Rank Math- alternative to Yoast

Rank Math-Best Alternative To Yoast SEO

Are you looking for Yoast SEO alternative? Here is the Rank Math, the best Yoast SEO alternative. This awesome tool is offering many Yoast SEO premium features as free.

Why Rank Math Is The Best

Rank Math plugin is going to change the whole game in the SEO industry very soon. If you think you have a lot of things to do on the SEO in your blog but you have a shortage of time. Rank Math is the best choice.

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1.Easy Configuration

Rank Math plugin is the best for their user-friendly installation which is quick, easy and works on auto-configuration. You don’t need to spend your whole day on setting up your SEO configurations.

It has set up a step by step wizard which allows you to change the configurations manually and add custom data to your SEO configuration.

Rank Math

You will get a free import option from where Rank Math plugin will automatically import all your previous settings from the Yoast plugin.

2. Simply Powerful SEO interface

SEO is a complicated task to do. But Rank Math is offering the simple and a powerful interface that will make it easier for you. They are offering also some optimization tips for you.

Rank Math SEO interface

It is providing an easy, quick, interface that will ensure you a smooth and dynamic interface with a lot of extra features in it.

3.SEO Analyzer

This plugin is offering an amazing SEO Analyzer that will give SEO recommendations for free. You can boost your traffic 200 times faster and better through this SEO analyzer.

4. One-Click Import From Yoast and All in One SEO pack

Within seconds, Rank Math can import all your settings from Yoast SEO and All in One to itself. The transfer is instant, and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result. This plugin will also import Rich Snippet settings in a few clicks, which help preserve your rich rankings when moving to Rank Math.

5. Use 5 Keywords At Once

You can use only one keyword on the Yoast SEO but this amazing plugin will allow you to use five focus keywords at once. Isn’t it amazing?

Keywords at Rank Math

6. Keyword Suggestion

When you are trying to set a focus keyword, Google will make it easier for you by suggesting the relevant keywords.

Focus Keyword

In the above image, you have seen that I have just written Rank Math and got enough keyword suggestions from Google. It’s an amazing feature. So you don’t need to get confused while choosing a focused keyword for your content.

7. Google Search Console Integration

This amazing plugin will save your time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

Google Search Console

You can see the keywords which you rank for, your sitemap status, and indexing issues. This information is very precious in maintaining a high-performance website.

8. Identify and Fix 404 Errors

Rank Math has this wonderful feature like build-in feature. 404 errors ruin a visitor’s experience. Rank Math’s advanced 404 error monitor finds and lists all pages that throw 404 errors.

404 errors

9. Automated Image SEO

Image SEO is powerful but sometimes you may forget to at ALT on the image. Rank Math ensures to put image SEO on autopilot by automatically adding ALT and Title attributes to all your images without changing your posts to achieve this. The tags are added on the fly when the post is viewed by the user.

Image SEO

10. Generate XML Sitemap

XML sitemap tells search engines about every page you want to be indexed Rank Math generates search engine compatible XML Sitemaps for your website automatically. You can set a customized sitemap to set what gets included and what doesn’t.

I won’t make it any longer why this plugin is the best. You can also check here the reasons why this is the best alternative to Yoast.


I don’t want to discriminate between Yoast and Rank Math. Yoast played a vital role when I started blogging. But I had faced some issues while using Yoast free version. I am getting more from Rank Math than Yoast. There are many free features in the Rank Math that is pro features of Yoast. I would love to recommend Rank Math. This plugin is going to lead the SEO industry in the future.

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How To Get Started With Rank Math

Its quite is to get started with Rank Math. The first thing you need to do is go to this URL then sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account. After signing up you will see an interface like this.

Rank Math account

Then download the Rank Math plugin from plugins files or WordPress plugin directory.

Once you download and activated the plugin, go to the setup wizard option. The option looks like this.

Rank Math Wizard

Then click on the start wizard option. When You will start the wizard you will see the below task to complete.

SEO setting import from Yoast

In this option, you will able to import all the settings, meta description, meta tag, author meta from All in One and Yoast SEO. Just click on the Start Import From Yoast SEO.

Once you confirm, the importing process will begin in seconds. Rank Math will show you updates about the various settings that are being imported. The duration of the process depends on how many posts your website has. Once the process is complete, press the continue button.

SEO Setting Import from Yoast

Once it’s done. You will come to the General Setting option where you will be able to change your setting in the way you want. This option will give you the chance to change the setting on

  • Images
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Edit robots.txt
  • Edit .htaccess
  • 404 Monitor
  • Redirections
  • Search Console
  • Others
SEO Setting

In the next step, you’ll select the type of website that you run and setup Rank Math accordingly. First, here are all the options in the third step.

Rank Math
Rank Math

Every option in the Rank Math is easy to understand, but the first option is the most important one. It allows you to configure Rank Math for the kind of website you operate. Here are the options in the first option.

Rank Math

Choose the option that describes your business the best. There is no need for an exact match is not necessary.

The next step is where you set up Rank Math to work with Google Search Console.

Google search console

Click the “Get Authorization Code” to open up Google OAuth Dialog Box to help you authorize Rank Math to fetch information from Google Search Console.

Another window will open where you will see your email list. click on the right one you want to get your authorization code.

Rank Math

Then you will see a confirmation tab. Click OK to confirm to proceed with the procedure.

Google verification with Rank Math

Google will share an authentication code on the screen. Copy the code and close the window. We had to blur the authentication code for security reasons.

Search console verification

Firstly copy the code and paste into the google search console setting.

After you paste the code in, Rank Math will automatically verify the code and authorize your account. If it doesn’t happen automatically, click the authorize button.

If you complete all the tasks correctly then you will see the following screen like this.

Search console authorization

This page has everything to do with sitemaps. Sitemaps are like indexes for search engines, and they help search engines discover your website’s content and index it properly. On this page, we will configure the sitemap options briefly. Keep the black-boxed option ON for having a good SEO score.


Then click on the Save and Continue.

Now, its turn of SEO Optimization. these settings will also save you a lot of time. Here is an image that shows all the options in this step.

SEO Tweaks

Just click on the black-boxed option then click on Save and Continue.

And the last step is the confirmation that you have successfully completed Rank Math Setting. You can let your friends know that you are using Rank Math through social media.

Final Task of RankMath

That’s all!

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I hope, now you know how to set up your Rank Math in your blog. If this post helps you please feel free to share with your friends through social media and if you want to ask anything, please comment below.

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