How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name In 2020

If You are here to know how to choose a perfect domain name and what kinda domain you should choose, You have chosen the right path. If you can be able to establish a quality site, people will visit your site no matter what domain name it is.

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But sometimes, its the domain name that can make or break your business. So it’s very crucial to choose the right domain name for your blog or business website.

Importance of domain name

If you can enrich your site with quality content and information you can establish your authority. It’s also important to have a good domain that helps to remind your site easily and that has a positive impact on your site. So it’s very important to know how to choose a perfect domain name. Let’s check the following points-

1. Positive and long-lasting impression

A good domain name is important to have a positive impact that will make sure a long-lasting impression on your site. On the other hand, a bad domain can do the same but opposite thing.

2. Helps to rank

If you know how to choose a perfect domain name that contains keywords about your niche or products, it helps in SEO. For example, Your niche is bird photography. You may get better search ranking if you choose a domain name like

3. Defines your brand

Your domain will ensure your brand recognition. So it’s important to know how to choose a perfect domain name that represents your brand and add value to your brand. Basically, if you put your brand name in your domain, it will be easy for your audience to recognize your brand.

How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

Now you know why it is important to know how to choose a perfect domain name as I have mentioned above. You just know why it is important but don’t know yet how to choose a perfect domain name. Let’s check the ways out-

1. Use the popular domain extension

The most popular domain extensions are ”.com”, ”.net” and ”.org”. But the best domain extension is ”.com”. According to the domainamestat, forthy three percent of the domains are using the ”.com” extension. Because it is very easy to remember and familiar.

So, your first priority should be the ”.com”. If you that is taken then go for .net or. org. If those are also taken, start brainstorming to get a new domain name. But never ever try extensions like .space, .club, .burger and so on!

2. Prefer brandable over the generic

When you are on the internet market, you should keep in mind that, your domain name is what your audience will search, memorize, share on the internet. Your foundation of the brand will start from here.

That’s why you should choose a brandable domain name that stands out of the competition and helps you to rank.

You are thinking what is the difference between generic and brandable domain name right?

Let me clear this point.

A brandable domain name is unique and made by you, while the generic domain name is stuffed with keywords and unmemorable words.

For example, do you find any difference between, or No! I guess.

These are some worst example of generic domain name that doesn’t have any meaning at all.

But when you hear something like or, they stand for something. People have a trust factor with them.

How to create a brandable domain name

  • You can use your own created words that Google, Bing, and Yahoo did for themselves.
  • You can use google translator to find synonyms that fit your brand.
  • You can take help from a domain name generator. This tool can help you to find some catchy domain name that will fit your brand.

3. Prefer short rather than the long

A shorter name is always better as it is easy to remind. Try to keep your domain name in 8-14 characters. So that it can be easy to remember and easy to write. My own site is exactly 9 characters. If you failed to find any short domain name, You must make it brandable.

4. Choose an easy to write the name

Make sure that your visitor won’t face any problem while they are writing your domain name. If your domain name is not easy to write, your audience may mistype your domain that will lead your audience on a different website, and that will be so horrible for your site.

I can tell you an easy way out- Tell your 10 friends your domain name and ask them it’s spelling. If most of them failed or wrongly spell the name, you should surely make it more simple.

5. Choose an easy to pronounce the name

Make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce. Because when you will be able to create a good amount of audience of your articles, they will surely tell other people about your site. If they fail to pronounce the domain name easily, the other person may make a mistake in spelling and lead to another site.

For this type of problem, you try the above example. Write your domain name in a paper and ask ten of your friends to pronounce it, If they struggle to pronounce the word, then make it more simple.

6. Don’t allow hyphens and numbers

I have mentioned that your domain name should be easy to write and easy to pronounce or spell. Hyphens and numbers make it difficult to remember.

For example, If my site was like Facile-Way, FacileWay24, or facile24way my audience would be confused between the two.

So, to make it simple and easy to remember I had to choose FacileWay. The main point is don not use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

7. Try to use a keyword that represents your niche

FacileWay means an easy way. An easy way to start blogging. I share blogging tips here. If you can choose a keyword that represents your niche that will have a great impact on SEO also.

If you become able to find out a keyword and put the keyword at the beginning of your domain, they will have a powerful impact on your ranking.

You can take help from tools like Google Keyword Planner and for finding keywords.

8. Prefer long term over the short term

If you are thinking of a short term domain name, you are going to hamper your brand, your SEO ranking, and your money.

So, when you are choosing a domain name, choose it for a long period of time.

For example, FacileWay shares, blogging tips, affiliate marketing tips, web hosting, and other SEO related tips. If I would keep my blog’s name like, I had to share only hosting related posts. But I have kept my blog’s name FacileWay. That’s my brand name. Where I cover every useful blogging tips. I can share anything about blogging on my site in the future. This is a long term thinking.

9. Don’t use the used trademark

A trademark is a very unique sign or symbol that will represent your business or products.

Never ever use a used trademark. When you are determined to establish your own brand. it’s the best deal to keep the trademark same on social media and across the web.

You can use Knowem for searching domain name it will show you if there is any availability over 25 popular social media networks. It’s also an important point of this topic how to choose a perfect domain name.

If the trademark is taken then try to tweak it so that you can build a unique social media profile.

10. Use a domain name generator

You have seen there is no availability of your desired domain name. Your dream trademarks are also taken. You don’t know what to do now. That’s why the name generator plays a great role. These generators can turn your ideas into some awesome and available domains.

Namecheap is the best and cheapest source of the domain name. If you are looking for a perfect domain name for your website, Namecheap will let you find tons of domain names that will inspire you with new ideas.

Try their beast mode to get the thousands of domain names in a minute.

How to register a domain name

If you are thinking of establishing a game-changer website, registering a domain name is the first step.

In this step, I will explain two options of registering domain names.

1.The free domain from Hostgator

To build a website, you will need both of the hosting and the domain together. So I personally recommend people to grab them both together from one hosting provider.

HostGator Web Hosting

This trick will help you to save money and time. Web hosting providers often offer a free domain with the hosting. I personally recommend Hostgator (An award-winning hosting provider).

Hostgator will allow you to have a domain for free for one year on an annual plan.

When you will need to transfer your site from the existing site to Hostgator, They will do it for free (Worth of $200 minimum).

Or, You can check here, How to register domains with Hostgator and start blogging.

Or, You can try any one of these 7 best and cheap Webhosting providers that offer a free domain for one year on their annual package.

2. Register your domain with Namecheap

Namecheap is best for its cheap but services. At this point, I will show how to register your domain with Namecheap.

Step one: Go to

How to choose a perfect domain name

Step two: If you find your domain name available then add it to the cart to proceed in the next step.

how to choose a perfect domain name
Namecheap domain Register

Step three: In this stage, You can buy other options like Webhosting and any other options that are important for your site.

how to choose a perfect domain namenamenamecheap domain register

Step four: The final step is to select the term you wanna register for and complete the payment.

how to choose a perfect domain name how to register domain with namecheap

This most interesting part of Namecheap is the are offering WhoisGuard for free and this offer will last forever. Surely it will enhance your site security.

Congratulations! You are a proud owner of a domain name.

Namecheap Pricing Policies

  • The extension of .com is for  $8.88/year (renewal price $10.88/year)
  • The extension of .org is for $12.98/year
  • The extension of .net is for $11.98/year
  • You will get WHOIS Privacy completely FREE and will last forever
  • You can grab Google G Suite is only for $6.00/mo
  • You will enjoy Email for Free for 2 months (renewal price $3.88/year)
  • You can grab Web Hosting only for $1.28/mo (renewal price $2.88/mo)
  • Can grab SSL Certificate only for $3.88/year that will enhance your customer security.

FAQs About Domain Name Registration

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address of your site on the internet by what people can reach to your site. It’s a unique URL like your phone number is unique.

What is the domain name registrar?

Domain name registers are the organization that maintains the reservation of domain names on the internet. You will need to take help one of the registrars to register the address (known as the domain name) of your site.

How to choose a perfect domain name easily?

If you follow the above steps you will come to know easily how to choose a perfect domain name for your blog or business website.

Namecheap is one of the best and cheap domain registrars. You will have the best experience with them. Their hosting starts only on $1.44/month on their annual package.

How to change your domain name server?

The first step to change your domain name server is to find the DND manager within your existing domain registrar. Then try to locate the DNS that you want to change. Then go to the ”use custom nameserver” option to enter your desired new nameserver.

If you are thinking of host your site on Hostgator. You don’t need to take any stress. Just relax and seatback. They will do this procedure free for you.

Last but not least, never forget to renew your domain name. If you forget to renew your domain name, your site will go offline and you can also lose your site identity.

That’s why you should set you a reminder for the expiry that. So that you can renew your domain name immediately once the expiry date comes to closure.

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Wrapping up

If you don’t have a website, this is the high time to get started. Because to start a blog or website you don’t need any coding skills anymore. There are tons of tools that can make you a pro blogger without having any coding skills.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make any purchase through these affiliate links, I will get some commission without any extra cost to you.

I am pretty sure now you know how to choose a perfect domain name easily. If this post helped to find out the ways, please feel free to let your friends know by sharing through social media.

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