Reasons You Should You leave social Media

Top 6 Reasons You Should leave Social Media and Spend More Time on Your Blog

You are thinking about what are the reasons you should leave social media!

I am sure this title is going to get confused our FacileWay audience.

In many previous posts, we suggested using social media for blog promotion but now I am trying to keep you away from social media!

Reasons You Should Leave Social Media

It’s kinda confusing I know. This is post is for them who are spending most of their time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and so on.

Just not for blog promotion but also for scroll up and down and wasting their time checking their friend’s profile and other people’s activities.

The social network has vast importance for users who are insane to get financial freedom by blogging. It helps to find people from the same interest who can help to succeed.

But have you ever thought about the disadvantages of social networking ever before? Have you ever realized how much time you have spent for liking, commenting, sharing other posts on social media?

Ask yourself.

I am the proof and I am pretty sure I have spent a lot of time that gone totally wasted on social media.

I am not saying it wrong if you spend some time on social media for entertainment purposes.

Of course, it’s mandatory for having some fun time. But if it’s taking a whole day its gonna hurt your blogging life.

The amount of time you are focusing on observing other posts, liking, sharing and commenting if the same amount of time you spend on your blog for keyword research, for gathering some new blog ideas, research on your niche your time would be useful spent I guess.

Now I will try to elaborate on the reasons you should spend less time on social media rather than your blog and how to create a social networking blog within your blog.

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1 #Use Your Blog As A Social Network Making Platform

You know the time is money. The more time you spend on the money-making platform the more money you will earn.

And blogging is a money-making machine if you can do it right. When you will spend a particular time on your blog you will able to engage a good amount of audience from the same interest.

Offer them to build a community where they can share their views with people who share their interests. This is very simple and easy if you are running a niche blog.

2 #Your Blog Can Be A Social Network

When you start blogging on a certain niche. There will be a certain audience of your blog.

They will like, share or comment on your posts. If you are doing any mistakes they will suggest you the correction.

If they are learning something from your blog, they will wait for the next series, this is how guest audiences become your regular readers.

When you will get some fixed audience for your blog, They will learn or teach you something via commenting or e-mail correspondence.

Blogging is fun because learner learns to earn and the teachers also teach to earn. So You will find a cooperative audience here. What do you think? Isn’t it seem easier?

You can use Jetpack or MailChimp for an email subscription form.

That’s why every blogger should approve all the meaningful comments. Because when someone asks something related to the post, they deserve answers.

You can feel the importance when you comment on a blog post and don’t get any answer. So to keep your audience, You should welcome every meaningful comment.

3# Try To Add Additional Income Source

You want to share a story on social media. that’s cool! But when you do it doesn’t help to earn you any bucks.

Its blogging can help you to earn if you post ads or monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. One of your audiences gets an awesome deal from amazon while reading your content.

He saved some money and you earned some money. Isn’t it fun to have a win-win situation for both of you like this?

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4 #Learn To Earn

Spend a whole day surfing on Facebook or any other social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and so on as well as spend a whole day on Your Self-hosted WordPress blog, or Blogspot or any other blogging platform you use.

Now you decide which time you spent meaningfully. You must have learned a new experience on blogging rather than hitting likes, commenting and sharing others’ posts on social media.

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5 #Updated You

In social media, you will not able to update if you are not 24/7 active. On the other hand, blogging knows no time.

You can update your old blog post any time if there is a need for any updates. If you are doing right, your blog post is evergreen and will keep gaining unlimited traffic from search engines.

6 #Write For Others

You can write for others as guest posting writers on their blog that is not possible on social networking sites or Facebook pages.

You should try guest posting if you want to win the target audience’s trust.

There are some major benefits of doing guest posting such as targeted traffic, building a personal network, building online authority, sharping content marketing skill and so on.

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I hope this post will help you to decide what amount of time you should spend on social media and what amount on your blog.

Last but not least. I don’t forbid you to use social media for entertainment purposes. I would love to recommend to use social media to have refreshment.

That will increase your productivity. Just don’t waste your time on social media uselessly.

Use #SocialMedia, Don’t let social media use you.

If you love this post and now you know the reasons you should leave social media. Please feel free to share and let your friends know. And if you want to share your opinion, please feel free to share via comment.

Thanks for investing your time with me.

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