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10 Best Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo 2024→ [Latest]

Are you looking for the best lead-generation tools on AppSumo that can help you generate leads for your business? 

If yes, then, you’re on the right blog. 

Lead generation is definitely one of the most important aspects of marketing for any business. If you are able to get more leads then you are able to get more customers. 

You can generate leads using different methods but the problem is that most of these methods are not very reliable. 

A lead generation app can be very useful for this purpose. There are a lot of apps on AppSumo, but which one is the best? This blog will look at some of the best apps on AppSumo for generating leads.

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What is A Lead?

Leads are individuals who express interest in a company’s products or services in some way, shape, or form.

Leads are usually contacted only after initiating a communication (by providing personal information for a trial, offer, or subscription) rather than cold-calling them without any prior communication.

Imagine you’re taking an online survey to learn more about how to take care of your car. Soon after, the auto company that created the survey emails you to ask how they can help you with car maintenance. 

Surely, this would be a much smaller-scale intrusion than if they called you out of the blue without knowing whether you care about your car, right? Leads know exactly how it feels.

Besides helping the auto company to personalize that opening contact, it also helps them not waste time on leads who aren’t interested in auto services.

This article is enriched with the best lead generation tools on AppSumo that can grow your business faster.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead generation campaign aims to attract prospects to your business and ultimately convert them into customers. It involves nurturing those prospects until they become interested in your products or services. 

You can generate leads by posting job applications, creating blog posts, using coupons, attending live events, and creating online content.

Best Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo 

The company was founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan (that’s also behind Sumo and KingSumo software). Garland tells how Kagan built his business from $50 in a weekend to more than a million dollars in two years

Kangan has good business partners like Neville Medhora, who helped AppSumo grow its email list from zero to 750k subscribers. Medhora wrote every sales page for the next two years after his successful Prey sales page/email campaign.

If you are planning to grab the best lead-generation tools on AppSumo, this article is for you! I have enlisted here the top-rated Lead generation tools that will gear up your business to the top! 

So without further ado, let’s get started-

1. SendFox [80% Discount]

SendFox Best Lead Generation Tools

You can compose and send unlimited customized emails with SendFox, a product designed specifically for content producers.

Content creators are unlikely to be able to afford mail marketing, especially those without a big budget (It is just an email, what is it worth, $10? – Lucille Bluth).

SendFox helps you create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails at a budget-friendly price.

As a content creator, SendFox will approach product features differently than product competitors (see: SendFox is not AWeber, Mailchimp, etc., and will not have 100% feature parity).

Every month, SendFox sends millions of emails and measures their results – among them, Ryan Holiday, muchelleb, and Noah Kagan.

With SendFox, you can create simple, beautiful, and effective emails in less time with automation and customization.

Your fans will receive your best content directly in their inbox with SendFox’s integrated Smart Campaigns and RSS content updates.

You can use this feature if you are a podcaster, blogger, or YouTuber who releases new content regularly and wants to keep your audience engaged.

In the world of content creation, your brand is everything.

Create emails that are always #onbrand by using the WSYWIG editor. You can manage fonts, colors, formatting, and links in one place.

Not sure if your email marketing strategy (or if you have one at all)? Nothing to worry about.

To get your name and content out there, create custom, branded Smart Pages and landing pages (rate, review, and subscribe!).

Using Smart Pages, your followers can see all of your videos, podcasts, social media posts, and more in one place.

Do you have subscribers already?

SendFox allows you to easily import your mailing list and start creating and sending emails in minutes.

Get customers from prospects and turn them into loyal followers with SendFox.

Automate your welcome email to drive your subscribers to your channel’s most popular content and drive subscriptions once you have email subscribers.

Sending out a series of emails based on a user’s clicks and opens is another option you can choose!

It is as simple as setting it up and letting it run with SendFox’s built-in scheduling and automation features.

You can view all your emails, automation, and contacts, as well as high-level performance metrics and details of all your emails and automation at a glance by using a simple, clean email interface.

SendFox does the rest so you can focus on creating great content.

From forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations, SendFox covers all the important marketing bases for content creators.

You can create simple, branded emails and landing pages to grow your business and track performance all in one easy-to-use platform.

Key features: 

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Email campaigns can be scheduled at any time
  • Automations that can be triggered indefinitely (with unlimited emails per automation)
  • Creating custom landing pages
  • GDPR-compliant forms (custom)
  • To keep your contacts separated, use lists and tags
  • Email editor with a WYSIWYG interface
  • You can track clicks, opens, and more with advanced analytics
  • Note-taking capabilities in CRM
  • There are integrations with, KingSumo, Zapier, APIs, and HTML posts
  • Create email drafts from RSS feeds automatically
  • One account can manage all your brands

Regular Price: $240

AppSumo Lifetime Deals price: $49

How To get this one of the Best Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo:

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2. Acumbamail [92% Discount]

A simple and fast way to create emails and landing pages is Accumbamail. Your business needs email campaigns that are effective without being overly complicated.

Your brand can be promoted and sold by creating professionally created, content-rich emails with attractive designs and interactive elements in Acumbamail.

You can choose from readymade and customizable templates to enhance your emails with images, videos, GIFs, and more.

Because your audience members aren’t all exactly the same, you need to change your marketing strategy accordingly.

You can build email marketing workflows in Acumbamail based on customer behavior, then automate the process through timing delays and rule settings.

For specific campaign-related options and reports, you can choose from newsletters, RSS readers, automatic autoresponders, and A/B tests.

You can increase customer satisfaction by accompanying emails with reminders and customizing messages by audience subsections.

Key features: 

  • With a single platform, you can create email marketing campaigns, automated digital workflows, and responsive landing pages
  • Manage email lists, optimize sending times, and receive comprehensive data reports
  • It’s best for marketing agencies and database management systems looking for better email outreach
  • An alternative to Octopus, Omnisend, and Moosend

Actual price: $839

Lifetime deal on AppSumo: $79

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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3.ShortySMS [57% Discount]

ShortySMS Best Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo

A mobile text messaging solution from AppSumo is ShortySMS, which allows businesses to communicate with their audience and grow their brand more efficiently.

ShortySMS allows you to take advantage of this promising marketing channel with its open rates up to four times higher than those of email.

You can start marketing SMS immediately using the simple interface, no need to research. The built-in lead generation forms make it easy to start collecting leads for SMS campaigns and automation immediately.

Using your CSV files, you can quickly import previous SMS campaign leads and get started marketing.

Key Features: 

  • With SMS text messages, you can easily engage and entice your best customers (only available in the U.S. and Canada)
  • Create SMS automation and schedule SMS campaigns
  • Marketing agencies, sales teams, and content creators who want to reach VIP audiences with an effective message should consider this product
  • TextMagic and SimpleTexting are alternatives

Regular Price: $103

AppSumo Lifetime deal: $59

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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4. Smart Quiz Builder [85% Discount]

SmartQuiz Builder Lead Generation Tools

You can create beautiful quiz funnels with Smart Quiz Builder to generate leads, segment your audience, and recommend the right products to prospects.

You can go beyond generic marketing with quizzes.

The Smart Quiz Builder allows you to create quizzes to entice visitors to spend more time on your website and collect more relevant data about them.

By segmenting prospects, tagging them, and targeting offers, you can deliver highly customized offers to your prospects that address their needs and pain points.

It only takes a few minutes to build quizzes with Smart Quiz Builder, thanks to its super-intuitive platform.

Create and publish your quiz in minutes by selecting the type of quiz, selecting a template, connecting the quiz to your email platform, and following the steps in the user-friendly quiz builder.

Using the platform’s visual funnel builder, you can create smart branching logic using a range of question types, from multiple choice to rating scales.

Finally, by sending leads to a fully customized and personalized result page, you can nurture them more effectively. You can also direct them to a product recommendation page after viewing their results.

Key features: 

  • Design a wide variety of quizzes and quiz funnels that utilize branching logic
  • Instantly create interactive quizzes from static content
  • For those who are looking to better understand their customers through captivating targeted quizzes
  • Quiz Builder alternatives: Typeform, TryInteract, and Thrive

Regular price: $399/year

Lifetime deal on AppSumo: $59

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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5.Email List Validation [96% Discount]

 Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo

It keeps your email lists clean to ensure you are delivered to the right inboxes efficiently and effectively. Verification will be performed at several levels to ensure quality.

This means that email providers won’t penalize (or blacklist) you for continuing to send messages to invalid addresses.

Moreover, Email List Verification provides powerful encryption for data protection in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Email verification is now easy and quick. It is no longer necessary to enter email addresses one by one into a validation tool.

Using Email List Validation’s bulk email verification tool, you can quickly clean up your lists. Alternatively, you can import your lists from CRM integrations.

It gives you maximum deliverability for both new and unverified lists. You will also get real-time email verification to prevent bad emails from reaching your lists in the first place.

In the signup boxes, you can filter invalid emails with the real-time API.

Key features: 

  • 1 million credits per year
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Instant email finder
  • Real-time API
  • Email list cleaning
  • Automate

Regular price: $1099

AppSumo Lifetime offer: $59

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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6.KingSumo [82% Discount]


KingSumo is a tool for generating viral giveaways that will help you grow your audience and generate more leads quickly and efficiently. It will take you minutes to set up your first giveaway using KingSumo’s easy-to-use editor.

The only thing you have to do is explain your giveaway a bit and choose how many winners you want. Have you ever thought of giving a big prize away? That’s great, KingSumo makes it possible.

Instead of a big prize, why not give out several smaller ones? You can do that too with KingSumo. A PDF, a physical product, products from partners, or even a PDF of your own can be given away!

Once you launch your giveaway, the fun really begins. KingSumo giveaways allow people to earn three bonus entries by sharing them with their friends.

They are more willing to share when they have more chances to win! Entering your giveaway enlists your entrants as sales reps, spreading it virally for you. (Your marketing task here is complete!)

You can focus your efforts on other important business tasks when KingSumo automates your outreach.

Key Features: 

  • You can embed this on any website, including WordPress, Squarespace, and others
  • You can upload your own logo
  • You can translate your giveaway page using the translation options
  • SendFox, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier integrations
  • Create a CSV file of your giveaway entrants
  • Pixel tracking on Facebook
  • Automated mid-giveaway and final 24-hour emails to encourage participants to share with their friends
  • Take specific actions to earn bonus giveaway entries
  • Promoting your giveaway effectively starts with a simple promotion checklist
  • Randomly select the winners
  • Built-in advanced spam and fraud prevention methods to reduce bots and fake entries to your giveaway

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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7. Affiliate Funnels Guide [Just For $1]

Affiliate Marketing Funnel

It includes everything a beginner needs to know about affiliate marketing basics, rules, strategies, mindset, and tactics (starting from zero) to maximize their affiliate sales.

Whether you’re looking to set up affiliate content funnels, create conversion-optimized articles, or use email marketing to boost sales, this eBook has you covered.

Using videos for affiliate marketing has also been discussed in-depth, something most newbies aren’t doing enough of.

There are too many gurus who claim to know the secrets of affiliate marketing but never reveal their methods.

This eBook by Anil is not a small secret; it contains all the details you need to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Funnel Guide is now available for download!

Key features :

  • Methods that can be implemented
  • Methods of promotion that aren’t public
  • A complete guide to funnelling building
  • Know your audience
  • Find out how to increase sales and revenue

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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8. Email Warmup [98% Discount]

 Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo

Auto-improve the reputation of email senders.

Your email will reach your prospects without hitting the spam box or being rejected by mail providers.

Muralist simulates positive user behavior with your inbox by using a network of 2500+ real email addresses.

As a result, your sending reputation improves, and you stay out of spam, monitor blacklisting, and increase ROI on your email campaigns.

Key features:

  • Synchronize 5 mailboxes
  • Every day, 50 emails are sent to each mailbox
  • Review by humans
  • Monitoring blacklists
  • Report of spam
  • Automation of the entire process

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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9. Writecream [96% Discount]


The newest Cold Email & Marketing tool, Writecream!

This amazing tool covered everything like Cold Emails, LinkedIn Sales, Backlinks, Blogs, Google Ads, Marketing Ideas, and Angel Funding.

Automating your marketing and sales with Writecream is simple. The brain of your prospect is tuned to ignore 100s of emails a day.

With Writecream, we create custom opening paragraphs that encourage replying, opening, and clicking.

The best cold emails are those that we write for you after scanning your prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile.

Interested in bulk email marketing? Easily import & export CSV files!

It can also write blog posts, Facebook & Google ad copy, Landing Page Content, Product Descriptions, and even your next email pitch for angel funding!

You can choose from 30+ tools for an effective cold outreach and marketing campaign!

Why not get started now? Join Writecream today and get lifetime access!

Key features: 

  • A monthly credit allowance of 80 credits (~ 150,000 characters)
  • Get access to 30+ tools and all upcoming features
  • Email your prospects in a personal manner
  • Reach out to LinkedIn in a personalized way
  • Export and import CSV files
  • Outreach to backlinks that are tailored to you
  • Featured Articles
  • Ads on Google & Facebook
  • Ideas for social media and YouTube
  • Headline, description, and bullet points on the landing page
  • Add one more code for an additional 80 monthly credits (up to five codes in total).

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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10. Pushfy [95% Discount]

Pushfy Lead Generation tool

You’ve always wanted to convert your website visitors into leads, subscribers, and buyers. Your website will grow quickly with Pushfy.

A simple javascript script boosts conversions on your website using Pushfy.

It is designed for publishers, news websites, blogs, directories, and small business websites looking to grow their businesses automatically increases engagement, and works even when you’re sleeping.

Key Features: 

  • Pushfy VIP Agency Plan for life
  • Access to an unlimited number of websites
  • You can run as many campaigns as you want
  • Notifications without limits
  • Impressions for Notifications are unlimited
  • All 24 notifications are enabled
  • Easily removable branding
  • Adding a personal touch to your branding

How to get this one of the best lead generation tools on AppSumo:

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FAQs: Best Lead Generation Tools on AppSumo

1. Does AppSumo Offer a Moneyback Guarantee?

You will get 60 60-day money-back guarantee on AppSumo that is totally risk-free.

2. Do I need to renew my subscription to AppSumo?

No! AppSumo offers lifetime deals. Once you have purchased their products, it’s free for a lifetime.

3. What is an AppSumo Lifetime deal?

AppSumo Lifetime is a crazy campaign run by AppSumo where you won’t need to pay twice for the product you have purchased.

How Can Lead Generation Tools from AppSumo Help with Online Screen Recording?

Looking for the best online screen recorder tools to enhance your lead generation efforts? AppSumo offers a variety of tools that can help you capture high-quality screen recordings to create engaging content for your audience. These tools can streamline the process and make it easier to generate leads through visual storytelling.


AppSumo is the perfect place to find affordable tools to help you grow your business. It’s not just for startups.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, a small business, or a solopreneur, you’ll find tools that will help you get more customers and make more sales.

Their tools will help you transform your business and life. We hope you found the tools you were looking for!

Choosing the right lead generation tool for your business is important to gaining new customers or clients. There are so many lead generation tools to choose from, but which are the best? We hope this article has helped you figure out which one is right for you!

If you wanna supercharge your business faster, Bookmark this page and grab the best lead-generation tools on AppSumo when you are on a budget.

Please leave a comment if you wanna add something more to this content and feel free to share this article with your friends.

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