7 Best Online Logo Maker Tools to Create a Logo For Your Blog

A logo is a small graphic design that represents your blog as well as the brand. Sometimes it distinguishes you from your competitors and sometimes it describes what your blog is about. Most importantly, it helps your visitors to remember your site at a glance.

If you don’t have designing skills, its okay. You can make any kind of logo knowing any coding or designing skills. here, I will discuss that. But it would be good if can afford a graphic designer to make a logo for your blog

But if you are on a budget, you can use online tools. There are many online logo maker tools that can help you to create a logo for free or for few bucks.

I will discuss here the 7 best tools among  them.

Let’s check the tools.


Canva is my favorite. It makes the graphic design so easier. With the drag and drop design tool, anyone can create designs. I use this tool to create all the graphics for my site.

It’s not only a logo maker but also it helps to create graphics for social media posts, presentation, magazine, blog post, infographic, business card and much more. In a nutshell, it’s a complete visual design solution for a non-techie.

With Canva Logo Maker, you can create an awesome logos of 500px*500px size. But this size may not be the standard size for a WordPress blog. To create a logo with your desired size, you need to use custom dimensions.


 It’s a fast and easy-to-use tool. I used this tool to create the first logo of FacileWay.Com.

If you want to create a logo within minutes, this tool is for you. It takes a few minutes to create a logo with this tool. Just enter your blog name in (add text) and select a relevant icon from (add symbol). And download the logo for free. Is really so awesome and fun to create a logo with this site.

You can follow their official tutorial to create your first logo with this tool. It offers both free and premium download. The free version is also too good for a new site.

3. Online Logo Maker By Shopify

Shopify is a popular eCommerce software. But you can use this software as a free logo making tool. By using this tool,  You can create awesome logos in a minute.

You have to follow three steps to create a logo. Enter your blog name on “STORE NAME”  section, select an icon and choose a position. That’s it.


Fiverr is not a logo maker. It’s a marketplace for creative and professional services starting from just $5. You can get any custom logo for only $5 from Fiverr.com.

 It’s better to invest some money on Fiverr rather than spending a lot of time on free tools. If you have some money to spend, I would recommend getting a logo from Fiverr.


This tool offers the fastest way to design a logo for your blog. All anyone has to do is, enter your company name and select your industry. It will generate lots of designs for you. You can also get any custom design by starting a contest. Its also awesome tools and doing work with this tool is fun. 

Though this tool claims itself a free logo maker tool, it doesn’t allow you to download a logo for free. It just shows the designs for free. But you need to buy the logo if you want to download any logo after creating.


Tailor Brands is also a great tool that made logo design simple. Making a logo with Tailor Brands is very easy and simple. Just enter your domain name and click on Design button, then it will ask you to select some of the preferences.

Anyway. Its not a free tool. You have to pay some bucks to download a logo. 


 This tool offers both free &  pro version of a logo. It’s simply easy to create a logo with this tool.

If you choose the free version, your download link of the logo will be sent to your assigned email address.


Hope this post will help you to get an awesome logo for your blog.

If you have any question regarding these tools I have posted above, let us know through a comment.  and if you are using any other tools, I would love to know about that tools.

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