to promote it.

Otherwise, if you promote any bad product, though it was unknowingly you will lose the trustworthiness of your readers.

So only promote products or services that you have used or investigated before your promotion.

If you loved this article, please share it with your friends. If you wanna share anything that I should include in this post, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hi, I’m also from one where Paypal unsupportive but no problem. Thanks buddy, I was going to start writing my first blog without introducing my self but you are such a nice person to help me that how to start my first blog, once again thanx.

    1. Hi Tom!

      I am glad that this post helped you. To gain trust it is important to introduce yourself to your audience. Without having faith in you, your audience won’t buy your products. So, make sure that your audience knows you better and can reach you easily whenever they need your support. If you are not available every time. Tell them the time when you are available.

  2. Hi
    This post helped me soo much. Im just planning to start my blog so this post helped me what should be the first post. Thank you

  3. Hi Sayem,

    I genuinely admire you and your blogging campaign because overcoming various obstacles in terms of access proves: you are a hungry blogger. Way too many bloggers in the US and Western world struggle in a cocoon of comfort; much comes easily to US-based bloggers especially because Paypal and most trusted companies originated here and are easily accessed. We genuinely have it too easy if one lacks desire. Hungry bloggers alone rise to the top, in the USA, Bangladesh or anywhere on earth.


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