What You Should Do When You Don't Feel Like Blogging

What You Should Do When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging

Don’t feel like blogging?

Yeah, it’s natural!

If you are blogging for something consistently, boredom may grab you. It’s also true that consistency that will lead you to success.

So, when you are thinking you don’t feel like blogging anymore, you are going to give up.

You should remind yourself again that successful dudes are successful because they did not give up.

What You Should Do When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging?

don't feel like blogging

When you feel motivated you will be able to write a thousand-word in an hour. But when you feel not in the mood it’s harder to write a hundred-word paragraph.

There is some effective work you can do that will have a great positive impact on your blogging inspiration.

In this post, I will try to elaborate on what will help you not to give up on your blogging.

1. Interlinking

The first thing you should do is don’t leave your blog totally untouched. When you don’t feel like blogging, you should start interlinking in your blog posts.

That will help you to drive traffic from old posts to new posts and new posts to old posts.

This process will help to increase page ranking and will have a great positive impact on SEO.

I use Link Whisper to automate my Interlinking process. You can get a $15 Flat discount on this tool with the Coupon Code of FacileWay.

2. Update Old Posts

When you started blogging for the first time, you wrote every blog post it a raw hand. Your writing skills might change over time and improve.

You should go to your old content and start updating them with your improved skills. Improve your featured images.

You can try Canva for making good-looking featured images. If you feel satisfied with the update share them on social media.

This task will help to increase traffic to your old blog posts.

3. Share Your Old Blog Posts

I am sure there are many killer blog posts you have forgotten for months. Bring life to them by sharing on social media.

You can open a YouTube channel where you will promote your content. I am using MissingLettr to automate my social share and boost my traffic.

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera try to make slide shows of your blog posts and promote them on your channel.

You may use your voice if you prefer. It’s a very good idea to blog and vlog at the same time. That will insanely drive good traffic to your blog.

Broken links have a very bad impact on SEO. It will also cause the user a bad experience and have a bad impact on your domain authority.

So, when you don’t feel like blogging start fixing the broken links. You can get help from this Broken Link Checker Plugin to scan your whole site to find the broken links and fix them.

5. Try blog commenting

Blog commenting is the best way to build a great community. When you don’t feel like blogging start blog commenting on the blog that you follow.

It shows your care for them. They will do the same time over time which will help you to build a strong community.

Without a community, it is harder to succeed in blogging. You may get help from this plugin. This comment reply notification will let you that you have replied to their comment.

6. Create Pinnable Images

Pinterest is a good source of huge traffic. When you don’t feel like blogging, I would love to suggest you start making pinnable images for every blog post.

This will insanely increase your blog traffic. I prefer Canva for creating pinnable images. If you have an extra budget you can try stencil.

7. Build A Blogging Community

You don’t feel like blogging? Try to connect with the blogger in your niche on social media.

Keep in mind that you are not competing with each other. You will just need each other to help to climb up the tree of success.

You can join our Premium Facebook Group for free here. Here you can ask anything related to blogging.

8. Check Your Menus

Have a look at your menus. Do you think your menus are logical and easy to find out by the users as their requirements?

If not, don’t forget to reorganize your menus. It’s the menus that lead your audience to their required content.

If your menus are not organized according to the content, you are going to lose your readers cause it’s hard to find their desired content.

9. Keep Your Plugins Updated

Don’t ever forget to update your plugins. Cause, if you do not update your plugins you may face security issues.

Install if you find any useful plugins. Search on the directory which new plugin you can try for your site. Investigate that plugin. If there are positive reviews try to use them.

10. Start Sending Newsletter

Have you ever tried sending a newsletter through an RSS feed? If not, this is high time to start sending a newsletter to your readers.

You can try GetResponse for email marketing. You can enjoy their pro plan free for 30 days.

11. Redesign Your Blog

Are you happy with your blog’s appearance? If not, it is high time to change your blog theme.

It is not mandatory to keep your blog theme the same as the first theme you launched with.

Investing in the blog theme is the best investment that will attract your visitors. You can try Elegant Divi Theme to unbox tons of premium themes, plugins, addon builders, and Photoshop files only for $89 a year. However, I recommend you grab the Elegant Lifetime Deal to save the recurring expenses.

Note: You can continue using their themes if you have purchased them. You don’t need to renew your subscription.

If you do not renew their subscription you will just lose access to their downloads, updates, and customer support.

12. Allow Guest Posting

It is high time to accept guest posting If you don’t feel like blogging. This will make your blog resourceful and help you will have a good relationship with the guest. Creating backlinks will be easier with this.

13. Sign Up For The New Affiliate Program

Start monetizing your blog with the best affiliate program. Investigate and start selecting the best affiliate programs in your niche. Travel bloggers can sign up for TravelPayouts.

14. Read Other’s Blogs

You can read others ‘ blogs in your niche that will enrich your blogging knowledge. You will have a blast when you will be back in blogging again. As you have learned a lot from others.

15. Investigate blogging tools

To run a blog you need some free or paid tools. You are also using maybe some of them are free or some of them are paid.

Investigate online if there are any better options. You can use your blogging community or your Facebook page or Facebook group by creating a poll that one other blogger prefers to use.

16. Do Nothing! Plan a Tour

If you are totally in a mood that you just don’t wanna keep yourself attached to blogging then make a plan for a trip.

You can get help from Hotellook to book your hotel. That compares with the best hotel booking sites like booking.com, Agoda, and other leading hotel booking site and deliver you the cheapest option.

Find your cheapest flight deal with the best flight search engine JedRadar.

JetRadar is the best because they do not cost any extra charge or commission from their customer. So finding the cheapest flight has become easier with JetRadar.

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  1. Hi Sayem,

    Doing a redesign does wonder for motivating one to blog. I recall how energized I felt after my developer re-did my theme a while back. I felt motivated to blog because me and my readers loved the new look and feel of the gussied up theme.


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