Every newbie blogger is anxious that how much does it cost to start out a self-hosted WordPress blog. 

Though there’s no upper limit to speculate in a blog. You can start a blog with the price of a burger or piece of gold too. It depends on you the way you wanna start.

Starting a blog with a piece of burger means you will start a blog simply with just a domain name and web hosting.

Starting a blog with a price of burger means you’ll start a blog simply with the just name and web hosting. 

It’s become very easy and cheap to create a web site with WordPress.

Starting a blog with a price of gold means you’ll start your blog with a website name, web hosting and other paid resources like themes, plugins and SEO tools which will make it easy to create a successful website. 

Which will cost you some extra bucks but make sure you will get a secured, SEO friendly and delightful website.

Without further ado let’s see how much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog-

Low Budgeted Newbies

There are many newbie bloggers for whom it’s quite costly to start a blog with numerous paid resources as they are ineffectual. I like to recommend them to start out their journey with free tools but stay consistent.

To the blogger who has low investment issues. Keep blogging, keep publishing dept content until the last word goal is achieved. Detain mind you have got nothing to lose.

But once you may start gaining, you will just keep achieving. But once you become able to manage some bucks to invest. Don’t delay to invest in your blog.

High Budgeted Newbies

If you’re capable to invest, you must know that blogging is a business. If you are not doing any investment in your business. You should not hope for a profit. In business, there’s a break of profit and loss.

So, treat your blog as a business from day one as you have got enough to invest. you will succeed or not. 

You must know that successful bloggers do not give up until they become successful. All you need to do is being consistent and publish dept content articles.

In this content, I will cover how much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog with a minimum budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

As I mentioned above there is no upper limit to start a blog. It’s a good idea to start a blog with all the resources if you have enough budget. It’s okay if you want to start a blog somehow at a minimum cost.

There are tons of examples on the internet that started their blogging journey with zero and have become a hero. To succeed in blogging, you don’t need a well-designed blog.

All you will need to create a platform where your audience will find their answers.

I recommend starting a blog at a minimum cost. (Only when if you do not have enough budget). You should start investing in your blog once it becomes resourceful with depth content.

Lets’s see how much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog-

Calculation of Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

how much does it cost to start a self-hosted wordpress blog

WordPress is a free interface that will give you the best blogging experience with its thousands of free and paid plugin and themes.

You can increase your blog functionality and design your blog with their free tools easily without having any coding skills.

Web Hosting Cost ($38-$100)

Blogging cost with Bluehost

You can simply start your blog with Bluehost web hosting only for $72/one year. That means it will cost you $6/Month.

If you try for three years you can enjoy their hosting only for $3.95/Month. That will cost you overall $142/Three Years.

You will also get a free domain with their shared hosting. The best benefit you will get they will install WordPress for you automatically.

Note: You can also grab Bluehost Black Friday offer to save more money on your hosting.

Blogging cost with Hostgator

If you wanna start their blog with Hostgator. You can start only at $69/one year. With a free domain for one year.

I recommend buying a plan for three years. It will minimize your cost only for $2.78 per month and the total cost for three years will be $106.

Note: Don’t forget to use ”FacileWay” as coupon code to get a 60% discount. Only FacileWay readers will get this discount. If you have to use the mentioned affiliate links to get discounted.

The most amazing deal of buying hosting from Hostgator is you will get Free Gator Website Builder worth $55.

Gator website builder will make your website customization insanely easy. And as Hostgator is the oldest and the award-winning hosting provider, I recommend this one most.

Note: You can also grab Hostgator Black Friday offer to save more money on your hosting.

Blogging with Hostinger

You can start your blog with the price of a burger with Hostinger. This amazing hosting provider will cost you only $0.80 for a month.

You will get a free SSL certificate for a lifetime with 30 days money-back guarantee. But you have to buy their plan for four years.

That means it will cost you only $38.40 for four years. They only provide a free domain with their premium and business plans.

If you are confused about Hostinger as they are not offering the free domain. I insist not to worry so much just grab their deal. Because there are many domain registers that are offering domain names at a cheap rate.

You can buy your domain name from NameCheap at a very cheap price. They will cost your domain name only $8.88/year.

Huge saving on Black Friday on Web Hosting,

Setup Cost ($0-$100)

There are many tutorials on Youtube on How To Install WordPress. You can also hire a freelancer from Fiverr that may cost you $100 highest.

Nowadays, starting a blog is easier and faster than you think. Any newbie can start a WordPress blog without any coding skills. You can do it by yourself that will not cost you a single penny.

I have written a detailed guide on How To Start A WordPress Blog In just Six Easy Steps. It won’t take more than 10 minutes for the total setup.

WordPress Theme Cost ($0-$89)

There are tons of free themes on WordPress. You can start your blog with anyone of them.

If you have a little budget, you should go for the premium to enjoy the premium features. You can try Themify. Only at $89/Year, you can avail the following features-

  • 42+ WordPress responsive themes
  • 12 WordPress plugins like Post Type Builder
  • 25+ addons builders
  • Photoshop mockup files of all WordPress Themes.
  • 5+ Pot type builders

It’s okay to start your blog with free themes but you must try premium themes if you have that investment budget. You can also try Elementor Pro to design your website like a pro without any coding skill.


  • If you have enough budget go with Themify. Because you will get access in their tons of tools that will make your website successful.
  • If you have a low budget go with Astra to build a fast, lightweight and beautiful website that starts at $59 annually with tons of pro features.

Note: Once your license expires, you can still continue using their plan. However, you will miss the updates and support from them. If you subscribe to their lifetime plan, you will able to avail of their services for their entire life.

Reasons why you should try premium themes

Every new blogger thinks to start a blog with a free theme as they may have some investment issues. I support the enthusiasm of simply starting their blog with a free theme.

But I insist if there is an ability to start their blog with the premium plan, they should definitely try the premium plan.

You don’t have any investment issues but you are waiting to move to the premium theme once you start making money from your blog. Then make sure, you are going backwards instead of upward.

Let’s check why you should try the premium theme on your blog-

Enjoy pro features

Offering something for free is attracting the customer. But the main deal is enjoying the pro features. Pro features are pro because it adds value to your site. Without a value-added site, you are going to backwards your success.

Increase security

Millions of sites are getting hacked because of a lack of security. Using free themes from unauthorized websites is risking your site security. Most of the themes are free because they can contain malicious code installed in their scripts and files.

On the other hand, premium themes are offering you full customer support and authenticity.

Mobile responsiveness

More than 53% of visitors visit a website through mobile phones. So, it’s very important to have a mobile responsive website. The mobile-friendly website gets a higher priority in the Google SERPs.

So, if your site is not mobile-friendly you will definitely lose tons of traffic. That will decrease your conversions.

You can make your site mobile friendly by using many WordPress plugins like WPtouch but it is a good idea to use a WordPress theme that offers mobile responsiveness by default.

Astra and Themify are the best for having a mobile responsive WordPress theme at a reasonable price.

SEO improvement

Free themes are free because they are not bound to you to offer you the best services. Free themes may have a very bad impact on your SEO.

The free theme can experience your slow website loading time that will definitely harm your SEO. Their poor architecture and bad navigation issues may have a bad impact on your SEO.

On the other hand, Paid themes will ensure your high-speed website loading time. great architecture and navigation that will definitely improve your SEO.

Free themes are free as they use backlinks in your site. When you are using a free theme, they use a backlink in the footer of our site to their site. That causes for bad SEO and harm the ranking in SERPs.

If you are focused on your domain authority, you should not give any backlinks to another website. Using a free theme means you are giving backlinks to their site. That is gonna affect your domain authority.

Customer support

Free theme users can not get any customer support as the theme provider is not bound to you to support you.

If you use a paid theme, they are bound to serve whenever you will need them.

If you use a free theme you will face a great problem when you need to patch your new theme with an existing theme or when releasing a new version of the theme.

Because you will not get your customer support as you are just a free user. So to make sure your 100% customer support you should go for the paid theme.

WordPress Plugins Cost ($0-$200)

WordPress is awesome for its great source of WordPress Free Plugins. A plugin is so important element of WordPress you can not deny at all. The functionality of your blog depends on its plugins.

As a starter, I recommend using free plugins. If you don’t have any investment issues you may go for the Premium tools.

Wrapping up

Now let’s calculate how much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

  • Simply start a blog with the free theme it will cost you the highest $70 for a year. This is a basic setup cost.
  • Basic setup with the premium theme will cost you $159 for a year.
  • You can try the Astra Premium theme if you have a low budget. It will cost you only $59 annually. That means the basic cost with Astra Theme will be only $129.
  • Professional set up by freelancers with many premium elements may cost you $250-$1500.

As a newbie, you can go for the basic set up. You can consider also the basic setup with premium themes also. It will help to make your website look beautiful. (If you don’t have any investment issue).

Don’t hesitate to let me know your compliment via comment about these cost calculations. Feel free to ask anything related to blogging.

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