Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging or Vlogging? What You Should Try in 2024

Internet community split up a conflict between Blogging and Vlogging.

A blog is a website that contains written content that contains stories, events, topics, and so on.

On the other hand, a Vlog contains videos instead of written articles. In this article, We will try to describe it more elaborately.

Blogging or Vlogging?

Blogging Vs Vlogging

This topic has become one of the top-searched questions on the internet. Nowadays almost everyone is sharing their stories, events, experiences, and daily news over the internet through blogs or social media.

The main thing is you can also earn from these activities by blogging or Vlogging.

And to earn a good amount of money, choose one way to publish content and do it very nicely. All you need to figure out what you are good at:

  • If you are good enough at publishing written content, you should go for blogging.
  • If you are confident enough to speak in front of the camera and publish quality content, you should try Vlogging.

A brief description of blogging

A blog is a web page or website that publishes written content. The blog was run by individuals or small groups when blogging was new in the online community.

It is used for sharing personal opinions online. Then it has become an almost essential and effective tool for marketers to promote online.

Then in 2003, WordPress introduced itself as a well-known content management system.

WordPress is one of the best free blogging platforms that makes blogging easy and available to everyone. You can do WordPress blogging even if you don’t need to know any coding skills.

Then people started blogging and readers became interested too. The trend has become popular so quickly that now every day more than four million blog posts are published every day. And by doing that both individuals and businesses are turning themselves very profitable.

What Do You Need to Start a Blog?

A blog requires nothing more than an idea and a connection to the internet. The tools and platforms for blogging online are very user-friendly. Anyone can blog for personal or business purposes using these tools.

A blog is a way to share your insights on a topic or a circumstance that you have experienced. Consequently, that becomes an excellent way to share all kinds of knowledge. This will allow you to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

A brief description of vlogging

Vlogging got its popularity between 2004 and 2005 when YouTube was founded and showed the user a new path of publishing content.

After the coming of YouTube online, Vlogging has become the main income method for the social community.

Vloggers get millions of views and followers by sharing their daily thoughts with their community.

In the very beginning, The vlogger needed high-resolution cameras but now only smartphones can cover them.

Now in 2020, Almost every person watches a vlog every day even every moment. I know someone who loves to share his stories by vlogging.

You can check it out on the YouTube Channel of Nafis. His only aim in vlogging is wanna let the world know about his stories.

But he can earn a good amount of money too if he fulfils enough criteria of YouTube. So, it depends on the vlogger eighter he wants to make money or not.

What is the budget for Vlogging?

Vlogging has become so much easier as we are living at this time. Once we needed the extra camera for video record. But now it can be done with smartphones.

So, You won’t need any extra budget to start Vlogging at all. You can invest later to make a difference. But for the beginning, It’s good to start with the smartphone only.

Nowadays, anyone can make videos with a smartphone. People love to watch videos and it’s easy to attract more attention than written content. There are over 70k videos watched by the audience in just one second.

The most famous vlog website on the internet is YouTube. Vloggers earn a lot of money through their content on YouTube.

You can attract your audience by live streaming. A great opportunity to live vlogging is broadcasting events in real-time that will give you a chance to interact with your community through live chat.

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Difference Between a Vlog and a YouTube Channel

Vlogs and YouTube channels are often used interchangeably, but that’s incorrect. It is important to distinguish between these two related ideas.

The difference between a YouTube channel and a vlog is that a YouTube channel is a platform, whereas a vlog is a content itself. You might choose to host your vlog on YouTube, but it isn’t the vlog itself. YouTube is not the only vlog website you can use. In fact, there are a number of other vlog websites.

It is also possible to come across the term YouTube blog, but this is very outdated, and rarely used nowadays. As a matter of fact, most people would use the phrase YouTube blog to refer to a blog about YouTube.

Last but not least, just because something is posted on YouTube does not make it a vlog. When someone uploads the trailer for the new Avengers movie to YouTube, it does not suddenly turn into a vlog.

In reality, a vlog is simply a recorded video of someone speaking to a camera, whether it is on YouTube or another online service.

Difference Between A Blog and a Website

Knowing the difference between a blog and a website is important. It is true that a blog and a website serve similar purposes. Each presents different content and serves different purposes, but that’s the main difference between them.

First of all, blogs are updated more frequently than websites. Blog content is updated regularly because blog pages are more dynamic than website pages.

A blog may publish updates on a regular basis or at intervals. A website, on the other hand, provides static pages with content that may change from time to time. Generally, the content stays consistent for a long time.

Why Are Blogs Popular?

Every month almost 1 million WordPress posts are published. It’s clear that blogging has gone mainstream. Anyone can voice their opinion on the platform. Blogging has become a useful tool for both online and offline businesses.

It is now much easier and cheaper to create a blog than it used to be. Blogging also provides networking opportunities.

Through blogging, companies can generate leads, increase traffic, or boost sales. A blog or online shop can also be used to advertise your services. You can monetize blogs in many ways.

The value of blogging is being able to reach online users as well as being a powerful SEO tool. You can use blogging to create new content that search engines love and make available to their users.

As a result, your blog’s reach and brand’s influence on the internet increase. Google confirms that 15% of searches have never been performed before, which means that new content updates are always welcome.

How To Start A Blog?

One of the common mistakes individuals make in blogging is overanalyzing what to write. Start writing and editing as you go.

Your blog should however be relevant to the product(s) or service(s) you provide, or the causes you promote if you’re part of a business, company, or organization.

You are not the first person to talk about “blog vs. vlog” if you choose this topic. Thus, you need to present a unique perspective. Blogs are made to become authoritative resources on their topics or niches.

WordPress and Blogger are two popular blogging platforms. WordPress is the most popular. There are two options:

self-hosted blogs and hosted blogs. Free WordPress blogs are limited in how much you can earn. WordPress self-hosted blogs cost a little more but give you much more control, and don’t limit your income potential.

Blogging isn’t hard. You should be straightforward, make short but clear points, and be linguistically efficient.

You should also write for the reader, not for yourself. It is important to offer something that no one else is providing, such as information, quality, or validity.

Write about something you are passionate about. It is likely that others will feel the same way if your blog isn’t something they would want to read. Be sure that you blog about something that can be discussed. A blog cannot function without content.

You need to optimize your blog’s content so that it is the leading source above all others. Which do you know how to do better, blogging or vlogging?

– Which is More Effective for Success: Blogging or Vlogging?

When it comes to achieving success, the debate between blogging and vlogging continues. While some successful friends for 2024 prefer the written content and engagement of blogging, others find the personal connection and visual appeal of vlogging to be more effective. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s strengths and preferences.


From the above description of Blogging or Vlogging, we have come to the point that If you can be good at both.

You should try both blogging and vlogging. All you need to do is transform your written content into video content. that’s all!

I hope You are no more confused between Blogging and blogging. If you loved this post, please feel free to share it with your friends via social media.

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