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6 Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins 2024 (Free+ Paid)

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Internal linking plugins?

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If you want to make your website more Google-friendly, internal linking is the best strategy you should use.

Just think your website is like a big city with lots of roads connecting different places and Internal linking is like pathways that both visitors and search engines love to navigate.

But the thing is it’s not always easy to create these pathways on your own and that’s where internal link plugins come in.

These are like magic tools that help you easily connect different parts of your website. They make your site more organized and easier to explore, making Google like it even more.

We’ll talk about how these special tools, known as plugins, can make your website a favourite in Google’s eyes. Let’s explore which internal link-building tool will be the best to boost your website’s ranking.

Let’s get started!

Why You Should Use An Internal Linking Plugin For WordPress?

When it comes to improving the user experience and SEO of your WordPress website, internal linking is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked.

Implementing a reliable internal linking plugin can help you efficiently manage and optimize your internal linking structure, leading to improved navigation, better page authority distribution, and enhanced.

Let’s learn more about it-

1. Internal Link Suggestions and Auto Internal Link Building Process

An internal linking plugin acts as an intelligent assistant, that offers automatic suggestions and streamlines the internal link-building process.

It analyzes your content and provides suggestions for relevant internal link structures and contextual links to enhance your website’s internal link structure.

2. Internal Link Report

Detailed reports provided by these plugins enable you to track incoming links and assess the search engine ranking impact of your internal linking strategy.

Moreover, auto keyword import and keyword rank tracking features ensure that your target keywords and focus keywords are strategically utilized within your content.

3. Content Analysis and Quality Content

Premium versions of these plugins often include premium features such as error tracking, which helps in identifying and rectifying broken links that might hinder your website’s performance.

Additionally, the link assistant feature guides the distribution of link juice effectively while filtering out irrelevant links. This aids in maintaining a quality content experience for your users and search engines alike.

4. User-Friendly and AI-Driven Functionality

These internal linking plugins, often regarded as popular SEO plugins, offer a user-friendly interface with automatic suggestions and custom link targets.

They utilize artificial intelligence to recommend relevant keywords and internal linking options, empowering website owners with an efficient and effective solution to manage their internal links with ease.

Top WordPress Internal Linking Plugin You Should Try 

Here are the best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins for enhanced website visibilities-

1. LinkBoss


LinkBoss is a powerful internal linking plugin specifically crafted for WordPress that offers a suite of unique features aimed at enhancing your website’s internal linking structure.

One standout capability is its automatic internal link suggestions, providing effortless recommendations as you create new content. This feature not only saves time but also ensures a cohesive website structure, enhancing user navigation.

What sets LinkBoss apart is its personalized approach to internal linking strategies. You can create and manage their custom internal linking plans, tailoring them to fit their website’s specific requirements and objectives.

LinkBoss Pricing:

LinkBoss Pricing
  • Basic Plan (Free): You will get 100 welcome credits, ideal for trial usage, managing one site, and accessing all app features with a one-month credit validity.
  • Pro Plan ($50): This plan allows you to have 500 credits at $0.10/credit, perfect for professionals managing up to five sites, offering full app access with lifetime credit validity.
  • Advanced Plan ($350):  The LinkBoss Advanced plan gives you 5000 credits at $0.07/credit, designed for businesses handling unlimited sites, granting comprehensive app access with lifetime credit validity for ongoing flexibility and usage.

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2. Link Whisper

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin designed to optimize internal linking within websites.

Key features of the plugin include AI-powered suggestions for internal links, automatic link suggestions as new content is added, and the ability to easily insert and manage internal links within the WordPress editor.

Using Link Whisper for internal linking is beneficial as it helps to improve website SEO, user experience, and site navigation.

The AI-powered suggestions take the guesswork out of internal linking, ensuring that the most relevant and valuable links are included in the content.

Additionally, Link Whisper can identify and fix broken links within the website, helping to maintain a seamless user experience and avoid negative SEO impact.

While the plugin has many benefits, some potential drawbacks include the cost of the licenses for multiple sites and the need for ongoing content updates to utilize the AI-powered suggestions effectively.

Link Whisper Pricing:

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin for Internal linking
  • 1 Site License – $97: You will get the complete features for one site, including Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting, billed annually until cancellation.
  • 3-Site License – $137: Same features for three sites, providing Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting, billed annually until cancellation.
  • 10 Site License – $187: All-encompassing features for ten sites, offering Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting, billed annually until cancellation.

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3. Rank Math

Rank Math

Rank Math is an all-in-one SEO plugin that offers powerful internal linking capabilities to improve website optimization.

One of its key features is the Link Suggestions tool, which provides intelligent suggestions for relevant internal links based on the content being written.

This helps to ensure that website content is well-connected and easily navigable for both users and search engine crawlers.

Additionally, Rank Math’s Link Counter tool allows users to keep track of the number of internal links present within a piece of content, ensuring that they are meeting their internal linking targets.

This feature is essential for maintaining a well-structured website with strong internal linking strategies.

By utilizing Rank Math’s internal linking capabilities, website owners and content creators can improve their SEO efforts by creating a more cohesive and easily navigable website.

This not only leads to better user experience but also helps search engines understand the website’s context, resulting in improved rankings and visibility in search results. 

Rank Math Pricing:

Rank Math Pricing Plan
  • AGENCY: Ideal for high-volume Agency Owners, supporting 750 client websites, tracking 75,000 Keywords, and offering a Powerful Schema Generator, with a monthly renewal at $53.25.
  • BUSINESS (Most Popular): Perfect for Freelancers, Businesses and agency Owners, supporting 200 client websites, tracking 20,000 Keywords, featuring a Powerful Schema Generator, with a monthly renewal at $22.42.
  • PRO: Tailored for Bloggers, Individuals and solopreneurs, offering unlimited personal websites, tracking 1,000 Keywords, featuring a Powerful Schema Generator, with a monthly renewal at $6.58.

4. Internal Link Juicer

WordPress internal linking plugin free download

Internal Link Juicer is a powerful plugin designed to automatically build internal links within WordPress websites.

Its key features include the ability to create internal links automatically, providing users with complete control over anchor text diversification, and offering options to whitelist and blacklist specific posts.

With Internal Link Juicer, users can save time and effort by letting the plugin handle the internal linking process, ensuring that all their relevant content is interconnected.

The control over anchor text diversification allows users to maintain a natural and balanced link profile throughout their website, which is essential for search engine optimization.

The option to whitelist and blacklist specific posts gives users the ability to further customize their internal linking strategy, ensuring that only relevant and valuable content is linked together.

This plugin is specifically designed for affiliates, bloggers, agencies, and businesses who want to improve their website’s SEO and user experience through effective internal linking.


Internal Link Juicer- The Best WordPress internal linking plugin Cost
  • Free Version: Offers basic features for 1 site, including automatic internal link building on posts and pages only, limited statistics dashboard, and keyword import via file, at no cost.
  • Pro License: Provides advanced functionalities with varying costs based on the number of sites (1, 5, 10, or unlimited), including broader automation scope, detailed statistics dashboard, category-specific linking, user-defined links, and more, catering to different site needs and volumes.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin known for its key features such as internal linking suggestions and readability checks.

The internal linking feature, available only in the premium plan, helps users optimize their website’s structure by suggesting relevant internal links for each post or page.

This not only improves user experience but also enhances SEO by helping search engines understand the relationships between different pages on the website.

The premium plan of Yoast SEO offers additional benefits, including the redirection manager, which allows users to easily set up and manage redirects, and the readability check,

which helps improve content quality for both users and search engines. The premium plan also provides access to 24/7 support for any technical issues or questions.


Yoast SEO Pricing
  • Yoast SEO Free Plugin: Offers essential tools for SEO, handling technical aspects, access to 5 free academy courses, and is widely used by 13 million users worldwide, all for free.
  • Yoast SEO Premium Plugin: Provides advanced features like early access to new tools, keyword optimization, dead link prevention, social media previews, content suggestions, and full Yoast SEO academy access at USD 99/year (ex. VAT).
  • Yoast Plugin Subscription: Includes 5 powerful Yoast plugins, comprehensive SEO training, yearly updates, and 24/7 support in a bundle deal for USD 229/year (ex. VAT), delivering multiple solutions and cost savings. 

6. Interlinks Manager

Interlinks Manager Bulk Interlinking Plugin

Interlinks Manager is a powerful plugin for WordPress that aims to improve internal linking strategies and enhance SEO. One of its key features is its unique algorithm, which optimizes internal links to ensure maximum impact.

This algorithm also monitors link juice and distributes it effectively across the website, ultimately boosting its SEO performance.

The plugin allows for customization, giving users the ability to define their linking keywords, anchor texts, and target URLs. This level of control ensures that internal linking is tailored to specific content and SEO goals.

By using Interlinks Manager, website owners can benefit from improved SEO through effective internal linking. This means better visibility in search engine results, increased organic traffic, and a higher ranking.

Additionally, the strategic distribution of link juice helps to maximize the potential of each internal link, leading to a more cohesive and impactful website structure.


Interlinks Manager plugin cost
  • Regular License – $39: Allows usage by you or one client in a single end product without charging end users, inclusive of item price and buyer fee.
  • Extended License – $195: Permits usage by you or one client in a single end product that can be monetized for end users, covering the item price and buyer fee.

Which Internal Linking Plugin Is The Best?

When it comes to choosing the best internal linking plugin, LinkBoss.io stands out due to its exceptional features.

This interlinking software offers effortless Topic Clusters, Smart Contextual Linking, Bulk Interlinking, Fresh Content for Context, Multi-Site Management, and Comprehensive Site Reports, which contribute significantly to optimizing site rankings.

LinkBoss.io’s advanced interlinking silo feature aids in effortlessly building powerful topical clusters, which significantly boosts search rankings and helps to manage bounce rates effectively by ensuring a cohesive site structure.

The plugin’s AI-powered brain analyzes content, suggesting semantically relevant sentences for smart contextual linking, ensuring that outbound links are relevant and enhancing user experience with relevant information.

Moreover, its Bulk Interlinking feature simplifies the process by seamlessly interlinking semantically relevant posts using chosen anchors, while the AI-generated unique and context-rich paragraphs ensure fresh content for context when needed.

For those managing multiple WordPress sites, LinkBoss.io offers an invaluable Multi-Site Management feature, providing a single dashboard that combines user-friendliness with advanced features, streamlining internal linking strategies across various sites.

Lastly, its Comprehensive Site Reports offer valuable insights into orphaned posts, internal and external links, 404 links, and more, enabling users to make informed decisions and stay ahead in optimizing their site’s link equity.

Final Thoughts on Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugin

The quest for the best Internal Linking Plugin culminates with the undeniable prowess of a reliable and powerful solution like LinkBoss.io.

Its automatic linking capabilities and intelligent internal link assistant make it an intuitive choice for seamlessly integrating relevant links throughout your website.

This premium plugin ensures targeted keywords receive proper attention, efficiently distributing link juice and preventing orphan posts from being overlooked.

With an intuitive dashboard, it simplifies post configuration and offers powerful features, allowing easy management of internal linkages across custom post types and individual posts.

As part of a complete SEO toolkit, it stands out by boosting user engagement and conversion rates through its effective suggestions and comprehensive SEO functionalities.

LinkBoss.io emerges not just as an effective tool for bolstering site visibility but as a reliable companion in crafting a well-linked and optimized online presence.

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