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How to Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals for WordPress Blogs

This is the most frequently asked question in the online industry how do save money on Web hosting renewals?

If you are a blogger, you already have experienced the high renewal fees of web hosting companies. I have gathered some information to make the web hosting renewals an easy process for you.

How To Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals

Web hosting is one of the most important investments you will need to make every month to keep your self-hosted blog running.

The hosting cost totally depends on your website requirements. If you have just gotten started the shared hosting plan is adequate enough.


If you wanna hassle-free managed WordPress hosting, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to managed WordPress, Cloud, or VPS plan.

Many times newbie bloggers start their blogs with unnecessarily high costs without any discount. Even if you buy cheap hosting with a high discount rate, you may also need to pay a higher rate when it’s time to renew the plan.

Today, I will share with you some effective tips that can help you to save money on web hosting renewals. It will help you to make the decision on day one of your first hosting purchase.

1. Grab The Longer Period Hosting Plan

If you wanna save money on your web hosting renewals, contract for a longer period of time. You will get a huge discount if you go for a longer period.

The one mistake every newbie bloggers make is buying their hosting for one year. Then the next year they need to pay higher hosting renewal fees.

It’s very rare that some company offers a discount on hosting renewals. I will show you by showing a real example.

For example, you wanna buy DreamHost hosting plan.

save money web hosting renewals
  • If you plan to buy for one year, the will cost you $3.95*12= $47.4/Year.
  • If you plan to buy for three years, they will cost you $2.59*36= $93.24/Year which means $31.08/year only.

I recommend DreamHost because you don’t need to feel sorry if you go for a longer period with DreamHost. This hosting is highly recommended by WordPress and has good fame in the market for its awesome hosting service.

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There is another hosting provider recommended by WordPress. You can check their hosting plan also. Yeah! I am talking about Bluehost. Let’s have a look at how the Bluehost pricing policy works-

Save money on webhosting renewals
  • If you purchase a one-year hosting plan, Bluehost will cost you $4.95*12= $59 for Year.
  • If you purchase the three years hosting plan, Bluehost will cost $2.95*36= $106 for three years. That means $35.33 per year only.

So this is one of the best ways to save money on web hosting renewals if you can grab the best hosting provider.

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2. Ask Discount From Your Existing Hosting Provider

You can save money on web hosting renewals by asking for a discount from your existing hosting provider also. This trick works on almost every web hosting provider.

The existing customer is always the top priority for any web hosting company. You can simply drop them some lines when your hosting is about to expire.

For example, This hosting provider [name of the competitor] is offering a decent discount on my site migration to their hosting. The renewal fees with your company will cost me $150, but if I migrate my site to their hosting, they will do it within $100 for me. I can save $50 in cash and I wanna save my money. I hope you will let me stay with you by honoring me with a discounted price as I would love to stay with you. At the same time, I also save my hard-earned money.

This trick may work or not depending on their company pricing policy. But there is a possibility they may approve a discount if you can ask them in the right way. If this trick fails, you may try the next tips.

Though most people don’t concentrate on saving such a small amount for the sake of their comfort level. But remember a penny is saved, and a penny is earned.

3. Try Alternative Web Hostings With Better Features

These are the final tricks you may apply to save money on web hosting renewals. All you need to find out the Webhosting providers that offer free site migration.

I am telling you to find these features become many web hosting providers cost you some money for migrating your site from the existing one to the new one.

This is totally unnecessary cost. When your web hosting term is about to expire contact a new hosting provider with better hosting features to migrate your site to them.

Hosting providers always provide discounts to their new customers. I am suggesting that some best web hosting providers keep on your list if you ever need to switch.

This way you can save $40-$50 each time you need to switch to a new hosting provider. It will also help you to experience many web hosting features with less amount. You can also grab a web hosting free trial to test new features.

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Final Words

These are the top strategies people follow to save money on web hosting renewals. You can also save huge on different occasions like Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday sales, flash sale offers, birthday sale offers, and so on!

Always keep an on this Black Friday Deals category on the occasion of Black Friday to save huge money on web hosting.

If you have any additional tips to include, feel free to comment below, I will try to include them in this post. If you loved this content, please share and let your friends save money on web hosting renewals.


  1. These are really helpful tips, especially for newbies. You gathered valuable information on how to save money. It is difficult for people who do not yet have the experience, to find the right hosting. It is always great to find advice like this to make an informed decision.
    Thank you for your work

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