How To Start A Travel Blog From Scratch

How To Start A Travel Blog From Scratch In 2024 [Guide]

How to start a travel blog from scratch is what you wanna learn here!

You will be happy to know that half the task you have completed by choosing the niche you wanna start your blog with.

The Travel niche is a vast area, there are hundreds of categories in this segment. I will make it clear to you step by step.

Now you are thinking about what is a niche. Niche is just a category. Blogging niche means the blogging category. You have to choose a niche to define what is your blog about.

Many newbie bloggers get confused about selecting a niche. They need to do a lot of research on what they should choose for their blogging niche.

In that case, you have already taken the decision. That’s really amazing and worthy of appreciation.

In this post, we will cover the following points-

  • How to start a travel blog from scratch
  • Why you should start a travel blog
  • How to earn money from a travel blog
  • How to promote your travel blog

How To Start A Travel Blog From Scratch In 2024

Everyone loves traveling. What if you can lead a life where you do not need to think about your office leaves?

What if you can keep traveling around the world without worrying about your financial crisis?

Yeah, You have heard it right. You can explore the whole world without thinking about your finance just by starting a travel blog.

In this article, you will learn everything about how to start a travel blog from scratch.

Starting a travel blog is easy but making it a full-time job is not that easy. I won’t recommend anyone to start a travel blog and start traveling around the world leaving his full-time job.

Only when you should start a travel blog when you are passionate about traveling and doing a full-time job besides.

Because blogging is like a business. You will need to invest in blogging to earn a profit. You can not earn any money just by traveling around.

To travel you will also need money. And to earn money you need to do a job or other businesses for that.

I will recommend you start a travel blog when you are a passionate traveler and you have enough to invest to lead your life without having any expectations from your blog at least for six months. Do not expect money from day one from your blog.

Start as a part-time blogger if you are a job holder or a businessman. If you can start it with full dedication then I am assuring you will be one of the top full-time bloggers soon.

And you are gonna turn your passion into a profession. Now let’s learn how to start a travel blog from scratch in 2021.

Why you should start a travel blog in 2024

Everyone is not a good traveler. There are many people including me who travel, enjoy, and forget. But the real traveler feels every inch they travel.

This is true in my turn also. I have visited many places. I love traveling but building a career in traveling is not my passion.

This content is specially created for those who are insanely in love with traveling and wanna live in traveling, wanna lead their lives in traveling without worrying about office leaves, and financial crises. Let’s see the reasons why you should start a travel blog from scratch-

1. Just for having fun

You can start your travel blog just for writing your daily stories to share with your friends and family not to earn money from it.

You just want to love writing that is why you started your blog to maintain it as a diary.

2. To learn something new

Blogging can enhance your writing skills and social media engagement. marketing strategies and tons of new things you have never learned from any institution courses. I have learned many things after stepping into the blogging industry.

3. To get free travel

I know this one sounds lucrative to you. You can really enjoy free hotels even a totally free tour package if you start a travel blog.

But in exchange, you have to do some advertisement for them. You can book your Hotels and Flights here.

It will be possible only when you will be able to build a personal brand and dedication to work will provide you with a lot of travel packages for free.

4. Making new friends

When you will start a travel blog, you will find a lot of travel bloggers in your niche. They can play a vital role in your journey. You may contact them to roam around together.

That will help you to make some new friends and your bog also grow faster. As they will become your buddies, they will also help to promote your blog.

For example, You are a blogger who has an affiliate of Hotels and your other blogging friend has affiliated with Flights.

Your friend may refer his clients to your blog to book his hotel and you may refer your clients to book his flights to your friend’s blog. This is how it works.

5. Earn direct money

You can make your living from your travel blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, and direct product sales. There are tons of travel bloggers earning six-figure incomes just by doing travel blogging.

All you need to drive a lot of traffic insanely. Just keep working on your blog and keep publishing at least fifty articles without any expectations consistently. In the long run, you are going to get back more.

Maybe, You will not earn a six-figure. Not everyone in this blogging industry is successful. I can not guarantee you a six-figure earning until you can not guarantee yourself.

The earning depends on you. If you are able to catch the track the other successful blogger is running on, You are gonna succeed for sure.

I can guarantee something for sure you are gonna improve your skills, gonna make some new buddies, gonna improve your creativity, and eventually gonna get a reliable and passive income from your blog. This will also be the greatest reward for you.

FacileWay loves transparency. This content contains affiliate links. That means purchasing anything using the links, will allow me to have a commission without any extra cost to you.

How To Start A Travel Blog From Scratch In 2024

There are many pro bloggers when they needed to do so hard work to establish a blog. They needed to learn to code to set up a blog or business website.

Of course, knowing coding can add an extra advantage to your blogging journey.

But nowadays You can do it like a pro without any coding skills. Thanks to WordPress. This amazing CMS made it easier to start a blog for any newbie.

1. Pick a domain name

You should pick a domain that suits your niche. Traveling is a vast area. You can choose the whole area as your niche. Or you can make it more specific.

For example, When you are going to travel what kinda things do you need to get involved with you. Hotels, Flights, Travel accessories, and devices.

You can make your blog more specific by choosing any category of travel niche. Or you can cover all of these things in one category.

My suggestion is to cover the total area when someone goes on a trip. He needs to touch each and every category to make his trip successful.

Maybe as a traveler, you know most which will be a more profitable niche for you.

I am telling you again. Pick a domain name that suits your niche. I will try to clarify this point in the following description.

2. Pick a name that last forever

This one sounds funny to you, right? Of course, a domain name will last forever till you keep paying the subscription fees. For your note, I did not mean what you have just thought.

If you pick a domain name like SayemAsiaAdventure.Com, Will the domain work for you if you leave Asia?

So make sure to pick a name that you won’t need to change when you leave the focused country or area.

3. Avoid common words

You should avoid common words like a trip, adventures, and tour as it will seem like you are copying others. Try to not just act like the original, be original.

You can use synonyms or name-generating ideas like TRIVAGO. They are an abbreviation of Trip Vacation and Go.

4. Pick a name that suits your niche

You should select a name that will describe your blog best. Try to find out a name that will help to understand people what is your blog about.

It should not be like you are drawing a banana, and people do not understand it’s a banana or Brinjal. So, pick a name seeing that people can understand what is the site all about.

5. Keep it short and simple

Do not choose a long-tail domain name. Try to keep it within three or four words maximum. On the other hand, keeping your domain name simple is equally important.

If people visit your site and they find it hard to understand the meaning of your name, you have already lost them for sure. So keep a name that is easy to understand.

6. Sign up for a hosting

To start a travel blog from scratch in 2020, you need to sign up for hosting where you will host your site.

There are tons of hosting providers out there which is terrible at serving. You should be picky in this matter to choose a perfect hosting provider.

I would refer you to Hostgator & A2 Hosting the two best and biggest hosting providers for you. If you go with Hostgator You will get a free domain name for one year.

Hostgator will also offer you some amazing features like

  • one-click WordPress installer
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free site transfer if you already have a domain.
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free HostGator Website Builder
  • You will be able to install 52 Free scripts that can be instant with a few clicks
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer
  • $100 Bing Ads Credit

You will be able to grab all of these above features only at $2.75/Month. But to avail of the lower rate, you have to sign for three years which will cost only approximately $106 for three years. That means just $35/year.

Go to this special link to get 60% off on this amazing hosting plan.

If you are totally a newbie and have some budget issues try Hostgator. This company is one of the oldest and most amazing beginner-friendly hosting providers.

You will also get your domain free with it. So, it will be hassle-free to get started with this amazing hosting provider.

<<Grab Hostgator Hosting Plan>>

On the other hand, A2 Hosting is offering some extra features than Hostgator. They will charge you $3.92/month for their Light Plan if you sign up for the next three years. Let’s see what they offer-

  • single website 
  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Transfer 
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Easy cPanel Control Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee and many more.

Go to this special link to get 51% Off (which Was $7.99) and enjoy the $3.92/month plan. As A2 hosting is not offering any free domain name, you have to pay an extra bucks of $15 for it while signing up with A2 hosting.

If you do not have budget issues, you can go with that price. you can also save some bucks if you purchase your domain from Namecheap and later you can connect the domain with A2 hosting with a few clicks. I will show you every step of how to start a travel blog from scratch.

<<Grab A2 Hosting>>


If your budget is minimum then go with Hostgator. This hosting provider is amazing for the beginner.

If you can gear up your budget a little more go with A2 Hosting. This amazing hosting provider will not let your site let down for a second.

They are so committed that they are offering an anytime money-back guarantee. Don’t get confused between these two. Just get started with any one of these two. Both will serve you the best.

How to start a travel blog with A2 Hosting

If you wanna know how to start a travel blog from scratch with A2 Hosting follow the following steps.

I will show you how to start a travel blog from scratch by registering a new domain with A2 Hosting.

Firstly, go to the A2 Hosting web address. Then select a hosting plan you want to start with. I am selecting the Lite Plan.

After selecting the plan you will see an amazing interface like the following image. You will see there are some options like-

  • Register a new domain
  • Transfer your domain from another registrar
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers
  • Use a subdomain from A2 Hosting

How to register a new domain name

Enter your domain name and check its availability if you want to register a new domain name with A2 Hosting.

how to start a travel blog from scratch with a2 hosting
Register a domain name on A2 Hosting

It will cost you additional $14.95. I will show you here just the important option you need to know. If I will try to show every option you will get confused.

So, in this post, I will only elaborate on how to start a travel blog by searching as a new register on A2 Hosting and using the existing domain and updating the name server.

Never use the “use subdomain from the A2 Hosting option.”

Secondly, once you have founder your domain name available click on “continue” to go for the next task. When you select the billing cycle, the web hosting list will change.

Go for the long-term pricing, to get a lower price.

how to start a travel blog with a2 hosting

Once you have chosen your plan and found every feature okay as your requirement click to “continue”.

Thirdly, You will see the following interface after that-

how to start a travel blog from scratch with a2 hosting

You will get DNS management and email forwarding service free for the first year. That’s why I have checked those features. ID protection features provide site safety.

It’s a very important feature. You can skip it but adding it will host your site security.

ID protection appreciates the investment as it helps to keep your site away from disturbing spammers. Let’s click to continue to go to the next step.

how to start a travel blog from scratch with a2 hosting

You should click on the checkout option and enter the personal and payment information. Make the make final order done! That’s all!

After the final payment, they will send you the login details to your mail address.

As you are a newbie to a hassle-free domain and hosting registration I do not recommend buying a domain from another registrar.

How to transfer a name domain to A2 Hosting

Above you have bought hosting and registered with a new domain. If you intend to buy your domain from Namecheap at a cheaper price, You have to select the “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” option.

how to start a travel blog from scratch

Click Continue to go to the next procedure. From this step, each and every step is as same as the above-mentioned procedures.

If you find it tough to do this task by yourself, You can get help from A2 Hosting customer support. They will do it for you for free.

After the final payment is done, You will get an email with your a2 hosting name server.

a2 hosting name server

The next step, Login into your Namecheap account. Then go to the domain list option. Click on the manage option.

namecheap domain nameserver

After clicking the manage option, You will see the nameserver option>Custom DNS>Enter every A2 Hosting nameserver step by step>click done. That’s all! You have successfully updated the nameserver.

How to install WordPress on A2 Hosting

It is easy to install WordPress as they have an auto-installer option. I will show the manual steps here.

Step one: Login into your A2 Hosting Cpanel and select the WordPress a2 optimizes option under the Softaculous App Installer section.

How to install wordpress on A2 hosting

Step two: In this step, you will be redirected to the WordPress installation page. When you click on the install option, you will see an interface like the following interface.

Start a travel blog

The final step: Fill every required field. After completing the task, click to Install. I will try to describe every field briefly to make you more understand.

  • Choose a protocol like I use HTTPS://
  • In this section, enter your domain name
  • you can leave this directory folder blank.
  • Enter Your WordPress site In this box
  • The site description is the tagline like my tagline “Facile Way To Start Blogging
  • Admin username, email, and password will be used for your WordPress Dashboard login.
  • You can select your desired language here. I prefer English.
  • You can leave the advance option by default or you can rename your database name if you want.
  • Hit the install button to get the total login details and the final work gets done.

You have just learned how to start a travel blog from scratch and Install WordPress on A2 Hosting. Here is the real game begins. In this stage, you will need to give some afford.

Don’t worry! I have a very detailed guide for you about what you need to do after installing WordPress. Please check here the detailed guide.

I think now you know how to install WordPress on A2 Hosting. Don’t delay grabbing this amazing hosting service. They running 51% off.


How to earn money from a travel blog

You have learned how to start a travel blog from scratch. Now you need to know how to make money from it right?

You are blogging to have fun, make friends, and visit new places, I have already mentioned that you can make a living by doing this amazing task in a fun way.

Let’s see how you can use your blog as a money-making machine.

1. Become a freelance writer

A travel blogger becomes skilled in writing by sharing his stories on his blog. When he is able to establish an authority site, he can offer others to write for them.

At first, you will not get good pay. But day by day the more experience you will gather, the more money you will earn.

2. Become a virtual assistant

You should offer the pro bogger your virtual assistance. The more you work with them, the more you will be able to enhance your skills and later you will be able to grow your blog.

Writing for others is not only beneficial for your skill but also helps your blog to have a good SEO score. You will have some backlinks too.

3. Sell your photography

A traveller has a great opportunity to click the scenario that is not possible for a normal guy. You can easily make a collection of photos that can be profitable.

To get an idea, you can easily check the most downloaded photos from the image stock websites. This will help you to get an idea about the high-demand photographs.

You can easily use some third-party websites Like iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, 123RF, or Getty Images via Flickr to stock your photos to sell online.

4. Place ads on your blog

This option does not work for the newbie blogger. To earn money from placing ads, you will need tons of traffic at first. So the first task should be concentrating on driving more traffic to your blog.

You can have a look at this article too. By reading this post, you will come to know how can drive traffic insanely from your old blog posts.

5. Video making

You can make awesome videos of your trip. Video blogging and blogging will be the best combination. You can earn a good amount of money by placing ads on your videos.

It will also help to increase your blog traffic if you use your blog link in the description.

6. Review making

If you become able to establish an authority site and social media profile. You will get tons of requests to review hotels, flights, or other tourist place, or maybe a product partnership. In exchange, they will give a good amount of money and free trips.

There is no hide-seek. Thousands of travel bloggers are earning their living this way. You have to be just so good that they can not ignore you.

7. Sell your own products

You can earn a very good amount by selling your self-created products. You should build a good audience before making this attempt.

If you do not have any buyers to buy your products you may fall at a loss. Make sure your audience trusts you.

Selling your own products is possible if you become able to gain customer trust. Build your authority first then go for this step.

It can be anything, a tour guide, an ebook or another online course, or maybe some physical products.

8. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the future. The earnings of affiliate marketing have no limit. You can establish a million-dollar site by doing affiliate marketing. This one is the most attractive income source for every blogger including me.

Every link in this post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through the affiliate link, I will earn a good commission without any extra cost to you.

This is the power of affiliate marketing. For travel bloggers, TravelPayouts is a good affiliate platform. You can promote hotels and flights around the world by using TravelPayouts.

There is some amazing affiliate program you can promote. Like-

You can sign up for this program and promote their products on your blog to earn a very good amount of money. You can also promote the Hotellook and JetRadar also.

  • Hotellook compares with more than 70 leading hotel booking search engines like Agoda, and
  • JetRadar is one of the leading flight search engines. It amazingly helps the user to find the cheapest flight of the day.

These are some of the popular money-making options you can expect from your travel blog.

how to start a travel blog
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How to promote your travel blog

You have learned how to start a travel blog from scratch and how to make money from it. Now I will write here about how you can promote your blog to get more engagement.

1. Share with your friends and family

This is a good step to start. Let your FNF know about your travel blog. Because it’s your friends and family who trust in you most.

Their social share and positive reviews about your blog will have a great impact on your business.

2. Use social media

Share your blog post on your personal social media profile and pages. Insert your blog URL on your every social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google Plus, Youtube, and so on.

Consistently interact on your social pages and groups by sharing useful content and going to Facebook Live.

Make your audience feel free to talk to you. This will help to gain their trust and you will able to establish your authority.

You can use Social Warfare to add a share button to increase social shares. Share your best article on social media.

Try to drive leads to your best content. To have an automatic social share, you can use MissingLettr.


3. Email list building

Start building an email list and start email marketing through GetResponse. According to the IBM email list has the highest open rate.

To drive traffic from your email subscriber ensure that you have created a good-looking landing page and added a call to action button for them.

Read also: GetResponse 30 Days Free Trial: No Credit Card Required

4. Guest posting

Guest posting is also an amazing trick you should try. It will help you to have some backlinks that will be a great favour for your SEO. Eventually, it helps to rank.

5. Blog commenting

Blog commenting may drive traffic to your blog and it also helps to get backlinks. But keep in mind that when you comment on someone’s post, don’t make it spammy. Try to comment that add values.

For example, if you have read a post, try to find out what the author missed or what you should add to that post.

Post a comment suggesting to the author what you should add but adding what will add more value to his content.

6. Interviews

Try to find out the travel bloggers who already have tons of followers and even call the bloggers who don’t have such a big amount of followers in an interview.

Ask for their introduction to your readers, and ask about their likes, dislikes, and the way they make their travel amazing.

If you feature someone in your interview series, they will promote the interview on their personal profile and site and this sharing will bring their visitors to your site.

If you can continue running some interviews for some weeks or months, people will start connecting with you.

Maybe someday you will also be asked for an interview or maybe several interviews on several sites!

Before asking someone for an interview make sure your blog has enough resources to satisfy the visitors who will come to your site by seeing the interview you have just taken.

These are the most popular promotion methods. Try to ensure you complete every of the above tasks each day.

Read also,

Final thoughts

All I have mentioned here is not just a fairy tale. By starting a travel blog you can earn your living, and you can lead your dream life.

Most of us see the successful blogger’s screenshot, get amazed then start blogging. When we can not make money from it, we give up. And starting to blame them.

All I want to say is that Don’t start your blog by getting amazed by others’ success. Before starting your blog make sure you have the same gut and same dedication.

Before getting amazed by their success feel the hard work they did, feel the sacrifice they did.

If you commit yourself to the same hard work, dedication, consistency, and sacrifice as the successful bloggers did, I am assuring you, that someday you are gonna share your screenshots to motivate another blogger.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Please share if you have loved this post.

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