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How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name In 2024 [Easy Hacks]

If You are here to know how to choose a perfect domain name and what kinda domain you should choose, You have chosen the right path.

If you can be able to establish a quality site, people will visit your site no matter what domain name it is.

But sometimes, it’s the domain name that can make or break your business. So it’s very crucial to choose the right domain name for your blog or business website.

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Importance of A Domain Name

If you’ll be able to enrich your site with quality content and knowledge you’ll be able to establish your authority. 

It is also important to possess an honest domain that helps to remind your site easily which includes a positive impact on your site.

So it’s totally important to grasp a way to choose an ideal name. Let’s check the subsequent points-

1. Positive And Long Lasting Impression

A good name is vital to possess a positive impact that may ensure a long-lasting impression on your site. On the opposite hand, a foul domain can do an identical but opposite thing.

2. Helps To Rank

If your chosen domain name contains keywords about your niche or products, it helps in SEO.

For instance, Your niche is bird photography. you’ll reclaim Google search ranking if you decide on a website name like

3. Defines Your Brand

Your domain will ensure your brand recognition. So it is vital to grasp the desired domain name that represents your brand and adds value to your brand.

Basically, if you set your name in your domain, it’ll be easy for your audience to acknowledge your brand.

How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

Now you recognize why it’s important to understand the way how to choose a great domain name as I’ve got mentioned above. Let’s check the ways out-

The most well-liked domain extensions are ”.com”, ”.net” and ”.org”. But the simplest domain name extension is ”.com”. 

According to Domainamestat, 43% of the domains are using the ”.com” extension. Because it’s very easy to remember and familiar.

So, your first priority should be the ”.com”. If that’s taken then opt for .net or. org. If those also are taken, start brainstorming to induce a brand new name. But never ever try extensions like .space, .club, .burger and then on!

2. Prefer Brandable Over The Generic

When you’re on the web market, you ought to confine in mind that, your domain name is what your audience will search, memorize, and share on the web. Your foundation of the brand will start from here.

That’s why you should choose a brandable name that stands out from the competition and helps you to rank.

You are thinking what’s the difference between generic and brandable names right?

Let me clear this time.

A brandable name is exclusive and made by you, while a generic name is filled with keywords and unmemorable words.

For example, does one find any difference between,, or No! I assume.

These are some worst examples of a generic name that does not have any meaning in the slightest degree.

But after you hear something like or, they indicate something. People have a trust factor with them.

How To Create A Brandable Domain Name

  • Use your own created words that Google, Bing, and Yahoo did for themselves.
  • Use Google Translate to search out synonyms that suit your brand.
  • Take help from a website name generator. This tool can help your search for a catchy name that will suit your brand.

3. Prefer Short Instead Of The Long

A shorter name is often better because it is simple to remind. Try and keep your name in 8-14 characters. In order that it is easy to recollect and simple to put in writing. 

My very own site is precisely 9 characters. If you didn’t find any short name, you need to make it brandable.

4. Choose Easy To Spell Name

Make sure that your visitor won’t face any problems while they’re writing your name.

If your name isn’t easy to put in writing, your audience may mistype your domain which will lead your audience to a unique website, which is so horrible for your site.

Pro Tip: Tell your 10 friends your name and ask them its spelling. If most of them failed or wrongly spell the name, you must surely make it more simple.

5. Choose Easy Pronounce Name

Make sure your name is easy to pronounce. Because after you are ready to create a decent amount of audience for your articles, they’ll surely tell people about your site.

If they fail to pronounce the name easily, the opposite person may make a miscalculation in spelling and result in another site.

Pro Tip: Write your name on a piece of paper and ask ten of your friends to pronounce it, If they struggle to pronounce the word, then make it more simple.

6. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

I have mentioned that your name should be easy to put in writing and simple to pronounce or spell. Hyphens and numbers make it difficult to recollect.

For example, If my site was like Facile-Way, FacileWay24, or facile24way my audience would be confused between the two.

So, to make it easy for my audiences, I had to decide on FacileWay. the most important point does not use hyphens and numbers in your name.

7. Use Keyword That Represents Your Niche

FacileWay means a simple way. a simple way to start blogging. I share blogging tips here.

If you choose a keyword that represents your niche it will have an excellent impact on SEO (search engine optimization) also.

If you become ready to understand a keyword and put the keyword at the start of your domain, it’ll have a robust impact on your ranking and you will get a SEO-friendly domain address.

Pro Tip: You can check some of your competitor’s domain name examples to have a complete idea of how you should choose your new domain names.

8. Don’t Use The Used Trademark

A trademark could be a very unique sign or symbol which will represent your business or products.

Never ever use a second-user trademark. Choose a trademark that is not used before ever. It is the best deal to stay the trademark the same on social media and across the net.


You can use Knowem for the search name. It’ll show you if there’s any availability over 25 popular social media networks. it is also a very important point of this subject the way to choose an ideal name.

If the trademark is taken then try and tweak it in order that you’ll be able to build a novel social media profile.

9. Use A Domain Name Generator

You have seen there’s no availability of your required name. Your dream trademarks are taken. you do not know what to try now. That’s why the name generator plays an excellent role.

These generators can turn your domain name ideas into awesome and available domains.

One of the best domain name registrars

Namecheap is the most effective and cheapest source of the name. If you’re trying to find an ideal name for your website, Namecheap will allow you to find a lot of domain names that may inspire you with new ideas.

Try their beast mode to urge the thousands of domain names in an exceedingly minute.

10. Check Domain History

When selecting a domain name for your website, it is crucial to verify its history to avoid potential issues that could harm your online presence.

One of the benefits of investigating a domain’s history is competitive research. By scrutinizing if the domain was previously used for a website related to your niche, you can identify if registering it could improve your SEO strategy.

Another advantage of reviewing a domain’s history is security. This can help you recognize any prior cyberattacks or security breaches connected to the domain and take precautions to avoid them in the future.

Analyzing a domain’s history can also expose any possible branding issues. It is preferable to avoid buying the domain if the prior website owner ran an unethical business to prevent any association with their reputation.

Lastly, it is essential to ensure that the domain name has a clean history with search engines to avoid harming your digital marketing efforts.

Using black hat SEO tactics in the past might have resulted in a Google penalty, which could impact your website’s search engine rankings.

Wayback Machine

To examine a domain’s ownership history, we suggest using online tools such as Wayback Machine, WhoISrequest, and DomainTools.

These sites provide in-depth reports that show previous DNS records, nameserver or IP address changes, and website screenshots.

I Have Bought My Domain> Now What?

If you are thinking of hosting your site on Bluehost. you do not have to take any stress. Just relax and sit back. They’re going to try this procedure for you.

Last but not least, always remember to renew your name. If you forget to renew your name, your site will go offline and you’ll also lose your site identity.

That’s why you need to set a reminder for the expiry. The order that you’ll renew your name immediately once the expiry date involves closure.

Now I will try to elaborate few more things that you have to do after choosing your potential domain name-

1. Register Your Domain Name

Immediately secure your new domain name by registering your domain on any of the best domain registrars.

Though choosing a web hosting with a free domain can save you money, keeping the hosting server and domain registrar separate can increase the security level.

2. Choose Your Web Hosting

Bluehost is the best web hosting provider for beginners as it comes with a very affordable price with a free domain name, Free CDN and Free SSL certificate.

3. Connect Your Domain Name To Your Web Host

If you choose Bluehost, the customer support team will help you to connect your domain registrar with their hosting server.

4. Install CMS

WordPress is the most popular content management system out there. It helps to create and manage your website’s content. Bluehost comes with automatic WordPress installation features. You don’t need to any extra to install WordPress on your Website.

5. Design your Website

I am using the Kadence WP theme to design this blog. I am totally a non-tech guy who does not have any coding skills but I have managed to design a beautiful website like FacileWay and all credit goes to Kadence WP.

You can use the free Kadence theme to start your blog. In case, you wanna have more freedom of work, you can go with the Kadence Premium with a special 10% discount by FacileWay.

6. Start Adding Content

There was a time when it was very difficult for newbies to start writing and keep producing new content.

But in the era of AI, it has become easier to produce quality content without having any knowledge of any particular topic.

You can grab a 7-day free trial for Jasper and write quality content that will rank higher.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Once you have added your content it’s time to optimize your content for SEO. Now you need to optimize your website’s content, meta tags and other ranking factors to ensure your higher ranking in the search engines.

How To Register A Domain Name

If you’re thinking of creating a game-changer website, registering a website name is the first step.

In this step, I will be able to explain two options for registering domain names.

1. The free domain from Bluehost

To build a website, you’ll need both the hosting and the domain together. So I personally recommend people grab them both together from one hosting provider.

This trick will help you save lots of money and time. Web hosting providers often offer a free domain with the hosting. I personally recommend Bluehost (An award-winning hosting provider).

Bluehost will allow you to have a domain for free for one year on an annual plan.

When you need to transfer your site from the existing site to Bluehost, They will do it for free (Worth $200 minimum) when some web hosting companies charge money for it.

You can read here which Bluehost plan will be best for your type of website.

2. Register your domain with Namecheap

Namecheap is best for its cheap services. At this time, I will be able to show you the way to register your domain with Namecheap.

Step one: Visit

How to choose a domain name

Step two: If you discover your name available then add it to the cart to proceed with the next step.

how to choose a unique domain name
Namecheap domain Register

Step three: During this stage, you’ll be able to buy other options like Webhosting and the other options that are important for your site.

how to choose a domain name using Namecheap

Step four: The ultimate step is to pick the term you wanna register for and complete the payment.

how to pick a domain name using Namecheap domain registrar

The most interesting part of Namecheap is that they are offering WhoisGuard at no cost and this offer will last forever. Surely it’ll enhance your site security.

Congratulations! You are a proud owner of a domain name.

Namecheap Pricing Policies

You can buy a domain name from Namecheap at the following prices-

  • The extension of .com is for  $8.88/year (renewal price $10.88/year)
  • The extension of .org is for $12.98/year
  • The extension of .net is for $11.98/year
  • You will get WHOIS Privacy completely FREE and can last forever
  • You can grab Google G Suite simply for $6.00/mo
  • You will enjoy Email at no cost for two months (renewal price $3.88/year)
  • You can grab Web Hosting only for $1.28/mo (renewal price $2.88/mo)
  • Can grab an SSL Certificate only for $3.88/year that may enhance your customer security

Here are some FAQs about choosing a domain name-

1. What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address of your site on the internet by which people can reach your site. It’s a unique URL like your phone number is unique.

2. What is the domain name registrar?

Domain name registers are the organization that maintains the reservation of domain names on the net. You’ll take help from one of the registrars to register the address (known because of the domain name) of your site.

3. How to choose a perfect domain name easily?

If you follow the above steps you’ll come to understand easily the way to choose a perfect domain name for your blog or business website.

4. What is the best domain registrar?

Namecheap is one of the best and most cheap domain registrars. You will have the best experience with them. Their hosting starts only at $1.44/month on their annual package.

5. How to change your domain name server?

The opening to alter your name server is to search out the DND manager within your existing domain registrar. Then attempt to locate the DNS that you simply want to alter. Then head to the ”uses custom nameserver” choice to enter your required new nameserver.

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Wrapping up

If you don’t have a website, this is high time to get started. Because to start a blog or website you don’t need any coding skills anymore.

There are tons of tools that can make you a pro blogger without having any coding skills.

I am pretty sure now you know how to choose a perfect domain name easily. If this post helped to find out the ways, please feel free to let your friends know by sharing through social media.

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