7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

There are some big mistakes new affiliate marketers make. When I was in the affiliate marketing I also made the same mistakes.

I was desperate to make money and tried each and everything without having an idea about it. I am sure the new affiliate marketers also make the same mistake.

In this article, I have covered each and every mistake I have made when I have started my affiliate marketing journey.

Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Practice makes a man perfect and mistakes provide that perfection. So, it’s not that bad to make mistakes. But it’s bad when you quit after making mistakes.

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You will learn here the mistakes I have made and don’t wanna anyone else repeat that again. So read every point of this article carefully and try to avoid the mistakes.

Let’s get started.

1. Monetizing First

If you are in affiliate marketing, don’t monetize your blog with Google ads. Most of the newbie start monetizing their blog quickly.

Because they want the money, they have invested as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, they should do the exact opposite of it. Don’t monetize your blog with ads. Because the readers can get confused between the ads or the affiliate link you are promoting.

If you do so, it will lower your conversions. I think you are not gonna love that.

2. Selling Rather Than Helping

Though Marketing is a part of affiliate marketing. It won’t bring you any sales until you are not able to help the audience to find out the good product or services.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I was screaming to buy products without saying why the customers should buy those! I was just trying to make them click on my affiliate link get some commissions.

People love to hear from them who has already used the products. That’s why amazon reviews are playing a vital role in selling products.

So, try to become an unbiased reviewer rather than higher pressure salesman. Thus you can more sales and people will come back again and again for your recommendation for the other products in future.

3. Ignorant of SEO

The other big mistakes new affiliate marketers make is being ignorant of SEO. SEO is something that can help you to get some hot sales.

If you do not know how to write proper SEO friendly article, you are going to lose tons of sales. Proper search engine optimization can help you to rank on the TOP.

SEO can help to increase your visibility in the organic searches in SERPs. Search engine optimization depends on many factors like site speed, custom website look and proper keyword research.


4. Trying Too Many 

Try too many options together is another big mistake new affiliate marketers make. When I was newbie I signed up for so many affiliate program together.

Don’t make the same mistake I have made. There will be a time when it will become too hard to manage everything together.

Just make sure you have chosen your affiliate program together. Don’t try to overload yourself.

5. Not Testing or Investigating

Don’t promote anything that you did not test for yourself or didn’t have a proper investigation.

When you are thinking of promoting a product, make sure you have check every possible reviews and detail of those products.

A reader may lose trust in you when you have promoted products that will blow up their inbox. Firstly try for yourself, then check what will happen if they follow your suggestions.

6. Not Comparing

Don’t hesitate to compare products with the other alternative. People love comparison and buy the comparatively better one.

When you start comparing a product with another one, it adds more value to your customer’s buying decision.

This is one of the best converting strategies I use to sell affiliate products on my blog. If you publish a comparison article, it’s not only popular in the selling industry but also profitable for you.

7. Lack of Patient

This is the biggest war every affiliate marketer has to win. It’s a great issue for the season affiliate marketer also.

So, stop focusing on the new ideas until you have won the battle of the old one.



To make success in affiliate marketing you will require self-motivation and focus. This is something you have to learn deeply and it will take time.

You can not compare with anyone’s day 10 with your day 1. If you can become aware of these above-mentioned mistakes that can cause you the lack of profitability and productivity, you will become successful soon and grow a long term profitable business.


I hope now you know what affiliate marketing mistakes you should avoid. If you loved this content, please share with your friends and let them be aware of these mistakes.

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